How much is the value added tax in your country?

How much is the value added tax in your country?

In Hungary it's 27% !

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There are 3 VAT tariffs in the Netherlands:

0% tariff
6% tariff
21% tariff (since 1 October 2012)
0% tariff

The 0% tariff applies to (foreign) entrepreneurs who conduct business in foreign countries from the Netherlands. This mainly involves the supply of goods from the Netherlands to another EU country. Further information about the 0% tariff can be found under Exporting from the Netherlands to other EU countries: intra-Community supply and Exporting from the Netherlands to non-EU countries. Application of the 0% tariff means that you still retain the right to deduct VAT.

6% tariff

The 6% tariff is also called the low tariff. This tariff is applied to many common products or services, such as food and drink, agricultural products and services, medicines, books, daily newspapers and magazines.

An extensive list of goods and services for which the 6% tariff applies is given with the information for Dutch entrepreneurs under Tarieven en vrijstellingen (only available in Dutch).

21% tariff (since 1 October 2012)

The 21% tariff is also called the high or general tariff. Is there is no reason for an exemption, the reverse-charge mechanism, the 0% tariff or the 6% tariff? Then you must charge 21% VAT.


I want this system here.

I know it's hard to imagine for someone who doesn't live in a communist country, Ameribro. Here they tax you like crazy and ON TOP OF THAT they take 27% every time you spend your already taxed income!

And we still have a budget deficit!!!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

I think our GST is like 10% if thats what youre asking across the board. When Howard was in gov. there were talks of getting rid of it completely but then Rudd fucked our debt up and now theres no chance of getting rid of it

Wikipedia says that we have the highest VAT in the world!Általános_forgalmi_adó#Magyarorsz.C3.A1gi_t.C3.B6rt.C3.A9nete

Sales tax is 6% in my state

They tried to make it 7% but everyone fought against it

The Danes are higher all over though since they have no reduced rates at all.

Then again they get to have arguably the most comfy country in the world.

25% VAT on everything.


what's income tax?
because that's the kicker isn't it?

20% on general stuff

9% for food

i was in spain and bought a 10 dollar t shirt and it came to like 13 dollars, i looked at recipt and it said like 26 percent sales tax or some shit. wtf spain.

jesus christ sort on individual, we're getting raped harder than everyone

flat 16%. those motherfuckers, if only they knew..

*were getting raped hardest on the minimal

you lads on the max

Almost 40 here and we have the best living standard in the world

Makes you fink

how do you socialist shit holes still manage to run massive deficits even when you rape the citizens of all their wealth?

our equivalent to a VAT- the sales tax- is 8% here and we still bitch and moan about it

why haven't you revolted yet?

We have sales tax which is essentially the same thing and it varies state to state

In ny it's 8.825% though no tax on groceries and like no tax on clothing under like $100 or something iirc

Flat 21%.

High as fuck, but the living standard is insanely high. I guess it's a trade-off, but it's nice knowing that there are many security nets in case shit happens.

6% food and water
13% reastaurants and wine
23% rest

>we have huge amounts of oil
>but taxes are what makes us rich
ok Agnar

Sales tax is 6% in Michigan, and it doesn't apply to groceries or services.

For some food it's lower, but forgot what exactly. 9? 16?

Either way, too high.

>how do you socialist shit holes still manage to run massive deficits even when you rape the citizens of all their wealth?

"Free" shit. If we make a plus for once, the first thing our politicians do is to check the current interest rates and then borrow however much money they could pay the interests for with the surplus and waste it all on social bullshit.

Please America invade Europe annex us pls

Free healthcare, free college, lots of welfare, public retirement pensions, 6 weeks paid holidays


It's lower for food and books.

an impressive number of people are dependent on the gov (employees, welfare queens, rapefugees etc) and the white men who mostly make up the tax base are all wimps who were brainwashed since age 6 that it's their duty to fund all the bonanza.

25% on most things.

books and "culture" are 6%
foods are 12%

its pretty annoying

0 % for food
7 % for gods
10 % for alcohol

That social safety net is like a warm blanket, friend.

There's something really comfy about the fact that hitting rock bottom here just means living in a smaller apartment and buying generic brands.


except we got 4 weeks
also cheap beer or alcohol generally

15% GST
income tax is between like 10 and 30%
petrol tax is like $1.50 a litre
there is like 500 other taxes in this shit hole country

On the other hand, that warm blanket also tangles your legs when you try to climb higher.

