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>yes mr african american
>im sorry about my white privilege
>please take this as reparations

Was this a plant by trump ?

The guy was spic or asian

>relaxing around blacks

we need a final nigger solution

.image search
results: Darkness

Sure. Those law abiding Afro-American gentlemen would never sucker punch someone and steal their property.

#Hillary2016 #I'mwithher

I feel like I'm missing something who is this nig

Is there a vid related?

I swear some of these guys do this on dares, or something.

Nigs who do this shit just seem to live entirely in the moment, there's no consistency at all. They're like the ultimate Chaotic Neutral.

this is a screenshot from the thread on (((reddit)))

i got banned from Cred Forums for posting this there 20 mins ago

That guy even has a gopro on his head.
It's not that smart to record a crime you're commiting.


your fault for going on Cred Forums desu

Thats the thing, why would he first person film assaulting and robbin someone.
To show that shit to his nigfriends in the hood?

was it a gopro or a headlight

Cred Forums is like reddit central along with Cred Forums on Cred Forums what did you expect?





And who decides what's racist and what's not?
Some sjw stasi mod?

Kek, I think I know why he filmed it.


I think a headlight to spot other negros at night

Oh shit maybe its an IR light to fuck up night vision cameras yo

The sound of someone with zero fight and life experience. the more you beg the more they want. fight or leg it. never give em anything. then again this is in the us and a, id be scared to get shot if i run.

>live in the USA
>don't have a concealed carry permit

Literally deserve to be robbed by niggers. At least here in the United Cuckdom we have the excuse that we're not allowed to carry combat breadknives and assault spoons.

If I lived in the US I'd be carrying a .44 with hollow points everywhere.

Basically anything that will blow a actual hole through a nigger will be fine.

>The sound of someone with zero fight and life experience
you dont get up and fight after you have been smashed from behind you will only end up getting fucked again, silly kraut

>you will never get fucked in the ass by baileys thicc cock


I know, but your first instinct is to plead and beg and whine?
I hope not my boogan underling.

Oh I think you're right. Gopros aren't round.
And those things in the middle look like reflectors.

Chances are he was casing parked cars, and used the headlight to see if they were worth breaking into

Then he found the retard playing Go in a nigger neighborhood

Not only nigger neighbourhood.
fucking central park at like 0.30 am.

He got what he begged for.

it's an IR Emitter to fuck with CCTV

>listen to conservative talk radio cover this story
>it's just the hosts trying to wrap their heads around why anyone would watch another person play video games and calling them losers

lol a black person committing crime isn't even news anymore

b-b-b-but that's victim blaming!

People should be able to do whatever they want, and shouldn't be criticised if something goes wrong. There's no such thing as personal responsibility.

does that rly work

crafty ass niggers

Because from what I've heard some pokemons only appear at night.

of course not. I was just citing jewtube comments. :^)

Plus he is fucking 43 years old. And i thought i was a man child....

>>it's just the hosts trying to wrap their heads around why anyone would watch another person play video games

why would anyone watch people play football when u can just play it urself hurrr

I wanna see how this ends.

Would you like to move here?

Its victim blaming in the same way i blame the victiom when i tell a rape victim she shouldnt have been out partying with 4 horny moroccans with acess to drugs.

Yeah, they are black and wear LED lights on their heads.
Silly japanese ideas right?

speculating that a nigger dumb enough to rob someone on a live stream 'has an IR light to fuck up night vision cameras'
>it's a simple head lamp and no doubt one that nigger stole from another Pokemon player previously

Fucking pavement apes..

It was obviously a nigger

he means the nerd playing the video game

>b dat beach quanda

Sadly it's only 12 seconds long.

>Look at me
>I am the Pokemon Trainer now

I can respect a burglar that takes only what he absolutely needs
I doubt it is even burglary at this point