How does it feel, Germany?

How does it feel, Germany?

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Isn't that profile fake?

>Aussies will unironically believe this is true
Want to know what happens if you invite her over Steve Irwin? You'll go to the airport to pick her up and all of the sudden you see a family of 8 Asians comming to you and shouting to the immigration&customs service that they will live with you.

There are a lot of foreign women on Tinder in Sweden more or less asking the same thing. Women show their true colors when they are abroad.

As a German currently living in Denmark, fuck most women in my country.

They look worse especially compared to Danish women. What OP posted there is very typical in terms of looks and "boring". So let her do whatever she wants, no one will give a shit.

Makes me wonder why Australia would even bother as your women also tend to be quite hot.

It's tinder meaning she's already in Australia.

She isn't ethnic german, so who cares

I thought most of the foreigners in Sweden were men :^)

dated a 8/10 german blonde once. perfect lats, cute face such a super cute woman. too bad i'm an autist so it didn't work out like i hoped for.

they are, but you have a lot of european tourists in sweden.. they want you to show them around the city, potentially fucking them and giving them a cheap place to stay. then they move along, maybe to norway, finland or some other country and repeat the process. get tinder and see it for yourself if you don't trust me.



>Makes me wonder why Australia would even bother as your women also tend to be quite hot.

Only if you consider foul mouthed, uneducated, drunkards attractive.

>"""""German""""" girl

>She isn't ethnic german

No such thing left Mehmet

She's a dirty spic... who fucking cares?

What kind of shill searches through fake dating site ads to use as ammunition on /pol?

>BOYCOT SKITTLES - Anti-TRUMP nigger candy!

>looks like 30


Montreal tinder user here.
Can confirm I see a lot of those types of profiles during summer.
What better way to explore a city than with the help of a cute local guy, who will also take you out to a cool popular bar to have a few drinks and then proceed to plow your pussy

German phenotype has changed quite a bit

? I feel nothing.
18 year old chicks goes backpacking in AUS/Thailand/Bali whatever. Fucks a few dudes, takes a few drugs, comes back or dies in the outback or on some drug overdose on some rave in the boonies.
Nothing new or unusual there, I did the same.
But Im a dude, I was 23 when i did 1 1/2 years of traveling Australia and learnin to love you cunts.

Good for the Aussie mates they get a steady influx of easy sluts.


I'm 19 years old and I feel like I'm looking at someone older than me.

A lot left my friend.
Dont you worry, german people will be fine. politics are already backpaddling hard and 82% want a change of immigration laws and want Merkel gone.
We will be fine.

Just hope we wont get red/red/green coalitin next year.
That would be a million times worse than Merkel. trust me.

Unfortunately in my experience European women that travel to Australia are disgusting sluts.

Then again, women in general who travel are disgusting sluts.

he's right. women do this. whenever they get abroad they want at least one native cock in their pussy. if a girl ever tells you that she had a boring time while abroads, you know she didn't get cock, if she says it was wonderful, you know her pussy got stuffed by the local chad thundercock.

have a nice day guys.

I actually have a feeling that more of my millennial generation has been to Australia than they have been to Majorca. Every time when someone brings up foreign semesters it is either Sweden or Australia but mostly the latter one. It's the same in my family because both of my cousins went there and my little brother plans on spending a year in Australia after school.
Our interns were in Australia and our team assistant has actually quit her old job to also have a year in a foreign country. Of course she chose Australia. Somehow that severely limits them talking about it as everyone seems to have had their own experience in Australia.

I am bitter about it because I was too lazy to organize such a trip and I already was a bit uppity when I looked for locations as I did not want to go the tourist route everyone seems to have taken since then. Since there are probably German university students lurking, I bit everyone of them knows someone personally that went to Australia. But I also have a very sad story about a German girl that went to New Zealand.
After all it's just perfect. It's got all the wild animals but the criminal element has been properly bred out of Australians. Girls can go on adventures in the Australian bush because the white man has made it safe for them. Check out what could happen when young girls decide to go off the beaten path...

When Mehmet can penetrate Ricky too can. Meanwhile Hans will search for ching chong.

Aussie girls are disgusting NEETS

There are even some in Poland you haven't killed yet.

And youre still searching for that perfect Loo dont you?

