Over Population

When someone says over population, it's just another way of saying eugenics. Ask someone who says over population is bad, what they plan to do in order to solve the problem. Ask someone what makes over population a problem. Essentially, to prevent people from starving to death in the future, they are starving people to death today instead.

People complain about eugenics, saying there should be more of me and less of you, causing all over population topics to go in that direction. There is CRISPR technology, which legalization of use on other humans would allow for you to make your children whatever race you want. In the end, no matter who people argue should be removed from society, it's only the poor people. Why do people keep letting things happen for the reason of over population, even though they aren't going to get what they want in the end?

What a load of shit. no human has ever had CRISPR used on them.

Over population is real issue. The first thing to suffer is quality of life. Then war/ unsuitability set in and eventually most of the population will disperse to other locations.

people in first world countries have less children because brining up children is expensive. people in poor countries have lots of kids because they work on the farm.

because people in poorer countries are dumb as fuck, they can't build decent countries because they're stupid. they then try to get into wealthy countries. The result is AIDS

For the first line, a woman has used CRISPR to have her talimere length extended by 20 years worth. About two people used it for cancer treatments that where successful in China. You can purchase a house hold CRISPR system in the US for 150 dollars.

are you denying that bringing the world population down would result in a greater amount of available resources for those still here?

Ideally we'd have about 10m or so worldwide and could live how we wanted without getting in each other's way

The only population problem is Africa

everywhere else fertility rates are crashing.

I think 1 billions+ whites is fine

anything over 10 million of another race is way too much

extra points for having good movie as pic related

You're a retard.
Poor people/societies have higher birthrates and richer people/societies have lower birthrates. This is literally the antithesis of natural selection. Easy to fix though;
1) stop aide to shit holes
2) cap incentives to have children at two in the first world
3) carpet bomb africa and middle east

Even sheepman knows OP is a retard.

>There is CRISPR technology, which legalization of use on other humans would allow for you to make your children whatever race you want
No, no and no.
CRISPR is used successfully in cell lines by inducing targeted mutations and then, selecting the ones that actually have given mutations out of millions that are either unchanged or have mutations in wrong place. There is not even slighest hope in using it for making extensive changes in embryos - it ha way too error rate. Plus we do not have slighest idea, other that certain deleterious mutations, how to edit genome to achieve better health, higher IQ etc.
Eugenics is the solution but not by CRISPR but selective breeding - a technology known and tested for thousands of years. There is no obstacle in significantly improving mankind, or at least stop the dysgenic trends, in few hundreds of years. Except the political pressure to treat every human as equally worthy. And unless this mindset does no change, no advance in genetics/molecular biology will save us.

people here that want eugenics don't understand the elites want the same with everybody including this entire board

sounds like you have already blinded yourself to an ideology in such a way that you completely ignore "all" technological solutions, possibly because you are xenophobic.

This. We are all on this rock and the people in power was to remove you by reducing you to nothing.

I don't think any of what you said is founded on anything. You claim. I don't see the proof.

I love that movie.

If I was going to go through the trouble of looking up sources, you would call it discredited until the moment you go and look for it yourself, which you won't do because then you would have to say you are wrong. You are just here to discredit my claims. All it takes is a few minutes on youtube and google to get started on finding my claims. If it wasn't so easy, I would of posted this thread without links.

The solution is advanced medicine, good economy and sexual education. Especially in 3rd world countries.

It's as if you are purposely lacking ambition to make a real difference because what I say doesn't fit your way of thinking.

>Essentially, to prevent people from starving to death in the future, they are starving people to death today instead.
I agree. Nothing wrong with eugenics.

Though you don't need to starve people. Banning them from having kids or sterilising them is enough.

Actually my solution was mass sterilization and the use of artificial wombs, as it would be much more effective to restructure society in this manner and would make people more social. Children could be turned into whatever race or have whatever genes are necessary when they are born, that way they won't argue that there isn't fair birth. It's not like any one race really is supreme, or else all the other races would be extinct by now.

this, africa is a festering wound that will never heal so stop trying

>It's not like any one race really is supreme, or else all the other races would be extinct by now.
Blacks are inferior to all other races. They are only alive now people other races feel sorry for them, white guilt ect.

pic related. Black genes have no place in the future human gene pool.

you can place whole mankind in nebraska. it is undercrowded.

problem is how we use our resources. we consume to much and the biggest fear is that 3world countries will eventually become like 1st world trou technology and development, will consume even much more.

illuminati wanna do it easy way, just kill 6 billion people and let 1 billion to do the labour.

What I'm saying is that even they can be genetically modified and it would make their children different too.

But we can account for the consumption. They just don't want to lose power in the end of all their arguments. Haven't you seen that 1% documentary? It talks about how that is the rich primary concern.

What's the point in genetically modifying them? Why not just use non black genes in the first place?

Also i was just replying to your point about races not being supreme to one another. The black race is clearly worse than every other race by a wide margin.

Black people barely want to raise their own children, let alone white children. Sterilization and artificial fetus for all races across the board is the optimal idea, as current existing races all have issues,