You hate millennials? Shut the fuck up

This is the first generation in modern history that’s going to suffer worse living standards than their parents.

The question is: how much worse? Very badly worse. With stagnant incomes, no savings, this generation will never retire, vacation, advance, enjoy, or own. Their relationships, health, and productivity will suffer as a result. The quality of their lives is going to be long, bleak, and pointless. Worked to the grave to make a dwindling number of dynasties wealthy, largely by serving them hand and foot, not really enhancing human life.

That’s not healthy, because it’s neither freedom, possibility, nor prosperity. It is a bad trade for humanity.

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god bless capitalism :DDD

That's how capitalism raped our collective ass

You have to play your cards right nowadays...that is, get that 4.0 in high school, get that scholarship, network the shit out of yourself in college, don't major in something stupid, get good grades and pray that you get that solid paying job.

While having endless financial support from their boomer parents and enjoying lowest costs ever on electronics and food, only rent is ha d, but easily mitigated with roomies

Millenials have it so easy I want to cry

"Alright Ghengis, the interview is over. You're hired."

Plus a good portion of us have been brainwashed into laying our lives down for the benefit of Muslims who grew up despising us.

This is a terrible generation to be a part of. We're going to see a lot of murder. We're going to have bad lives.

Yea bro we sure are suffering. Lets all watch netflix and shitpost on 4chin. Im fucking suffering.

maybe Ahmed will comfort you

>millenials suffer as a career
>everyone else suffers millenials

life is truly suffering.

All to do twice the work of retiring boomers for a quarter if the wages.

And before you fucking idiots say capitalism is at fault I'd like to remind you that we are currently living under a corporate welfare state.

Not enough jobs, too many useless degrees, retarded education hahahaha everything is fine

i bet a fucking leaf got this one too 89399999

forgot the meme arrows

If all millennials died, the results for the next 100 years would be basically the same.

This. And avoid falling into brainwashing traps from mass media designed to make you accept a low-profile role.

>implying everyone's parents are rich
There have always been rich kids fuck head, they have always been the minority

It will get better once they get older. The older generations can't hold their wealth forever unless they give it to 3rd worlders as a final "fuck you" to millennials.

You've got globalism to thanks for that. You think you're elevating shitholes to your level, but it's the other way around.

It's a race to the bottom.

When will this meme emd? I'm a millennial, and my life is great. If your life sucks, the only one you can blame is yourself.

>muh stagnating incomes

>muh no chances
There are plenty of chances as long as you aren't a completely unlikable autist who has never put even the tiniest effort into achieving.

Seriously, this is the reason everyone hates us.

life expectancy is better than ever
health is better than ever (except self inflicted fatness etc)
travel is easier and cheaper than ever before
cars are cheaper and safer than they have ever been
all the information humanity has ever known is available practically for free
limitless free or cheap entertainment you can carry around in a tiny box in your pocket
communications are cheaper than ever. can talk to someone on the other side of the world basically for free
more choices of food than ever before. out of season food all year round. can buy strawberries in the middle of winter

>wah wah muh quality of life
go fuck yourself you self centred overprivileged millennial scum
stop being so fucking miserable, life is great, you're just too fucked in the head to realise it

of course, it's only going to get worse from here. you're the last and only generation that will be this free. might as well enjoy it.


The one generation that could really use a religious centre to help unify and give purpose, has wholeheartedly rejected religion. Happiness and fulfilment come from within, and we're looking for it on the Internet

That's how we'll become strong again, baptism through fire.

>This is the first generation in modern history that’s going to suffer worse living standards than their parents.
Every generation ever said that while growing up

>We hate Millennials
Define Millennials, because what you're saying is 1980-1995 and anyone else from 96 to current is probably who you are referring too.

how do you not already know that is exactly what is happening?

Bill faggot Gates and co. have been getting all wealthy people to sign legal shit saying upwards of half of everything they own goes to "charity" when they die.

You get rid of jobs for your own people so they don't have any income then you pay the new workers next to nothing so they can't afford to buy anything. My question is where do the products that get produced go since companies won't lower their prices nor pay employees more and nobody is buying? Is this a new method of trying to force people into debt slavery?

Im a millenial, and I hate millenials. Here are two fact that retarded millenials can't get through their thick skulls.

1. The fittest survive
2. hard work increases fitness

If you are complaining while you could be grinding for knowledge, experience, etc. Then you have no fucking room to talk. Close your computer. Get a job. Read a book. Volunteer for experience in a field. Do fucking something. Make yourself indispensable.

Not sure what you're on about.

My parents were poor as fuck.

I'm already making more than 90% of the population, with quite a bit going into retirement.

I took a month-long trip to Germany recently, and my last trip was two months in China.

This is the generation that separates those who want to coast from those who want to succeed.

>Shut the fuck up



Cry more.

Fuck the poor idgaf

Yeah we really inherited a shit world. They really fucked it all up didn't they?

It took a while for me to figure it out but the signs are there.