Instead of making it or failing based on how well you to you are kind of eternally trapped in the middle.

God damn it man everyone must be an atheist in your country if the gods charge so much.

aussie here we pay a huge amount of tax on everything, gst is 20% but the storeowners and companies are taxed hugely, some a couple hundred percent. ciggerettes at 25 for a pack of 20, they ant put the price up to 40 a pack over the next 4 years, with both major parties pushing this. alcohol is also taxed a couple hundred %

>13% unemployment
>free college but still manages to rank below americans on international testing results
>expansive welfare and generous benefits programs render your country globally competitive

makes you think

Our payroll tax is also crazy high. The government takes more than a third of your salary and on top of that you pay income tax and then also the VAT on what's left.

thank the lord allah is free

One of the practical reasons is also that once you hand out free shit there is no taking it back, so it's mostly the boomers in their idealistic heyday you have to blame.

Also, the people who are most likely to actually riot and revolt are those at the bottom, so taking away free shit is a good way to provoke unrest throughout the country.

In a sense the welfare queens and rapefugees are the least cucked part of the population since they are more willing to stand up for themselves, they're less domesticated.

25au for a pack not %tax

yeah I just checked and apparently you're getting fucked by both ends like most of Western Europe


>believing this unironically
>thinking that the poor really need 60/70% of your lifetime income to survive trough tough times
>Not knowing switzerland has a full welfare state and taxes are 20%

Because we have good, safe lives, and most Danes are proud that even people coming from less fortunate homes will have a not horrible life with good opportunities

>it's nice knowing that there are many security nets
for niggers and not white people

Do you even know what payroll tax is ? It reduces your salary by 34.5% here right away!

From 5 to 23%

That won't last much longer with your kike traitor overlords.

15% on nearly everything. Residential rent, bank fees, and interest are the most notable exceptions. Used to be 12.5% but the current party in power (National) had to bump it up to pay for the (obviously - it was November 2008) unaffordable income tax cuts they promised to get elected.


You're right about the boomers, i'll give you that. Everything else is bullshit, poor people don't need 60/70% of my income to survive trough tough times. Also if people rise up there is something called the police. Or self defence, whenever we're making that legal again

>yfw the democrats want to tax you sales tax AND add a VAT tax to whatever you buy.

That's true, but keeping the proles contented and not having a bunch of ghettos and violence is also nice.

That said, our systems are not designed with opportunistic immigrants in mind. Most Dutch people are ashamed to be on welfare, there's only a tiny minority of Dutch people on long term unemployment to the degree that it barely costs money. Immigrants however tend to have no qualms about it whatsoever, no moral investment in the greater picture.

WTF Greece!?

53% Corporate Tax in first year!?

Do they even want new business to start up?



don't put faith in your gov to bail you out. when the money is gone, they will simply tell you good luck. this is basically how most of the 19th and early 20th centuries went, and it's a lesson learned dozens of times. unless you are a bank... always put something aside, because rapid inflation is real.

What I'm saying is that the security you get in return goes a long way in having people accent high taxes.

I'll grant that Denmark is based especially given your recent BTFOing "refugees" by making them give up their wealth to receive benefits

but I feel like there has to be a distinction made between the working class that toil and labor all day but get paid poorly for things outside of their control (farmers, factory workers, etc.) and the social parasites.

Greece is fucked m8.
And this has been going on for a while.

I'm afraid you are right
Welfare systems have been getting fucked by good for nothing immigrants for years now

>income tax is between like 10 and 30%

To elaborate on that if anyone cares, the brackets are:

0-14000 - 10.5%
14001-48000 - 17.5%
48001-70000 - 30%
70001+ - 33%

Companies - 28%
Trusts - 33%

That's why "fair tax" advocates are cultists. Firstly, they think that the income tax will be abolished if we have the fair tax, it won't.

And even if it were, they would bring it back after the first budget shortfall, giving us an income tax and a national VAT

20% on stuff
10% on food

>that graph

just goes to show you generous welfare only works for white people since we have a concept of shame for being on the public dole

All the amount of police and self-defense don't make a difference if the poor people have enough incentive to take the risk anyway.

