>Trump on Media Buzz 9/18/16
>Trump rally in Colorado Springs CO 9/17/16
>Pence Rally in the Villages FL 9/17/16
>Trump speaks at Rememberance Project 9/17/16
>Trump - Les Deplorables

Text TRUMP to 88022 or get the Official "AMERICA FIRST" app for important campaign updates
>Volunteer to be a Trump election observer
>Trump Playlist

>Trump Rally in Miami FL 9/16/16
>Trump Haitian Townhall in Miami FL 9/16/16
>Trump parade in the Villages FL 9/16/16
>Trump Speaks in Washington DC 9/16/16
>Trump Rally in Laconia, NH 9/15/16
>Trump/Pence Economic Club NY 9/15/16

>Trump on Mornings with Maria 9/16/16
>Don Jr on GMA 9/16/16
>Trump on Fallon 9/15/16
>Watters World Trump Rally Edition
>Trump on Dr Oz (audio) 9/15/16
>Trump on F&F 9/15/16

>The 45th President
>Trump in 5 minutes or less
>Trump Triumphant
>American Hero

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Shit. Trump tied in Michigan, and slightly up in NM according to several polls. Is this real life? Is he really going to win Michigan? How is this possible with the blacks,arabs,hispanics, and white liberals in Michigan?

second for the wall


First for greenscreen Hillary

kek has given me a sign.



Illary will be a complete mess next Monday

She will call off next debates and Trump will win in a landslide


I really want to fuck with Maddow.

But how?

This thread is now blessed


Even the biased polls can keep down the Trump country-wide sweep a secret anymore.
Everyone is getting on the Trump train, even died-in-the-wool Democrats.
Hillary is over. There's no time for the DNC to swap her out with someone healthier.

Could just be an anomaly. We need more polls to know for sure.

is this the place where the alt-right communicates?

already happened

Someone just brought up Trump's war hero thing in a debate I was having and I didn't have a good response.. fuck with this war hero being dug back up, is Trump stumped?




Is he right?

Dr. Martin Luther King's niece Alveda King endorses Donald Trump

Mississippi’s First Black Mayor Charles Evers Endorses Trump For President

Quannell X, New Black Panthers leader, on Donald Trump.

RW Bray, VP of MLK society, introducing Donald Trump

Clarence Henderson civil rights activist

Black Pastor Darrell Scott Brings Down House at RNC: The Democratic Party Has Failed Us

Ice Cube: ‘Donald Trump is What Americans Love’ About ‘The American Dream’


RZA Praises Trump

President Obama’s Brother Endorses Trump for President

Azealia Banks "Trump is the only one who truly has the balls to bust up big business. Hilary is too tied in with them"

Donald Trump’s best speech of the 2016 campaign, annotated
WashPo August 2016

FULL EVENT: Donald Trump Holds Rally in Charlotte, NC 8/18/16

Trump pitches black voters: 'What the hell do you have to lose?'
CNN August 2016

FULL EVENT: Donald Trump Holds Rally in Dimondale 8/19/16

Trump brings message of unity to black church in Detroit

Full Speech: Donald Trump Speaks to African American Church in Detroit 9/3/16

Donald Trump Fought to Include Jews and Blacks at Palm Beach Golf Course
Impulse Today March 2016

Jessie Jackson introducing Donald Trump (1998)

Trump 80's Interview, Helping Inner Cities



no sir, this is just a international lewd-hand holding application center


They are getting desperate.
Pic very related.


1 example and body shaming sounds like a liberal

>Its only been a weak since Hillary's collapse
>We've seen a bigger turn around than after the convention
Anyone else feel likes its the domino scene from V from Vendetta? Everything seems to be perfectly falling into place

I never get tired of reading that post.


HOLY SHIT, the internal polling must be FUCKING TERRIBLE

those are Prussian helmets user



It's like when there's a hundred liberal cable news networks and one conservative one all the conservatives will flock there and it'll be the biggest
Fox is still establishment shills anyway
Except Lou. Lou is a straight fucking shooter.

>just one dollar can fund a CTR shitposter for up to ten posts.

Hehehe, I finally found the secret hideout of you alt-righters

This is going straight to the media, and they'll report on this "Cred Forums" kind of hatespeechforum that you guys are running here

>blood red vermont
fucking lel

Songbird McCain

Needs more hats.

gunna need some sauce on that senpais

Remember there are only two ways to become a P.O.W.

>Be so badly injured that you cannot physically resist the enemy capturing you
>Drop your weapon, put your hands in the air, and say "I surrender!"