- The push against entitlement culture to convince parents that their children do not need inheritance and that it is entitlement. It also goes under the same name of white privilege for libs. Parents are now selling off assets and getting into debt in order to live rather than live with children. The end of family wealth transfers

- The selling off of jobs to foreign interest and disparaging of youth for not being competitive enough and taking slave wages. If the jobs can't be outsourced then immigrants are brought in and if the immigrants are blocked then illegal immigration is encouraged. This goes under the Globalism name for conservatives and White Guilt for liberals

People are scared of being called entitled, racist, nationalistic, naive, and so on. Coincidentally it affects both the right and the left and there is particular words for both.

>posting this without being aware that it reflects an aging population, rather than what you claim it shows...

This chart is being skewed by the fact that 65+ people are staying in their jobs far longer than they should, and are therefore distorting the shit out of the statistics.
The same chart showing only 30 and younger would look like a nosedive downwards...


you forgot to mention they have no character traits to overcome their challenges.. they're lazy, narcissistic, and whiney, so they're going to make their shitty situation even worse.

>I'm in current generation
>we have it worstest

Welcome to any past, present or future generation ladwew

yes but
dont underestimate their collective appreciation of art history
just because you are unemployed does not mean you are not culturally enriched

But they aren't retiring. They are continuing to work until they pay their loans back

>Because every kid gets a trophy regardless of winning or losing.
>Because no kids catch a beating now and then from a parent as a lesson.
>Because kids spend years of their lives playing video games and masturbating to porn rather than developing social and networking skills.
>Because every child is a special snowflake.
>Because liberal arts degrees are a thing.
>Because a culture of niggery and entitlement is pushed by (((them))).
>Because this world needs ditch diggers and burger flippers too. It's easier to have beaners do it.
>Because we worry about making sure third-worlders have enough to eat and reproduce, instead of worrying about problems at home.
>Because the world has an insatiable appetite for cheap garbage made in China.

>wah wah wah
>i'm a loser and it's everyone's fault but my own

You have to make the most out of what you're given. Luckily I'm comfortable living on the internet. I plan to get a small, cozy appartment and buy everything according to how long it will last and whether or not it's worth the price. No luxury items, except my one glorious escape where in my free time I will live in an alternate reality VR videogame sex paradise. All my little exposable income will be funneled directly into buying the best computer parts and sound systems. Beyond that I won't give a single fucking shit about anything or anybody. Someone could be dying outside my front door for all I care.

Well said. Oh well. We keep doing serpent things so now we need to work even harder. Complaining doesn't do anything in fact it is bad. At least we're living. The internet is not unpopular. There is nothing moral we can do. Just keep trudging and following the Bible and praying

>>Because no kids catch a beating now and then from a parent as a lesson.

This leads to increased aggression and lower IQ. Fuck off.

>blame yourselves goyim

You gotta get all right wing garbage outta yer mind son
You were doing fine til your last few words

This generation will be great though
>Everyone's having less kids
>Jobs are getting replaced by robots
>Same amount of supply, if not more so
>Less demand because less people
>More supply for each person
>everyone gets richer

Yeah, but the millenials will get to do the greatest thing that boomers never got to do.

Watch all the boomers die.

I did all that, didn't work out.

You missed the most important step, your parents have to have the right connections to hook you up. Hell, if you have that the rest is irrelevant.

All based in fiat moni and I don't buy your numbers. Besides. Video games can't feed us real food if the nose wants our eating cockroaches

You are going to have to in this day in age. I have given up on being employed to a another person and am looking into self-employment or going small business with a few people I know.

Nice utopia you got there, it would be ashamed if we imported some muslims and mexicans to it

But we've been moving away from Free Market Ecomic s for over a 100 years now

>This leads to increased aggression and lower IQ.
Or faggy coddled millenials.

Lemme guess, your source is the same people who say that your transgenderism is not a mental illness?

The survivors will decide the how things will be from there on out.

But yeah, the bloodshed is going to beyond what I think 99% of people can fathom

Boomers will just sell their property to Chinese billionaires. Housing will be so horribly overpriced by that point and young Westerners will be so poor that only rich foreigners will be able to afford it. This is already happening in some areas.

not true at all tbqh familia

0/10 apply yourself more

t. poorfag

Nice economics degree from the University of Reddit

Please continue to literally blame the passage of time for you being poor, and not the fact that you're lazy

For fuck's sake, stick a cock in your nose already

Boomers aren't going to die for another 50 years. Ever wonder why health care costs are so high? Because we're spending trillions of dollars to ensure the most spoiled, priviledged generation in history gets to hold onto their undeserved wealth well past the age of 100.


>Shills FOR globalization, open borders and a bunch of immigrants, causing...
>increased competition for revered courses in college
>increased completion for high paying jobs
>greatly increased labour pool causing guaranteed low wages
>decreased development and investment in automation, along with related technical jobs
Am a millennial
To another millennial : KYS

Then people will just take things by force. you really think people are going to starve in the streets when there are LITERALLY entire NEIGHBORHOODS of empty houses? owned by people that dont even live in this country?

Maybe it's time to speed things up?

