Finland being cucked

Notice how almost all of the protesters are young finnish women.Prove that women has no loyalty to their own country,culture and anything. Sweden, you re not alone,fellow brethrens, we're equally as cucked as you. Sad day for Finland

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What's there to do? Left the reserves, haven't quit my job yet. Should I move to Estonia?

>meth head gets beaten for escalating
>dies to eternal bleeding due to being so drugged up doctors can't operate
>"a sad day for finland!"


Women think with their feelings and are easy to manipulate through propaganda

Women don't want to take any stance that may be controversial

It's a simplistic form or putting it, or you are actually scared to face the music, and preferred to stay in denial of saying such a things. Women aren't powerless uneducated they used to be, they run countries and has a massive power now. To underestimate all that is to be willingly ignorant. In Finland, even though quite many finns men go to Asian country to look for spouse, still finns women and none finns men marriage is way higher. It's like we're becoming Germany and how cucked their women are.

>kill people is good

Fuck off inbred

Go to the northern part of the country, especially Oulu. It's haven and hardly there's any blacks or none whites. Being racist is a norm there.

>Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it

Gotta admit, the setup is genius. How many times have we seen this before? Take trivial event, spin it into an issue, feed it to the media, rile up your political activist groups. Bam, manufactured national outrage to push the public consciousness in your desired direction.

Not a problem. They're still healthier and live longer than sub-saharan Africans.

They should literally be mixing with white Germans, white Anglos, white Spaniards, and Eurasian men of high intelligence.

Mixing with black men is literally retarded.

Central Asian women, Central Asian men of white phenotype would do well as breeding stock... genetically screened... of course.

One more cuck protest and ya'll be governorate once again Finland

Wtf haven't heard of this before! Is this why we have so many autistic lefties. Now it all makes sense

Uneducated simpletons.

"We has genetic diseases. Let's breed with negroes."... retarded.

These diseases can only be cured through white man science and eugenics.

These genetic diseases can be screened out by white man logic in white man labs.

Black man didn't discover these medical issues and they sure as hell won't cure them.

Logic. Where is logic?

Finnish Idiots.

I, for one, welcome our Russian overlords.

Helsinki is a dead city. It's no longer a finn city. I might fucking move to North all the way Oulu. Fuck that's were basically most red pilled finn politicians came from. Fuck this hippy faggot and nigger loving cunts place. It's depressing

>all those winter coats in september

holy fuck


Nationalist*, link very related.

>These diseases can only be cured through white man science and eugenics.
Actually, they could be cured by outbreeding.
It's just that they aren't considering that outbreeding would have any side effects, because they're leftists and everyone is Tabula Rasa unless they're Jakub's inbred snow demons.

It'd be easier to just plop in a few Swedish/Baltic/Russian bloodlines into the country than to do all this mechanistic totalitarianism as to which Finns can breed with which.

The diseases aren't even "debilitating" to Finnish society, so it's not really a "must-solve", particularly when industrialisation or at least city concentration would increase the chances of Finnish bloodlines from different sides of the country breeding with each other.

Plus "White man eugenics" (>implying the Chinese aren't the foremost example of state-run eugenics) is a white elephant m8. Natural selection is better than turning us all into labrats, even if a few more people are born with heritable diseases.

What is this?

Lefties doing an anthropological phrenological study, proving that Finns have a unique look to them?

>What is this?
Real pic of Finnish natsoc member, they are all retarded inbred.

It's unbelievable the amount of stupid shite Canadians come out with

don't worry it's just a small group

They don't look retarded though, they just look Finnish and some of them plebbish.
All the lefties are doing with this is showing their contempt for their country, its genetics, and its salt-of-the-earth.

They do the same shit here, and likely everywhere. It's disgusting.


plz tell putin to smuggle weapons and ammo for nationalist finns so we can overthrow the cucks

>genetic is bullshit

>They don't look retarded though






Natinalist finns are inbred

>women betraying the tribe
Nothing new under the sun. We forgot the wisdom of your ancestors.

