Would you kill all of the retards?

If you were in charge of society, would you gas retards? (

yes, all niggers, (not blacks that can act civilised), shitskins, (ALL of them), and tards.

throw in the kikes for good measure


>yes, all niggers, (not blacks that can act civilised), shitskins, (ALL of them), and tards.
t. Tyronne

coming from a fucking spic, ha fucking ha pedro

(timestamp on foot for all you weirdos who say, "post feet")

This foot is clearly a symbol of white supremacy used by Trump supporters.

It depends if they had any quality of life, those braindead retards i would gas with CO2 but downies i would just sterilize

>foot stamp

have you actually used that foot to kick remainers in their arse?

No. I'd give them scissors and roller skates and let them do it themselves.

I would not. Sick people, are just sick people, all they need is a medical help. As for the low IQ niggers, i would just control their birthrate.

We are all free people, and every man has a right to live, but if someone acts like animal, for instance like those ISIS fucks, well kill them, in the way they know they are dying. Those "gangsta" niggers - kill them with fire. Basically give to people same treatment You want to receive, if they by their own action put themself outside of the civilized society, treat them like the animals they are.


Fucking Papists and their "ethics."

All non-Europeans should be exterminated, also add the handicapped, retarded and generally unfit to the list regardless of race.


I'd kikk you l

based diego

fucking heretics and their "sola scriptura"

t. non-European

i dont know if i would go through with it but as idea it seems acceptable. Retards (literal ones) are just burden on the society and unwanted reminder to their parents that they will never have grandchildren. Just get rid of them

not yet, (keeping the "big guns" in reserve)

In the town next to mine, there's a pallet factory that employs handicapped only, some mental, others physical. Not everyone can drive, so some walk, cycle or are taken by a bus.
Retards can contribute.

You are a racist. Refugees could be doing those jobs.

t. poglavnik


not sute why my ID changed, must be because I turned off the internet then came back, (phone fag)

I also count slavs as non-European :^)

i can't see a connection between someone being retarded, in medical term, and someone actions. And a person should be judged only by his actions.

Do not confuse me with some SJW shitfuck who will judge people by their skin colour, their gender, or shit like that.

Man is a man, black person also can achieve great things, it is not my fault most of them chose to be fucking niggers.

I'll fucking cap you, dirty leaf nigger

I help train those tards right now. Tards are the only uk citizens who are in manufacturing

Is Nigel coming back to lead the entire word against the EU and Merkel?

no. id put them in their own communities as an experiment and make money televising it

id throw them off a cliff right after they were born

all me. seems that a new ID is given each time I turn the internt off & then come back.

Why? They're more useful than NEETs.

>If you were in charge of society, would you gas retards? (

No, however I would start with aborting them when discovered it has down.

you know it ;) pic somewhat related, not me but made in 2016

u wot m7+1? What are people who live in Europe for 13 centuries but Europeans? Man that south american education is severely lacking

>ot blacks that can act civilised

They should be resettled in Africa

You guys are basically the niggers of Europe, i know some descendants of slavs here and holy fuck you guys are annoying and dense.

Also, even from here i can smell the drops of kike blood in you.

No, you Canadians keep me entertained with your poor quality shitposts.

This, it is better they not be born. They would only suffer if they had an absolute certainty or was extremely likely of getting some kind of neurological problem. I don't mean BAWWTISM, but the serious ones like Microcephaly and Down Syndrome.

Also those who are carriers for genetic diseases like DMD shouldn't reproduce.

DMD = Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (Condition where the muscles stability is eventually lost and die late teenage years to early adulthood due to cardiovascular system failing)

i figured.

weed is bad for your mental health diego.

Its been two days since the last time I was high, I know what im talking about Hans.

Without a doubt honestly the wheelchair ones really should be I can't imagine they are happy

Fuck you, Cred Forums is still a Christian board.

Blessed are the poor in spirit,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.