Protip: you only retain your honor in one of the two cases.

>ahead without NC

What a time to be alive

I can smell the SRS all the way over here.
Fuck reddit.

sorry you're looking for this is the hand-holding board



user I'm a grown man but you're making me scared.

>Vermont solid Republican
>NC, OH likely Democrat

Reuters is shit.

Are we done with the NY explosions? Did we find anything out about a suspect or motive? Haven't heard anything since last night.

I've got your IP address. If I hear Cred Forums in the news, I'm reporting you to Merkel for anti-refugee hate speech.

Yea it's nice but not believable

Then again I've learned to never say never with this election

t-this is from some degenerate porn right?

>discussing our awesome results is hatespeech
Go home Dieter, you're drunk. I hope you can be proud to be German one day.

We're taking back the memes of production. Nazi pepe triggered the normies, let's take back other memes.

Kek. Fucking Savage


If Trump can win Vermont he can win anywhere.


are you retarded

Fresh spice from dude that got censored and fired by huff post for questioning #HillarysHealth. Rapid red pilling ensued.

His take on pepe

great case study on how a former enemy can become a rabid supporter give this guy likes and follows on twit

Of course it is



>Trump wouldn't let you on his golf course...

Would you let me on your golf course Obongo????

don't worry

>Vermont is 96.7% White


cannot be a guy with a knife is no danger to a guy with a gun, you are never justified shooting a guy with only a knife

He did an interview on InfoWars too.


>for the price of a cup of coffee, you can keep a CTR shitposters employed for a month

fucking lewd
delete this immediately

PEEP THIS>>>>>>>>>>>

>Grey Wyoming

>shooting a guy with a knife

Start around 35:50 point:
> Be Milo
> Host a Podcast
> Interview a guy in Episode 25

It's got some great Hillary slams for about two minutes:
> Hillary is a walking calamity.
> This woman with no background in health care got in charge of the healthcare bill.
> She had her meetings in secret — which shows she's not capable of learning from her mistakes 25 years later.
> She bungled it so badly that health care was dead for a generation,
> and we got a republican congress for the first time in 40 years
> simply because of her incompetence

Oh yeah, September is the 9th month

Really makes you think

We already knew that, though.

i-is it extra degenerate? worth a watch?

>Vermont goes overwhelmingly Trump
>even young bernouts voting for the Republican governor
Bernie has achieved the cuck singularity.

He wouldnt even care if I was murdered by a Muslim Illegal immigrant with a knife, hed just talk about banning guns and complain about Trump

wtf i love coffee now

This is a South Sudanese geriatric underwater ice fishing forum.


McCain received a presidential pardon from Nixon. Do war heroes generally require presidential pardons?

no way pal, I got a whole folder dedicated just for this, and trump will win you nigger

Holy shit what the fuck? Can someone confirm if that's actually true?


why is RCP so shit? it has him down huge in both states


It's man-on-tranny shit. It's over the line degenerate.

Was nyc a gay guy? thats what i saw on a tumblr someone linked on goybook. Hes angry trump is running and that lgbtq are oppressed.

No, Trump's cock is yuge.

Honestly what are they going to talk about

Trump just needs to ask in the debates
>Who do you think is strong enough to keep you safe
>The live comparison of Trump and Clinton next to each other will make Clinton look so weak
>combine that with every time shes looked sickly and weak over this year
>combine that with all happenings this year
>That Trump rightly called
Trump wins easy

The rest of the theories to do with that rally are bunk but the audio is legit, she gives no indication of when she's about to speak after applause but they cut immediately before.

it is slimy as hell to pump in sound to your own rallies, but i bet hillary would do it

the question is does anyone care who hasnt already made up there mind. i doubt it

And we helped him along the way. Shadilay lads.

>King Nigger cucked again
Why is he even president anymore?

>quoting Thomas Sowell
I'm liking this election.

65/35 using primary model turnout as well as saying they're with the Trump campaign to get people to admit voting Trump.

It's an unfathomable blowout,

Here, but it now says its been discounted so I dont know now.

>a knife is no danger to a guy with a gun, you are never justified shooting a guy with only a knife

I know this is bait, but you can run 20+ feet within seconds. Unless the officer's gun is already drawn he won't have enough time before he's stabbed.

The audio was super manipulated that rally, they just probably cut one part of it

Great, so now I can say Globalism is Marxism.

To many.. going to just be a giant hat filled with more hats by the end of this!!

>not strong enough
Uh, sexist much?

Good job on the dubs

was New York a mistake?


Can someone bump my cher thread?

