>Pence Rally in Dubuque IA 9/19/16
>Trump on Orly 9/19/16
>Trump Rally in Ft Myers & Pence Q&A Mason City IA FL 9/19/16
>Trump on F&F 9/19/16
>Deplorables Unite

Text TRUMP to 88022 or get the Official "AMERICA FIRST" app for important campaign updates
>Volunteer to be a Trump election observer
>Trump Playlist

>Trump rally in Colorado Springs CO 9/17/16
>Pence Rally in the Villages FL 9/17/16
>Trump speaks at Rememberance Project 9/17/16
>Trump Rally in Miami FL 9/16/16
>Trump Haitian Townhall in Miami FL 9/16/16
>Trump parade in the Villages FL 9/16/16
>Trump Speaks in Washington DC 9/16/16

>Trump on Media Buzz 9/18/16
>Trump on Mornings with Maria 9/16/16
>Don Jr on GMA 9/16/16
>Trump on Fallon 9/15/16
>Watters World Trump Rally Edition
>Trump on Dr Oz (audio) 9/15/16

>Trump - Les Deplorables
>Trump in 5 minutes or less
>Trump Triumphant
>American Hero


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Hey guys, it's me, Canada!

It's true we can all get a little frustrated at bad economic conditions at times, but releasing our frustration in the form of a Fascist political candidate is just not the right way to solve things.

In fact it's a big no-no.

I'm here to help clarify some more positive ways to deal with our problems. The simple truth is that it all starts with creating a positive frame of mind and keeping a friendly attitude towards others.

If you have any questions about how to get by in this complex modern world of ours, just reply and let me know!

Just remember to be happy and have fun and that I'm just here to help!

Is it true that Clinton has threatened to attack Russia with military force if they find out that they are behind cyber attacks against the US? If so, why are people so worried about nuclear war if Trump gets elected and not Clinton? All evidence points to Hilarry being the warmonger.



what in the fuck is this shit?

Are we the most acid tested electorate in history?

I don't mean just being called racists and nazis and all that. We literally got beat in the streets. I'm in CA and let me tell you, Scott Adams isn't kidding about the personal safety stuff.

We got abused by the right, the left, the rich, the academics, the pundits, the economists, the underground paramilitary groups, blacks, Hispanics, Jews, whites, women, men, everything in between.

We had to suffer being called uneducated, ignorant, all the isms, dangerous, poor, dinosaurs, wrong side of history, etc.

We had to endure as Trump battled the establishment on both sides, made gaffes as he figured out how to operate, constantly being told "IT'S OGRE!" with the commentary and polls.

And now, we're finally seeing the end of the tunnel, and the light beckons. It was hard. It was vicious. It was miserable. It was unlike anything that has ever happened or will ever happen again. It was every terrible feeling about society and ourselves wrapped into a single political campaign.

It was worth it. Because we made it through alive. Because we proved everyone wrong and even surprised ourselves with how right our instincts were. Because now that the obstacles are falling away, our opportunities are becoming truly incredible. We're going to win. We're going to succeed.

We're going to Make America Great Again!

NEW Les Deplorables Trump Anthem:

VidMe Backup:

Get LIT and spread to FIRE UP normies

Yes, it's true and they believe Trump will be a warmonger because they are brainwashed to believe whatever the MSM regurgitates and that Republicans are evil.


Hillary is going to win YAAAAAAAS QUEEN SLAY SLAY SLAY

if wanting equal pay for equal work, a right to control my body and not wanting a sexist racist dangerous man as president is "playing the woman's card" then you can just...

>Allepo man surges in millennials



She also said twice that she wants a no fly zone over Syria. I hope Trump mentions this in the debates.

>if I'm in the white house young people will always have a seat at the table when any decision is made
>gee timmy, should we invade Iran or not?

If Trump had said that he'd have been slammed




What a garbage poll, Jill will be lucky to clear the decimal point.

Those 18-34 year olds really like feeling the Johnson.

Anyone feeling like annoying Clinton supporters with hyperbole?

>Gary Johnson +13
I guess his retardation about Aleppo reasoned with millennials?


>Trump goes up 2

How will drumpf ever recover????

That's right Nicole Wallace, Biden has the 13 year old demographic locked up

>Trump 24% last month now 26%, down -2%...

Is this a deliberate error by the MSM?

who's ready for Joe to talk about how Trump is so toxic that Bush has to vote Clinton?