Absolutely, probably in German grandad's mouth.

>implying she hasn't had 100s of shitskin cock rammed into her wrecked pussy

Also it's pretty funny watching all the butthurt european """""men"""" ITT

Also can someone tell me what is up with the european scat fetish? I met this dutch chick that wouldn't stop talking about pissing in the shower and she got turned on when I mentioned I take a shit in the shower and rub it all over the walls, like she literally wouldn't stop laughing and got right into the conversation, shit was weird af

makes sense

Travel a vast country, with a variety of climates and geographical types
Work for actual money
everyone speaks English
Free healthcare
Everyone loves backpackers

Since both my grandpas died in the war.
Youd have to go dig somewhere on the eastern front to find them.
good luck lil' poo monkey.

Good luck with your ching chong who will cook up your live doggy, you mehmet piece pf shit

True. I had an awesome Time in your country cunt.
Except the little intermezzo with some Farmer dude who thought I disrespected his Family and hunted me with a dirtbike and a stick through his fields.
I managed to avoid his motorized cavalry attack and dive in a bush.
Never went back to that farm, I felt like in Wolfs creek.

BTW india: Where are my clothes?

Kek is trying to communicate through this Loo but I cant decipher the code.

german men don't mix a lot. i've been there, never saw a german with an asian woman. i did see german women with turks etc.

Dont worry Ahmed will take care of her now

that girl is actually (((danish))). She was in some reality tv show.

Mate, he was just trying to find out if you were worthy of marrying one of his hot daughters!

You failed, Hans.

But still a cool as fuck story.

Come back soon.

Every single woman I've met that was from another country and had a boyfriend came to fuck, no exceptions.
I've met american, french, dominican, sweddish, german and british. They basically think that since they're really far from home it doesn't count.

AFD gets alot of traktion. I say next year it looks pretty good for the AFD.

>but they won't go into coalition with AFD

They will. Politicians are scumbags who don't give a shit about a country. They just want to have a nice salary.

None of you are post-WWII, though. German-Americans whose families immigrated before WWII are the only true Germans left in the world.

na he kept screaming fake german words at me, I think he just didnt like germans and fucked with me.
he was a gigantic boar of a man too.
Come to think of it it probably was just a bit of physical banter.

Ill come back one day, but atm. I got too much shit to pay and too much work to do.

Kek, you poor fool.

You're right she does look similar.

Catfish maybe?

The fucks a "tagalog"?

yeah, I like you krauts. met heaps of you cunts travelling and I'd say 75/25 are top blokes.

She's a roachess.

SEA language.


havent met a single non fun aussie dude when traveling tho.
Met a few typical douchebag surfer dudes and stuff but they were all top notch drinking and banter buddies.

germans and aussies get along so well because we too have the hobby of just fucking with our mates and giving them shit.

stay as you are aussieland. I love your meat pies btw, i pretty much lived of these things for months, meat pies,beer, weed. all day.

i doubt it, she wasn't the type at all. she was an exchange student and literally everyone she hang out with were swedes. she probably picked me because i'm blonde, blue eyed with full beard + chest hair. basically the dream man for most german women.
you don't say pedro. women are total sluts abroads.

I have to Correct Your Record here so you don't fucking embarrass us any further:

That's not a real Clinton ad and never was despite being hilarious and something the retards would do. They intentionally used the syphilis cuck.

Put your phone on charge

Yes, but what I found important for Cred Forums is that those are countries build by white, Christian, heterosexual males those gals and boys are traveling. If it's the ones lying in some beautiful fjord (my university had exchanges with Sweden and so Sweden was a very common visit) or traveling through the harsh outback in Australia - they are traveling nations that were build by the white man. Although they are visiting another continent by going to the United States, Canada or Australia they are still within the Anglosphere.
My point is that I don't think foreigners to Europe, especially girls, will consider Europe as a place to travel through alone in the future as they would have done some decades ago. Just as they would not regard Bangladesh or Morocco, Germany will be considered unsafe. Of course they won't admit to why that because liberals can't ever appreciate or accept the white patriarchy that has kept those parts of the world safe for foreign visitors. I always point people to Spain or Greek where the locals are complaining about the sinking numbers of tourists because of the refugee invaders.