>you really think people are going to starve in the streets when there are LITERALLY entire NEIGHBORHOODS of empty houses? owned by people that dont even live in this country?

That's exactly what they'll do. They're already doing this.

>born too late to be a boomer
>born too soon to be a millennial
>born just in time to watch the death of my country, my religion, my language, and my family's future
y..yey.. gen x is the g-greatest

>you really think people are going to starve in the streets when there are LITERALLY entire NEIGHBORHOODS of empty houses?
They'll immediately regret trying anything unless they bring a lot of fucking friends

It's not a problem, if immigration and emigration is level.
If it's net 0 the effect is the same
It's not based in fiat moni though. I'm just talking pure supply and demand, I have no specific numbers

This is hardly capitalism anymore, this is literally the result of a mixed economy (command and market)

Free markets tend to be destroyed when massive corporations manage to gain enough lobbying influence to be able to add enough restrictions onto a field that it becomes impossible for new businesses to gain entry without first investing thousands upon thousands of dollars into factories in order to reach the overwhelming standards.

The reason for this economic failure of society?

the people at the top are slowly twisting the game into their favor to the point that it is now illegal to compete without first meeting their overwhelming demands.

It is not capitalism that is fucking us in the ass, it's literally that they're importing immigrants as workers in order to bypass the domestic demands for higher wages, ultimately lowering them.

They're using illegal immigrants to pay lower than minimum wage.

They're lobbying in new laws for 'safety' and 'environmental protection' in order to make entry into the business field nigh impossible without first having a massive amount of money.

Only a few businesses own the vast number of stores around the country. For example, Luxottica, the world's largest glasses company, owns virtually all of the chains around the country, as well as the vast majority of the cheap and expensive eye-wear.

If you do not meet their demands, they will simply remove you from their stores, and then proceed to buy out your company when they have the opportunity.

This is what happens when the government becomes involved in economics.

>high school drop out
>crime record
>owe thousands of dollars in legal fees
>can't drive
>car was taken

It's ironic because obviously clearly I need to work hard to make sure i can support myself and pay my monthly legal fees, but no self-respecting person would hire me after an interview, no matter how well i present myself.

I'm a millennial with good qualifications and now a decent job and trying to get shit done in my spare time to try and make something of myself and even I think this is bullshit, I'm renting a shirty place simply because it doesn't make sense to pay for a better one because it's the same space for shite loads of cash.

Anyone that believes in the work hard theory and survival of the fittest has a point but what you are missing is the generation people are mad at didn't have that and still don't!

Why exactly should we be doing survival of the fittest when a lot of people elders are lazy coasters like what every generation has but these coasters are sitting on money and property they got easily by exploiting the system?

We shouldn't have to run a race with our peers that our elders cheated on, at least not without things being evened out.

I knew some lazy fucks in uni and nothing makes my blood boil more than thinking about lazy coasters like then in the boomers generation not having to have ever tried...

Im a NEET.

Sure I don't have family or purpose or anything in life, bu in terms of living standards Im pretty sure this is the pinnacle of human achievement.

Yep. And if you fuck up, recovery is long, expensive, and might not even happen

This guy is right.

I had a 4.0 gpa in mathematics, graduated second in my class from the best university in canada.

But I have no networking skills or connections from nepotism so guess what? no job.

>>Because kids spend years of their lives playing video games and masturbating to porn rather than developing social and networking skills.

Doing this right now actually, comes with the generation really so I'm not really ashamed of it

Might as well enjoy it, we are gonna get drafted into WW3 in about 6 months anyway. I can't say I honestly have much hope for my future or many people around my age that think the same as me

Multicuturalism is gonna wash away all the stuff I never got to learn about my heritage because of some libscums self-hating guilt trip

You two are parts of the problem

>the one generation that could really use a religious center to help unify and give purpose

Wew lad the whole point of surfdom was to deal with the pains of life as it is now in exchange for the perpetual pleasures of the afterlife in heaven.

This was one of the major reasons as to why the peasants never actually tried to up and leave their shitty place in society; forcing a dogma onto ourselves will do us no benefit, as it'll only end up being used by the people in power to control us. as it always has. Social Justice is hardly the first time this sort of shit has taken place, you know?

You guys should've gone to computer science or other field where you get easily employed, then. And if you're too stupid to program, there's always the path of being a nigger.

This. It's never what you know, it's who you know.

Middle class kid vs working class kid who both get the same educational opportunities will never be equal because the middle class kid will have the family who networks and knows somebody who knows somebody who has a position going.

>This is the first generation in modern history that’s going to suffer worse living standards than their parents.
And instead of blaming the immigrants taking what should of been THEIR cut of the pie they're going to blame the chef who baked the pie - Western society.
Fuck Millennials and fuck you too.

We should always try and improve ourselves and nobody knows the day and the hour. Conscientiously object to a draft, then. This was all said to be coming. In the Bible. A looooong time ago. If there's a WWIII and then a ZOG, who cares. What will be will be. We are not in control. Neither is evil. Only God. There is no law of the jungle either. Only God's law. We don't listen very well. If you think a topic has any kind of zionism in there (more right wing than left) then get the fuck rid of it. Other than that. Enjoy your life

le computer science may may.
can you stop peddling this stupid shit?

