Tfw trump will never thank Cred Forums for all we have done for him

>tfw trump will never thank Cred Forums for all we have done for him

it's a thankless job being a memester

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You shouldn't be thanked for doing your duty.


Do you thank the sun each morning?

This is a job that doesn't need thanks, just habbenings

We're doing it for civilisation, not for thanks.

Keep that meme magic flowing.

Its a beneficial relationship, although to be honest he should salute us to boost our troop morale.

>Internet people

Agreed. We don't want to be mentioned, Reddit is essentially our source laundering service. Funny that a extremely popular leftist stronghold essentially gives legitimacy to what Cred Forums churns out.

All jokes aside we have won the election for Trump. It's fun pulling the strings.

But OP, he's already thanked us more than we deserve.

>All jokes aside we have won the election for Trump. It's fun pulling the strings.

Lets hope the deal maker, don't get a better deal if you know what I mean.

>being this retarded
he already thanked us with the pepe memes he retweeted / posted
thanking Cred Forums in public is a suicide
and we don't want him to thank us in public cause this place will be fluded with fucking normies

The heros the world deserves

Every night I worry deeply for my Pizza Boy meme.

Is he alright on Cred Forums? Will he be safe there?

We're all parents of memes. Both the mother and father in one.

Fpbp, this is know a kek devotion thread

Praise kek

The fuck why is it a gif?


Yes thank you

Someone post the screenshot where Trump posts on Cred Forums, someone says use a certain word in a tweet to prove it, and the madman goes and does it.

We're not here to get praise and recognition, we're here to change the world to one better for our kind.

Don't need recognition, seeing the world change in our favour is all we need.

Your efforts have not gone unnoticed by the Legendary Toad Sage.

he wont

but his sons will by proxy

We are not warriors in the first Memetic World War for glory, we do it for the greater good.

Once TRUMP makes our republic an empire, and we are blessed with the TRUMP Dynasty, humanity will enter a golden age.

And we all were a part of it.

I salute you all, my brothers in arms.




> It's fun pulling the strings.
so we be soros now

>wanting attention
back to plebbit, milo

Although I agree pol may have had an impact via red pilling a few normies (including me) and spreading memes does anyone really think you had a drastic effect on the election?

Seems self centered and just plain sad to me, I would say his charisma, public speaking skills, and policys were the main factors. I'f anything pol has turned away a shit ton of undecided voters by thinking they by associating with trump are also associating with a "racist website"

Nobody gives a shit about ownership on Cred Forums.

Go back to the_donald if you want recognition or karma for your shit.

>all we did for him
hes a protest vote to protest against lobbyist republicans like cruz and protest against cuckold republicans like romney

hes a useful idiot we do for him and he does for us

I do, kiwi

It is the darkness from which we operate that gives us our great power.

We thank you for being one of us desu-senpai-chan. But seek not fame, for it is nothing but a jewish trick to strip you of your meme powers.

Who cares who owned it? It happened, that's all that matters.

Go volunteer for your local Republican party if you want recognition.

This. Definitely this.

You die a natsoc or live long enough to become the shadow puppeter