I went hiking with a 30 year old Finnish woman last month (was a friend's girlfriend's friend). Easily the most arrogant, rudest bitch I've met. She even hooked up with a black guy before we went to Scotland.

It's always women you fucking faget, doesn't matter what country it is, women are just cancer and are incapable of critical thinking.

Women need their political power revoked asap. Its helping to fuel this decline we are witnessing.

Those girls look like they are dead inside

There are quite a few blacks in Oulu though. Certainly more than I expected prior to moving here.

The way to stop this is not offer student loans, which in turn defunds school commie programs. If all our govts stop handing out money then not only does tuition decrease but bullshit femminist courses disappear as nobody will pay for them with their own money and banks unlikely to hand out loans for subversive commie courses.

Based black pigeon.

It's how finns are

No shit.

It's funny if we could see your face, because you're that Somali.

Most women, when they see shitskins, think only of their alpha male dominant and aggressive behavior, they compare it with the honest and hard-working ways of their countrymen and think they are doing a nice trade by replacing Finns with Arabs and Blacks.

Of course, the truth is that Arabs and Blacks are not able to maintain a functional civilization, that's why they migrate in the first place. When they are without portable water, postal systems, oil and gas network, telecommunications, infrastructure, suffering from endemic violence etc, they will regret their choice.

Or not, maybe they prefer to live in squalor with a Jamal, than live in civilized society with Mika.

Honestly, Finns are the most naive posters on this site
>F-Finns aren't c-cucked lalalalala if I close my eyes that m-means we aren't cucked lalalalala

Is a Somali. He's been hanging around here for years.

I derive enjoyment from Helsinki being destroyed. Stay cucked son.

your goy will just get assasinated again

>It's just Helsinki
Case in point. You're really naive

What a surprise

The more niggerized the area gets the quicker we have some form of disorder or collapse happen, and then things can begin to be reversed. You should view capital Finns getting cucked as a form of entertainment. Their ass-pain adds to the fun.

It's cold as Fuck

women and low test betas should not be allowed to vote

Don't you fins all just bring back thai wives from your vacations anyway?

Pls liberate us!

Do your fucking research, leaf.

>due to founder effects and genetic isolation they are more common in Finns

5 to 10 degree of celsius, my murrican friend. It is cold and getting colder.

Snow googles.

" they don't look retarded, they just look finnish" wtf that supposed to mean?

The funny thing is that even the most cherrypicked people from small Eastern Finnish municipalities look better than Somalis.

Somalis are so trash that you have a hard time having the legitimacy to talk down to even Australian Abos.


The guns are already in :)

Distribution will start when signal comes

She prolly won Miss Finland


Alinsky-ite bastards
I'm sure other nationalities aren't in any way more susceptible to specific diseases.
What would make a leaf so mad as to link cherrypicked, ugly people to supports it's point..
Oh wait, you are a disgusting mutt.

what country was this taken in

What are they protesting against?

>all the cucks gathered in one place
bomb the square you idiots

>durr then we would be no better than shitskins
you either survive as a savage or go extinct as a civilized people

Helsinki is not a reflection of the rest of Finland though.
Helsinki is more like a Swedish colony than a Finnish city.
Isn't that how it generally goes?

Now you're going to get the asshurt impotent Helsinkians insisting everywhere is cucked. Ignore them. Let them be cucked and cry alone.

30 years old finnish women is equivalent of 40 years old normal human female anywhere else. The cock riding she has been riding since she was 15, the alcohol she has consumed and her generally fucked up lifestyle. I'm not surprised she was cunt

Who cares. Bbc is great

>It's only Helsinki
Every relevant city is cucked, and you're an idiot if you don't see this. But you're probably useless anyway and wouldn't do a thing to fix all the problems

Their daddy.

What? Are you fucking serious? Blacks in Oulu? Does that mean, Kemi, and Rollo also has blacks?

