Do you think Trump will really get rid of Common Core?

Do you think Trump will really get rid of Common Core?

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If the answer is not 65 then I'm retarded


You didn't show your method using common core. 0/10. Apply yourself.

I hope so.

Of course you're right but if you don't explain how you arrived at that answer in the exact convoluted way they wanted you to, it's wrong.

And that's why CC a shit.

I'll put a common core up your arse lad

Unknown because the question doesn't say how many people got on at the first and second stop.

People don't take trains, only subhuman niggers, gooks and europeans.

You don't need to know that.


X - 19 + 17 = 63
X -2 = 63
X = 65

The fuck was the "correct" way to answer that problem anyway.


objectively the answer is "some" because that's the only absolute defined in the initial train

19 people haz Air Jordans
17 people haz donk cars

Answer funna be 7 cartons of Newports and 3 40s of malt liqour

>Tyrone wins because he used logic to come up with his answer, right answers are racist so his is right now

Not a chance. Lots of states have spent lots of money altering curricula, the SAT has altered it's content to reflect Common Core, and even if someone objects to some of the pedagogy theres still a significant need for universal standards in this country.

Trump might alter common core, but its not going anywhere.

It's literally 0 you fucking retards. "to begin with" When the Train started out it had 0 passengers for sure.

I don't think the Common Core is what you should be upset about. What you should be upset at is the math textbook publisher for writing bad questions.

The Common Core standards are just a bunch of skills that they think you should have by a certain grade. This is so teachers don't just teach a bunch of random bullshit.

Take 1 from 17
Make 19 +1=20
Subtract 20 from 63
Add 16 to 43 by
Take 2 from 16
Make 43+2=45
Add 14 to 43 by
Take 5 from 45
Add to 14
Now add 19 to 40 by
Add 9 to 49

it says PEOPLE not Passengers you fuckwit.

i doubt it, there is a lot of money being made despite common core being even more of a failure than Bush's no child left behind

>19 - 17 = 2
>2 + 63 = 65

What about the conductor?

Same difference donkey dick face.

Two, the Conductor and the Engineer were the only two on the train before the first stop..

But when did the 19 that got off at the first stop get on?? There should be no passengers on it BEFORE the first stop...

>trains drive themselves.

There are no trains in Gensokyo!

>you will never know that feel when you take a comfy train ride and cross several different countries in a matter of hours

The math part of common core isn't the worst part. It's all about indoctrination.

>When the Train started out it had 0 passengers for sure.
How do you know?


Then that brings us to the question: How many of the people identify as the staff?

This is the first common core problem I've seen that isn't severely autistic, however, that's only if they make the teachers explain how to do it. they want the kids to subconciously start thinking
+19 +19
-17 -17


It's 65, like polebro said. The teachers better fucking explain the process to these kids so they don't all develop their own way to solve it.

Oh god is this real?

Is it just like pulling numbers apart and making 0s and 5s out of them before you add them? To avoid ever having to add other digit combos if you can?

>the guy who (You)'s everyone


Are you just trying to get us to do your homework?

Theres no fucking way that is real.

This is the only correct answer.

Do you guys live in the 1920's?

It is. American schools are a joke now.



>that fat finger

Yes. CC tries to manufacture the "tricks" that are learned by actually practicing math problems

Trump or bust this isn't funny anymore.

Yes. Common Core math standards have a bunch of different methods, but the "preferred" method is to teach kids how to do math the way people who are good at doing math in their heads do it. All those kids who became engineers but got shitty grades because they didn't show work because they "just knew" the answer? Thats what Common Core is trying to replicate. Its not going to work, but thats the idea.

in order to create a "train", a locomotive and cars need to be coupled together. To couple cars and locomotive, you need at very least one person driving the locomotive. The smallest possible answer is 1.


like that guy that had the infomercial in the 90s for "do math real fast like me!"?

incorrect under common core. You can't just state your answer however "correct" it appears; you need to detail how you got there.

A minivan goes off of a cliff, killing a single mother and her 5 children. What is wrong with this picture?

It wasn’t a school bus.


The answer is 37 because you have to jump skip the twos using the number line.

Which grade is this question from?

Also what the fuck is "show your method"?
You have to write out the two basic mathematical operations you've done?



Based Ricotta

Well, actually cold war was exactly for this. Enjoy your freedom (like you didnt before, kek).

I've broken my mind trying to think up a way how you can get 16 out of that equation. How does this CC method work?

Thats the idea, more or less. I work in a school thats been moving to Common Core. My take is that its exactly what happens when you let bureaucracies work unattended. We need to have uniform standards for every grade level, but Common Core went that extra mile and started suggesting pedagogical techniques.

Smaller and more wealthy school districts are going to do well with it because they can look at the standards and develop their own curricula (thats what we're doing). For these schools, its actually really awesome because lazy teachers who haven't redone lesson plans in two decades are actually having to update and do their jobs while younger teachers don't have to rely on insane, poorly written, state standards.

