/gun control/ That lightbulb moment

>Be me
>Tinder group created by a friend
>German girl asks me to take down my pic with a gun because "it looks scary"
>I wonder what she is talking about
>I don't own any gun. I will one day... but I don't currently own one.
>Not even a soft-air one
>I skim through my pics
>Wait a minute
>She is talking of me with a nerf gun like pic related!
>Yeah, it is painted black.
>Just me being an idiot and dressed as a helicopter pilot wirh a nerf gun
>Gun is clearly unreal and the pic is a joke
>I uploaded it because all my friends told me I looked cool
Fucking German bitch.

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Now I can tell how far this has gone.
And it is too late.
Our society has become so mellow and manipulated that not just real-looking guns... but even the kek-tier toys are considered "creepy" by the average tard on the Internet.

And females, with their judgemental attitude and their scorn for rational thinking are leading the flock!

Are you aware of those people who talk like slippery slopes?
People who don't even take time to assess the situation because the first impression (i.e. the one they overload with delusional expectations) is the one that matters?

As a former left-winger, I thought better of women. Gosh, wasn't I wrong?

Let's put aside for a minute the fact that even posing with a real gun is not a matter of threat. Especially if I am not acting dumb with it.

It's not that somebody with a gun is automatically dangerous or is gonna shoot you.

The world is full of stories of people who chimp out and call the authorities just because they *think* they saw something resembling a gun!

But nerf guns? Are you kidding me?

So is this the vagina liberal, who asks people to take pics down from the Internet because they are scared by something that's not even in the picture?

Fucking ridiculous.

I am not surprised this comes from Germoneystan.

That's what you get for letting women into your groups.
There's a reason why men tend to have "mens only" hobbies and a "no girls allowed" type of mentality, and this is why.
Don't make the same mistake again.

>I unzip my fly
>she says that my penis "looks scary"


Is that the German bitch?

>going through airport security with grandpa
>grandpa puts his stuff on conveyor for security and walks through the detector
>his belt sets it off
>he takes it off and goes through again cleanly
>security employee looks anxious and asks us to step to the side area to be "randomly checked"
>they go through our stuff without any problems, we don't have anything we shouldn't
>grandpa goes to put belt back on and begins fastening buckle
>one of the security people notice his belt buckle has a picture of a rifle on it
>grandpa explains he was in marines and it's an old military memento
>they tell him he can't bring firearms onto the plane
>he explains that it's only the image of a rifle, imprinted on his belt buckle, and assures them that it couldn't possibly be a firearm
>they tell him again firearms aren't allowed on the flight
>grandpa has to check his FUCKING BELT BUCKLE
>spends the next several hours trying to navigate the airport while holding his pants up
>when we get off the flight they had lost his buckle in transit and he had no way to keep his pants up

holy shit it makes me angry, there's no reason a proud veteran should be reduced to hobbling around the fucking airport trying not to let his pants fall to his ankles.

No. Actually it is even better than that. And confirmed real because it was introed to.me by a common friend. I'll try to take a discreet sceeenshot if I can.

You know what's ironic ? The only Italian woman I know loves guns.
To the point of of not letting women into a group. I disagree, allow them, but DO NEVER let them set the rules. They can play, but by the rules of the majority. If you let women set rules for manly things you may as well go into a majority girl group. Fuck that.
And BTW, it really is not just a meme that Germany is cucked. I know, since half of my ancestors were German (I really like not being German though because of not having to be associated with cuckery so much)

Man bad for uploading a fantasy weapon that's biggest threat is adding to the rubbish dump.

Woman sleep around spreading contagious diseases.

RIP Logic and Reasoning.

This is lawsuit material.

all that work and he didn't bother to sand off the markings

Nah you've already fucked up once you let them in. You see it everywhere today - video games comics cartoons etc. It's literally a microcosm for womens' rights as a whole. Slippery slope is real.

I would defiantly sue if I was you.
Failing that I would consider doxing that tsa person.

But according to the Guardsman Uplifting Primer you must carry your weapon on you at all times when or duty or report to the nearest commissar? Ignore this Slanneshy Kraut bitch and ave imperator that nigga.