They did it for Jeb at the debates.

Detroit is trying to rebuild and Obama is throwing every political and Federal money hurdle in their way he can, all because he's just a fucking Cuck

Ass tht with what happened in Flint and you've got yourself quite the voter base

She did. Listen to the applause at the rally, the audio was doubled if not tripled into itself to be absurdly loud

Is this big news? No clue who he is.

damn son

did based black man endorse Trump?

*runs into thread*



>using "real clear" ever

nice pic, 95% sure that is in canada



no one cares about that jewish faggot.

at the debates that is even worse they are supposed to be at least appearing to be neutral.



Pretty much by default.


it is bait
i couldnt resist pretending to be libshit for a second



who the fuck is that?

Explosions has been confirmed to be a gas leak. Drumpf eternally BTFO!

Why does Le Banana Man hate the free market so much?
Is it because he's a fat lazy faggot who doesn't want to bust his ass to get money?

>Clinton tries to brag about her world leader meetings
>Trump gets one without trying


the fuck am i reading right now?





Back to plebbit

Why is it so shit? Are they oversampling Dems?

holy fuck based

>doesnt know who lou dobbs is

Strong Womyn user

When you realised you've lost the election to a frog.


>I can protect you
>Just dont say anything that I think is sexist

I hope she suffers.

I would vote for Clinton if she promised to use this Chick as her post-recovery, kid-hugging body double.
She could even wear the anti-Parkinsons Zeiss Z1 lenses in those glasses.

Even women are unconsciously attracted to the one they believe will keep them safe. It's beyond logic and reason, it's biological and instinctual.

Trump is very persuasive on this issue, especially with his multitude of military support.

Guys, what is Hillary going to spend all that money she raised on?

Is she going to play the long game and just blitz the last week and sneak over the line?

Left Eye Sperged here too.
half her brain is already gone.

>all Trump has to do now is not die

One year after it started, we're on the victory path.

Has anyone started to wonder what they'll do with their lives after Trump wins?


oh shit

is Trump going to strongarm him into denouncing Hillary on how she handled the Libya and Egypt situations?

You activated my trap card

>this is the new face of white supremacy

Hopefully be a productive member of society and help Make America Great Again by helping get rid of common core in the school system.

Younger Hillary used to be pure evil.
Older Hillary is evil and bad at it.

Where in the speech is this?

How long until Trump takes the lead on RCP?

I bet the liberals will all virtue signal about how they hate trump.


She unironically took a Simpsons episode photo thinking it is white supremacy

More behaving like president before the votes are cast. Very persuasive.

I love this man, no homo

Liberals have made an entire segment about Pepe,Trump,"Alt-Right" and White nationalism:

I'm crying from laughter.
>this is news


Will Trump disavow Kek?

Second meeting, first being Mexican President

What did I tell you about New York values

and technically not fuck up the debates, though really all he would have to do there is twiddle his thumbs and he wins



>Is she going to play the long game and just blitz the last week and sneak over the line?
That's never going to work, her only hope is to rig it and hope nobody notices.


>First responders....uhh.....will deal with....uhhhh...bombing.....wasn't bomb.....first responders....
>...we need a steadfast president...
>...ask me in morning...



You bet they are

nah senpai thats reddit

Looks like Midwest US to me. Butt who knows.

>is Trump going to strongarm him into denouncing Hillary on how she handled the Libya and Egypt situations?

I honestly don't think Sisi would need any encouragement for that after 8 years of cheerleading for the Muslim Brotherhood from our government.


The cunt should not have taken Kek and Pepe's names in vain. She deserves what is coming.
If you look closely at this pic, you can see her reptilian nose poking through the human nose skin ;)

Sisi should publically denounce Clinton, as she is responsible as Secretary of State for the Muslim Brotherhood revolution he had to clean up.
I hope he does.

How can anyone vote for this thing.

Uh, no.

maybe never. they don't want to admit the blowout. they will try to push it being "close" in "the margin of error" until the last possible moment



Are Carson, Sowell, and Sotomayor gonna make all blacks this woke?

You bet they are.

Trump will dominate hillary at the debates, it will be a no contest K.O. She'll probably have an episode on live television, maybe even, if KEK wills it, a stroke. The media will obviously try to downplay it and spin it as if her stroke was actually just severe diarrhea or some other ridiculous non stroke related nonsense.

Not quite. They micced his cheering section. They didn't pump in sound like the WWE.

what did they mean by this, how do you MAGA with a knife????

>ray romano

he's pretty redpilled iirc

>taken Kek and Pepe's names in vain
well, this way the mainstream people figured out that everything and everyone is racist for them.