Helsinki is 25% foreign in the younger demographics. All cities besides Turku and Tampere are basically 96-98% Finnish. That's the big difference.

Didn't watch the vid, but I assume it's "racism".
Some junkie antifa was getting up on the Finnish Resistance Movement guys faces some time ago, one of them pushed him a bit, being a junkie he went flying to the ground. He went to the hospital, got released, dies a week later to a brain hemorrhage or something. And now liberals are screaming bloody murders, obviously leaving out tiny facts like "gets released from hospital" "Dies a week later", "is a junkie", instead they just go "NAZIS MURDERED THIS NICE GUY. DINDU NUFFIN."

Globally, are the Finns really happy ?

and yet, every day something bad happens in any city but Helsinki
>No other cities aren't bad
it's because of people like you I had to leave Finland, nothing is going to change with your kind. Only Russia can fix this.

Yes I've noticed a huge increase of niggers in the past few summers.
And to think I was like 20 before I saw my first real-life nigger.

No, we are depressed as fuck and eat depression drugs like candies.

That, and women are hypergamous. It might be where Finnish men are too beta now, and they want alpha Muslim dick.

It confirms my intuition about your consumption of of alcohol and promiscuity.

Do you think it's the environment or the culture that make that ?

It will get better, one day


Someone user just wrote that the furthest biggest city up north in the country is also got blacked. I'm talking about near the Arctic circle.

They already shipped tons of sand niggers to various municipalities outside of Helsinki, most of them fucked off right away. Some were complaining that Jyväskylä was too rural for them. Lol. The thing is, they don't want to be here, so we are not in the same danger.
>it's because of people like you I had to leave Finland
Good job dumbass, leaving for a country that is fundamentally impossible to overturn from multiculti. The fact Americans use a meaningless term like "white" is proof of how futile it is.

good post

After the race war, this removes all doubt that we can never let women vote again.

that's not a cure, you idiot. Ashaera death to you

To put this into perspective: we see a nigger sometimes every few days, Helsinkians can't throw a rock outside without hitting Mbungo or Mohammed in the head.

It means that lefties take American Euromutt/Scandinavian glass jaw "pretty boys" selected by Hollywood and the gay media for their looks as the visual standard of intelligence.

Ya rly

>Ashaera death to you


And it is a cure if the genes are recessive, no oppressive medical screening campaign against Finnish genes necessary.

what do all the googles and skittles do in finland ?
i doubt that there much jobs to do and that they are qualified for something? how do they survive?

So close to quints

>see a puddle of estrogen, imported kikes and fickifickistanis

Yeah women are shit

Repent your sins for they made you weak

Live as flawlessly as possible and prepare for destroying kikes traitors and shitskins

Women gain quality when led by example of quality men

Oh yeah, I mean nothing like in Helsinki, I just meant a "huge increase" as in, we used to have exactly 0, now we have maybe like 100-200. They have a tendency to aimlessly roam the streets during the summer though, while Finns spend more time at home, so they are more visible in the street-picture than I'd like.
During the winter they stay at their accommodations too, so you barely see any niggers then.



So what's your experience with blacks if you ever had one with them?

Do you know if Oulu is blacked as well?


>always the gangster-looking nigs like they straight came from detroit
>never a normal one

putting me in a bad spot


nothing triggers Cred Forums more than stuff like this, excellent bait material, you'd think Cred Forums would be better than falling for this

also Turku is BLACKED, everytime i go to the city centre every 6th person is somekind of a negro

I don't really interact with them, aside from stuff like.. A female friend of mine had a bit too much to drink, we get out of a bar, she falls over and is getting up, and some nigger loitering around went to try to grope her, so I threw him away and told him to gtfo, then took her home.
My interactions with them are limited to stuff like that. But that's not a common atleast for me, they're pretty docile in general over here.

As for Oulu, I'd say about the same as Kemi. They probably got a bit more nigras in total, but noone likes them there either.