>women are retarded

Wow, really?

Fucking disgraceful. Fucking STA hired from the bottom of the barrel.

she thought you would purge her, using tinder is heresy anyway

That's where you just stand there and stare at them until they find a couple of neurons to fire.

I have a few nephews, and I have to be careful what I get them for birthdays, because my brothers wife is a bitch.
No squirt guns, no nerf, no violent videogames, etc.

I feel sorry for this nanny generation. I took a bb gun all summer, everywhere. I swam in canals. Fistfights, broken noses from bike wrecks.

It will be interesting to see how they turn out.

I hope you told her to fuck off

>It's a gue'la episode

Women. Make me angry I am angry about women

>German Girl
>against weapons

Probably from Berlin or Mainz where people don't have guns or shooting ranges, swipe and move on

I fucked up ? Hey Burger! Where did the feminism and pretty much every cancer marxist movement come from ? You tell me.
You know which country was one of the latest in the west to let women vote ? You tell me!

So here it goes.

>Friend A creates Tinder group to introduce me to her
>In the meantime, we swap people
>It happens our group matches a group with just a couple of guys in it
>I type something like: "Hey mate? Who matched these dudes?"
>Guy answers it's because of her
>She suddenly shows up and says hi. Just hi.
>He asks her phone number
>She gives him is phone number

They are likely to be fucking right now.

So, when in private with my friend I'm like:
>me: who the fuck is she? Hot af and gives the number to the first random Kraut in town. Enters group and doesn't even say hi.
>him: you know mate, she's very frustrated at the time
>me: My word I have some 20 hard-earned matches and managed to meet only the girl on wheelchair and a milf the other day (good fuck though). All the others were extremely volatile, uninterested and all of them had "no dtf" on their profile. It took me ages to have some girls add me on fb from scratch.
>him: I don't know what to say. That's how she is

Not sure if pissed off or dodged a bullet.
Surely she regards me as ugly... but I'm used to this. It's just the attitude that pisses me off. And the idea of policing my profile



Why do you listen to women? When a woman speaks about politics, you slap her till she learns her place. The world suffers because of women's voices.

>a woman's voice should trigger violence, not cowardly apologetics.
>grow some fucking balls

To be fair, not all women are shit. 2D women for instance are the miracle of the universe. :^)


This never happened lol
Oh come on, children, you can't be this dumb.

Post gats you don't own is the only option

Add to my previous post ofWomen tend to behave differently when they are obviously dominated by men (in smaller groups of majority men this is usually the case

There's no mystery here. They're literally going to plug into VR. It's been happening for twenty years already, it will just happen faster and soon you won't even notice it but then presto, everyone will vanish.

Pic related this is literally what the future will be like. There are people on this planet who think this isn't like living in a nightmare Kafka world hell.

Why on earth would you put that beautiful piece of American engineering next to all that garbage?

Sorry leaf.
I took it down and that's why: assuming 90% of he bitches reason like her... it means I need not trigger them with my internet profile.

Later I won't give a shit. You can introduce them to activities you like *after* they've fallen for you. But beware not to transform them into persons who are more nerd and more gun-nutz than you (women are prone to becoming obsessive about hobbies... so you lose them when they develop obsessive interests).

But again I failed to hide my power level.
Even if now "power level" = having a fake gun in a stupid pic

>That's what you get for letting women into your groups.

OH and finish with pic related

>post yfw too late to get on the ppk train

>Being this magnificently retarded


why don't you ask questions about the nature of your doubt instead of shitposting?

You're only contribution to the thread has been childish comments of an inflammatory nature, why should anyone care what you have to say if you're too dense to maturely express your feelings of doubt and angst?

Gotta get it circumcised bro.

I recognize that nerf gun. That's a fucking top-tier nerf gun m8. Shit shoots far and hard

That's your problem in general. You give a fuck what some woman (aka broad, aka bitch) thinks. Many women don't think, they just bitch and moan unless you put them in their place (exceptions prove the rule). If you happen to find one with half a brain that won't bitch and moan, keep her. See for further details

>I took a bb gun all summer, everywhere. I swam in canals. Fistfights, broken noses from bike wrecks.

