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Cred Forums Surnames

Do you have any nice racist or similar surnames in your country?
In Spain we have Matamoros that is literally "moor-slayer"

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Our niggers were assigned names by their owners back when they were slaves. They resent their slave names, but have no connection with African culture, so they make up ooga booga names. Sometimes these names are misspelled, and have random punctuation within them. I can't count the times I have had to maintain a straight face while some embarrassed newly hired nigger has had to write down their name for me just so that I can pronounce or record it correctly.

I count that a win for the racists.

We are called the colonistst

Hey Spainbro. Mine is De Avila. Are the people of Avila based? I hope they hate niggers and muzzies like I do


Jayquandayne Washington

We have Blackamore and other variations that mock someone for being dark as a Moor. Of course some black bellends have taken it to me WE WUZ...

No... Well, we have people with the surname "haram", but that's a place in norway.

wait, so Blackmore is actually a nigger-mocking surname?

my name translates to pillage and plunder in old Gaelic and I traced back the origins of my family name to the southeastern counties of Ireland, one of the most affected by viking raids. p. neat.

When they were freed they wanted to be respected so they picked respected presidents last names. I.e. jackson, washington, jefferson, etc. And king because they wuz kings

Lynch is very popular in the South. Not related to the act as far as I'm aware, but somewhat ironic.

Lots of niggers were given the surname Black and Brown.

awwww... little amerifat claiming his tenuous mick heritage... how sweet, mutt.

To be fair, it was the Jew who slipped that nasty little tendency into their minds, through the NAACP. Jaquayshawn will have trouble getting a job interview, while equally black Joe will not. I work with two Filipinos, a Sudanese man and an Iranian, and they all have normal names like Mike or Jocelyn. Black-sounding names are just a way to keep people depending on politicians who will give them welfare.

Ávila is full of pig-fucking rednecks that confuse d's with z's at the end of words.

Actually the verb derives from a man named Lynch, who was executed by a mob.

>t. Ahmed

literally just stating the 2 minutes of research I did on my family name when I was 15, dude.

>Not related to the act as far as I'm aware, but somewhat ironic.
the act is derived from the surname AFAIK:
"The origins of the word "lynch" are obscure, but it likely originated during the American revolution. The verb comes from the phrase "Lynch Law", a term for a punishment without trial. Two Americans during this era are generally credited for the phrase: Charles Lynch and William Lynch, who both lived in Virginia in the 1780s."

Muh paternal grandma was English and her sister's descendants still live in Wiltshire.

Does it count as muh-heritaging if I I'm that close in genetics to the Anglo, lad?

butthurt imperialist barks at people who overthrew the yoke of oppression

get over it
Empire is no more
Ireland is free, and the rest will join it shortly

and you better not interfere, lest you want to play that "collect the Englishman" puzzle once again

"Vikings are saving women and valuables from burning buildings, because all the men in the village have suddenly died."

General principles:

funny first name + funny surname = 3rd world foreigner
funny first name + normal surname = nigger
normal first name + funny surname = white
normal first name + normal surname = either WASP or redneck

never change russia


I know a black dude whose first name in Lynch