Is there no way out?

Pic and quote related.

>Be me, 24 and working a manageable 40 hours a week as a barista in an extremely busy coffee shop
>Been in the field for two years and already making close to end game wages for the field
>still miserable wagecuck
>had to stop lifting weights because doing this shit is destroying my body
>even more miserable wagecuck
>know deep down in my heart I will never be able to sustain a family or move out of shithole Baltimore in this field
>serve people daily who make 4x what I make doing shit that I could easily do but can't because I don't have "muh degree"
>contemplate suicide
>dont do it because I have a qt gf
>Not naive enough to think she wont leave me for something better if Im still doing this shit a few years from now
>mother is a leach who lives of divorce rape of my father
>father is a doctor and I will probably never make half of what he makes
>look for a way out
>there is no way out

1) Join the military, save as much as you can while enlisted
2) After you are done go to college on the GI bill and do some research beforehand to make sure you are studying something that will make a decent amount
3) Go to trade school and become a welder

I appreciate the advice. I don't want to fight some bullshit war against russia/ iran however. Welding would be extremely cool. I was learning Diesel engine repair for a while but there is not enough money to merit the risks involved

Keep on lifting and become a doctor. It will make your father proud and you will easily be able to start a family. Lifting is important because it keeps your test levels where they have to be, which helps your motivation, energy and libido.

I want to so bad but I cant keep doing squats/ deadlifts because my job has caused my body to become twisted. Id have to do a couple months of straight mobility to get back to it and thats only if I quit my current job.

>Welfare queen logic
Thanks for aiding in the destruction of America

is this bait or you actually think being a barista is physically taxing

>disenfranchised wagecuck
>join the miltiary

does not compute

>Lifting is important because it keeps your test levels where they have to be

not correlated

Really, what's the problem? If you do squats and deadlift with excellent form, there shouldn't be a problem. However, squats and deadlifts aren't absolutely necessary. They're the best lifts, but as long as you're doing some form of leg work along with other compounds (bench press, overhead press, chins/pull ups) you should be okay

I make thousands of drinks a day and do the same twisting motions over and over again. do my job for a month and you'd understand. I know people who have had surgery done on their spine/neck because of doing the barista hustle.

There's a direct correlation between lifting heavy and having normal test levels. Do you really think that a man that is seated all day will have normal hormones? We're not made to be passive, you fucking kike

My job stresses my right spinal muscles/glutes/entire right side of my body significantly. Ive developed a lateral hop shift in both my squat and dead lift that are really dangerous. not trying to slip a disk at 24

This is probably the most pathetic thing I have ever read in my entire life

If you join the Navy or Air Force there is basically no risk of dying. The elites who pull the strings have too much invested in the country to risk a hot war with another super-power. The only risk is from joining the Marines and to a lesser extent the army and getting IED'ed. If you go with the navy or air force you will be safe and if you plan it right you might get paid a lot while enlisted and learn some skills that transfer to jobs out of the service.

no, real exercise is when you go outside and move your body. lifting weights in laboratory conditions does nothing for your hormone levels

dude you have no idea what you are talking about

I've considered the navy, a lot of my family has done it.

>start a security fund of $1,000
>Save enough for 6 months off work
>Start a fund for investments, minimum $5,000
>cut all caffeine and vices. Its going to suck.

Do this, healthy again and take a risk on something. You'll regret it if you waste your youth.

>work as a barista

Get an actual skill you nonce

You don't have to stop lifting entirely, do upper body work. There are people paralysed from the waist down that compete in bench press, you can too

i feel ya. i was in the military for two years and i have back pain ever since. don't tear up your body when you are still young
i know that most articals about body and weight are funded, not a good way to get your information from.
they also say muscle burns fat, but if you knew how much muscle you would need to burn fat passively you would disregard it completely

Ive been mulling this around in my head. Saving as much as i can and cutting my costs to bare minimum. Then quit my job and use my new free time to figure something else out.