Oh shit... you were me as a kid! Even more so if you found incredibly high places to jump into those (way too shallow) canals from.

Thanks for the memories man... 30-something'ish life stuff made me forget about that recently.

>not owning superior Cadian pattern lasguns and laspistols

Get with the times..
It's 999.M41

Nature of my doubt is there's no way anyone is going to mistake an image of contraband for actual contraband and that post is tailored to bait gullible people outraged about gun control.

Drink some Pinesol please you easily offended fag.

Pepe riding a Turk.

he seems quite pleased

What is this gif from?

>this story shocks me and i don't like it
>it couldn't possibly have happened

you are more retarded than the employee that took the original poster's grandfather's buckle.

If your biggest contribution to a political discussion revolves around the un-ironic use of childish rhetoric perhaps it's you that should be drinking bleach.

>you'll never get pic related

Why live

They know how to get around.

Too big to eat?

> the original poster's grandfather's buckle.
I can see your id lol, fuck off new fag.

>you will never

Naturally smug animals... a fitting choice for the replacement deity of this Aeon.


I guess many shart in marts don't get to see what an absolutely guncucked society is, since large parts of Shartmartland (compared to the rest of the world) are very pro gun. How awesome would it be to be allowed to carry a gun for one's own protection here.

Never hidden my power level, always had nerdy girlfriends, and even managed a very pro-Putin qt\backup gf.
The true beta is the one who can't argument shit and act all submissive.

>If you happen to find one with half a brain that won't bitch and moan, keep her.
For the records, I have just dumped one who
- kept talking of her problems
- was more triggered by me being 25 min late (not my fault) than me showing up at 3 am when she needed support because her father made her cry
- kept analysing my day to find faults and kept complaining I had a lot of free time (if I get things done in less time, I am not the one who should be blamed)
- was put off by my enthusiasm for certain things in life

Chief example was I had got a $ 9k I have been seekig for months and she managed to say something like:
>you always talk about money
(whereas in fact it was her who flooded me with her on-the-job issues)
Instead, all my other friends cogratulated me with ny success because they knew it was not about the money but about the hard work it took.

She complained just because she knew it was not about her.

So I dumped her.
Other reasons apply, but this is not my fucking blog.

this is a very immature way of thinking. A respectable person would listen to a story and think something along the lines of, "that sounds difficult to believe, but if it's true these are beginning to be troubling times. I better investigate further while taking what that guy said with a grain of salt."

but instead, your devlopmentally stunted mind reads something jarring or controversial and you completely shut it out. A simpleton such as yourself is too dense to realize that even anecdotal evidence has some value. certainly not as much as factual evidence, but it's not worthless.

Pepe APV

Shit the bed, who is this wong wizard?

I know the feel, dumped a bitch that after acting all cute and submissive thought she has me locked down after a few years together. Started acting all bitchy and counted my expenses.
Jokes on her, dumped her and now about to get a 6k € gaming rig.

This hurts me, this really hurts me...
I own several guns, my father dozens, and my grandfather hundreds. But the fact that I will never be able to own a fucking 9x39 rifle really eats me inside.

Yo, tits or gtfo

>only a woman would disagree.

You know you want one.
So just go and get one.

I hear it's from Boardwalk Empire, one of the first seasons. That laughing dude in the background on the right isn't just some random extra.

Alright, should be kinda obvious that a redpill individual on /pol is not retarded in regards to women.



I am still on my way to the redpill.
I am not shy admitting it.

As soon as I move my residency back home I'll apply for the permit

Umm, sorry? In English next time please, Tyrone.

Every user ought to have at least one 30 calibre bolt action variant. If pistol, then off the books patriot weapon. If assult rifle, then modified select fire.

Its natural. Kek wills it!

dayum son dat pritze on dose gunz iz hella low.

Found a nip website with some pages of her. No name though


Okay, sweety! You British are so fickle, OMG! Like, i wish i could spray perfume on this post for you!!!