Club Swagga thread

So nigs intermingle with you guys at clubs. Fuck in Kemi? The birth place of SOD. Those Kwame and Achmeds has some balls. Also, Stop being a white knight, that bitch would probably let those guys nail her. Going to oulu next week.

What's your definition of normal looking nigs? Someone who dress and talk like Obama?

Kemi has sandniggers and shitskins, Rovaniemi not so much. Kemi is a shithole anyways, full of junkies and other shit tier people.

People of Rovaniemi are pretty based, if you don't include university students.

>So nigs intermingle with you guys at clubs
No, a few nigs sometimes loiter outside the bars. Maybe waiting to steal wallets from drunken cunts or something. Never seen a nigger actually inside the bars I frequent. I think there's 1 club they go to, but I don't know any Finns who go to that club. So eh, I think they're mainly segregated there.

Rollo city is fucking sassier than the most of cities I know. Except maybe Temp or Hels. Turku is a shithole tho.

Wait, you mean nigs and achmeds can't get into bars, is it because of policy or what, I hope there's no nigs and sandnigs clubs.

Uni students are scums. Well, most of them are leftie communist scums.

european women want and deserve dark men.

nothing can change this fact.

>turku is a shithole

all in the name

>deserve dark men

Yes, they do.

I'm sure they CAN, but they don't.
Probably because there's a decently sized "neo-nazi racist" group here, who would start shit if niggers went into the good bars. Think there was a few incidents and the niggers learned to stick to that one club.

remember to beat your woman

>Sweden, you re not alone,fellow brethrens, we're equally as cucked as you.

No Finbro. This is just how it starts. You still have some way to fall before you're on our level. Women are like Trojan horses - Pretty to look at but they let the Greeks inside the walls.

Great we can add higher incidence of diabetes and sickle-cell to the list.



>european women want and deserve dark men.
>nothing can change this fact.
Is this actually a thing down south? Every woman I know have made a retching motion or "I'd rather eat glass" statement when even joked about the matter.
And over half the women I know are leftists.





Yeah, that's also why so many women have been going into porn lately in the western world. For the past few decades, and especially in the past few years.

They are sluts that want to get fucked by Chad, and going into porn is their only chance to do it. This is the politically incorrect, inconvenient truth even Cred Forums and /r9k/ refuses to accept. Not all women are sluts, but most are, and they will literally go into porn just to get fucked by Chad for pleasure. It's not about the money.

>replying to a roach

You must always ignore roaches finn, their movement across the keyboard may occasionally simulate communication but to reply would be a mistake.


The women are so easily manipulated by the media. This protest had no legitimate reason to exist.

Remove Female vote.

Poor Finland, I couldn't even imagine being surrounded by 2 idiot countries 1 that wants to swarm in you.
>Mexico and Canada
It's too much work to put up those fences

Oh look, its you again.
Wasn't that your ex? Who you presented as not being fucking hideous in the last thread?
>2/10 in Finland
>10/10 in UK


No, I showed you how hideous she was senpai. Represents pretty much all Finnish women tho tbqh

Fair enough.
I guess she's still better looking than most of UK slags though.

Well. Sweden will be Ahmed soon, better get a tan and turban


Me on the right.

>anglos in charge of attractive women
I'm not even going to post that one chick from GoT, because you already know someone else will.


Elaborate a bit more. The anger get better of me. " retching motions"

Finland saved nordic countries from Stalin and communism. Stalin would have invaded Sweden also because it sold iron ore to Nazi-Germany and Norway was under nazi control too.


>" retching motions"
Pretending you're gonna throw up. That's been probably the most common reaction to the idea of fucking a (sand)nigger. Even among the Green Party-voting liberals I know

the 2 in the middle are pretty average looking desu, maybe a little on the worse side
then you get the 1 goth kid and 1 inbred / village

Weren't the Finns the one who asked for a peace treaty?
Didn't the Finns lose way more land than the Soviets demanded before the war?
Didn't the Finns lose 1/5th of their populated land and second largest industrial city?
You guys killed a lot of gommies, good for you, but the war was a huge lose for you.

