White people

maybe the terrorists have a point

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lol, nobody does more inbreeding than fucking mudslimes, gtfo

What point would that be?

oh look its one of the 5 blacks that hang out on Cred Forums



>consensual sex between two adults
>illegal because people find it icky
Victimless crime Tbh. Waste of everyone's time and money.

>> incest illegal
>> fucking another man in his asshole - no problem!!

americans are not white

At least they are not fucking children

.t mississipian

>white people

Yeah white people


t. AIDScarrier

I can't get behind two adults being arrested for having sex.

Maybe it's my years on Cred Forums reading incest doujins, but I feel like this shouodn't be illegal.

Nah fuck you. Thats maximum degeneracy and we as a society should set some standards

Don't be like that, some of the blacks that hang out here are based as fuck. I'd much rather have them post than the fucking leaf faggots.

white people

Maybe Islamophobes have a point.



Fucking shitbag transphobic assholes.

why do you care?

Its pretty much african culture to fuck your daughter. Mothers will even tell their daughters that its the fathers right to be their first.

There is incest in all races.


...and the shilling starts!

'Hey everyone, maybe incest isn't a bad thing! And what about bestiality, and paedophilia...'

If you want western civilization to collapse, just start a real revolution. Don't undermine us like fucking cowards.

there is nothing wrong with fucking your own little sister. the government has no right to tell me who i'm allowed to fuck.

are you telling me to not treat an entire race in a unofirm manner based on years of personal observations that confirm my bias toward it?

you must have not seen his flag

Not nice.

The male is held on a $70k bail and the only woman gets a $5k bail.

Thank God for gender equality!

Social shaming works fine. Sure it might be "degenerate" but it doesnt need to be a crime.

Will be a waste of tax payers money feeding and clothing them in prison while the world gets more and more degenerate anyway.

Society says all sorts of the most degenerate bullshit is perfectly fine these days but two adults who are related is where we draw the line for some reason? Gee that really makes me feel safe.

Really made me think

we should round up all white people and kill them to death.

Terrorists (arabs) are overwhelmingly inbred due to centuries of doctrine motivated inbreeding, try harder retard

Did you make it illegal to avoid the proliferation of rednecks or what?

i mean it's consensual sex between adults after all

Oh yes. It's much more better when the shitskins or the niggers do it. After all, in those cases it's not consensual or anything so it can't be wrong in any way. They are just doing as their culture and nature dictates, raping their kids / moms / cousins and shit.


Beat me to it user

Actually when you stop and think about it, both are adults and just wanted to have a monogamous relationship with each other. It's not that fucked up.

Let's compare how degenerate that is with:
>shit eaters

Having sex with your mom is way less degenerate my nigga.
Cucks should go to prison, pedophiles should go to prison, motherfuckers that fuck their dogs should go to prison, etc.



>The british MSM

>consensual sex between adults
but-but that argument is only for gays
actually, why is adult even a criteria? are you bigoted? and who says both need to be human or even alive?

Oh boy, here we go again.



There is absolutely undoubtedly unequivocally inconceivably nothing wrong with incest. It hurts no one. Incest implies that both parties are cool with it.

>indecent liberties with a child
I knew you guys love freedom but doesn't this go a little bit too far?

>women to drive
>we just wanted to drive cars
>we didn't ask for this

Thank god im not the only one who noticed this

Consenting adult incest is illegal????

They didn't mention anything about sex she could of just gotten married for tax related reasons.

>yet buttblasters do it without consequence and higher risk

I don't care if two adults want to fuck. Waste of taxpayer money.

>his country has laws against incestuous sex

How did they even get caught? That's strange.

This map worth a thousand words

Americans live in cardboard boxes. They can't fart without all street knowing.

daily reminder that half of all british pakistani couples are L I T E R A L L Y first cousins

Am I the only one that thinks this shouldn't be considered a crime?

I mean, they're consenting adults. It's kind of authoritarian to dictate what they can and can't do as long as it doesn't actively hurt anyone else or society as a whole.

I think it's disgusting, but I have no right to dictate others how to live, that's not what freedom is about.

Yes hello I would like to cummy in mummy pls

nobody is saying incest isn't a bad thing, but not everything that's bad should be illegal

then again, you literally live in an orwellian dystopia, so why bother trying to reason with you

Wake me up when I start to think that we need to start cracking down on consensual sex.

>cherry picking
this, sage

>land of the free
>not being allowed to incest mommy

>woman gets 5k bail
>man gets 70k bail

oy vey! america being the good guys again and showing the way for gender equality :^)

It's illegal?

"what goes on in Africa?"
"I- We don't know"

Mom can kill son(abortion)
Mom fucks son
Oy vey!

>having to pay bail

Fuck the patriarchy

>be a white mother
>incest with son
>incest with daughter
>for tax purposes

>motherfuckers that fuck their dogs should go to prison

so normal people can still fuck there dog

>be nigger
>be too stupid to work the system

So this moron just gave up a lifetime of kissing just to get some fleeting attention from strangers on the street who'll never do anything for him. Wise choice.

>fucking dogs is okay in Canada
>fucking adolescents is okay for muzzies and black people

White American privilege is being arrested for consensual sex

Fucking cultural appropriation

>be white
>fuck your son
>marry your daughter
>the system now works for you

You can actually save and make money by filing that you're married. It's one of the perks of being married. They look like white trash and they said they never did anything it'd fit that they're trying to work the system.

Is no one gonna mention the double standard that the woman's bail is 5 thousand and the guys bail is 75 thousand ??

>implying the irish arent albino blacks

Came to post this.

>White American privilege is being arrested for consensual sex

Freedumb, baby

fucking rural tamils and southerns are inbreeding giving us a bad name

this..this must be fake..source

why would it be fake? what do you think happens when the rich muslims all have 20 wives

>white mom
>fucks own son
>marries own daughter
>must be gaming the tax laws
never change Cred Forums

Its real. Its on youtube. Bacha boys of pakistan. Long documentary, about an hour.

sorry mate its not its from a documentery about pedofillia in pursia

>Article makes it clear even though nobody was having sex being married to anyone biological is illegal
>This makes it obvious they're exploiting the state which is why they're being charged
>"lmao xDDD never change Cred Forums dis b only a white ppl thing hahaha niggers don't do this at all I swears to you"
It's like you genuinely enjoy RPing as a retard if that's the case I think may be your board of choice.