Poor districts, though, are fucked because they're just going to use the templates.

>that non-white finger

20/5 = 4
2*2 = 4
4*4 = 16

It's retarded but I think I figured it out


Anti gunners can't even figure out how a trigger lock works.

Nothing to be afraid of from those guys at all.

20 / (5*4) I imagine

It was for the military industrial complex, what else would it be for?

Seems like it ignores the meaning of parentheses.

4 x 4 = 16

0, nobody is in a train to begin with.

or 65, since the last stop.

or 46 people are in train purgatory.



Oh Russia, what have my people done?!

Jesus Christ.

If there's one good thing that came out of the commie reign,it's the standards for education.

>what else would it be for?
The Jews?

Oh wait. That IS the military industrial complex.

Nothing. As ours actually too. Thats the problem.

i'm almost 50 years old and maybe being in computer scishit makes it different but it's always been 16 for me, parentheses first then left to right

Before or after it left the oven camp?

I'd say schools should teach more practical things used in real life.

For example I'll never use anything I had on my high school physics, biology or chemistry in my life but I still spent hours there that could be used on something else.

Also a lot of useless shit is taught all around.

You always do parentheses first, so
20/5 (2*2) = 20/5 (4), then you do left to right since that's what common core teaches, so 20/5 (4) = 4*4 = 16.

incorrect, you didn't shoah your work

It's not that simple. I don't know the actual Common Core method to arrive at the correct answer, but having seen several others the methodology they want you to use to arrive at the answer is often difficult and not at all intuitive, usually involving you doing additional mathematical operations (supposedly to make math operations easier to do in your head).

It's very, very stupid. Please nuke us out of our misery.

>Implying they identify as people and not Apache Helicopter Snowflake Dragonkin.

Wow. I'm literally shaking right now. I can't even.

I agree. Economics should be a required class yet most schools don't even offer it. A class to teach you how interest and credit cards work, how to invest and save money, shit like that. That would do a whole lot more than learning algebra.

wasn't the old way not left to right but Multiplication>Division>Addition>Subtraction


Unlikely. Common Core is a product of individual states getting together to set standards. Then more states joined in and eventually the feds started to play a role of facilitator between the states but it's still a state program. Not all states have joined in and they're not required to do so. Trump knows its hated as does the Common Core designers. He'll probably have them give it a new name, change a few of the things that generated the most hurr durr, and then move on.

how is the old way 1?
20 / 5 (2*2) = 20 / 5 (4) = 4 (4) =16

what the fuck how is the answer ever going to be 1?

no, it's
M/D left to right
A/S left to right

Yeah, especially since most of the things you also learn on maths classes you'll never fucking use in your life unless you're trying to explain your kid how to do his homework.

Besides currently we have technology at such a high level most of that is completely irrelevant to anything, as it can be mostly done with just using your calculator, or even excel.

I had this argument with a friend of mine who teaches physics in a secondary school. I pointed out to him that the teaching physics is about as pointless as it is teaching them a foreign language or art. He then went on a rant about STEM and how useful physics is for all the people he knows. It was completely lost on him that none of the children in his middle ability Year 9 class were ever going to use physics, in any way, in the jobs they were going to do after school.

Teach them basic maths and get them to a good standard of English, then dedicate the rest to practical skills. If they're in the top 5 to 10 percent of the year group then open them up to other subjects.

Teaching kids foreign languages is fucking pointless too.

mult/div are equivalent so left to right, add/sub same, parens first, then mult/div left to right, then add/sub left to right

I know it is for sure now but I thought it was slightly different ten years ago or so


Also, College athletes should have mandatory classes in contract law, personal economics, investing, and a minor in a second career.

Make them get a degree in Professional Sports.

Basic high school physics is useful,though. Minor household repairs like the wiring and shit are mostly based on things covered by the 9th grade physics course.

I think it's good to get a rounded education in everything,even though you're not gonna use it much. The only viable alternative is would be for students to pick out their own courses in high school,but they tried it here in Moscow and it was a shitshow.
>everything is automated,let's leave it to the computers
That's some consumer-tier logic.

I had a class like that. It was called 'Consumer Math'. Covered lots of common math tasks from everyday life from reading power bills to balancing bank accounts to understand interest. That last part is what got the class shitcanned because the credit card companies said it was anti-business and kept students from wanting credit cards. They offered their own alternative textbook for the school to use but the school district didn't want the headache and just did away with the class.

I gues because division is : in linear, while / is fraction.

this guy said it better than me :p

Your shit is contagious.

All education is indoctrination.

Most states had citizenship/moral education standards, and this is a component of that, a standard that's been folded in.

We had this shit twentysomething years ago when I was in school, too.