99% of cs grads are retarded and the field is oversaturated as fuck. Indians and outsourcing are going to wipe out any remaining jobs.

millenial here

picked up a trade after high school (aluminum welder/fabricator), within 1 year i am living independent, making 50k a year working 40 hours a week. life is looking pretty good for me

Not falling for the bullshit victimhood status of my fellow millenials because you are not willing to work long hours and hard days. Life isnt bad for us as long as you have some ambition, and maybe willing to get your hands dirty

so suck it up and get a job or join the fuckin army

at 18 or 19 that is impressive.

good for you user.

Youre fucking retarded and naive if you think that will continue forever

What a concise and explicite argument, you really got me convinced

Thanks, friendo. I will forever remember our very educational interaction forever from now. Anyway, since you clearly got nothing intelligent to say, how about you go back to cramming those dildo shaped maple syrup suckers up your asshole?


Corporal punishment has worked in every culture since the beginning of time but we have a thread about why an entire generation sucks.
Because no one ever heard of "time outs" until about 1980.

>This is the first generation in modern history that’s going to suffer worse living standards than their parents.
Oh dear, they have to go to college for free and be triggered and their cis white dad is part of the patriarchy and he's a racist because he's a republican. They'll never have to be hungry a day in their life, they'll never be criticized for any of their stupid ideas (because that's "hate" now), and they'll create all these imaginary boogeymen that are out to get them because they'll never have to face a real problem at any point in their life. What horrible living standards.

Thanks leaf, I know they say mean things but your alright

its not unheard of, there are 4 other guys in my shop aged 20-23 who make more money than me.
Its a matter of being smart and knowing what industries have the best outlook for available work.

Hardl any millenial wants to work with their hands so naturally as the older generation retires, my wage and job security will go up


If im cold, and I decide to rip up my floorboards in my house and burn them, that works too, that doesnt mean it's the best way to combat the issue, now does it?


Now is it* holy shit how do I english

>can you stop peddling this stupid shit?

No. Even if nobody hires you, you can always self-employ and become a freelance contractor or set up your own company. Create your own websites, video games, anything you want really. Or walk down the nigger path using this knowledge by breaking into electonic devices to gain valuable data. Internet's still a wild west and there's money to be made.

Stop acting like an entitled nigger, get off your ass and better yourself.

t: millenial, software architect (gl finding an injun that can replace me for a fraction of the costs btw)


faggots like this giving millenials a bad name

Well we have what works: a spanking when a child is deserving, (and not all children need it) vs. an entire generation that has been coddled since birth with no ingrained understanding of actions and consequences.

This is what you have to do as a white straight male in America, hard mode.


> Be oppressed minority
> Score half of what the white boy scores on all his exams
>Get free everything
> Still be nigger at the end of it all, still complain and chimp out in strees.

Did I miss anything bros?

>Shut the fuck up
Tumblr detected.

>This is the first generation in modern history that’s going to suffer worse living standards than their parents.
You can thank globalism for that, something that millennials love so much, and the fact that the government/corporations love cheap workers. But hey, most millennials don't want jobs coming back, because that means technology will become more expensive, oh no!

>With stagnant incomes, no savings, this generation will never retire, vacation, advance, enjoy, or own
Then.. Why can I save? Why do so many people my age find it so hard to save? Stop spending your money on $25,000 cars, stop subscribing to expensive shit that you have to pay money for (i.e - if you're paying more than $100 on your MOBILE phone plan (internet/text/calls etc), kill yourself immediately). Stop buying into the media lies that you need to have all this shit to be happy, you don't.

>The quality of their lives is going to be long, bleak, and pointless
Funny isn't it. All this technology, all these improvements in life, and the quality of life is going to be long, bleak and pointless. This really makes you think..

>Worked to the grave to make a dwindling number of dynasties wealthy, largely by serving them hand and foot, not really enhancing human life.
>le working to the grave maymay
Look faggot. Everyone in life works for someone. When you work, you're working to make someone else richer, and make your company better. Working for a fast food corporation? You're making them richer. Working in an office? You're making the company richer. Working for a car company? You're making them richer. Someone is always getting rich, that's how the world works. Do you think workers apply for the manager position to be rich, and laugh at everyone else? Nope. He does it because he wants to better himself and hopes for one day that he'll rise even further in the company.

tl;dr you're an entitled faggot.

No, it leads to whiney little pussies like you that can't take even negative comments without having a complete mental breakdown.

And yet
>less jobs in the first world
>more migrant violence
>more laws every year, you can now get arrested for tweets
It's like you don't understand how life works.


Delusion and Objective confirmation bias

>This is the first generation in modern history that’s going to suffer worse living standards than their parents.

This is false.

Gen X was the first.

You are the naive one. They've already gotten away with far worse than that.