Fucking retarded TSA waste everybody's time when they should be focusing EXCLUSIVELY on muslims. When was the last fucking time a non-muslim tried to do ANYTHING on a plane? Yet they still harass normal white people because "muh equality"

Right, well you're clearly retarded.
Good enough, cheers Leaf.

God I really hate her fucking smug face.

Here is the form 4473 that you fill out to buy a gun for the background check.

Here is the PDF link. The answers are in the back.


I got a hi point. I like it so far, but if anyone wants one but is on the fence, go find nutnfancy and track down his vid on it. And if you want more than ten rounds, a company makes 20 round mags now (red ball) that won't void the warranty.


there was a german guy in one of my classes the other day, had to do a peer discussion on some volunteer shit we did

he went out to a hippie vegan mud-hut-building retreat, while i volunteered as field staff for a coastal ecology study

his "peer discussion" had, in the reflection section something to this effect:

>What Lessons Can I Take From My Volunteer Experience?
>living with nature for many days has increased my awareness of my surroundings
>i feel a responsibility not only for the natural environment, but for people
>the terrible past of my country means i must treat migrants and refugees with greater care

i'm paraphrasing, but i swear to got this faggot was for real. you should have seen his face when he asked, "does anyone have any ideas on how we can further clean energy?" in his shit broken english, and i responded with "nuclear power".

If you have any questions about buying guns just go to your local gun store. Answering gun questions and helping you to buy guns is what they do.

The second point works. The first point could just as easily be argued in favor of removing men from the vote rather than women.

>2009 bought my first .357 revolver
>set up my camera on tripod and timer
>take badass, staring down the sights Dirty Harry pic with my loaded revolver pointed at camera
>post on Faceberg as profile pic
>old friend from school comments "that's a loaded gun there, user"
>reply "sure is. What good is an empty revolver?"
>he replies "not smart to point loaded guns at people. Feel bad for the photographer"
>reply "the photographer was my tripod. Can't kill a tripod"
>he replies "I think you should take this pic down, it's kinda scary"
>reply "are you afraid I might accidentally shoot you through Faceberg?"
>he replies "no dude it just looks scary"
>kindly tell him to fuck off
This was in gun friendly Utah mind you. That was when I realized people were becoming extremely stupid about guns and gun owners. I deleted the Fagbook in 2011 or I would share my Dirty Harry pic with y'all

American gun stores look so comfy. I'd love to go to one and chat with a yank about guns all day.

You're living a degenerate lifestye. Associating with women who use Tinder is playing with snakes.

>go to gun store
>get a shotgun
>get a lock for it
>come home
>there was already a lock in the box
>guy didnt say shit


I have never bought a (new) gun that did not come with a lock.

I always toss them and get specialized locks though, the keys are better. I am fairly sure I could crack the free locks with a cheap screwdriver.

Some are and some aren't. There's always rental ranges, and they often loan to foreigners so you'd be completely fine with them. 5-ish minutes of paperwork, a fee for ammo and time, a couple targets and any gun of your choice.

Basically America is based.

straya has no real apex predators away from water sources, so we get a big buildup of wild pigs from time to time. where i used to live there's a lot of pig hunters, so naturally i have a few on fagbook.

literally every fucking time there's a huge pig boom, they post some pics from their hunts with dozens of dead pigs and some triggered faggot spams their pics with "OH MY GOD HOW BARBARIC"

one time a few years ago some guy shared the photoshoot on his wall or something and dragged thousands of his "followers" to mob the poor fuck's account, telling him to go shoot himself instead and other tolerant liberal pleasantries.

the guy was a fucking 70 year old ex-ambulance driver who i knew through the rural volunteer fire service.

fuck. liberals.

>store sells you product that you ask for

Just bought a .357 revolver from my local range shop, its nice, because when you rent a gun, if you then buy the same model, you get everything but ammo refunded. Tried a .44 magnum that day also, hated it.

I am in commiefornia though, have to wait for the 25th to pick it up.

It was my first and only gun so I didnt know. On the plus side it was one of the rope lock thingy youre meant to run through the chamber so I didnt use it anyway. The one I bought is 2 pieces clamping on the trigger guard

dick grips

He saw me pick up the extra lock and didnt say there was already one in the box, dangit.

psychiatrist BTFO feminism

You have gun stores in the UK too.... Find and go talk to them ;)


How did he know it was for that same gun?
Why would he deny himself a sale?