MSNBC really struggle with maths

Kek you're right, what the actual fuck. Goddamn (((media)))

Scott Adams would say that's a cognitive tell. The urge to doctor the numbers is threatening to overwhelm them, if it hasn't already.

Read the columns

I can clearly tell the difference between a piece of fruit and a frog

Not good. Trump only +5 for some reason

>This is literally her name


its in the middle of the day??

lazy americans.

Quick /tg/ I need your dankest wall memes

>Trump was 24% now 26%


Would you still vote for Trump if I could prove he's a coalburner?

trudeau is red pilled, he will come out of hiding for maximum bantz soon lad

If Hillary said she'd deschedule DUDE WEED she'd get millennials in a landslide

>mfw anything they could possibly steal and say, most likely the Clinton camp has done twice as worse.

Not used to waking up this early for my new job yet but thank God there's a /tg/ up already

Do you hear the people sing
Singing the song of angry men

he's an oil driller, I would think less of him if Ivanka was a coal burner. That's demonstrable failure as a parent

Joe, will you disavow MSNBC and its rigged polls?

>It's been checked by politifact

Of course ISIS would use Trump's words. They use the words of anyone who stands against them, that doesn't mean we shouldn't stand.

/tg/ is a 24 hour a day 7 days a week thing.

It's Canada

The only way to fight ISIS is to never viilify and attack ISIS according to "Jamoo".


>Hillary is Thatcher-esque


>Her best delivery is almost Thatcheresque

Stop, no please stop

/tg/ is 24/7, user
I'll miss these after the election.



"These are enemies. These are combatants. We have to be tough. We have to be strong.

>Next rally:

>So Crooked Hillary (Boo!)
>CROOKED HILLARY, it turns out, her IT guy.
>He posted on the internet asking how to delete her emails.
>Can you believe this?
>Crooked Hillary doesn't know how to hire the best people.
>But when I'm in charge, oh, you know it won't be like that.
>We'll have the best people running the show.
>We'll have the best.
>Only The best.
>Believe me folks

Oh my God, I was so focused on the -2% I didn't see Hillary's -17%

Holy Shit
>Holy Shit
Holy Shit
>Holy Shit
Holy Shit
>Holy Shit

No wonder they're attacking Johnson/Stein so much.

When do you get to work, Sven?
I'm curious because it always feels like Americans get going earlier than Europeans. I usually get to work by 6:00 or 6:30

>implying trump gen hasn't been 24/7 for 15months straight

>Trump goes up a negative number
>Johnson get enough numbers to be debating

Its like they're not even hiding it


is this skittles thing real? you just know when the entire MJ table shakes their heads and groans we have something they don't understand fully

Are liberals not the ones who started that shit argument?
>Only 10% of these M&M's are poisonous, go ahead, take one

among millennials, not all voters.

>allocate some Hillary numbers to Johnson to get him on the debate stage
don't be daft user


Kek, underated

I remember when we used to watch morning joe...

The Debate Commission already officially excluded him from the first debate. No way he gets in

this is the "tracking poll" they sighted on mornign juden

Work your way up to make it believeable

.t Brexit follower


Surveymonkey is trash though

this is the weekly poll which shows a 2 percent shift to trump

i hate the leugenpresse so fkn much...........

I think this whole skittles thing is a really lousy distraction. Trump's children don't have his talents at all, all they've done is make more trouble for him. Other than Ivanka of course.

There's lots of better persuasive methods against Muslim immigration than a fucking candy analogy.

Mornings with Maria is comfy as hell but I get why people still watch the morning Jew, for opposition research but still it's so pointless and you give them ratings

I haven't been on (((social media))) for a while.
What is the liberal arguments against the "skittles"?

I know lad. they had Hillary winning texas a few weeks ago. check my second post tho, notice they didn't show this one

Possible but I disagree, I don't think they want Johnson into the debates. He's already pulling more votes from Hillary than Trump.

It would legitimize him in peoples minds, even if he said more stupid shit and pull even more voters from her to Johnson.

Too risky.


I wish there was a Mika face on this.

When you get abused by all those whites, blacks, etc, how come you don't put "Christians" in that category as well?

So a handful or rich Jews and media owners don't like trump. The overwhelming majority of opposition to Trump are Christian, not Jewish.

>Yes, am Jewish.

