No one talking about the bombing in new york?

20 plus people injured??

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What's there to talk about ?

This has absolutely nothing to do with terrorism and Islam.

Move along goy, nobody died.

yeah we talked about it all day yesterday and all night

there must've been a hundred fucking threads

fuck off now

>20 plus people injured??

All of them have been released from hospital. Not much of a happening really.

>New York
Nothing of value lost

Yankees btfo

that is the weirdest connect the dots i've ever seen.
what does it even make?

no one cares if no one dies

who cares? dead burgers... and?

Maybe if something real actually happened in NYC they'd stop sucking Hilldogs dog dick and get on board with the team for the big win.

It's just for a reaction. A test run, if you will.

Look who found the second bomb....a Jewish photographer.

What an amazing coincidence.

OP has a really good point.

Let's compare this to the Boston Marathon Bombing

>Terrorist Attack
>Instant Marshal Law
>Boston closed down
>Pressure Cookers declared Weapons of Mass Destruction AKA WMD's.
>Nation wide Manhunt for unknown suspects
>President came out and spoke
>3 people died, dozens severely wounded

New York Bombing
>Trump immediately says it's a bomb at his rally
>Media tries to cover it up as gas leak
>Media & Mayor try and cover up Terrorism
>Media & Mayor refuse to report on second device for almost 2 hours
>Many at risk
>No Manhunt
>No Martial Law
>President silent
>Nobody killed or traumatically injured.

>a Jew in Jew York City

Dead New Yorkers? Clearly trump is killing them because they are Hillary voters. Why doesn't Obama halt the violence by declaring Hillary the next president using an executive order.

>yesterdays news today!
You must work for a major news agency. Surprised you didn't bring it up next week.

Just swamp gas.

Nothing to see here goiym

Remember, trump isn't right

what do I know about the actual bombings itself, but the false flag tumblr site couldn't have been poorer
you'd have to be retarded to fall for that

Stefan has a Truth video about it. Just dropped a bit ago. Watching it right now.

It was an intentional bombing, not like all those unintentional ones. But it wasn't terrorism.

No Jews to Jew here! Goy along!

shit in the toilet yadda yadda

Terror is the new cultural enrichment, Goys

what the fuck i hate mitsubishi now

Calm your tits, it was just a 600 lb drumpf supporter who farted after too many chilidogs.

Nothing to do with terrorism and not linked to ISIS so it's just a random explosion so nothing interesting.

Its the goddamn liberal transplants and faggots that turn us blue. Myself and every other native new yorker I know are voting trump, but we get so many busloads of rejects from the rest of the country that vote liberal and then leave after two years anyway. Its bullshit

This is just a question...pol/ you think the their trying to put this incident on a tinfoil murican to spark more random bombings from other tinfoils and calling regular muricans terrorists?

>This has absolutely nothing to do with terrorism and Islam.
One of the other attacks was claimed by ISIS

no one died, boring

>that photo

Did the bomber detonate a bag of lawn clippings?

>random explosion ?
New York FucKing CITY
>not interesting

No. Fuck all happened.

Pretty lame bombing desu senpai

Your flag is not square but you are. G'day

Tin foil crazies can't go to nyc because of the electromagnetic pollution

Odd attack

In a bin nowhere near any large amount of people

Looks like cars absorbed most of the frag

I mean, why not put it in a gay bar or something? You'd at least kill 10 or so with dozens wounded


Nobody's taking about it because there was 10+ threads last night when it happened

>This is funny to euros.

What happen to the event in the mall in Charlottevill VA?

Dirka walked around asking people if they were Muslim

If no, he stabbed them

Some off duty cop blasted him

distraction to divert from the whole syria bombing run event

The placement really reeks of something amiss

Perhaps to get the ATF to ban tannerite and ammonium nitrate in the US?

That'd be more plausible than Syria



I don't know, mang. There's people riding around in double-decker busses waving these shits around all day and shouting You Support the Coup! at the natives.

And a saw a caravan of black SUV's with the Sultan's pic painted over the back window of each of them.

And band of chinks waving their flag around, too.

This is a weird time for this to happen.

Calling it a bomb is incendiary and racist. Don't do that.