It's cheaper and more efficient to just make sure the poor have a box to live in, some food, a big TV, a playstation and some beer and weed to keep them nice and docile.

That said, I agree that our current system is sloppy and up for revision. Something like a basic income would have a lot of potential as pleb pacifier, I think.

>even when you rape the citizens of all their wealth?
I think that's also the reason. The government is killing most economic activity with these taxes and so they end up collecting less than they could with low taxes.

Orban was raised to be a commie leader and doesn't understand free market.

they're ruled by literal communists

its time for germany to stop bailing them out so their shitty red ideology can finally be seen for what it is: a famine generator

There is no federal sales tax, my state's is 6%.

Dude you're getting fucked big time, and if you think that you have to surrender 2/3 of what you make to 'feel safe' you're deluded. In the meantime the dutch government to attract investments has expats like me open companies and lets us pay 0% for the first three years while we fuck dutch qts and then we leave. So i'm really fighting for you lol

I have been to czech republic, alcohol is cheaper here in portugal. Wine is less than 1€ per liter, beer 0.75€ per liter, spirits are expensive though around 5 - 6 euros for a bottle of vodka for example

Just fuck my economic independence up senpai

Godverdomme vieze kankersocialisten TERUG NAAR 19%

Come back when your oil runs out.


I agree that the system could be better, I just think that the general notion of a welfare state is a good one.

Also I should mention that food, medicine, and some services are exempt.

>paying taxes

20% and 10%.

>France created this thiefery.

Another reason to nuke us.

there are new laws in Denmark, where you have to work atleast 225 hours in a year (or something like that) to receive benefits. People are just starting to get hit by it

Nog beter. Die BTW verhoging was echt achterlijk. Heeft ons veel economische groei gekost.

Rood tuig en economie, nooit maar dan ook echt NOOIT meer.

I've been buying as much as I can off the internet with no sales tax, fuck that.

How about not inviting dindus in the first place? Every dutch person over 30 i've interacted with abhor welfare, so even if you had the benefits they still wouldn't be used except in rare cases

>free college but still manages to rank below americans on international testing results
>burgers still think their colleges are doing good by themselves, not because of the huge govt grants

>you're getting fucked by both ends like most of Western Europe
Man, we are like 10 times poorer than western Europe!

>for export 0

>only need to work for a month and a half to get benefits
How very tough of Denmark


>How about not inviting dindus in the first place?
Would be great, but we have a bunch of them now and we have to deal with them, realistically, not in a zany Cred Forums 'dude just genocide them lmao' way.

>Every dutch person over 30 i've interacted with abhor welfare, so even if you had the benefits they still wouldn't be used except in rare cases
That's just tough talk. Yes, they all abhor welfare until the crisis hit them and they're out of a job and the house has to be sold and the BMW goes away. Everyone hates it until they need it, and lately a lot of people have been needing it.

I've seen plenty of middle class people fall into 'poverty' the last decade or so. They're not complaining anymore when they need the government's help to keep the lights on and the kids in school.

Income taxes are 40-45% for the middle class
Capital is taxed less than labour (25%)

We get a lot back for our taxes, but I still think income tax should never be above 40%.

t. Eternal FDP Shill

I kinda like you though, when are you putting your trip back on?


FDP shill?
No, I abhor neoliberalism. I am thankful every day I do not live in the US.

>They're not complaining anymore when they need the government's help


81% overall.

> I just think that the general notion of a welfare state is a good one. I just think that the general notion of a welfare state is a good one. I just think that the general notion of a welfare state is a good one.


>We get a lot back for our taxes
I spent some time with public servants at work and it can be hilarious how inefficient they work.
Rundfunkgebühr is also retardedly high if you look how they actually spend the money.
>Intendanten who do nothing and get 6 figure salaries
>bloated production budgets on everything

Can't have it all I guess.


You should look at all the tax and inflation, then you should also look into what government provides for you. Only then you will see the real number.

Yeah, public sector wages are often ridiculous. They should be pegged to private sector wages in some way.

17% on everything


t. švercegovac

>Everyone hates it until they need it, and lately a lot of people have been needing it.
Everyone hates the fact that the people who use it the most don't work, have never worked, and will never work despite the government pumping ludicrous amounts of money into (an attempt at) their education.

It gets tiring after your old mum gets kicked out of her old people's home to make room for the new batch of ahmeds.