Always, it's the JEWS. THE JEWS. THE JEWS. That's it, that's fucking it. I'm declaring a jewhad, on Christians.

wait few days ago it was
Trump 42 (tie)
Clinton 40
and now it's suddenly
Clinton 42(+2)
Trump 40

Am I retarded? Someone explain why it's somehow a tie when trump's leading

>watch bootleg online streams
>give them ratings

Well after Mark Cuban endorsed Hillary, I'm not so sure

Maria Bartiromo is underrated.



This guy on Fox got some balls showing his face

>using online polls

Is this some kind of joke?

Wait wait wait so let me get this straight.

A Muslim half-nigger living above a "First America" Fried Chicken shop gets ratted out by a bunch of hoodlums rummaging through the trash (who become heroes), is shot and displayed wounded on national TV...

Is it my birthday?

LMAO what the fuck? The terrorist passed out in some dude's bar? Solid escape plan.

We are very fortunate that terrorists are dumb as rocks.

I don't watch it anymore they went full shill. But last winter it was really the only fair coverage of trump. Pretty obvious some executive "put them in line".

>go up 2 points

>Wait wait wait so let me get this straight.
>A Muslim half-nigger living above a "First America" Fried Chicken shop gets ratted out by a bunch of hoodlums rummaging through the trash (who become heroes), is shot and displayed wounded on national TV...
>Is it my birthday?

>LMAO what the fuck? The terrorist passed out in some dude's bar? Solid escape plan.

The fucking memes this shit can spawn...

Canadian pollsters

The polls are supposedly 40-2000 people depending on what venue you get them from, they are asking who they want to vote for. It's just a way for the media to continue to make it look like Hillary has any support up against some imaginary authority, which means they are trying to fuck with a legitimate election. Basically Hillary has no support, she constantly has to pay people to even appear to be a valid choice still. Her past doings have completely invalidated any claims she had to the throne, and her health doesn't help her any.

If that terrorist had any brains, he would have fled to Mexico, then Turkey, then ISIS territory.

De blasio dong nothing about the homeless was all according to his ultra-secret counter terrorism keikaku, FREE BOMB SQUAD BUMS

Oh shit guys, just ran a complex simulation of the election... pic related

I'm looking at twitter now and I still can't tell you my best guess is that it's this "Skittles are candy. Refugees are people"

strange how it didn't seem to be a problem when they were m&m's and men

He played us all like fiddles




It seems we are in for a prosperous guac season

What program is that?


>Rahami's wife eventually was allowed to enter the U.S. She left the country for her native Pakistan before the bombings and was stopped by officials in the United Arab Emirates on Monday, the Los Angeles Times reported, citing a U.S. official familiar with the investigation.
>Rahami had traveled to Afghanistan and Pakistan several times, the official told the Times.
He tried to get his wife out of the country at least

Oh fuck! Guess I shill for hill now

>It seems we are in for a prosperous guac season




ms paint

1000 hours

He probably would have escaped the city. Lay up in an abandoned building for a week or two then sneak off the island once the perimiter is more lax.

>shill for hill
Fuck, PedoJill Dubs, or Jeb! dubs, which matters more?

Need pic of russian girl making the ok hands, looks teenage, perfect for "just right" feels.

It's President Infinity


You're a #ChimoWithJoe


skittles on morning joe

I was just pointing out that trump was literally gaining on Hillary in the poll taken before sep. 11, then nbc came out with a "tracking poll" that shows Hillary gaining momentum after deplorables and fainting. the new poll is literally bullshit, triying to make it look like clinton has momentum


boycott skittles. also women vp.

where were these fags when feminists were calling men poison M&Ms?

>eating the sugar jew anyway

Reminder SurveyMonkey is rated C- by Nate Copperdust

>dubs dubs
Im just a humble upside shitposter


So the MSM and Clinton campaign will be talking about:

pepe, green frogs, nazi frogs, Putin, alt-((rieich)) and now Skittles?

This is why nobody will ever trust these dumb fucks.



don't be silly men aren't people

NEED pic of russian girl making ok hand signs that went around a couple weeks back.

>the MSM

It's not a good analogy. Forget about the refugees, it's just not persuasive. If anything it reflects the absolute retardation of the American people when it comes to statistics.

Don Jr shouldn't have tweeted it. Trump was doing fine on his own.


>leftists more outraged by skittles than terrorism
When will we admit that this is a mental disorder?

Also, note that polls are filtered to "likely voters", which fails to account for Dems who have no will to vote for Hillary.