Finnish alcoholism is a bit overstated. Compared to the rest of Europe we don't drink more than them, and what is more, among young people the the alcohol consuption is steadily declining.

Prohibition era fucked us good though, because when you could drink, you'd binge. Pair it with with a vodka/booze culture rather than the beer or wine one and you have a nasty combination and resulted in a culture of getting shit faced when you drank.

The thought that Finnish people are alcoholics was pushed by heavily by absolutist movement during the turn of 20th century. It's in line with our paternalist tradition of elites trying to civilize peasants. I don't think it had much basis in truth and still doesn't.

Don't know about promiscuity. Might be more related to other factors such as a great support for socialism during last century, declining protestant tradition and with our introverted nature (nobody knows what you're doing so no outward pressure to conform). I think Swedish women for example slut it up just as much.

Women's drinking however hasn't been frowned upon for decades, which of course has made them easier to seduce. There are plenty of chads to take advantage of that situation.

Who's she? Get more of her?

The goth one is the most attractive ones

>his country's only achievement is losing a war

Find a finnish woman you cuck and make a stand.

i was of the impression that only helsinki was cucked and that you were too based to be brainwashed. moving forward, what direction do you finns expect that your govt will be heading in?

ye i got loads

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . Arabs and Turks deserve Dasch, Erdogan, Assad, crazy-batship jihadists, Muslim Brotherhood, and your share of refugees that loiter around because they have everything provided for and nothing to do. Come the next recession, the lira will be shit, hyperinflation like Venezuela on a bad day and everyone will dump your treasury bonds. It's just above junk status atmo, the true value.

We're well on our way to become what Sweden already is.

I assume the second from the right is the ex?
In that pic she actually reminds me of my own ex, who is a Swede. I'd say she is actually the best looking of the lot, but I have a thing for the Germanic square face.
But yeah, I guess objectively the goth is the best looking. The second one would look good with makeup. The last one is full potato, no excusing that.

Well, I'm not sure about that. From experience, I literally know girls who were dating and in a serious relationship, who intentionally burned the coal. I was witnessed a house party I was, where the only nig who was exchange student from France banged two retarded bitches at the same time. Maybe we have a different circles, but then again women hate to be judged and that's why they pretend to be disgusted.

Yeah, we were about to lose badly, although some of the final battles went our way. We only had supplies for like 30 days of fighting. Then we'd have run out of bullets.

Good effort though, considering the circumstances.

We also managed to do it again in 1944, which is also pretty nice.

But in no way it was a fucking victory.

Is Denmark cucked? It's my ancestorial homeland?


honestly there's no telling.
i think they're gonna keep enforcing the current agenda of "immigration is good" and keep building immigration centers and shit but the people on the areas where they're being built are getting quite pissed off.
they've silenced the media from reporting on immigrant-related crimes and scandals so those news barely ever leave the towns they're committed in, unless you read some far-right propaganda sites or MV.

Any country that pulls off a 2:1 KDR are automatically the winners.

Considering they pulled off a 5:1 KDR and destroyed a tonne of tanks and aircraft as well makes them them by far superior.

If Finland had even half the population of the Soviets they would have been building sauna's all the way to Moscow while eating lingonberries and laughing.

Yeah, I've seen exactly 1 Finn-Shitskin couple over here. I'm sure there are more than the one, but I've only seen that one a few times. I mean just observing people in the street, not even in my own circles.
Maybe it's just more common down south.


Yeah she is, and eh, they were simpler times desu

Shhh, only Anglo things now.

The average London-er.:P

Germany lost WW2. There plenty of dead Soviets per kraut. It's why Korea's border is decided the way it is today. It's quantity of quality, not other way around.


#MakeLaplandGreatAgain. Niggers cant stand that cold and dark winter.

You guy's still elected Trudeau, While Obama literally had to got to church on multiple occasions during his campaign to discredit his middle of Hussein.

