I had LASIK 2 years ago

I had LASIK 2 years ago

I went from +2.50 on my left, -1.75 on my right, and i had astigmatism on both.
Now i have fucking perfect vision

>using glasses/contacts in 2016

Are you fucking inbred and retarded?? Why do you use contacts/glasses in 2016??? its fucking stone age technology. Fucking grow up

>hurrdurr its expensive
Get a new jobb
>hurrdurr ur cornea will fall off meme
No its a fucking meme lie

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I heard it fucks up nightvision or at least has a high chance of fucking it up

No they did 20 years ago
Modern lasers have anti nightvision loss technology


Have fun going back in about three years
LASIK procedures aren't permanent

I only have -0.50 in both eyes so it doesn't seem worth it. I can get by without contacts, but I wear them when I go out anyway.

[pubmed citation needed]

Because I like being able to take out my contacts and not have to process all the visual information.

It's the visual equivalent of quiet.

>Paying to fuck your eyes up
You're in for a surprise when your perfect vision begins to degrade.

I have perfect vision but the specialist said i might have a chance of getting glaucoma if i don't pay shekel fuck $90 for a test and $70 for another test for other eye problems.

I told them fuck off, i'd rather smoke weed.

I have these things called eye lids

Eh, my brother got them. He kinda regrets it. His eyes get dry and irritated easily now. Guess it depends on the person. I know a guy in his 60s who got them 15 years ago and hasn't had a single problem yet.

Bad genes detected
Dont have kids

I like how I look with glasses and desu it isn't bad enough that I have to wear them unless it's nighttime. Seems like a uselessly risky procedure that I would never want to sit through.

Nigga, just close your eyes.

I have terrible dark patches under my eyes and glasses seem to hide the issue.

Honest reason. Otherwise I'd take the plunge.

Funny how we have to technology to repair eyes but getting rid of dark patches requires homeopathic bullshit.

>implying it will last


>fucking stone age technology
>still works perfectly

meh...worn glasses my whole life and everyone is used to seeing me in them...
Also, they frame my steely blue eyes nicely

>get LASIK
>get hit in the eye, be it a football or a fist
>cornea opens up again

Photons never run out idiot

I'm only 19. I would have LASIK done if I could

Yeah, I kinda doubt that they actually fix the underlying problem. Your vision tends to get worse over time so you would have to constantly adjust the lense again

>Cred Forums pls validate my poor decisions
Fuck off with the slide threads and gas yourself.

Do you need to be awake for that?
Does it hurt?
Looks scary as shit

It's probably the most stupid and misdirected attempt at shilling I've ever seen im my life.

Don't you have to be in your 20s for it to work?

kek, this desu

But what night vision? What are you talking about user?

I suspected someone would try that.

There's a difference between being someplace quiet and having to wear ear plugs. I like being able to see but not have to deal with the detail.

I had it done in 1995, there's been a slight reversion but nothing major

i had it done in the summer
you dont feel anything except for that machine that rests on your head but its only uncomfortable, doesnt hurt.

Yes you need to be awake a burning hot lazer is shot into your eye to correct the lens, there's a chance they melt your eye and you are blind in that eye. Always have insurance and a good lawyer.

Have fun avoiding high winds otherwise your eye flap will fly open.

Mate I got -5 and -6.25. I'll stick to glasses.

>have shit sight
>get surgery to fix it
>say others have shit genees

A lot of people have problems with it. It's really a hit or miss with most people. I wouldn't risk my health for it.

There's a reason insurance companies don't cover it.


My grandma was one of the first in the world to get it, and she has bullet-proof glasses now and needs constant eye-drops.

>anti nightvision loss technology


well you better never get punched, or enjoy your flap detachment.

LASEK is the only way to go, even when it need a dew days longer to heal.

>My grandma was one of the first in the world to get it
Your grandma is over 100 years old?

They guaren-fuckin-tee my eyes for 20 solid years. As long as I get an eye exam every year they will fix my eyes again no charge within that time.
My eyes are only slightly dryer.
I also implore you to get more sleep. Your eyes are probably screaming tired in a world we are over stimulated and sleep deprived.
You will start to need reading glasses as you get older no matter who you are.
Best 3600 I've ever had to pay back.
I broke at least a dozen glasses over my life up until that point. Do the math, I could've spent just as much buying glasses and contacts and now I see perfectly.
20/15 actually. I'm a mother fuckin eagle.
Don't get me wrong the whole chop ur cornea shit was scary and it hurt like a bitch while it healed.
Would do again /10