25% on most general things.
12% on stuff like food etc.

The country that officially names itself "Land of the Magyars" calling itself communist.

Kill yourself you filthy Hun.

25%.. I want to kill myself when I think about it. fucking jew politicians.

Long term unemployment is very rare and doesn't cost a lot, but I do agree the probleem is increasing with all the sandpeople coming in given these stats: That's one reason to like Wilders. He's for the welfare state, just against the abusive newfags.

do you not grow tulip? i have about 6 tulips, trying to cash out but it's hard finding the $ for food

Because wealth is not created or destroyed.
Only transformed.
Think for a second you blue pilled sheep.


>hamburguer education

>Long term unemployment is very rare and doesn't cost a lot
citation? long term unenployment is exactly what costs a lot. imagine if it's 1/5th of your support, that's 20% directly back into the markets. 20% of what? all of your welfare tulips. i'm trying to speak objectively, because we have a lot of the same issues and it sucks too.


you give welfare to pools? wtf, how does this even work?

We learned our lesson after the tulip mania, never again!!

Yeah the sandniggers are the main problem. Also people from former and current colonies. They generally shit up society and are a huge drain on financial resources (not just welfare, also the justice system) that should be used to invest measures that lead to structural growth such as education and r&d.

Socialism didn't had high tax, didn't had welfare and didn't had universities.
Socialism employed anybody anywhere any time, welfare wasn't needed and you were educated at work, not before work.
You should ask yourself what you taxes are spend, since here if you pay 40 euro per month you got free health care, if you pay 20 euro you got free urgent health care and we aren't Socialism. Now the question is how much free health care do you get.

American and English colleges are the best BECAUSE they are private not in spite of being private.
Free market is really good for innovation, this is why they publish the most and best papers, because if they don't it will mean no more new students/funding.
Look at German and French universities for example, almost completely state funded and awful in rankings.

4% / 10% / 21%
It depends in the type of product you buy. Luxury items are taxed at 21%, but basic food with 4%.

>Now the question is how much free health care do you get.
there is no free healthcare. if you get sick in Croatia and need urgent operation, you'll have to pay for it (under the table or go private).

they just put you on waiting lists and hope you dont die until then.

socialism doesnt work.

if you only knew how many people have been on bennies for years without ever doing anything. 82% of somalian women never work here. This new rule might change something there, but I agree it's not exactly tough


7% in my state, but particular regions, solely based because where they are located in regards to city limits, have 3.5%. These are where outlet malls are located.

Well, what are they going to do? What jobs are there for illiterates with zero skills?

The only way to solve the issue is cut the welfare and hope they move to Sweden or Germany.

5% federal. My province takes 8%. However it doesn't apply to groceries.

Or items from nfp thrift stores.

Well, in the stats long term unemployment is defined as longer than a year, but what I mean is more 'career unemployment', lifelong and deliberate, which is relatively rare.

I have seen stats on the latter but that was a while ago, I have a hard time finding them now.

We are in EU, you mean capitalism doesn't works. Socialism didn't had wait lines, since it educated enough doctors and you everybody didn't wait for private doctors and their wait lines.

thats how income tax works in germany.

how much does SAPPHIRE NITRO RX480 cost in your country.

Croatia: 345.09 US Dollar

$229 - $279
was thinking about buying it desu, like that exact one. Upgrading from a Sapphire 6970

Here in Spain, 300 € or ~ $335.

>ID: chimp

318 dollar

the 4gb one is obviously cheaper, but its not good.

whatever you want to believe. I hope you dont get sick in Croatia. It is better for you to die than to end up in croatian post traumatic care. They wont even give you morphine to numb the pain (except if you are a political figure or pay them of)..

This is what happens when you buy foreign products and every merchant adds tax. If we would be in Yugoslavia we would produce that ourselves and then it would be really cheap.

Kek, when you get to 40% like us come talk to me

520 USD here.

holy fuck man. Kill someone dude.

