Ok seriously. Things are getting out of control

ban brazilians from Cred Forums asap

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Fucking Zika Niggers!!

what are they doing?

The only reason I come to pol is to stay away from brazilians. Unfortunately I was born in this shit hole but at least I expect not to find them here

the same thing as german proxies and canadian proxies: pornography and anti-trump memes

jajajajaja heeheehee ban them now baka so annoying


fuck I'm so angry that I fucked up the quote

meant to

you're not much better

No. Brazilians are by far the best posters of Cred Forums

don't worry, you guys are already infected

kill all shit skin brazilans.
kill all leafs.


What have we done now? I apologize beforehand

I ran and ran. But I could never get away from Brazilians, because wherever i went I was.

Some serious special snowflake syndrome going on in this thread.

It's particularly hilarious when the ones complaining about their compatriots have terrible english skills, they came straight out of 55chan and think they are such classy folks for posting on a burger website.

The Brazilian are the true Ubermensch, and the 55fags should start taking pride on that. The Brazilian Empire was the greatest nation to ever exist, and Pedro II was the wisest leader this planet ever spawned

The fact that I have enough time and skills to post here proves that I'm better than most Monkeyzilians.
Now, by looking at the way you talk I'd say you're like the apes I'm obliged to see whenever I go to my public university, which is unfortunately full of jigaboos.
So, if your primitive brain didn't get the message yet: it's time for you to fuck off. I ought to be the only person from this ''''''country'''''' frequenting Cred Forums. Solely because I'm white and the rest of you are chimps.

What? There are quite a few good Brazilian posters, especially the two Nat-Soc ones.

>bitches don't know about my integralism.


t. 1/4 italian 1/4 amerindian 1/2 nigger paulista

*throws banana*

shoo shoo

Zucas do caralho HueHueHue

concordo, uma pena o Império ter acabado...substituídos por populistas lixos

is the reason why i left Cred Forums
if someone should get banned it's canada, mexico and turkey

that thing that died 70 years ago? yea i know about that

All Argentinians should be banned too

They may smell bad and their hygiene isn't the best either but they are my very best neighbours so don't mess with my huebros ok?

lixo fdp caralho

br detected

soy argentino, cualquiera con una conexion de internet aprende un par de insultos de otro idioma...

This one in the other hand smells like taco in burgerland.

I like brazilians. I vote for a Canada ban. They are like an unfunny version of aussie shitposters.



You should have to link a 23andme test to prove you are White to be able to post.

Most American flags would be gone though.


>tfw have opped channels before where you have actually to set +b on *.br just to keep them from wandering in and being pests