They didn't screw it up.

How's Trump today, bros?

She's campaigning for president AND having a stroke, how brave is that?!

That's disqualifying right there. It's breathtaking. That is disqualifying right there. To say you don't know about the Alt-Right? You don't know about Pepe? And the most stunning thing, Willie Geist, is this isn't buying him a single vote. I mean, is he really so stupid that he thinks Cred Forums aren't offended by the Nazifrogs and Pepe? Is he really so ignorant of Cred Forums voters that he thinks this is the way to their heart? To go neutral? To play Switzerland when you're talking about the nazifrogs? And to say he doesn't know enough information about Kek worshippers to condemn them? Exactly what does Donald Trump expect to learn in the next 24 hours about Pepe? I just don't get it.

>Neo Nazi frog thing
Or you know the meme version of his dad
These idiots seem to think Trump desperately needs the white supremacist david duke vote and is courting them. There are only like 3,000 kkk members half of them FBI and apparently Trump really needs their votes


>sudden onset pneumonia


What he really needs to do is set up the ultimate gotcha by way of her emails

>your defense to the FBI is that you didnt know what you were doing, essentially saying you weren't competent enough to handle even the lowest level of classified materials properly
>defensive rebuttal
>well you're either too stupid to know you were breaking the law, which I find hard to believe since you got your start as a lawyer, or you knew what you were doing was not only wrong but criminal and took the steps to conceal it
>so which is it?

She legit cant answer this without pleading the 5th, but no matter what she gets roasted


I don't have a link, but I remember someone analyzed the audio and found it was a stock recording of clapping/cheering.

Based as fuck

the guy is 70! he looks great for 70 look at hillary next to trump and see how worse she looks

At least Hillary's body double looks healthy.

Someone will endorse Trump at the emmy's today, ruining their career in the process.

Forgot americans can't read satire.
Plz forgive.

Holy shit, shes pissed, shes getting trolled hard on twitter

been posting a single frog


I don't think so.

shell do what all politicians do, spin, completely ignore the question, and go on an unrelated rant

The moderators will let her get away with it, but if the crowd is not all shills and boos...

elections over that minute



not satire when liberals literally just said that except change stroke with pneumonia

Alright user I'm getting fucking sick of this shit already
That's too many hats for one pic, you're messing with powers you can't control

Lets see if she looks so good in another 2 months when shes out of a job


We need a "PEPE!" from someone or "PRAISE LORD KEK"

We must destroy them all with His glory.


Which Trump hat should I buy?

I'm thinking red, because it's more noticeable.

I just don't know anymore

Nice pic.


tweet or email her letting her know about how happy you are at all the publicity and how you are converting your peers to Trump enmasse thanks to her work.

wew lad

Thanks Burned Sandals

>made in China

Joe is Joe
>Joe is Joe
Joe is Joe
>Joe is Joe
Joe is Joe
>Joe is Joe
Joe is Joe
>Joe is Joe

Totally can, you can't into sarcasm brah?

The problem for liberals is that Trump is using memetic warfare and we (and allies behind the scenes) are also.

Memes are of course not only visual. People can deal with only so many instances of blatant doublethink before something has to give. What Trump has done is to plant memes deep in the subconscious of liberals and then return to them, repeatedly. Real life situations are only reinforcing his memes and at a certain point, these will move from the subconscious to the conscious and their liberal delusion about that issue will give way. This will occur despite their wishes or will.

This is also why he's winning over some previously dyed in the wool Dems and many independents. It's not necessarily logic, reason or his policies, but his masterful manipulation of their consciousnesses.

wew lad

Blowout incoming

>Hillary is unequivocally, unironically, the new Jeb


Time to trigger liberals with TRUMP 2016

>Kimmel endorses Trump
>Replaced by Chris Hardwick the next day.

You're doing kek's work user, but I'm not entirely convinced there are enough hats.

>That's too many hats for one pic, you're messing with powers you can't control
Make America Hat Again

Let me help you out senpai

I would go with the red personally, but all are acceptable choices


Based as fuck

>Americas hat in charge of debating in front of normies
It doesn't matter what the facts are, only what the perception is, and this looks like picking on an old lady

Watching the Colorado rally from last night. What a fucking crowd, holy shit


that was a hoax, the real terrorist is still at large


Just looking at the attendees of his many rallies, you can see the female support he has. Young and old, single and married, various races - ti's across the board.