Common core is fine. I actually like Common Core mathematics, because it attempts to give students a real, tangible feel of how to move numbers around and manipulate them, rather than just teaching them magic tricks that shit out the right answer.

That being said, states had their choice about whether or not they wanted to write their own curriculums. Blame all these weak cuck states. Texas, the state I teach in, still sets our own curriculum.

Smokey this is not bowling, this is Common Core. There aren't rules.

The answer is zero.

home economics used to be more than baking brownies, that was a good part too though

X - 19 + 17 = 63
X - 36 = 63
X = 99

Or am I retarded?

In what kind of Communist disgrace of a society is the "Common Core" method correct? It only works if you fuck off with the order of operations.

Go to any college I ever went to and try to get away with that shit in an Algebra class. The professor will tell you to kindly poss off.

When you have a number and then a number in parentheses, you multiply. So 5(4) = 20. And you do that before you do normal multiplications and divisions.

So the sum goes like this:
20 / 5(2 x 2)
20 / 5(4)
20 / 20

1. You didn't define what X was (people on the train before the first group of passengers got off and before the second group of passengers got on).

2. You didn't define what 19, nevertheless negative 19 means (passengers that got off the train on the first stop as opposed to getting on the train in the first stop [which would be an increase]).

3. You didn't define what 17 was (people who got on the train on the second stop [which is an increase]).

4. You didn't define what 63 was (the amount of people on the train after the first group of passengers left the train and the second group of passengers got on the train).

5. You didn't show your work on how you found the answer (not even a dot graph).

6. You didn't do your work correctly, refer to 7. You didn't define what 65 means (the amount of people who were on the train to begin with before 19 people got off the train at the first stop and before 17 people got on the train.

Overall you score a 3/10 points on this problem: one point for attempting the problem, one point for reaching the correct conclusion (albeit using improper methods and not showing your work), and finally one point for showing your feeling for the problem,
>The fuck was the "correct" way to answer that problem anyway.
Next time show your work and use the correct methodology and labels and you are sure to get a 10/10.

>The only viable alternative is would be for students to pick out their own courses in high school

We do that here, sort of. It's changed now (they pick when they are younger, I don't know when) but in addition to English, mathematics and science they get to pick various different subjects for the exams they take when they are 16. I think they have to have at least 11 in total, so typically it's Mathematics, English literature, English language, one science (usually chemistry or biology) then the rest are a choice.

A Levels haven't changed much in format (university entrance exams) since I did them, except they are easier now. You pick three, sometimes four, subjects and study those. They can be anything you like.

>teach people how credit cards work and suddenly they don't want them

Then the class did it's job

I just wanna say that this teacher is an asshole who is using stuff from a presentation that was OBVIOUSLY MADE FOR TEACHERS to prove a point as actual lesson materials.

This is confusing, and grade schoolers shouldn't even know about curriculum laws.

If I even remembered anything from my physics lessons, and it took about 5 years of my life it would be a success. It helped me achieve nothing, wasted my time and not a single practical thing was learned by me, or anyone in that class.

You just write shit in your notebook and hope for a good grade on a test. They don't show you anything in a physical form, just fucking write and look in your textbook, that's all.

That may be true, but honestly I don't remember anything of it, and I doubt many people do remember it. Best way to learn stuff like that is actually DOING it physically, not just reading about it and that the school never covers. Just theoretical knowledge, that's easy to forget and push back by other stuff.

It may be consumer-tier logic but I'm not saying that we should leave everything to computers. Humans are still needed, but not using technology to help just because you learned something at school and it takes twice as much time is just plain stupid.

I got bad news for you

Oh wait yeah I'm retarded

I do it like a computer does it because if I don't I get fired.

It's correct but under Common Core you would be marked wrong for failing to show your work.

> Oh, so 63 = X - 19 + 17
> 63 = X - 2
> X = 65
> Right?

Wrong! You forgot to draw 19 people leaving, 17 getting on, and 63 remaining. Be sure the people are diverse (stick figures normalize whiteness). You also have to draw the 19 leaving the 65 and group them into batches of 10 each, then circle the batches of 10.

> Kurwa!

They do know how a pen (legislation) and the media (barrels full of ink) works.

>>The only viable alternative is would be for students to pick out their own courses in high school

By the time they reach High School, it's way too late.

There's already been 8+ years of indoctrination.

Holy shit that's some scary Stalin stuff.

Why was/is common core even a thing, honestly?

What's wrong with just learning that one type of correct way of doing it?

Really? We use BEDMAS and move left right.


Oh shit yea, sorry I haven't had to use math in years to be honest. Forgot that multiplication comes before division regardless of their placement in the equation. Thanks.

But how many people were on the tracks????

I thought it was PEMDAS

It may be just the difference between the people,but when they tried such a method in some schools here half the students just picked the easiest shit available and never got into uni,so they scrapped it.

