Do most people from Cred Forums work with computers in some way?

It seems like most people on Cred Forums are actually fairly educated but single males with free time on their hands as a result. A lot of jokes on chan is where the internet gets a good portion on it's culture. Are you guys primarily a computer tech culture?

I'm married. I browse Cred Forums on the loo and just before bedtime so I can be bored to sleep with the same mindless arguments made on Pol over and over.

Are most people on Cred Forums right winged or is that just trolls roll playing as people they see as politically ignorant?

married 32. I am a designer who does contract work from a home office so I have my own hours which change depending on the time zone I am working with that project. I use my free time to read here if I need a break from working and want to laugh, or at night when I am awake and cant sleep.. like right now.

>Are you guys primarily a computer tech culture?
Dunno. I'm a coder/sysadmin. I work remotely a lot and I can browse this board in-between things. I take a lot of breaks desu.
I consider myself pretty left-wing, but I realize there's a problem with the liberals. They're not really left-wing. They don't make people better off. They don't even fix the homelessness. It's all a bunch of crap. There's nothing leftist about mass immigration and globalization. It's not pro-worker. That's what the corporations want. And who the fuck knows what they're really up to with all of this. Cred Forums could very well be sort of right on a lot of these things.

Why? Are you planning on selling us targeted products?

>primarily a computer tech culture?
This doesn't equate to working with computers for a living. Look at Cred Forums these days, it should be renamed Cred Forums - consumerism.

I dont consider myself right-winged, but I think people should not be allowed to jump a fence and live here, get gov money without drug tests, call cops an asshole for killing someone that is commiting a crime on a black man, or look like an insane man in a skirt but be allowed to use a girls locker room (trannies that pass are fine)

This makes me a bad person in todays world, so I come here to feel a bit better about what I think in my head all day but cant say outloud.

It seems like they aren't just people who buy technology. They look like people with a reasonable understanding of how these things actually work. Most computer consumers I see no very little about computers.

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I became right wing out of spite. SJWs are anti-american speech police. They all need to hang fron trees.

no education past highschool, no job. only reason I haven't killed myself yet is to help meme and vote for Trump into office.

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If you work with data or need to model anything, you will end up working with computers everyday. This applies to more than half of the college educated workforce.

Make an actual poll if you want any results.

And yes, I'm a 20-something-year-old single male, master of science in information technology, and I work as a project manager. Nothing but computers at home, school and work.

I suppose I'm right wing. Racist as fuck at least.

It's educated people pretending to be retarded. That are anonymous image boards for you. Just like how everyone on Reddit and forums are stupid people trying to look smart.

Educated and retarded are not mutually exclusive. I'm pretty sure we're all retarded and educated people pretending to be intelligent people who pretend to be retarded.

Married, 4 children, own Engineering company. Ex bleeding heart socialist.
Life will redpill everyone eventually, there is a reason that divisors are generally young people with no life experience.

not everyone feels the need to get paid to challenge themselves or win a diploma learn new things

now go back to facebook

>make a poll if you want skewed results
>implying the people who participate in polls arent a very specific kind of people

Well you can either do a poll and get skewed results or not do a poll and not get any results.