No offense mate, but this reads as "hitting your child is literally the only viable solution to problems".

>You hate millennials? Shut the fuck up
>This is the first generation in modern history that’s going to suffer worse living standards than their parents.

Yet you're all eagering to accept ilegal immigrants ("refugees") that will lower your wages, skyrocket your house prices (because there will be more people in need of a place to live), give total control to the government for them to suck as much taxes them want from you (someone has to pay for all of the migrant party, don't you think?) and all you people think is about weed, video games and "social activism in order to help the very people that will replace us in the future".

You know what? Fuck you, millennials. You made your bed, now you lay on it.
You'll only harvest what you have done. You'll be the first generation to pay the price of being politically correct, the price of putting someone else's priorities over your own.
You'll serve as an exemple for the next generations to come, what they should not do in order to have a better future.

And you deserve everything that's coming for you, I tell you that.
You wanted uncivilized people "to be like you". Now you're getting forced to drag down your own prospectives regarding the future IN ORDER TO YOU BE LIKE THEM.

Isn't that something?
You'll never own a house, the same way the people you wanted to go to your countries never owned one themselves.
You'll never get retired, for the same reasons.

Are you happy? Didn't you people really want to "change the world", and now that you managed to change it you come here to complain about it?

You're the worst generation EVER. EVER.

And I'm glad all millennials will be fucked up hard in the future because of it.

Boomers got to do that if they got a draft card to Vietnam.

Thanks. You too. No worries. Also I kind of misspoke a bit. Right now we have a zog. Wwiii may or may not be doubtful. No sense in stressing. If they say no to an objection then just run your ass up here. Unless we get pulled in too, too much. Then at least we'd all be in same boat. Then comes armageddon and the Biblical stuff. After that comes good times. Not zog like I said. Bless you all

Millennials are going to be the savior of this world in accomplice with the level-headed rationalists.

Everything will be okay, but okay can only be built from rubble.

The powers that be want to take it off of the table as an option. In certain situations, it is and can be extremely effective. I'm not advocating rampant child abuse, just saying there is an entire generation that never got to learn that the stove is hot without actually touching it.

Some of us are fucked, but others are doing ok.

A couple friends from high school made it through college without taking on debt, landed good jobs paying 50k right after graduating, and are doing better than many boomers.

I wish I was one of them, and maybe I will be someday, but the point is we're not *all* fucked

Pic unrelated.

You seem to be very idealistic and naive yourself if you think that true resistance can be mounted just like that.
People individually are scared of responsibility.
Revolutions and stuff like that only occurs if there is a system to it where people don't feel they are individually responsible, or at least see some direct hope of changing things.

The problem is simply that society is like the frog cooked by raising the temperature of the water very slowly.
We delude ourselves that things are fine, until they aren't and then we have less power to change anything.

Be honest, if your neighbor knocked on your door and said that you're gonna go and overthrow the government, right now. Would you go?
Not in "i'll do it man i swear" but would you seriously right now abandon your plans for showering and eating dinner and go into the city not minding how people look and just start to invade government buildings?

You wouldn't.
No one would.
And this is precisely why the "guys to protect us from the gubmint" thing is massively retarded. One well armed strike from the military against a "domestic terrorist cell" and everyone but the most crazy cunts would want to go home. And everyone nationwide would believe the military had stopped real terrorists.

People are too comfortable for romantic things like revolutions and whatnot.

Even the SJWs only riot when they have a teacher/crazy public figure/crazy nigger movement to stand behind.
And most people aren't even that bold.

In other words, no, fixing the current power global pseudocapitalist powerdynamics won't we as easy as just people suddenly having enough, no matter how much we'd like that.

Look at China for a prime example.

>Yet you're all
No we're not. Eat shit.

I don't believe you

I'd like to see the stats on this. I bet people with STEM or business degrees are doing alright, but arts majors and gender studies grads are the ones still flipping burgers

By definition I'm a millennial and I hate millennials.

That would be incorrect

No you're not. And you're a 300 year old uncle tom

Tell that to obama putting 10 thousand syrian refugees in the mid west.

You not only eat shit by doing that, you even get to cook it for adding some bearable taste in it.

I'll have to go for school longer and pay more to receive better training to get less money than people a generation ago. I'm going to pay more in taxes for federal programs I will never see a benefit from. I'm going to compete against illegal migrants, outsourcing, h1b visas, and diversity hires who can't even do their job, but that doesn't matter because the asshole who hired them is going to use the improved earnings on his quarterly report to jump shit before his fuckups ever become apparent.

Millenials are shit, but so are the fucking boomers.

>the first

>this generation will never retire
A 401k opened at age 25 with $5000 put into it every year will yield over $1,000,000 upon reaching age 65.

Costs at most $3000 for a month-long stay overseas, and $1000 of that is the flight.

Work harder you lazy cunt.

Literally live in an era of humanity where endless amounts of any conceivable entertainment exists at your fingertips at all times.

>or own.
Learn to budget and buy property that isn't over-valued.