Just having practical knowledge is a faulty mechanism,if you encounter any situation which you have not previously encountered while you were apprenticing and have no theoretical understanding of how shit works,you're fucked.

Nobody said anything about not using technology,but most computing programs have their own faults when it comes to certain mathematical problems,like certain limits and so on. I've run into having to solve shit manually for my job more than once,just because there are no unified computing protocols for certain operations.

That only looks shitty due to the spacing...

20/5 (4*4) is 16
20/5(4*4) is 1

Mostly, it's because our students come out of their early math classes capable of doing 'magic tricks' to answer computations, but don't understand how to manipulate numbers.

So the new curriculum FORCES teachers to actually do their jobs and teach children how to do arithmetic properly.

The ultimate source of the problem still isn't addressed, though:

K-8 teachers throughout most of the USA don't need to have taken more than Algebra 1 in college to teach math to students, and are allowed to be straight D students(read: Never got better than a 69% of possible points in any course).

Much like the legends of the Egyptian tombs, the builders of locomotives often are forced to seal themselves inside during construction.

We had BIMDAS. It's all the same, the only difference is the names. You just substituted "Brackets" for "Parentheses" and we substituted "Exponents" for "Indices".

The follow states have never adopted Common Core:

They are based states.

Oklahoma, South Carolina and Indiana originally adopted it but repealed (un-cucked states).

Minnesota partially adopted CC (half-cucked)

The rest of the states have adopted them so they are huge fucking cucks to Bill Gates and others who fund this horseshit.


Ah gotcha, that makes sense.

Problem is you'll likely never do any household electric-related fixes when you're still at school, and when you're out of it you'll basically forget anything taught at that time.

True about the faults of computing programs. Sure, they aren't faultless, but as you said it happened more than once, and not all the time. It still helps a lot, but since I don't know what your job is I can't really comment on it.


>We called it BEDMAS as an acronym to help us remember the order
>So we do it backwards
>Why didn't we call it SAMDEB instead then? Because it's BEDMAS

Are you retarded?

>Cred Forums in charge of doing math

Fucking hell, literally soviet/china/best korea tier


Perentheses priority only applies for numbers in the parentheses. 5(4) is the same as 5*4. Therefore after P the problem is 20/5*4. Since M and D are inverse operations with left to right priority, you can write the problem as 20*(1/5)*4.


Trump should just get rid of CC and schools should teach kids cursive by law desu


Common core didn't invent word problems.

The thing about this is that it's not a conflict between PEDMAS and Common Core but rather just an intentionally ambiguous (if technically accurate) way to show a equation. It's a shitty GOTCHA question designed to trap people who know math but weren't anticipating active malevolence from the teacher.

In the real world at least one of the following things would be true if someone who didn't hate you wanted to give you the equation:

1. 20/5 would be written with 20 over 5 so it was obvious that 5 alone was the denominator.

2. 20/5 would be (20/5) for the same reason

3. The * between 5 and (2 * 2) would be made explicit

4. The dipshit sending you the results would have solved the problem himself and it'd just say 16.

>Wolfram|Alpha is the ultimate computational authority
Well,maybe you should help out around the house more when you're earlier,then you wouldn't forget so much. Create the practice for yourself,get a hobby.
I'm an electrical engineer and while computation is a useful tool,they never account for everything,so you basically have to double-check everything,so it's at least in the right ball-park.

A minivan goes off of a cliff, killing a single mother and her 5 children. What is wrong with this picture?


This image is faked and i feel bad for all you dumb nerds who fell for it.

Like I said, if I don't do my math like a computer does it then "my shit's all fucked up" and I get fired.

I'm pretty sure this material wasn't meant for students.

Many teachers these days don't know how to create curriculum and are actively forbidden from writing their own lesson plans by their schools, which have subscribed to private curriculum suppliers.

I can almost guarantee this powerpoint slide came from teacher training materials meant to prove a point about ambiguous math problems to teachers.

Sucks to have your job,mate,sorry about that.

Wtf is common core?

Sucks to get paid a shit ton of money to do math correctly. OK.

x(some people are on train)-19(first stop exit)+17( second stop entry)=63(number of people on train at final point in time)


Whats so difficult and confusing about this? Unkown variables on the left , numbers on the right and you switch the signs...

>everything the computer says is undeniably true

This is the problem I was pointing out.

ALWAYS use PEMDAS you fucking arseholes

No it wasn't.

I think going back 40 or so years though, the convention was that everything on the left side of the division side would be divided by everything on the right.
So for example:
1 * 2 *+ 3 / 4 * 5 + 6

Would actually have been be evaluated as:
(1 * 2 *+ 3) / (4 * 5 + 6)

which would obviously give a different result

I remember seeing some math-y kinda video on it a while back.