Note that this is the same type of shit they pulled to "unskew" polls and show romney leading. Of course when you filter to likely D's and likely R's then you'll get then all voting party lines.

Basically, polls are inherently flawed because 100% of used respondents were willing to participate.

So are they going to start the meme of "QUEEN HILLARY SURGING - DRUMPF B T F O" now?

You can't criticize feminists user. That's sexist.

snami bog

>implying they haven't been doing this since the conventions

It completely boggles my mind how could anyone vote for Clinton after she collapsed

It makes no sense

>Online polls

This should be thrown out but they want to show "Clinton breaks 50" in the headlines

I'm looking for girl tilting her head back a bit

SurveyMonkey has no likely-voter filter.

There a torrent for that somewhere?

because these people vote with their feels and not their brains.

That's where you went wrong, ideological people don't care about reason.

RCP was flooded with a sea of red last week with Trump leading all over the place, are we going back to

>Sample size: 400, MoE: 6%
>DRUMPF -50000 QUEEN HILLARY 43950375345389789723


oh right, there was a week or two where they lost the narrative.

They have no filter of any sort. You can't effectively screen and identify poll respondents on the internet.

60% of the respondents could be democrats but there is no way of knowing

>assuming humans are rational


You're implying that leftists have any grasp of.... anything. The skittles analogy is still far beyond the capabilities of the leftist brain. We're talking about retards who look at huffpo or buzzfeed headlines and think it's a quality article.

It's really annoying they had a poll from a month ago still being counted in the average & now they are using a fucking online poll

Nice Try CTR

>like i get that clinton is terrible but at least she's not trump xDDDDDDD


They're just trying to soften the blow the debates are gonna be. National security is now the biggest topic because of the bombings, and Hillary is shit on that topic. She'll just steal Trump's rhetoric and it will be obvious to everyone that she has nothing.

They are in deep shit and they know it.


I expect the next two weeks worth of polling to be a disaster for Trump.

Huge bump from all the kike media outlets after the debate declaring Hillary is queen.

Get ready.

Need... russian... girl...

Nothing wrong with online polls but SurveyMonkey is a fucking joke.

>he's winning the swing states


The rocket's red glare!!



We all do user. Feels bad man.

After getting the results, the polling group will look at responses and try to filter it to likely voters, and filter the demographics to match 2012. But you might be right and surveymonkey might be different, it didn't even dawn on me what surveymonkey was until I saw your post.

If you're arguing with cucks on Twitter over Donald Jr's Skittles point use this link



where did this come from


Modern Family

Jr needs to shut his mouth, every day now he's in some retarded headline


Trumps not going to pull this off is he,
The American people are just to stupid and cucked aren't they?

First it was the deplorables, now the Skittles.

He's still young. You're right though it's a good time for him to cool it a bit.

Have faith in the God Emperor, user.

SurveyMonkey is a joke because the panel is opt-in and they calculate a margin of error which should be impossible to calculate due to the fact it's a fucking opt-in panel.

They basically poll the same group of people and it shows now growth. They did this same meme with the convention.


Seriously how can you faggots not have the pic of ok sign girl from a few weeks back, eyes closed tilting her head back, 18 5' 6" 105lbs. I think a white tanktop and a ballcap.

Fuck importing Muslims Don Jr is right

Liberalism is a mental illness.

There's right and there's effective. Subtle, subtle.

Yeah, calling people stupid isn't persuasion, even if they are stupid. For fucks sakes, Shillary just demonstrated that with her deplorables comment.

It's a shit analogy. If you had to have a food component, I would've used something ubiquitous like water. Including a brand name just dilutes an already tenuous argument.

>Trump went down 2 points in the LA TIMES poll over night

Thanks Trump Jr. you fucking moron

I refuse to believe Trump is down in polls. The jews are rigging them.

Of course he's right, but it's scaring away normie voters in swing states.

The American left are just brain zombies incapable of rational thought. Only feels matter

Do you really fucking believe that anything Don Jr says is going to cause a shift like that? Fuck right off.

>Trump drops in LA times

Was it our pepe posting?

Gearing up for another day of shit-posting. Interesting news came out of our colony last night.

CTRâ„¢ chill

What's with the skittles

I missed this story?

More like the poll was leveling itself out because Trump for no reason surged like 14 points with blacks overnight


What I'm saying is that everyone dumb enough to be outraged by it was already a leftist. Of course a fucking skittles analogy isn't an intellectual argument.

