Making the Alt-Right into an official movement with leaders...

Making the Alt-Right into an official movement with leaders, ideas et cetera is the worst thing that will happen to it and what killed/will kill it.
Prove me wrong.

>yall niggas roasting in a shill's bread


Why would we want leaders? The Jews took over not by leading but by giving their support in the right places and by pushing propaganda like crazy.

>implying you can kill ideas

lol Ahmed, you're a retard.


Ideally we need to create a climate where being a cuckservative or a controlled journalist is socially dangerous. Not in a violent way as that will never work but we're getting there.

>ben garisson



Obly enemies make it official and tgus usurpable.


gotta say that graph is fairly accurate

Where do you guys stand on that graph ? I'm about where Jared Taylor is

That's the thing, we're not the main place for the Alt-Right anymore, it's twitter.

And of course some people like Milo are trying to get their part of succes by surfing on the popularity, and of course there are a lot of Kike-lovers that'll get behind him, or Alex Jones not realizing they're controlled opposition. And this will kill it in the long term.

Considering I get lumped in with the alt right as a tribalist, I don't really care what you guys do. I can ride a wave but my weights on my back foot.

Pick your leaders, follow them, and lynch them at a gas station. I don't care. When you no longer serve my purposes I disappear into the woods again. I wish you well and count you an aly but I have my own structure I adhere to.

I agree with you and so does KEK.

A leaderless resistance is what works best.

But you're not wrong. This is a really really old trick. And most of Cred Forums will fall for it, sadly.

This, im a national sicialist allied to all freedom of wills, my structire provides the best livibg and thus force isnt necessary because this isnt an intetest service but truth.

Ann Coulter writes for VDARE though.

i think ramzpaul at least deserves to in '14' territory

I'd say most of Cred Forums is around the Molyneuz/Ramzpaul area.

Cred Forums is an anonymous collective.

We recognize no Gods but One.

We call Him, "Kek", though his true name has infinite letters and are never in the same order.

He bestows upon us many shads, thus we praise Him.



What do you mean by tribalist? Genuinely curious.


A little to the right of Adolph

>no Moonman at the furthest edge

David Duke and Hitler don't belong on there.

Sure Uncle Adolf is great and Duke is right despite being low status as fuck, but they're not Alt-Right. Alt Right is a modern phenomena and both of those do not belong there.

Morrakiu and Walt Bismarck are more emblematic of the Alt Right than any other people.

Tribalists focus locally. They have their group who they care about and they do what's in the interests of that group, and fuck everyone else.

My fucking God! When will this "Hitler was a right-wing" meme fucking die!! The motherfucker was the leader of the "Socialist Workers German Party" read that: SOCIALIST, and he worked with Stalin behind the curtains, a COMMUNIST dictator. You people are fucking autistic.

Pretty much this.

The alt right will become a joke, just like gamergate

The alt right has always been a joke. It's too much of a broad church. It's an umbrella term used for everything that disagrees with the status quo and is politically incorrect.

That's everything from white supremacists to neo-pagan primitivists and reactionaries. Oh and MGTOWs.

>Not adding Styxhexenhammer around Ramzpaul territory.
>Not adding ET Williams around Molyneux
>Coulter a conservative of any kind and not a satirist.