X-19 + 17 = 63
X - 36 = 63
X = 99


t. bozniak education system

Math degree here. The only correct answer is 16. The MD and AS steps are not in that order, but move left to right. MD is one step.
So, P gets you 20/5(4)
No E
MD goes 4 (4) then 16

If I go off the reservation and insist that my math is more correct than the way the computer does it then it doesn't work out correctly. It's the same with every computer in the world dude, or else our software wouldn't work around the globe like it does. Besides that, Wodka is Polish.

American kids hate reading.

I wanna say that when I taught science that my biggest hurdle was getting kids to read the fucking word problems.

Either they didn't know how to read, or they didn't know how to do the math.

The few students I saw succeed on standardized tests came out of a single junior high class where their English teacher drilled them into using highlighters for all tests to an autistic degree so that they didn't know how NOT to take notes on important things laid out in a word prompt.


I rode my bike down by my old grade school, PS112 (Queens), and saw this abomination of a mural painted on the schoolyard wall. I can tell you from experience that the NYC public school system has long been run by hardcore commies.



This is dangerously close to some Orwellian shit


A Jihadi with a carload of muslim babies crashes into a Sunday School. What is wrong with this picture?

You can’t fit very much explosive up a baby’s ass.

Elementary teachers are trash.

Get women out of education, and our scores will rise.

You do / * operations first then +-... Just see what the order is


That shit is what I do in my head when I do math, but it's not something I was taught and I don't actually write it down on paper. Writing it down just makes things more complicated, and it's only useful for mental arithmetic.

If I'm going to do 37 + 48 + 16 in my head, there are two ways I go about it. One way is adding all the tens, then adding the remainder:

30 + 40 + 10 = 80
7 + 8 + 6 = 20 + 1
80 + 20 = 100
100 + 1 = 101

The other is taking from one number and adding to another, so that it can be divided by ten, then adding the numbers together. Then I do the same with the remaining number.

16 - 2 = 14
48 + 2 = 50
50 + 14 = 64

37 - 6 = 31
64 + 6 = 70
70 + 31 = 101

you got the 6 and 9 mixed up :')

>If I doubt the machine god I get punished.
Say the computational algorithm fucks up. And shits out some useless data. Are you just going to accept what it gives you or will you try to analyze what the program has presented to you as the answer?
>the same with every computer
What computational software do you use?

Essentially, someone thought they'd structure math in the way smart people do math without thinking about it so dumb people (They mean black people, don't kid yourself) could learn the same process.

This has the same effect as teaching someone how to ride a bike by describing how its done, having them write an essay on how to ride a bike, then giving everyone a certificate saying they can ride a bike and ignoring all the kids who go on to get on an actual bike and are pissed when they immediatly fall off.

I'm talking about historically

the order of operations wasn't always like that is what im saying

there was a convention shift

In order to do that they would have to pay for male teachers. This cost the education system millions more.

Are you saying we should raise taxes to fund education?

Fucking liberals.

Is this real? Someone this idiotic surely can't be a teacher.

That's an F in common core land. You didn't convert to 10s and use the number line.

Either I did not explain it proper, or you are the retarded one friend. BEDMAS is an acronym for the order of operations. First complete equations within the brackets or parentheses however you wish to refer to them, then exponents, and thirdly depending on which is first, division or multiplication, continuing left to right both are completed, then addition, and finally subtraction.

This type of shit triggers the fuck out of me because I remember the exact type of indoctrination when I was in elementary school.

63 + 19 - 17 = 65

I just did the question in reverse... Can i put that as an answer?

So is that the point of common core? To make multiple solutions "correct"? ELI5

if you use a credit card correctly, it should give you nothing but good things. its not a license to spend whatever the fuck you want, you never spend more than you can afford, and your credit score goes up which lets you secure better interest rates on loans. if you get a fancy one with cashback even better. only idiots get fucked over by credit card companies

that was true even before common core.
you would be expected to at least put down 63 + 2 = 65
If you just plop out answers you wouldn't get full credit because you might just be cheating.

20/5 (2*2)=16

>no individual will be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law
It's weird that you guys pick and choose your amendments

>This type of shit triggers the fuck out of me because I remember the exact type of indoctrination when I was in elementary school

Kids recognize it for what it is. he fact that you remember proves this.

The problem is that most just get tired of fighting against it, and give up.

Teacher here

Common core is retarded but it's not a curriculum. It's a set of standards. Districts and states decide what retarded ways to reach them

Stop making us look uninformed. What op posted is not common core

No one in the real world gives a fuck, this is why we are literally crippling our children with this pedantic kike shit

What the fuck? I get that CC is about learning to estimate by working in 10's, but how is anyone supposed to come to this conclusion? If the question was "how long will it take her (why her?) to cut the board into 17 pieces the correct answer would be 160 minutes. If they're just halving the difference between 10 and the real result, you will end up with over an hour difference...

Yes, because male teachers will actually DO THEIR GODDAMN JOBS and create productive human beings who will be capable of holding jobs.