In short: Don't rely on the government to provide for you, don't rely on your employer to fund your vacation, and don't act like you're super wealthy and buy a house or car you can't afford.

Well shit.

>A 401k opened at age 25
Meant IRA account.
Open a traditional and a roth and put a combined $10,000 and you'll have just under 2 million.

All of those are a direct result of the politcal policies of boomers. The pro-immigration welfare state started in the 60s, far before the first millennial was ever fucking born.

When youre comfortable thats true, when youre literally starving none of that applies.

I used to be like that. I had my group of millenials like me who looked around at all the others and hated them and made fun of them.

In the last six months, I've gotten really sick of them, too.
The generic "millenial culture" isn't really my thing. But the self-righteous millenial hatred kills me. I just want a family, a job, and to be happy and spiritually fulfilled.. Fuck generations, cultures and counter-cultures.

millennial here. ive retired from life. got my monthly gubmint money. check my flag. 1 dollar meals, 100 dollar monthly rent. new girlfriend every month. i thibk u can basically figure out what path ive chosen.

Are you suggesting I'm doing better than I let on?

I'm flattered.

1. take all the fucking scoobies living of welfare.

>stop giving them and everyone free fucking money and abolish the fed. reserve. its not that hard. all we need is


What will the value of 1m be 30 years from now?

What will the cost of living be?

What will 'living' entail?

What is the actual security of a 401k over the next 30y?

We're not going to live in the 20th century in the 21st

>All of those are a direct result of the politcal policies of boomers.

Sure, but guess what? If your generation doesn't work to fix it, you're fucked. Irreparably fucked.

So, rather than just blame the boomers and admit defeat, be the opposite of what those of us in Gen X assume about you and start rising the fuck up and fighting back against the things the powers that be claim are "good for you" but are actually destroying your future.

You're not powerless, but plenty in your generation are too lazy and apathetic to do jack shit and seem to think it's on the new kids under 20 to make your world better for you, and that's no the way things work. Either kick back NOW and be better off, or just wait to get ass raped as you reach your 50s and 60s, you choose.

But they're the generation that won't let those policies change.
They're the ones that love globalism and harvest themselves the seeds of their own destruction.

Millennials have no right to complain. They're the people that put feminism over retirement when it comes to their priorities, and they feel more comfortable complaining about things in social media instead of just finding a job and voting for the right party.

So when the time comes, when 20 years have been through, they get shit, they come to say they feel on the right to complain?
Life's not a video game that you can load a "save game" and everything goes well if you fuck things up.

They sure have to pay for their mistakes, and I hope it will be the hardest way it can get.

But fear not, the next generation will be better than the current one. I do hope they will refuse to be as dumb as millennials.

>What will the value of 1m be 30 years from now?
If we fix inflation, a lot.
If we don't, enough to retire on.

>What will the cost of living be?
Pretty fucking low since you should own your house by then.

>What will 'living' entail?
The same thing it does now? What the hell kind of question is that?

>What is the actual security of a 401k over the next 30y?
As strong as the dollar, and unless the global market manages to find a new central column to rest on the dollar is going to remain the global determiner of currency value.

Yeah... some people will try and mug others.
And they'll be arrested like the rest of the hobo muggers.

Well I think we are all aware massive violence is looming.
Even bluepilled retards are vaguely aware that they may be conscripted in their lifetime.
I don't think these projections account for societies breaking point

5000 a year turning into a million over 20 years?

Lol you really think this stock market boom is going to go on forever? retarded

>be me
>uneducated, unemployed, broke as fuck
>receive $75k inheritance
>use it as down payment on small apartment complex
>live NEET life in one of the units, rent out the others
>in 20 years I'll have something to show for my money, instead of a worthless pile of paper

Forget the 401k, user. Put your money into something tangible. You'll at least have something left when it all comes crashing down

Even if you only got half of that, that's a ton of money to sit on when you own your property, vehicle, and etc.

Or you could blame the people who let the immigrants come and take the pie

I don't care about self-righteousness or gen vs gen.

I want people to stop making fucking terrible decisions and being retarded in general so I don't have to listen to their shit.

This guy has it right. This video may be of relevance to Europeans in this thread though.

I would really expect someone from Hungary to understand when a certain population is suffering all bets are off

lil bitch ass mofucka whatchu just tell me

51% of the US population is over the age of 35. 53% of Americans 15-25 are Black or Mixed race. Boomers fucked our country and then opened the gates so we can't fix it.

Or work construction and get drunk off your ass everyday

>Graduating in the spring from a shitty school with a 4.0
>Have an offer to start at $63k

It's not that hard

>Actually thinking a 401k will mean jack fucking shit 40 years from now


Yeah but that's not exclusive to millenials.
People in my parents' generation complain about poverty when their dumbasses didn't save and excepted social security to give them a cushy life.
40 years olds raise their kids to be shits and then won't stop complaining about how technology ruins children.
Old people voted self-destructively and blame anyone but themselves.
Certain groups are entirely self-destructive.

Every group has idiots.