Wait up, you guys really use gun locks? Why?

>telling him to go shoot himself instead and other tolerant liberal pleasantries.

Audible kek

I once tried to explain to a liberal "sometimes you have to shoot vermin, even if just to prevent them from interfering with other animals (eg. horse pasture = holes in the ground can break their leg) or harming the environment" but they were incapable of understanding this.

I told him it was my first.
That $10 lock cost him a customer for life. I dont even buy shells there because of him

I live in commiefornia and its the law.

Your story angers me so bad that I'm gonna go shoot up my tripod

>>there was already a lock in the box

Most gun shops have a box full of factory gun locks they try to give away for free. But those locks are total shit...

They probably sold you a gun lock that actually works very well ;) My latest gun came with a lock that looks like it came out of a Barbie doll play set...

That's terrifying brother, do they check up on your shit to make sure its locked up?

They tried passing a law a while back trying that shit, but it failed iirc

buy one from an individual in an uncucked Midwest state like Missouri

>possible to legally purchase a firearm from a non-dealer with the exchange of two pieces of handwritten paper (1 from and to each party)
>just passed constitutional conceal carry (meaning that anyone with a clean record can carry a concealed firearm without a permit)

Your pic has AKM on it which uses a cartridge >.223
You should replace it with AK-74 at least

if you don't mind me asking, and we'll do it in the hypothetical sense, why would someone follow an unenforceable retarded law like that?

In my place we can buy and sell guns freely. But don't sell a gun to a fucking moron or they will come after you.

kek, Florida doesn't even require a paper trail/bill of sale bullshit. We also have a law that says if your guns are lost or stolen we aren't required to report it. Come home white man
>I'm pretty assblasted we don't have constitutional carry though

did you try to return it?

I'll give you an example

NYC and Boston passed legislation effectively banning and requiring registration of "assault weapons". Think AR15s and such
They had about a 10% compliance rate out of the estimated number of owners of said weapons

Those types of unenforceable laws are just feel good measures that law makers can put on their resumes to make it look like they're doing something.
They don't give a shit about actually saving lives because they know those laws won't do anything to actually curb crime. It's all politics and showmanship

if you sell to a moron in MO, if the gun's still registered to you the cops show up, but leave once you show them that you've sold it (as evidenced by the paper)

if you buy from a moron and they show up bc it's stolen (like of you take it to a pawn shop and they see it's been reported) the cops write you a receipt and you get reimbursed for the purchase price from the bill of sale

she's a self centered, stupid, childish cunt.

but ofcourse you already know this.

you did good user.

congratulations on the job =)

stay safe

There are .223 AKs though, and he was trying to be indicative of semi autos/semi auto-looking guns.

Wouldnt be worth the gas for the trip

Did you paint it black too?

>You should replace it with AK-74 at least

The AK-74 uses the 5.54x39mm round which is much harder to get and limited in available options.

Ranges enforce it when you bring them in to shoot.

Locked containers or gun locks required.

>not owning firearms

It'd be a lot more desirable if the stupid fucking ATF didn't ban 7n6

kek I like it

now you need an engraved one like Hitler had

This only happens if you're an spineless fuck who can't get respect or set rules.

I can't believe these gun grabbers have gained so shekel-points in the last 20 years

I completely understand that user, I was wondering why our fellow freedom lovers (even the Canadian ones) would buy such a lock and follow that bullshit law but explains it a bit. Not entirely sure why someone would go out of their way to buy a real nice lock as one user mentioned unless I was storing it in a kids playpen though

Boston requires you to register?
That's funny as fuck because you actually don't have to register your guns in MA as a state

Thank god for the TSA. No telling how many triggerings they saved

You'll only be surprised to hear stupid shit like that when you think there's still a chance to make things better.
The fights already over.
These types of issues are small underlying ones that are a result of pure stupidity.
The world will continue to overpopulate.
Human genome will continue to degenerate.
The world will continue to be trashed and destroyed.
Humans lose.
End of story.