They'll only stick around as long as the govt subsidies run from Helsinki down here.

Rovaniemi, that is. Since last year, plenty of sandie cliques patrolling the streets.

>elects a half-nigger pseudo-muslim
>thinks he can talk to anyone

I see you are a delusional burger.

Kinda, it just ethically vexing because things need congressional approval and crap, with fear of tailored babies. But it's all very doable, you will be surprised how many families need this due well, they are deathly afraid that 2-3 schiz on one side and 2-3 schiz other side of family when considering children.

>Le Helsinki memes

Im willing to bet theres more red pilled finns in here than anywhere else since we have to deal with the niggers. Most people outside of Helsinki are weak cucks who would suck any brown or black nigger dick you throw infront of them. FACT

God damn. /pol has become a (weird white guys who love black cock) shitposting site.

Germany was fighting 12-1 and still made a good show of it. If Germany had half the men the Soviets had, they would've won.

Just send in liberal executive and conservative majority legislature, few more years declare bankruptcy. It's all and well when Ahmed has money to spend in frozen wasteland, when he's kicked out of those houses, nature takes care of it. Also redpills your fellow liberals for the next 10 years. Sure it's hard. But when idealist starve for a day or two, they start being more 'realistic'.

Denmark is way even more fucked than Sweden. Its easier to find coke and heroin in Denmark to find weed in Sweden.

The solution is for men to form their own organizations and regain their strength.

Where would we be now if we hadn't of been able to see your flag.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

women are easier to market to

this is a very old wisdom

Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Temp, its like normal.or sometimes kind of like a patch of honor, bitches with Mbutos and Achmeds, mainly Mbutos. I kind of think even finn liberal girls are racist towards Arab men I hardly see Arab men with liberal leftie bitches.

>All the cucks in Helsinki (maybe 5000-10000 people) taking part in a cuck demonstration that also lured people with free concerts and shit
>Represents whole Finland and means that Finland is completely cucked

T-thanks for exaggerating things again fellow finnbros. Finland is still 99% white and most of our foreign born people are Russians and Estonians, not niggers or sandniggers.

I live up here in the north, and I visit down there in Helsinki a lot.
Deal with it, Helsinki is a fucking cuck shithole, basically indistinguishable from Sweden.

The emo chick and the girl next to her are quite lovely. lol at that angry potato at the corner tho...

No cuck any northerner cuck who comes here shits their pants. All of the itä-helsinki junkies criminals and everybody is racist. I know i used to hang around them all the time. Some northern cuck whos scared of some skinny somali is what is the problem with Finland. All northerners are weak cuckolds

Isn't the Lapland already great free from nigs and shit. I'd die for Rollocity for ffs.

Copenhagen has been on a close door policy. Plus great views and beer so what the hell.

You didnt save us, the soviets left voluntarily.

>We got so many niggers that the rest of Finland is scared
Helsinki, everyone.

Finns cant be niggers northern cuck boi. Only somebody with black skin can be a nigger. If yous ay anything else yorue a cuckold. Which we already know is true since youre a sheltered northern cuck

By north you mean Oulu? That's the only liveable place in the entire north. Rollo is in the Lapland so..Heard Oulu is also has got its fair share of blacked. Is that true user?

And this is why ultimately freedom was a mistake. Women and "cuck tier" men. The only way to stop leftism and open borders and the destruction of your race is to have harsh penalties for those who advocate opening your borders and destroying your race. The leaders of this should be rounded up and shot and the rest taken to forced labour.

>some half nigger mongrel burger with no culture or identity comes and says "you want da gunnmit controlling your lives? Muh freedum people should be allowed to degenerate your nation if they want"

>Cuck on every sentence
Stop overcompensating, Helsinki city boy.
You live in the most cucked city in the entire country, that's just a fact, no need to go apeshit over it.

Day of the rope when?