>Boomers fucked our country
>So we can't fix it

C'mon. Millennials won't be remembered by others only for the shit they've done to their own countries, but they'll also be remembered for the good things they should have done and they still managed to refuse doing them.

This mentality of "it's not my fault, other people did it!" is something very common coming from the millennials.

I can already figure how you people will deny the huge part your generation played in some events such as the rapefugee crisis, knowing deep inside that you were responsible for supporting the people that end up letting them in.

You'll get old and die like child-like adults. And you'll leave a fucked up world for your offspring, that will have to face an even worse generation than the generation you keep refusing to stop fucking up.

This is actually more true in Europe than it is in America. While economic inequality is higher in America, social mobility is also higher in America. You can be born poor and get rich, or be born rich and get poor much more easily.

In this country, because we've been monocultural for so long, almost all names have become telling for your social status in the same way that names like 'Latasha' and 'Shaneequa' are telling in America. I've seen business leaders (who tend to be from 'better' families even now) cringe when seeing applicants or interns with names like Giovanni and Wesley. Those guys probably won't make it very far.

>why are there no jobs!
Make your own job. Get the right skills.
>what is an entrepreneur
>what is a pioneer
>what is an opportunity, challenge, obstacle, hurdle
These concepts may be hard for millenials to grasp considering they're not hand outs, entitlements, or govt regulations. Being frugal is not a millenial trait. You can apply to a job from your home at the computer, you can make your own job at home at the computer. Society is changing, so you and your prospects should too.

For what? To work yourself to death while everything crumbles around you?

The 1956 revolution was different. It got sparked when two things happened:
a) there was a clear hope for betterment from the get go to which everyone subscribed (Imre Nagy)
b) there was a clear, sudden and exorbitant atrocity against the protesters.
c) a lot of the people organizing this had contact to people in the military and to high ranking officials
d) most of the populace still didn't join it until it was clear that this was a big thing.

Bullshit. The majority of growth in a person's salary occurs within the first 10 years on the job. Even decades later, employees entering the workforce in a bad labor market feel the effects compared to their older and younger coworkers.

>This mentality of "it's not my fault, other people did it!" is something very common coming from the millennials.
>I can already figure how you people will deny the huge part your generation played in some events such as the rapefugee crisis, knowing deep inside that you were responsible for supporting the people that end up letting them in.

It's not our fault, and the only way to fix it is to let the whole fucking thing collapse. The mass rioting isn't really going to affect my family, I've prepared for it. It's the shitstains that whored our country and my generation out for their own benefit who are going to be affected, and I have no interest whatsoever in stopping Tyrone and Achmed from pillaging the boomers, I'll just take my country back from them when they're finished.

>more distractions than ever
>population feels more entitled and shit
>people grow up to be lazy spoiled brats because they live with only till they are 30
>they rather play videogames or have casual sex than reproduce
>that settle down at age 35

From a 19 year old am I a millennial

Literally this
Labor is the way to go.

>calls corporate cronyism 'capitalism'

Capitalism is defined as solely free trade based off of supply and demand. Our economy is a mix of command economy and market, therefore as a country we are not a solely capitalist country. This became the case in 1913 when the federal reserve was established, with a private corporation at the head. It would seem apparent that you know jack shit about capitalism. This is bewildering, because the concept is fucking beyond basic.

Thus, if the market is not dynamic and based off the general supply and demand of the economy, then it is not capitalist in the most basic sense, due to its artificial state.

Too bad you're too retarded to actually take the time to understand this

Find a job that's needed and what you have interest in, never learn what won't help you

Hillary Clinton First Presidential Candidate Proposing to Abolish U.S. Borders

A Look At One Of Hillary Clinton's Early Scandals

Huma Abedin EXPOSED- Terrorist ties to 9/11 funders

BERNIE BUST: Only 150 turn out at Sanders Ohio stop for Hillary

Google Subverting Election for Hillary

Prominent Latino activist Tony Yapias charged with rape

Forget 3AM Phone Call, Hillary Looks Too Sleepy For A 10PM Call After NYC Bombings


19 year olds now are Gen Z

Don't worry though I'm sure the millennials will fix the country and help us get our lives started the right way

If they don't then Gen Z will end up even more tragic then the millennials

Millennial here, I believe. 28. Maybe an old Millennial.

Statements like yours, and the narrative pushed by society, is the problem.

I graduated high school as lower/lower-middle class, moved every couple years throughout my adolescence. I paid attention in school, because I saw how hard things were for my parents, and was taught traditional values and the importance of family.

I wanted to be a provider, for my eventual family. I graduated high school, working as a waiter in 2 middle-tier restaraunts at the time, and realized this wasn't going to cut it. So I viewed the options; crippling student debt and risk on a degree, pursuing a trade skill, or military service.

No one in my family had served in the military, and I considered myself lucky to be born in the US. I received free decent education, police protection for my entire life, and was grateful to be lower-middle class where we had food and a roof (albeit changing sometimes) over my head as a kid.