Donald Trump should make Trey Gowdy U.S Attorney General tbqh

That wasnt reddit. They shit was on their site for 2 years. /cfg/ and other assorted shitposters found it in an afternoon.

This triggers the left

the LA Times poll is taken over a 7 day average dickwad


How new are you?

Yes, it would be a blessing from Kek.

Hillary has actually started campaigning again.

What's even funnier is that feminists have used this same analogy about men.


That's pretty good analogy.

I guess the left's humor is terrible.

...When I said "Slow and steady," I didn't mean THIS slow, guys.

So they are butthurt that he is 500% right? Why do we need to import muslims? What benefit does it give us?

they are gonna talk about hillary's tech guy on fox next

And what I'm saying is that it didn't need to be intellectual, but it should've been persuasive. Just saying shit that triggers leftists is the Ted Cruz way of campaigning, it's doomed to fail.

Trump Jr needs to get out of the spotlight and actually learn from his father, he's doing him no favors right now.



Assuming they have a sense of humor

White genocide of course

Hitler stood against free market capitalism.

it gives dems more voters, that's the agenda

>Willie Geist I JUST. DON'T. GET IT. The people who like skittles are already with him. What does he gain from not disavowing the colorful candy?

Maybe they're falsely angry cause they cant admit that its fucking good and pretty much stomp the pro-muslim / refugee sentiment

OP pastebin updated

added Savage interview
>Trump on Savage Nation 9/19/16

it's not humor these are helpless innocent human beings who need our help not monsters and terrorists like the drumpfs keep saying

She was just taking a "power nap"

innonence is the first casualty of war they are guilty of being monsters and terrorists :^)

These are muslims in our country that beaded 2 leafs months ago.

>these are helpless innocent human beings who need our help


Delete your account


Tfw Hillary will sacrifice Bill cause muh presidency.

>importing muslims


I don't feel sorry for her. Why should my government subsidize her when her family could pose a risk to mine?

Any remember that 107 year old Trump supporter from TN? He died

>stop sign captcha
Bill redemption arc when?

Is Christie fucked from the Bridgegate?

>stop sign capcha
Bill redemption arc when?

No way! True or shenanigans?

You want to help the refugees?

>Elect Trump, stop bombing the Syrian army, and work with the Russians take out ISIS and end the war.

You want endless war and millions more refugees?

>Elect Hillary Clinton and live with the blood on your hands.

Wow it's a bullshit artist recording a stooge, I'm convinced.




> I don't feel sorry for her. Why should my government subsidize her when her family could pose a risk to mine?

I wouldn't even qualify like that. My point is:

Even if I feel sorry for her, why should my government (using my tax money) subsidize her?


Meanwhile in Aleppo,...

So it means the attacks have hurt trump?
The la times poll is the only one that's been positive for trump. If it's showing a drop.
I Dunno I'm getting that rmoney feel again.

it's the beginning of the end for Trump

Remember president Romney?
Yeah me neither.

OP's should start adding this

It's been 1 day, chill the fuck out.

I don't know. When normies see him making an analogy to skittles are they really going to go " well that is just horribly racist." I think this is another pepe/john miller moment for the MSN.

Well, that particular metric is useless anyway. You should be following the 4way, and it has Clinton +1.1 (a tie, by any metric).

They can't hide the truth in there, anything under 4 points difference is a tie.

So that's all it takes for trump to nose dive in the polls, Hillary to just show her face?

The shills awaken

>autists bitched about a link because of ads/scripts
>wants me to link directly to google
yeah i'm not gonna go there


Woman are powerful!

All of you panicking from going +6 to +5 in the polls are idiots.

Polls are going to fluctuate, that's normal. That's how polling works.

Stop making yourselves look liberal and prepare the drinks for tomorrow's +8.

>Links to Youtube
>Wont link to Google

Scumbag George Bush senior admits he is voting for Hillary Clinton

>that was my argument with the autist
i can only deal with so much autism

pretty much. plus his attacking the media on twitter and everything jr has been doing

Remember president Romney?
You ignorant bastards were saying the same shit.
It's turning into 2012 all over again.

We're on a rollercoaster that only goes up





Alright user, I'll bring it up tonight after work when more burgers are on



I'm not angry, just disappointed.