Pretty much anyone can get a teaching job at this point, Don't think people realise how important of a job it is and how these shit teachers are fucking up future generations.


>americans are so fucking dumb they think a child who writes in crayon will write "I'll fucking kill you if you come for my guns" is real

Common core isn't about the correct answer. It's that you followed their steps to get to an answer

Thanks for this, thought I was going Insane


But if we eliminated the Department of Education those religious wackos will be able to teach their kids about how god made everything!

Yes. If every solution is correct then kids can't be wrong and get a participation ribbon and a trophy for effort.


>there were some people on a train
>how many people were on the train to begin with?

No but this is

It's badly written, but 1 makes more sense.
>the rage inducing face of the stupid cunt.

wait, whats wrong with this one? its 1piece/5minutes so i t should take 3 minutes to do 3 right?

yeah this.

>Teaching kids foreign languages is fucking pointless too.
Yeah ikr britain's not reliant on trade from other nations at all we should only ever speak the queens english

The answer is 1, the conductor. The passengers are Jews and are not really considered in people as part of a necessary evil done to prevent the enslavement of the earth by Zionists.

you seriously have to write down how you solved an easy mental maths question?

are americans retarded?

>mfw I was 2 years ahead of common core

It takes her 10 minutes to cut the board in two pieces(to saw the width of the plank). To make three pieces,you need to saw the width of the plank twice,hence the time it will take her is twice as much.

My 13 year old brother is smarter than people my age (21) who are going for teaching degrees. It's a shame my family can't afford private school

I do math in my head like that except far less retarded and simpler, for OP's trick I got it instantly once I stopped and read the entire thing and got 65 because you look at the difference between 19 and 17 and put it on 63. I guess if I were to express it it would be
19-17=2+63=answer (65)

and it took me like 30x longer to efficiently write that down as opposed to just writing the answer. For highschool once you start reaching stuff like Precalc/Calc I can understand forcing students to show their work as otherwise they are intelligent enough to just use google and it starts to get too complex to do entirely in your head, but Common core just does it retardedly.


I hope the little girl/boy just punched the teacher’s face after reading this.

you are given a piece of wood
After that, how much times does it take to obtain one piece of wood from what you were given?
Think about it burgers, I know you can do it.

Common core is a standard of standards

Each state created standards for their schools. CC is a national standard to equalize state standards

Are kids seriously forced to write it out if they can get it correct? I thought "showing your work" was purely for partial credit if you were wrong, but on the right track.

Most have borderline sub-human intelligence.

What IS the "correct" answer, though?

this one makes kinda sense but Its very confusing

so 1 piece after cut = 5 min
3 Pieces 15 min

But 20 min is also right because to make 3 pieces she needs to cut twice and one cut is 10min
so 20 min ist the real answer

But I don't fucking know how they come up with this shit

It was filled out by a tripfag on /k/ forever ago. You think someone's name is really Ricotta?


Answer is x-2.

The goal of common core is to get students to blindly follow a series of instructions without understanding the reasoning behind them, and to dissuade the students from applying logic and coming up with their own methods to solve problems.

I believe he was meant to say it was "impossible" Kinda trick question but that's how kids tests are now.


The didn't ask about the final stop.


am i doin it rite pol

This question is an abstraction of a real life situation. You have one board that you want to turn into 3 boards. That means you have to make 2 cuts. Each cut takes 10 mins, therefore 20 mins.

It takes 10 minutes to cut the board ONCE, producing 2 pieces. It will take another 10 minutes to cut the board again, as it takes 10 minutes to cut once, so 20 minutes total to end up with three pieces.

The teacher is a retard who can't into logic, confusing the end result of "pieces" with what the question is actually asking, how long does it take to cut the board.

High school teacher here.

It's really bad, except ironically, in California and Illinois, if I remember.

thanks, that makes sense now that i think about it.
lesson learned, alcohol and Cred Forums dont mix

omfg autism

2 pieces = 10 minutes because it was 1 CUT
3 pieces = 20 minutes because it was 2 CUTS

Oh, I remeber how to do it now. I was just becoming to catatonic by burger education and how it for some fucking reason restricts people who already know the work to shit common core because of muh no child left behind

Start with 63
Subtract 17
Get 46
Add 19
Answer is 65

>1 2 and 3
>yeah sure whatever
>4 5 and 6


thats what i meant ...

1 Cut is 10 min so the answer should be 20min

How the fuck do you saw something into one piece? If you cut something once it turns into two pieces.

There is no possible way you can assume its 15 minutes because that requires assuming the length of a different side of the plank when the only side you know for sure is the one you just sawed which is 10 minutes in length. That teacher is literally retarded

Of course he will, common core is still insanely new (I'm graduating high school this year and nobody even in my high school had to ever take common core) and it's also extremely unpopular.