So i joined the USMC. I served 4 years, which was difficult and complicated and it's not all it's cracked up to be nor as bad as some pretend it is. I got out, used the GI Bill to pursue an education. Got my Bachelor's, self-studied to improve my knowledge, and got a job for 54k/yr.

That's where i am now, married for a few years, working for almost 60/yr, fairly happy, grateful to our great nation and proud to have served it.

The problem is self-entitled cunts and people with no ambition or humility. Not the system. Not capitalism. Not the crooks in Washington (and they ARE crooks, both sides of the aisle).

You are responsible for who you are.
You are responsible for where you are.
You are responsible for taking care of your family, and providing for them.

No one else is to blame for your shitty life.

>for what?
For your development and for everything gained for everyone in the exchanges implied
>work to death
That'll be 100% your fault if you die poor or get stuck in a dead end job. Knock a girl up? Destroy property? Court fees? Eternal Ills to be avoided like the plague by the entry level worker. You have to build yourself while external factors try to tear you down. The capacity of human ingenuity is much more than enough to work, save, and develop skills in demand. Even the maxim of that isn't enough from one person, but for help: If people like you, they'll help.
>while everything crumbles
Thank ponzi schemes and corrupt crony govts for that, bud. Typically lefties create the unsustainable reactionary bullshit that crumbles civilization. The lefty alarmist view of world crumbling only exists so they can plant their own bullshit policy to make themselves look like saviors to misrepresented issues. Some idiot telling experts how to run their business only fucks everyone over. Look at what happened with the Mohave Solar plan over a tortioise!

>Everyone's having less kids
No, only whites and japs are having less kids, shitskins are breeding like rabbits as always


Millennials have SJW'S among them.

I would gladly exterminate all of them to eliminate SJW'S

The modern generation did this to themselves when they continued to support multiculturalism, and liberalism.

become homeless

No. That your anecdote about your diamonds-shavings of friends don't exist

>From a 19 year old
Lmao wait until you actually grow up you fucking sperglord, you're literally straight out of highschool trying to make broad sweeping generalizations about an entire generation, you realize the average "millenial" works more hours on average than our parents did?

Tbh, I don't know where you can apply mathematics into. I guess it would require you go to graduate school and earn your masters in some applicable field like Business and Economics.

>Network the shit out of yourself

That's the problem user. How do I network?

>The same thing it does now? What the hell kind of question is that?

Awww, he doesn't know about automation, AI, the advances in technology and medicine etc...

Fuck you whining millenial bitches. Get a fucking job, don't be lazy, you have every advantage we never had and still bitch because your parents didn't have connections so that is your excuse for not having a job? Time to HTFU faggots. You start with a shitty job like the rest of us and work your way up. Millenials expect instant rewards without it being earned. Fuck off.

patamon pls don cry

>Not realizing how little 75k is

>buying an entire complex for 75k


I'd be inclined to agree with you if I haven't done what you asked already. I joined up with a church, listened to the sermons, read the bible, donated etc. But I felt no difference in my happiness.

u can only put $5,500 combined into an IRA and Roth IRA per year.

>The modern generation did this to themselves when they continued to support multiculturalism, and liberalism.

After decades of being brainwashed in schools paid for and run by boomers.

Cybersecurity is pretty good right now though. Increasing demand thanks to more and more easily hackable tech stuff and low supply.

>tfw you were born just in time to be in the 1st generation of cybernetic bio engineered posthumans

Best feel

>mfw I did all this and a hiring freeze started the month before graduation
>I live in the shit employment zone that is southern california
>I need experience to get a job
>I need a job to get money
>I need money to move
>I need to move to get a job to get experience to get a job

Every day is just one day closer to me just offing myself.

That's because you live in southern California. Here in Austin it's a lot better, though don't you dare come here, I don't want you damn califucks messing up muh Texas.

If it's any consolation, most boomers are in massive debt with no retirement and are probably going to die poor on the street,

what do you not understand about the end game of capitalism is corporate cronyism?

Fuck, is this a troll post or not? I can't tell because so many older people hold this view, so I'll answer seriously...

Go to any big box retailer and look at who works there. You'll notice these entry level jobs are filled with middle aged minorities, the country at large has NO IDEA how much immigration has distorted the job market. Walmart, target and grocery stores are filled with labor that wasn't readily available 20 years ago. Now every company has 500 people in their hiring queue and the 16-24 yr old is at the back with no job experience. Even if the young ones are hired, it's for little pay because a huge supply of labor suppresses the wage rate. The older people don't understand because they never experienced this and haven't made a resume in 15 years, they are no help at all to young people without direction. What's even worse is the competition for higher paying jobs typically seen as out-of-reach, such as IT or office work, the H1B program has guaranteed wages at all levels will be suppressed for decades. All of this from congress, and not from 1 particular side. Both democrats and republicans push the immigration agenda and continue to give a "immigration is good!" blanket statement while maintaining their rhetoric and doing nothing to help the country.

We even see young adults turning to prostitution it's gotten so bad. 2 links here for a quick listen and read. Notice the h1b video is from 2007, this shit's been going on for a lot longer than most realized.