We're fucked aren't we?

you can, but i'm still not gonna add it
>mfw new split threads because "no link shill"

How mad is joe at trump lately?
Does anyone even watch anymore?

i never watch morning cuck anymore

The polls rotate, they don't requestion everyone on the same day, that's why on any given day within a cycle you'll see them zigzag up and down but there are obvious wide humps and dips that reflect the overall mood. A candidate down during any two particular adjacent days does not indicate that candidate is necessarily dropping, the count just hovers around the average without ever landing on it. Wiki "regression to the mean".


>implying attacking the media is going to lower anything
Have you seen the media trust numbers? He's doing exactly the right thing.

Give the media nothing.
Take everything from them.

Powerfully stupid.

I thought Joe went to Trump Tower to beg forgiveness from the next president (who will refuse to appear on morning joke).

The drop in polls then?

He's always been a deepstate loyalist. How could this endorsement disappoint, let alone surprise you?

Did you know 25% of women take medication for mental illness?

That means 75% go around untreated!


The comments on this article are a massive change compared to what they have been. I knew it's from Kiwiland but, nevertheless, the change in the comments (and the corresponding thumbs up) is fantastic to see.

Most Trumps had comments that bashed him and most Hilary articles couldn't be commented on.


That was in April, faggot.

Donald Trump Hits 95% Confidence Interval in Daybreak Poll

Fucking fluctuations.

The only people worse than those that look at day-to-day polling seriously are the ones that do it with the stock market.

That means 1 in 4 women are so powerful that the patriarchal psychiatrist don't know what to do with them.

If anything, Hillary's campaign is exactly like Romney's right now.


>last day of summer
Nature's wall will soon be upon us. The shitskins will freeze to death.

Meanwhile back in Syria,

>being relevant
Sorpasso never forget

Nobody wants to be associated with that lying woman and her failing campaign.

I guess he really will be voting Clinton now


If trump loses what do we do? If he loses my apathy and hate for americans is going to skyrocket. I will make it my duty to fuck people over and use the stock market to exploit the please. If it's globalism they want, I am not going to be a peasant. Also never going to pay taxes ever again if she wins.

Agree, but the Podemos fiasco was extra-bad polling practices. The US ones are only "kind of" bad.

Kiwis get pro-Trump articles. Literally everything in the Aussie media about him ranges from him being stupid to him being Hitler

I love buttblasted people are over the Skittles thing and the fact that refugees will in fact probably murder you.... just like the Minnesota mall stabber was a Somali refugee. But hey, let's not let facts get in the way of feelings now!

>muh Romney
Nobody liked romney on Cred Forums you dummy, just because you could find 100 comments that Romney would win it doesn't mean that Cred Forums was pro romney.

Even on today's Cred Forums you see tons of pro-hillary comments every day. You could make a collage about Hillary just like someone did for Romney and still claim that Cred Forums was buttblasted when Hillary lost.

A whole week of Trump leading in various polls, and RCP only registers this as a narrowing of Hillary's lead in their main graph. A single poll comes out showing Clinton leading and they quickly give her and upwards tick on the graph. Nice "algorithms" RCP.

I'm Trump.

Good morning, Cred Forums!

Thank you for everything, we're going to win BIG!

Let's make America great again!

I'm not gonna go down the same dead end ally like 2012, I came here looking for hope and it's just the same shit, muh biased polls.
You fools underestimate the ignorance of the American voter.

We've had our fair share. We had an article a few weeks ago saying Trump was literally more of a psychopath than Hitler based on some facial study or some shit.

Oh you.

We didn't like Romney, we just didn't like Obama even more

>I love buttblasted people are over the Skittles thing
They aren't even, it's more MSM narrative. Hardly any real people give a shit about the remark, it just shows how incredibly, blatantly desperate they are, that they have to cherrypick a statement from a family member of the candidate and push it as the #1 story for a week.


They are shooting themselves on the foot here, keeping the illusion.

Their tears will be extra fresh and delicious.

You can't be Trump, you don't have dubs.

>"muh leguhsee" he whispered

Hillary Clinton needed help walking up two small stairs to get on the Tonight Show stage Monday night. Jimmy Fallon had to give her a hand as she appeared unstable as she walked on stage.

You can always go back to the homepage of CTR and collect your shekels

The NBC / SurveyMonkey thing is a great lesson in agenda polling. They switched from RV to LV in the middle of the tracking.... really dirty

Talk trash about Nate Methane but his model is still probably the best thing out there


if youre trump

whats my best feature?


This is the Hillary cuck version of The Snake.

Low energy.