I'm triggered now

No sales tax in my state.

here it's 20% on most stuff.

plus they take at least 50% of everything you earn by working your ass off all day so they can finance our completely corrupt political system

It's from 2,5% to 20%

>ID: my moon

top kek

1980ies are some while ago, your politicians had plenty of time to change your medical system when you were independent and now that you are in EU. I don't know how it works there, but i know how it works here.
In Slovenia we have 2 insurances: basic insurance(BS) and extra insurance(EX), here's what it completely covers:
organ transplant, intensive care, radiotheraphy, dialysis, other urgent things (90% BS, 10% EX)
care in hospitals, specialists who are part of basic care (80% BS, 20% EX)
care for most of injuries, medication from positive list (70% BS, 30% EX)
medication from intermediary list, glasses, teeth prosthetic (10% BS, 90 EX)
urgent medical transports, some health resorts (10% BS, 90% EX)

Basic insurance costs 23 EUR per month(you have to have it), extra insurance costs 26 EUR per month(also for car).

Jesus fucking Christ how do you people make any money? Does anyone even live decently in the absence of government handouts?

Few years back due to unemployment I had to take a few months of welfare to eat. I did everything in my power to get a new job asap. I felt super ashamed for taking the welfare.

Meanwhile the shitskins take welfare all their life and take it without a shred of shame.

Really makes me wonder.

so, you can avoid to pay basic and extra health insurance? or is it mandatory?

we have basic (which gets taken away from your paycheck). but there is no competition, so the service is shit.

if you get paid by government and the patients have no other choice, where is the motivation to provide better services?

Welfare is fine and works good, however it is mandatory that you don't import a million shitskins to abuse the system.

We would've been the richest on the planet without shitskins.



331 USD

not really. if you have a young family with let's say two kids, one of them a baby so the mother has to stay at home, most people can't live on just the fathers salary and without gov handouts.

also, this model sounds good, but you cant compare Slovenia to shithole croatia. You basically have 2* them GDP per capita of our banana republic.

This wouldn't work in here right now.

>Basic insurance costs 23 EUR per month(you have to have it)
Read the post, i said you have to have it, but you have people who don't have it, who are homeless and such.

Welfare is a socialist tool to keep the good men down and to breed lefty voters.

How do I join the ranks of somalian women in Denmark? I have the feeling that the sweet danish benefits might be more than my current salary. Please, elaborate on the subject.

In croatia it is 15% on your monthly pay (before taxes) and it gets payed by the employer.

We also have some sort of extra insurance which you pay yourself monthly (I dont know, I'm young).

But no matter how much you pay for it, the service wont get improved. Why should they improve it when there is no competition for them?

To add:
You have private doctors and there are many insurance companies, it's your choice where you get insurance. Private doctors under insurance or what do you think how me buying insurance works? We have competition, that's called wait lines, since hospitals make sure they hire as much doctors to keep their business blooming, they not planning to build another hospital just because you have to wait for 2 months.

food is pretty cheap in germany.
my mother is a nursery school teacher and my father didnt work for years ( he was an chemical engineer) and we are living pretty good with our own house and 3 cars .

He lost his job around 45'?

Top kek

Competition, such useless non-existent word. People aren't going to compete more if they have less guns on their neck. Now they compete by building less hospitals aka they use existing Socialistic built hospitals and close some others. They compete who gets customers, since if they screw up it gets told. While if hospital screws up they fire the doctor or not. You surely don't think that some unchecked private doctor is going to be better, how do i even know if he knows what's he's doing, he could be a Serbian who just bought his education. During Socialism they would make sure you are educated or how do you think total control works. EU has a problem with medication with side effects, because they only interested in selling it.

0% in my state.

Any government that taxes people for buying things is retarded.

Kek wil het, Henk. Gaan we dat regelen?

around 50. he was a specialist for concrete production. but right now he is trying to start a business with 2 of his patents.
considering he came with to germany barely speaking german he did pretty good.

vat is against the ideas of socialism since it taxes the poorest the most

10% master race reporting in

10% or 18%, depends on item.

Yeah but Amerisharts pay 20% tip on literally everything.

VAT didn't even exist during Socialism.

Adding value was pointless anyway

>tfw Bayern presidential election is the only fun one since it triggers all Prussians and leftists

>he could be a Serbian who just bought his education.