No, most kids don't recognize it. They take it as fact, because how can teachers and school be wrong? The only ways kids will not believe it are
>having redpilled parents/older siblings/cousins etc that point shit out to them
>the tasks are too easy for them to really need to focus on what's being said, they catch on with the method quickly and it becomes second nature to them almost instantly
>they're rebellious/insubordinate in nature and think it's fun to think opposite of what the paper says

There are also kids who take it as fact, but learn later on that the indoctrination was propaganda and NOT truth, and start to reevaluate a lot of things. I wouldn't be surprised if most of Cred Forums is this.

O right pretty confusing

Man I really hate this fucking thread.


holy shit common core needs to die what the actual fuck.

yeah americans have weird math

Seeing as how you're a high school teacher,you might help me out with something.
I've heard that your unified high-school graduating exams are easy as fuck,and that you can try them out online. Might you point out a site maybe where I can have a practice test of some sort? The only ones I googles looked unreliable,so it'd be nice to get a link from someone who knows what the actual tests are like.

Fine, if they wanna have trick questions, whatever. But if someone finds a way around the trick, let them have it.

Women are better at following authority (even bad ones), but men are better at finding truth, I remember some chick telling me just to copy what my Calc teacher was doing when I was struggling to understand everything behind the logic of what we were doing...but I can't just leave it at that. Every math test I did I would double check answers for the harder questions if I had time because I understood the logic behind the math.

Today i learned that 5/6th of an inch is bigger than 4/6 of a foot

looks like my penis size just went up in the rankings, thanks elementary school math teacher!

I was taught that division and multiplication were interchangeable in PEMDAS it fucked with me for years

Wrong, a dead baby can have twice as much explosives in its ass. see me after class

>Common core
They don't grade m8. it goes "not proficient" to "proficient". And you can do extra homework to get an "Advanced"

This literally took me 5 seconds to do in my head and I've had 9 or 10 beer.

This common core shit will be the end of us all.

Oh my fucking god

You do it straight through. Like... Fuck PEMDAS, "math" will figure it out for me!

Pretty much this


>that fat brown finger
America in 50 years

We have no unified exams, man.

Each state determines their own standardized tests. Now, it is true that a few corporations basically devise most of these tests, but it is basically impossible to find answer keys for current tests anywhere.

Now, at least in my state(Texas), they DO release a sample exam every year or so as an example of what to expect in following years that you can get online.

But these tests vary by state. Texas is pretty well-known for having rather lax standards, for instance. When I was in high school, you just had to demonstrate an 8th grade level of knowledge in the four core subjects in order to graduate. Now it's a lot more stringent, but it is entirely dependent on state.

I know that New York -USED- to have a reputation for having rather punishing tests, though. And many midwest states had NO exams.

As it is now in Texas, to graduate, you need to have passed 80% of your End of Course Exams, and you must have declared a major upon entering high school(we call it an endorsement) which you must graduate with, unless you're on the minimum, non-college oriented graduation plan(read: Special Education).

So I asked my son this problem and he said
>2 * 2 = 4
>20/5 = 4
>4 * 4 = 16

Your son may have contracted autism, sorry, its ok because 1/3 have it so hes not alone.

>that armpit stubble
Fucking disgusting

I might have phrased my question like a complete retard, I meant SAT.
Here as you graduate you pass the standartised Unified State Exams in two mandatory and two subjects of your choosing,based on the results of which you might get into college with your education funded by the state.

But because people never learn that shit they DO get fucked over. Kids' parents are not gonna teach em sensible finances (as most likely they're getting fucked by debt themselves) and schools won't teach it.

19-17 = 2
63+2 = 65

Come at me kike core.

>wanted to learn about stocks and investment for an elective
>couldn't do it because it was required to take a language class
I don't remember anything from French. I wanted to learn Mandarin during my youth when I had actual free time, but now I wasted it on a class and missed out on useful investments because of "requirements"

What the literal fuck?

>he fuck was the "correct" way to answer that problem anyway.
10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 1 + 1 + 1 - 10 - 1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 + 10 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = x

if a muslim was on that train then 0 would be left if you don't factor in people with concealed carry licenses

But that's fucking wrong. Multiplication and division are treated the same way as addition and subtraction (assuming no parentheses): do them in order left to right.

1 the driver

From a fascist pov this is pretty good it's just that his next lesson will be "how racist is white ppls"

(19-17)+63 = 65


Even then, the SAT isn't the only test you can take for university. We have an alternate, competing exam known as the ACT.

I have no idea if either of those release older tests, but I suspect they don't, because the corporation that creates the SAT makes most of its profits selling test guides and leasing out tutors for preparatory courses.

I don't teach a core subject anymore, and anyone who goes through my engineering curriculum is basically guaranteed to impress universities so I don't really know about the entrance exams at all.