It was too late when they closed tho. it's really hard to distinguish between Copenhagen and Stockholm. They are almost the same, plus, given the fact that Copenhagen and Malmo are almost the same city, its even more fucked than Stockholm. Source, I have been there both last month.

>if we all become mongrels we get all the diseases

Not to mention iqs so low that it would take another 500,000 years of evolution to even get close to 15th century technology again.

If there is ever going to be a rebellion it starts in the south. Because northern cucks have no spine. Ive fought with niggers all my life you shit yoru pants when you see some smelly skinny little somalian manlet. Youre not a true finn. Youre a coward. Move to sweden cuck

Good stuff, Helsinki

>northern cucks have no spine
every news outlet, even the cucked ones, say otherwise.
you seem like some wigger who has never left the "only city in finland"

feel free to share if you want to. ugly potato looking bitch.

>The cuck has no words

Do i intimidate you cuck boi?

>Every news outlet

The same news outlets telling us we should be multicultural and all finns are ebil nazi pigs? KEK

Cred Forums is still too fucking cucked, as long as you shift the blame onto the jews you'll never win, until you make women take responsibility for being shameless whores and stop white men from being pushover cucks you can't change anything, having le nuclear family 2 white kids is only passing the buck to the next generation.

Jews have been around us since Roman times, it's only since you betas decided that liberating women was a good idea that we found ourselves getting cucked out of house and home.

You must SHAME betas and sluts (like 80-90% of the population, unfortunately) they deserve zero sympathy.

And that is why the national socialists wanted to selectively breed for higher iqs and sterilize low iq chads and whore females. High IQ males that also have alpha strength and females who are loyal.

Hitler and himmler were right about at least this: if we are to progress and not fall backwards we need to engineer a master race.

The problem I have with chad is 99% of the time chad has intelligence that is basically nigger tier. It's why we started progressing into civilization when the ""betas"" started making the decisions based on intelligence not muh dick and animal tier base survival instincts. I'm pretty sure they figured out not to give women rights for a reason too

This. Traitors deserve death

Well. Shit. I......damn, that's so freaking sad. Visited in early 2000s. What have you guy's done to you're countries.....

Didn't Stalin want all of Finland back because the old tsar empire had it? Like they even tried making a Finnish SSR for awhile in anticipation of taking all finland

>it's only since you betas decided that liberating women was a good idea
Yeah, I'm sure anyone in here were around to take part in that vote.
You seem to consider yourself above the rest of us, so how about you stop being retarded with hypotheticals and come up with real ideas?

no,they're just duped into this whole, "they'rwe victims" shtich,they are the same people that would protest for animal rights,not wear fur and then go eat at kfs

Well. Murmansk area, Kola Peninsula, and everything north of St.Petersberg is all some form of Karelia or other. Russian just refuses to call that Finland. But eventually Finalnd was made into a SSR I think, Keralia SSR

Artificial wombs soon

Then we can just send our women back to the desert and to Africa with the brown shit they love while we create a master race stronger and more intelligent than anyone yet born.

>but muh dick muh womyn

It's a sacrifice we will have to make for the future. The new generation will be lacking in emotional or sexual attraction (ie the only reason many people like women being around)

She's a 6.5/10 in Bongland.

>women are not loyal

got any more news?

Cred Forums cucks for women all the time, all the fucking time.

I understand it, men are basically hardwired to protect women no matter what retarded thing they do. Which to cut a long story short is how we got here.

How to fix it I don't really know, the trouble is that the reality is demoralizing. Female emancipation is the sign of a society in severe decline, only a huge event can actually turn things around, I don't think Trump can do it,him and Brexit are a step in the right direction, but we need like 50 more steps to get back on course, and with western demographics the way things are going democracy is going to make peaceful change impossible with a generation.

So first you accuse Cred Forums of being too cucked, then you go full cuck mode "There is nothing to be done"?
Thanks for being consistent.
Fucking Britbongs. Always just complaints, never any solutions.
The previous generations might have fucked up liberating women, but you're the one fucking up in this generation.

yeah feminism and shit. I ve got that news for you Muller!