I dont know, I only have fist hand experience for dentists. The private ones do such a better job and its worth paying yourself even if you are covered by insurance. Also, every old person bitches about waiting lists. And everybody who needed urgent operations in here had to cash out 5-10 k euros under the table to get a good surgeon and get the operation right away.

are you telling me Todorić pays the same amount of VAT for bread as I do?

mei bua

Even in Croatia you had a scandal where they would sell education under the table, you just had to pay money. You had many cases of Serbian educated or foreigners educated at some private school, finished phd, but couldn't speak native language.

we also have a 1 to 6% income tax rate too bad we arent like texas or florida and have no income tax

>Even in Croatia you had a scandal where they would sell education under the table
I remember that. But I guess its not as bad as being operated by one of those syrian/german doctors.

wtf i hate the balkans now

Samo je jedan Bossmann

>sit-down restaurants and bars


And we're the fat ones...

Easy, we got beer and wine produced locally. Now for spirits... wait, in that case why the fuck does Licor Beirão cost so damn much?

kako ono ide centriranje


probably because higher tax for liquor.

who is this? Saban Saulic?

17% when I was a lil boy
19% when I started making my own money
21% during the recession.
21% while our prime minister tells us we're doing great.
25% In the near future.

You are confused about private vs. public. Everything is private nowadays, since that literally means that somebody is the owner and the owner picks the top boss, where the boss picks works. Hospitals hire workers, private worker opens a clinic. Public ownership during Yugoslavia meant that boss wasn't important, since workers of hospital would elect their boss, they would fire their boss, they were the owners aka public owners of hospital during employment there and Communistic government was the police and even Communistic government was elected by people. Tito was a public figure, the real work was done by people's government composed of people's elected officials. For example: doctors elect hospital bosses and out of those you elect hospital representative of people. That's how people's public government works. Nowadays you can have a foreigner buying a hospital and then he's the owner, he can be the boss, he has all the decisions, workers aren't important in decision making.

>Wine is less than 1€ per liter, beer 0.75€ per liter, spirits are expensive though around 5 - 6 euros for a bottle of vodka for example
That all sounds like paradise.

Do you have any mountain places where it doesn't get hot?

>we croats need to learn from the jews
ayy, Saban is very clever dude

but our hospitals get government money and cant bankrupt, If they get losses, government inevitably has to cover them. And they always go over their budgets and have losses.

so if production sells to retail its taxed, and then its taxed again from retail to costumer? EU is fucked if this is the case


it's actually Dr. Ante Pavlovic


Government is the private owner of hospital. Still private. Democratic governments aren't made out of people's representatives, they don't even need to be army specialists to be to army general. Look around defense ministers, some are women. If government was elected by people then they could be public owner, but during democracy you don't influence government, you don't tell them what to do, you can't fire them when they screw up, you only elect some symbolic political parties and that political party picks anybody they want, they do whatever they want, they are immune to prosecution, they can't be fired, their term can't be broken. You can't simply extract one of them and fire them or replace them. Government during democracy is nothing but a private owner.

8% standard
2.5% for food, medical supplies amongst other things
3.8% for accomodation services

that's INTERESTing

fuck of mountain jew, I'm already jealous enough of you

nice trips, he makes god tier music too

well, it doesnt work very well. its a breeding ground for corruption.

saban ubija

what goes for learning from jews

try mladen schwartz

Governments of democracy, especially that of USA are nothing but private founded companies. Some Jews come and invest, then they do what Jew invested, they don't do what people told them. Or another example: a gay lobby comes, tells them to make gay laws. Then we have on top of that EU and international laws. Democratic governments are intermediary companies who do the bidding of international elite, they don't do what people tell them, since they don't even ask people to begin with. Did baker tell them what baking laws to make, did farm industry tell them what farm industry laws to make? No such thing in democracy.

gonna watch that later, that bold fucker is crazy

"my brother wanted to fuck me once"
I'm fucking dying.


it all comes back to us though but fuck it we have to pay less for gas lol

how much is it to buy 1 coffee in switzerland ? 10 euro ?

živio rođo

2.5% for Basic Goods (Food / Books / Newspapers / Medical Supplies)

3.8% for Hotels (to support tourism)

8% for everything else

We have 18% on everything we buy, and we have cheap healthcare ( the ambulance from 911 are free) , we have highway assistance for people that have accidents and problem with their vehicles, cheap education, the cost of living isnt that high and our economy have been stable for 2 years. Why america is so expensive ?

4 euro

>we have to pay less for gas

Over 9k

theyll stay for the blondes
>s. shitskin

4% for food and other basic stuff you need to live
10% on some services
22% on everything else
Fun fact, some taxes have a 22% VAT on top of it so our taxes are taxed