>niggers and spics keep breeding
>hurr humanity as a whole is the problem
nah m8

Rural areas of anti gun states like California and New York are much more gun friendly than the big cities in those states, but the cities are where most of the laws get passes. MA is probably similar

I chuckled
have another (You) burgerbro

Chicago has the most strict gun control laws..... They took guns away from all the good people and made the police run away and just look what happened...


>>reply "are you afraid I might accidentally shoot you through Faceberg?"

>dumber, smaller, and weaker
>all symptoms of domestication
who's domesticating the human race?

He didn't need to.

Canadians can potentially have warrantless inspections of our gun storage setups, though they do need to set up an appointment if they show up at an inconvenient time. Easier just to keep our stuff either with a trigger lock on or in a cabinet.


do they also make you wear a cock cage?

>Not Autogun Master Race.
No wonder you lost Cadia.

The things we give up for the privilege of owning guns
>Seriously, please come free the shit out of us
>Even just nuking Toronto would improve our condition massively.


>though they do need to set up an appointment if they show up at an inconvenient time

Ow wow guys this an inconvenient time for me... Can you cam back after the cartoons are over...

Don't you know. Muslims get a free pass and don't get checked because randomly checking a Muslim is racial profiling....

Very nice, very fancy, but I got this and over a grand left over to play with instead.

>privilege of owning guns
You've got it all wrong user, you mean THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS

fuck you
flashlight master race
because we want to at least look cool and star warsy while we get slaughtered.

I fucking wish, it's not considered a right up here, and all the ivory tower fucktards in Toronto and Montreal starting shrieking incoherently if you even suggest it could possibly be considered a right.


Reasonable assumption is that you want a good lock and not a shitty lock.

My uncle is based. He started a company with a few of his classmates when he was going for his doctorate in computer science in the early 90s. The company wrote software for medical imaging equipment. They sold the company right at the peak of the dotcom bubble and he made 10s of millions of dollars. He could retire but he still works a job in silicon valley just to have something to do with himself.

Unfortunately, this means that he has to live in Commiefornia. He met a nice conservative woman and married there and they have twin boys together(my cousins). When they were age 10 they were both suspended from school for organizing a "cops and robbers" type playground game during recess in which they play fought with finger guns. When my uncle found out he went ballistic. He pulled them out of school right that day, left his job, sold the house and took his family with him to Florida. he bought a 48 ft. Catamaran and spent the next three years sailing around the Caribbean with his wife and 2 sons. He homeschooled them and taught them skills and his redpilled philosophies of life during their formative years.

>because randomly checking a Muslim is racial profiling....

We call it monitoring terrorist organizations...

David Koresh is that you?

that sound hylarious desu

Nah. I travel a lot and get randomly checked pretty often.

Old King Tut - Eddie Cantor & Lillian "Billie" Kent [HD] - YouTube
Video for boardwalk empire eddie cantor egypt dance

▶ 3:01

Oct 31, 2012 - Uploaded by Mrs Natari
A nice tune from Boardwalk Empire season 3, ep. 1. No copyright ... Old King Tut - Eddie Cantor & Lillian ...

Sikh. Air india 182. Killed 331 people. Largest terror attack in Canadian history.

Galvanic rifle master race



Same thing kinda happens with all-male podcasts.

Once a woman joins the group it starts to turn to shit immediately.

Fucking 1776 those fuckers now!


They killed all of them:


autocannon is superior in dow

Fantastic read. I partially disagree about homeschooling but he's spot on in everything else. Obligatory read for everyone. Saved.

who the fuck has a framed poster of the fucking chive on their wall?

>good goy

I fucking wish, we just don't have the support right now, either politically or in the general populace. That being said, the percentage of the population with a license has been increasing over the last couple years.
>And for some reason I can own and shoot a VZ58 with the same restrictions on it as a single shot .22 rifle, as long as the barrel on the VZ58 is longer than 18.5"

He points it out at the end of the paragraph, he says a society where only females could vote and they're all married would work much better than a society where everyone could vote.