He will also be able to flip a number of previously unreachable females as well. See

wew lad

>tfw GCHQ has infiltrated us at the highest level

Goodbye brothers


Definitely buy the Red MAGA Hat, user.
That is the one Trump made famous.

they are going to take more than one dollar, the Clinton campaign has been withdrawing more than what people pledged from accounts, it is a thing that banks are aware of, but they aren't going to sue because they aren't taking enough.

#EMMYSLIVE is trending

You know what to do

le dilbertman posts the hillary hologram

hell we took one for the team when we tricked hillary into going on a pepe witch hunt.

>add #HILLARYSDEAD to your tweets

you will not go wrong with red. red is the classic

only get other colors if you really want to



he gets something like 70 percent of married women. Hillary's supporters are literally lonely women who hate men

Red is quintessential

I'm trying to pick between the AMERICANISM NOT GLOBALISM and BIG LEAGUE tshirts for the gym. #BIGLEAGUE seems very appropriate but AMERICANISM stands out more imo

it's in the OP dude

Is that a George sorrows shoop?

Nah don't, Cred Forumss doing that Wednesday i think

already had alot of pre-made celebrity tweets and shit

Where were you when you realized our timeline is the one that fixes the errors of WW2?

The date is reversed in Europe.

One of each

How much trump bashing will happen tonight?

Which is a win. Her becoming a sad old lady makes more people want her in a nursing home than becoming the most powerful person in the world. People wont vote for their grandma to guard them, and definitely wont vote for one of the most despised people in the country based on appearing bullied and weak

>Bill Whittle and pals finally got over their Cruzlim butthurt and are talking good about Trump

We are hitting levels of persuasion never! experienced! before!

During the emmys.

for the gym, i think bigly is the winner


First time seeing that

Emmys trash talking Trump but they forgot to turn off chat:

They're probably laughing their arses off reading all this.

meant for


>watching the Jewmmys

Her campaign team are mostly millennial feminists and nu-males.

No wonder her account goes on insane twitter rants.

But even they will not be able to control the manipulation he's doing to them. I'm not suggesting that ugly, old, lonely marxist women will all vote for Trump, but there will be enough to either vote Trump, Stein or stay home due to how he has forced their doublethink to the breaking point.

Come to think of it, maybe he should mention something about how great cats are...

That guys face will never get old

>that frame of the pizza on the wall

Tshirt or tank brah?

Wow, that's living the life.
Imagine getting paid to surf Cred Forums


Ah yeah, 'I'm voting for her because she's got a cunt' types

The most vapid aspect of our culture by far and they can't even do it right anymore. Has there been an iconic movie character since Heath Ledger's Joker from 8 fucking years ago?

Yeah, I think I'll buy Red.

hopefully a lot. just what Hillary needs. a bunch of ultrarich celebs telling the rest of America they are dumb.


I got some Nazi Frogs to share with them.\

Right here on Cred Forums the best spot ever desu senpai

I've not seen a single packed Hillary rally. Trump is always full. The bluntness,lack of politicial correctness, his gives no shit attitude and high energy draws people.

Polls are heavily biased for sure. I'm convinced he's actually way in the lead.

Look at webm related. Left cuck boy actually bows in apology to Trump after a brief starting contest.

needs more le downvotes

If he can do this without it looking like bullying she will be crushed.

i think the answer to that question is

do you wear tanks?

What the Bolsheviks Jews Thought of Christianity & What the New Bolsheviks are Doing

Jesus Christ, I thought the people saying it was greenscreened were just retarded, but it really was

I remember that. It was the decibel level was consistent and constant. That's because it was run through an amp which are all digitized these days. Someone else had mentioned the seating for Jeb supporters had been wired for sound. It was genuine applause, just amplified and no one else's was.

It would be bretty nice, but Cred Forums must be hell on earth for uninitiated.

Also, the KKK endorses Hillary iirc.

Is Sisi a puppet tho?

Nope, so I imagine I should get the shirt right?


That's the point. Her physical weakness translates to the inability to keep the country safe.


Scott himself has been memed.
A undamped memetic feedback loop will kill us all.



new everyone, enjoy the end

Make sure it's classic red.

kek smite this user down where he shoops

>Jesus Christ, I thought the people saying it was greenscreened were just retarded, but it really was
It's real.

user what is your endgame?
You might as well post the templ8.
It's what you're gonna end up with.

>without the sympathy


Thanks mate!.
Heh. At one point in WoW's history CIA agents were infiltrating the game forming guilds and playing to tempt players into revealing their political ideologies and any terror aspirations. It was so extensive they had to take measures not to group up as to become suspicious ingame.