This much complaining and has a qt gf

But me? Feelin just fine, 50 hours a week, and lifting daily. Live in in nog nigger shithole. Single

Why can't I have everything dammit!

Yeah I feel like an old man and I'm 24.

Also I'm aware of all the crap articles out their on weight lifting. But it does significantly raise your test production as your body adapts to the stress.

If you get paid for a while when you are enlisted and go on to get a good job afterwards and contribute to the economy its not a big deal.

Do it then man, don't waste time thinking about it while time passes.

Spend some time on /k asking about it and read a bunch online. If you do everything right it can be a really good decision career-wise. I knew someone at college who was in the Air Force and took some sort of aptitude test at the beginning and did really good on it and ended up getting trained how to repair or operate radars or some other similar specialized shit and he got paid a lot.

You're lying. But even if it was true consider this:
Being strong and big makes you confident, which gives you motivation and makes you more attractive.

>Be poor fag who dropped out of college during 08 crash because I couldn't support myself.

>Can't make more than 30k which keeps me in debt on school loans and unable to return to school.

>Stuck in vicious cycle between too poor to get out of debt to return to school. Not educated enough to make money to get out of debt.

>Get job on oil field that saves my life paying high wage for low skill. Debt free now and path to degree is clear.

>Tear apart my body in the process and probably will get rat cancer from the fracking chemicals or scila dust in my lungs.

Could be worse.

right, i didnt do much of that though. I just did squats and dead lifts because they were my favorite/ the most effective.

>has a gf
>still can't find happiness

fuck man

Lol they just test your aptitude and put you to good use?

Was actually considering working on a rig myself, sorry about your misfortune.

a gf cant make you happy, she can share with your happiness and ease your troubles but she can't make you happy. No matter how virtuous and lovely she might be.

im just saying this on personal experience. i feel like working outside is better for my health, my mood and overall the body gets only the mass it needs so you are not getting heavy too

>it's not a big deal being a burden on tax payers

This. I'm 20 years old and I'm not even in college yet because I have no fucking clue on what to do, nor do I have a job I'm basically a Neet I haven't had a job in 4 months now.

I know that feel OP.

Start a career in internet blogging/viral social media.

You can make good money online being your own boss and the industry is really taking off right now.

Because I live in Canada and get paid in us dollars I'm making good money but you can make good money too.

Go on the craigslist writing jobs section and the writing gigs section , spend 6 hours applying for everything (I mean every English speaking city on Craigslist, remember location is not important).

I guarantee you will find something that needs no degree. You may have to do a few writing samples but if you can write at the grade 12 level you're good.

i feel you, I just did the kitchen hustle until I managed to get into the more specialized espresso biz. Everything ive learned, other than people skills, is such sad trivial skill that has no use outside of the workplace

Ill probably end up trying this.

Yes, cardio, fresh air and sunlight are important as well, but that doesn't mean that lifting doesn't work. If we're talking about personal experiences, here's mine: I was depressed as hell and spent every day in bed until I started lifting, and now I'm well on my way to becoming successfull.

>Lol they just test your aptitude and put you to good use?

I don't know how it works, and I think it differs per branch. Some of them have some sort of aptitude test and apparently the better you score the more choices you have to pick a high-paying specialization, you should just do as much research as possible first to make sure you make as much as you can.

If a person can do that and end up with a solid job at 26/27/28 and work until retirement age it contributes to the economy more then his time being paid taxpayer-dollars in the military harms it.

>Oy Vey! Why should I give my shekels? We don't need a national defense it's a burden on the tax payers goy!

Ancap robots are almost as bad as liberals tbqh

Do it man. Right now I'm making about 50 grand a year working 35/28 hours a week.

Because it's flexible you can also get yourself and agent and go out for film/TV/commercial auditions. That's what I do but that's also cause I live in a major film industry city (Vancouver)

Pieces of shit that can't hack it in real life and live off the government like commies are almost as bad as jews

>For it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' "Chuck him out, the brute!"
>But it's "Saviour of 'is country" when the guns begin to shoot

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what is that quote from?

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