Personally I would either take a Lucius pattern or
an HE round autogun.

how many rounds per clip?


>how many rounds per clip?

15 rounds in the mag. 14 left over....

>go to gf's house to celebrate her bday with her family
>get to talking to her dad
>he brings out guns for me to see
>mfw we shit-talk liberals while doing this

bit of raspberry jam

bit of raspberry jam back there!

8 rounds in the magazine, plus 1 in the chamber if you carry that way.

No doubt my 9mm has more firepower but it's also a lot more conspicuous.

Contrary to common assumptions, home schooled children consistently score higher in just about every metric, including those that measure social skills.

I'd choose the extra round, is that right?

how do you get it in? load from the side or have to take the clip out and put the extra one in there once you cycled it?

Dumping a rant one of my friends made on social media. His had hyperlinks or whatever, but I'm not going to bother with those unless some wants them.

"And don't even get me started on zero tolerance policies. That is honestly the single biggest flaw of the American (and probably others, but definitely American) school system. I, a damn teacher's pet, A and B student, who NEVER did anything against the rules or ever caused problems, almost got suspended because in my free period I looked at a Star Wars website. The idiot teacher (who said NOTHING to me, btw) went to the principle and said I was looking at guns. I would have suspended if it weren't for my home room teacher going out of her way to make them give me special treatment so that I got off with a warning.

Why do these zero tolerance rules even exist? The answer, of course, is they are too cowardly and lazy to face ANY liability. Thanks to in loco parentis, teachers gained the right to treat their students as if they were their own children. But that meant they would be liable for more things. So, in order to make it so that no one could ever question their judgement, they created "zero tolerance" policies which are policies that eliminate ALL responsibility of judgement on the educactors's part. They want the power, but not the responsibility. Students literally get in trouble for having an image, no matter how stylized, of a gun on their shirt. Why? What possible harm could that cause?One six year old kid was suspended for poiting his finger like a gun while playing with a friend. A 7th grade student was suspended for playing with an airsoft gun AT HIS OWN HOME. You thought you had rights? Think again.A large group of students were suspended for bringing nerf guns to school for a class project despite the fact that the teachers gave them explicit permission. Any student who was even present was suspended. No matter if they were involved, mere proximity determined that they were guilty.

suspended for someone else bringing a toy gun to school, after getting permission?

public flogging for the principal imo

Load the gun, rack it and reload the mag.
It isn't something you do alot, I CC every day, so I only ever unload my gun once a week for a clean and lube.
You'd be suprised how sticky the lube gets with lint and sweat.

No matter if they were involved, mere proximity determined that they were guilty. And there was NO punishment for the teacher that told them to bring them. A deaf preschooler was told that he is "not allowed" to do the hand sign for his OWN NAME because "it looks kind of like a gun". They are literally handicapping a child who is already handicapped. A 14 year old was suspended and arrested for wearing an NRA "Protect Your Rights" shirt with an image of a gun on it, even though it wasn't even against that school's policy. The judge threw out the charges but they school still made him serve his suspension. Then there was the seven year old who was suspended for throwing an imaginary grenade at an imaginary target. Because how could teachers know that a seven year old child on a playground might be PRETENDING to have and throw an actual grenade (he probably wouldn't even have the strength to pull the ring out of an actual grenade btw). How about the 6 year old child who was given detention for bringing a lego minifigure's gun on a school bus. It's about the size of a quarter and doesn't even look like a gun. And he was made to write an APOLOGY TO THE BUS DRIVER. And get this: the child who alerted them about the "gun"? He was also punished! Apparently when there were punishing him, they thought there so clearly no threat that even a child could not mistake it for one. And yet, when they punished the child who brought the gun, their doublethink claimed that it must have been such a real threat that the bus driver was owed an apology! The fucking cognitive dissonance with the fuckers is just unforgivable. And who can forget the seven year old kid who was suspended for biting his poptart into a shape that sort of looked like a gun? Now it's hard for me to pick the most ridiculous out of all of these stories. But it probably has to be when a 5 year old girls was suspended for 10 days for TALKING about a HELLO KITTY BUBBLE GUN.