>someone took the time to write this out

>both answers are equally correct
1 = 16
Who gives a shit this is the way they have grade schoolers write division. When you correctly use fraction form, there is only one right answer

Damn,that's a shame,I really wanted to try one out to see if the rumors were true. Oh well, thanks for trying to help out.

>tfw you live in a country that teaches calculus to pre-teens

how can americans even compete

You did it.

Thats common core.

Using ones, twos, fives or tens to simplify problems for quick mental calculation.

Nigs and most Americans actually struggle to figure this out on their own.

quality humor thank you

ACT is on its way out. Top universities have required an SAT score for years, and now most states are switching to it for high school testing.

No the worksheet is real. It says: "The courts have also said that the Second Amendment is not incorporated against the states. This means that the rights of this amendment are not extended to the individual citizens of the states."

Pure angering BULLSHIT.

I can legitimately see where the fifteen minute answer comes from, but it doesn't specify the length In which she first cut and then if she cuts the width of the board or the lengt, and that's the fucking problem, kids think differently when you leave it to their imagination, you can't just say wrong, even though it makes mathematical sense.

I like this kid

Well,fuck,with that mindset you can argue the first time she cut the thing lengthwise and then she cut off a small corner piece which takes a couple seconds,and then the answer becomes "who the fuck knows". That's the problem with making a calculus problem with real-life shit. Either make a formal equation,or don't do it at all.

Thats because you understand the method used in common core.

To most Americans, that calculation is either impossible or extremely difficult, simply because they haven't learned to break problems down into simpler numbers for mental calculation.

I don't understand how any semi intelligent person could disagree with the teaching of this method.

It seems to me like the result of rapidly declining American intelligence. It's as if they are too stupid to even understand simple shortcuts.

x = 63 - 19 + 17

Sounds like an empty niche that can be exploited.

Americans are resistant to changes in math education because of the perception that a parent ought to be able to assist their child with their homework so as not to appear fucking stupid.

The same thing happened decades ago when we tried to introduce "New Math", which was basically the same kind of education we see here: Prioritizing number literacy.

You could probably find a torrent of a practice book.

That's my point, you can be imagining a board one way and me another way, why? Well because there is no fucking dimensions to this board she is cutting. If she makes a cut the exact same length as the first one, well then it will be 20 minutes, if not, it could be five seconds because they haven't specified any demensions. I was thinking it was a 5x5 square she the length of it, which is five, creating to symmetrical rectangles with a length of 5cm and a width of 2.5cm. She then cuts one of the halves by its widths, which was half of the length of her first cut. Meaning it will take half the time.

American here, mother was a math teacher.

The problem is not that "Murricans ain't good wit numberz". Most do know basic number theory and can do mental calculations. Common Core was created to solve a different problem - that of niggers and their essential retardation.

Here we see one of the authors of Common Core standards admit that he wants to end white privilege. Instead of holding everyone up to the same standards he wants to Harrison Bergeron the whole thing and drag everyone down to the lowest common denominator, which in American education is niggers.

Imagine if Australia had to include test scores from every inbred Abo child in the bush. The nation's average would drop, wouldn't it? This is what is happening in America. Remove niggers and you will see a huge difference in comparison to the rest of the world. Even Mexican immigrants who speak little to know English are smarter than nogs.

>My son is in 7th grade advanced

its illogical, but heres how she got 15:

>it takes 10 minutes to saw a board in 2 pieces
>therefore, it takes 5 minutes to saw a board into 1 pieces
>its 5 minute increments, therefore it takes 15 minutes to saw a board into 3 pieces

it doesnt really make sense but I wouldnt expect a piece of shit 25 year old feminist girl working her first teacher job to know that.

No, all nations should speak the queens english.

>saw a board into one piece

>The wants of an individual are less important than the well-being of the nation.

Sound a lot like fascism to me.
You guys wouldn't have a problem with that unless you read Ayn Rand.


BEMDAS is the spurdo way

How can 19 people get off the train at the first stop if there were 0 people to begin with?

I can saw a board into one piece. The key is to not cut all the way through. Or to take off a layer such that only sawdust comes off. Or to just smack the board with the dull side of the saw and call it a day.

>do the problem in my head
>get 16

Have they already gotten to me, Cred Forums?

Is this common core?

Elementary calculus and elementary linear algebra are all incredibly easy and intuitive as long as it's taught with a reference to actual concepts instead of raw calculations as they were made to solve real-life problems.
I hate being a burger.

thats where it gets autistic, I wouldnt expect a female teacher to take a second and think about it, but thats how she came up with 15.

How fucking sad is it that this kid has a better grasp of abstraction than the teacher?

Any child that answers 0 should get it right for thinking outside the box. This is one of the problems with common core.

Multiplication and division are on the same tier. Addition and subtraction are also the same tier, just one tier down. Then you just solve the problem in order. C'mon you fucking stupid baka.

You've got a smart kid.

Addition and subtraction are on the same tier, you do whichever comes first. Same as multiplication and division.