>far right
>killing civilians
Why don't those far right people stop sucking billionaire's cocks and start killing those who import migrants?
People who import migrants:
When is a bomb going to explode there? It's pointless to "le red pill" women or liberals. Simply start planting bombs at HQ of migrant importation industries and then i assure you migrant crisis will stop. To make extra sure, just simply kill everybody employed here:
Protests or no protest, that's secondary problem.

Actually when Operation Barbarossa started Germans outnumbered Soviets in most battles because Soviets werent rdy for any war.

It's not ironic that a nation that literally fucked the entire world, is now tha disney of cucks. Fucking Britbongs are the most cucked in Europe. Even way worse the French and Swedes.

> my country is so fucked up
> i want to live in country that is more fucked up

Women follow men. They have no real opinions of their own. Men have become whiny, beta cucks. Now that more men are becoming redpilled, we will see less and less of these degenerate white women. I think.

First off, the tumblr isn't about "nationalist" finns only. It's about Finns. Second, most of these people don't even look that bad.

That isn't actually what I said, people like you just don't comprehend the gravity of the situation on a macroscopic level. Blind optimism isn't bringing much to the table, much less than a serving of bitter reality does.

Yeah, I never denied modern brits are cucks, they are, I think we have stiff competition within Europe but tearing each other apart over our cuck levels isn't helping.

lol! you are fucking retarded. if bombing places would solve shit, middle east would be the most peaceful place. come up with more rational ideas and thoughts.

'' most of these people don't even look that bad'' so you are saying they kinda look bad?? fuck you fat americunt

@ 25:02

they're playing African music

holy fuck what is wrong with you Europe, wtf happened to you

t.muslim pro

> literally this moments negroes are beating white people down and useful idiots are cheering with them

It is something that happens literally everywhere in the world where materialism has triumphed over the souls of men.

>meanwhile Stalin and his successors hated Jews and Muslims and had many killed or sent to gulag

Hmm really makes you think

>Fellow bretherens.

i read that as "Yellow bretherens"

>caring about some junkie piece of shit

Womyn are retarded. Junkies and drug dealers deserve whatever is coming to them, doesn't matter what side of politics they are.


Not true. Only Stalin had a plan to remove the jews but he (((died))) before it was put in action. Now 1/4 of oligarchs are jewish. Hmmm. Makes you think.

Stalin only managed to kill most of finno-ugrian tribes and culture. Never trust a manlet.

>The acquaintances....
>5 for one doing funny things on camera. What happens next?

>the Estonians literally don't want the Fingoloids

Embrace Tengri

Rape, reap, pillage, ride your horse to battle against a once-again softened Europe. They will not withstand the horde at this time, and your military experience will help you whip fellow mongoloid races up into a bloody fervour as you cut a blood swath across the land.

Like the Uzbeks, return to your lands with the finest technicians, architects, and scientists to Make Finland Great Again as you rest on your laurels with a savaged Europe in flames left behind you.

Continue to pretend your Nordic heritage serves you better than your mongoloid nature, and continue to suffer their fate: cucking.


Cucked? No.

This guy ( Right-wing politician) cucked all the leftwingers by dressing up as a superhero and giving away whistles that had a patriotic logo. 2000 whistles in total.

So much butthurt afterwards.
+ There were maybe few hundred leftwingers only. Most of the people were just sheeples with children visiting a FREE EVENT with MUSIC and ARTISTS.
Gotta remember it was also Helsinki aka cuck-capital of finland. Only area in Finland that has any type of left wing events.
90% of the Finnish people are against refugees

Damn I wish I was that google. Those fucking girls.
>muh dick

I wish you have seen the video. The story line of the video is that the main girl literally rans away from her home to go a ride with that black guy, sneaking out of her home while her dad chasing after her. The stuff if cuckold fantasy is made.

anyone that doesn't look like he came straight from detroit or compton