Poorfags gonna poor

Gotta load one then pull the mag out and reprime it.

I carry with 2 spare magazines, 24 rounds total, never really felt the need to stuff that last one in. But it would only take a few seconds if you wanted to.


She was suspended for 10 days for, I shit you not, making "terroristic threats". They even made her see a counselor. Because SHE is the one with the mental health issues. Oh no wait, I got her mixed up with this other five year old girl who was forced to sign a contract saying that she wouldn't COMMIT SUICIDE OR HOMICIDE, because she pointed a crayon like a gun. This happened in Alabama, where it is not even LEGAL for a child that age to sign a contract, and they forced her to. AND THEN THEY SAID THAT SHE NEEDED TO SEE A PSYCHIATRIST. FOR BEHAVING EXACTLY AS A CHILD IS SUPPOSED TO.
For fuck's sake, this stuff is so insane it would be considered too on the nose for a fucking SNL parody. And yet it's REAL!
You want to talk about 1984? Let's talk about how schools have instituted thought crime. Even thinking about the word "gun" means you are a BAD child and needs to be censored and punished. Because this policy of silencing children and pretending that this thing-that-must-not-be-named doesn't exist is sure as hell going to work better than educating children about them. After all, that's why abstinence only sex ed programs do such a good job of preventing teen pregnancy. Oh wait...

My jimmies are so fucking rustled right now."

Then he posted pic related.

He obviously typed facebook retard and is just meming.

Caveat fucking emptor dude.

Don't get butthurt because you were a babe in the woods and he was looking out for his own self interest. It's not like he exploited you. He just rang up what you requested to buy.

If you're going through life resenting every business person - or any person - for acting in their own self interest, you're going to be a bitter, burned out cinder of an asshole before long.

Go back and give it another try. It's worth it if you can have a positive association with the place you bought your first gun from.

the retarded frog was meant to be the guy who was upset by a picture of a gun

my bad

German women have intense social autism, at least from my experience.

Should have ignored her senpai

The thing is, the more you try to force dogma down a child's throat in school, the more they start to question it.

The generation that's in grade school right now will probably be fairly conservative after being exposed to so much SJW and anti-2A horseshit.

Shitskins is the problem....specifically shitskins in western countries.

This shit infuriates me.

Fucking cunts bitch and moan about nothing, worship money and social status, and create drama ever five seconds. Why do they do this???

If you disagree with them they throw fits, they blame you for everything, and they oabsorb stupid entertainment media like a fucking sponge, as if any of it matters. God damn fuck

>TLDR italian manlet got rejected by a prime 10/10 german on cuckbook and is pissed off


>dont talk to me or my son ever again

You've ruined me pol

Get on Inquisition Level.
>Have Autogun rounds that seek targets.
>Have blessed bullets that rekt daemons.
Fuck lasguns.

Minimum wage represent

Reminds me of something that happened to my dad in Panama
>Be spic son in a family of americanized Panamanian spics
>Travel to Panama
>We need to take a little plane to travel from one part of the country to another for this "vacation"(that's a different story)
>Dad brings along a nice little kershaw folder, was stainless steel blackened, cool knife.
>Spic security finds it and it supposedly creates an issue
>Ask "hey can you transport it in luggage or something? or otherwise can we just run back to our car and put it back?"
>"No we already found it now we either have to confiscate it or you have to break it"
>Head spic security guard looks pissed at the woman for saying the latter part
>mfw dad shatters the knife
>mfw poor fucking spic security guard looks like he just got onset PTSD
>mfw he'll never see a knife like that again
>mfw he chews out the woman 5 minutes later for not just taking it immediately

Lazy pieces of shit. I fucking hate my nationality. But at the same time I still love them too. It's a weird relationship.

This is all just leftism in a nutshell.

When can we atrocity them?

Probably the reason for the rise of the "alt right" we are seeing now. It's only going to get more extreme.

There's a female in my house.

Oh yeah

>I disagree with facts
No matter how much you don't like it - reality will still be real.

Gen Z shows promise. We just need to not fuck up the country too much and the pendulum will swing back in the next 10 years.