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>Trump Rally in Waukesha WI 9/29/16 NOW
>Trump on ORLY 9/29/16
>Pence Rally in Leetonia OH 9/28/16
>Trump Rally in Council Bluffs IA 9/28/16
>Trump meets Pol American Cong Chicago IL 9/28/16

>Trump Rally in Melbourne FL 9/27/16
>Trump TH at Miami Dade College FL 9/27/16
>Trump stops at Miami Diner 9/27/16
>First Presidential Debate 9/26/16
>Pence Rally at Milford, NH 9/26/16
>Trump Rally in Roanoke VA 9/24/16

>Trump on F&F 9/27/16
>Trump/Hannity Post debate 9/26/16
>Trump/CNN post debate 9/26/16
>Trump/Bloomberg post debate 9/26/16
>Trump on Full Measure 9/25/16
>Pence Face the Nation 9/25/16

>The Lion
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I am thinking if Hillary wins there will occur a sign from the signs before the day of judgement

InsiderAnon was here last night.

Hey yuo guys.,.. I just wanted to say that yuo guys are a bunch of n00bs..........I used to love trump but hilary clinton totally p00ned him... Now everybody hates trump and it looks like he got totally destroyed............,, hillary clinton is way better so youre basically a total n00b if you still vote for trump ,,,,,,,,,,,Anyway i'll see you n00bs in november , heh heh,.........

>tfw in 6 weeks you will never wake up to watch trump rallies ever again
>tfw in 6 weeks you will never wake up to watch trump interviews again
>tfw in 6 weeks you will never wake up to read trumps tweets again
>tfw in 6 weeks you will never post in a Trump General ever again
>tfw trump will die in your lifetime
>tfw america will turn into mexico because hillary will grant amnesty to 15 million and allow another 15 million in
>tfw no one like trump will ever be elected again, it will only be cuckservatives and radical leftists
>tfw guns and other rights will be taken away because hillary will appoint at least 3 supreme court justices, tilting the supreme court liberal
>tfw america will continue down its decline and be destroyed over by china and allies
>tfw russia will be the most powerful nation on earth, and america will be cucked beyond repair
>tfw the white race will become extinct, ending civilization forever


this this this!


10 OCT - Voter registration deadline
19 OCT - Ballots mailed for general election
19 OCT - Renton Accessible Voting Center opens
20 OCT - Ballot drop boxes open
26 OCT - Ballot return statistics go live at 8 p.m

1.) Register to vote. You can do it at any federal post office or public library.
2.) Go to the website of your state's Secretary of State to find out what your state's voting rules are.
3.) Make sure you know which polling station you are supposed to go to at least 1 week beforehand. If you don't know, contact the Secretary of State office for your state.






>tfw after his inauguration you will wake up every day to watch Trump make America great again



This really triggered Black Twitter

>I am thinking if Hillary wins there will occur a sign from the signs before the day of judgement
If that was true your digits would have been blessed


There will hopefully still be Trump General when he is President. He doesn't cease to exist when he is President. In fact, he will double down and troll the media.

Trump won the debate
Trump did his job, did it well and is going to win the election.

He dominated the first 40 minutes and held his ground for the rest, that being said, he did hold
back on things he definitely could have hit her with. But after a year of being called a maniac literallyhitler sexist misogynist who will nuke everyone that was the smartest thing he could do. He proved he had restraint, he didn't fall for the bait.

Hillary looked downright creepy to anyone who isn't a blue haired SJW or a wetback, and her crazy smiling and smirking did her no favours with normal people. She tried to use a bootleg version of Trump's way of labeling people (think lyin Ted) with her whole trumped up trickle down shit and she came off as out of touch.

Now for what matters, American politics is about fighting over a percentage of people who probably just tuned into this as their first impression of both candidates besides a clip here or there on normiebook. And what they saw was trump actually being presidential. He stood there and had a debate instead of gassing every beaner/Muslim in the room and depending on where they live he talked about getting them a decent job.

Hillary's attacks were shit and everyone knows it, nobody gives a fuck about tax returns or Rosie O'Donnell.

Trump is Obama '08 running on change. And he will win, because it's a lot easier to motivate people to change something than to grudging try to protect the status quo. We have all the excitement on our side just look at the post debate polls, nobody is excited for Hillary she is just the not trump candidate, and as much as people hate her im willing to bet a whole lot of people vote 3rd party out of spite.

TLDR trump will win, and you better be ready shills

desu the fact that Trump himself felt he did shit, yet his poll numbers still went up gives me alot more confidence for the election.

good deal

This isn't the Cred Forums I remember

Portland here.

Reminder that Clinton is only +6 in WA, with 6% still undecided.

Reminder to ORbros that we're essentially tied here.

Reminder that we can make the PNW great again

Try comfy dot zone sometimes they have shows up

Should I cop? Y/N

Trump and farage make me wonder if they aren't the two witnesses because of their trademark ability being to "Breathe Fire" which is poetic speak for having an extremely sharp tongue

sheeeiiiit myg0t represent

I absolutely love this man

>yfw there's gonna be a YUGE documentary one day
>along with a Trump presidential library with all the footage from all the rallies
>it'll be available online with the pentabit speeds of the postTrump American internet

Explain yourselves, Drumpftards

Trump made a fool of himself, so the debate was rigged?

That's a funny way of saying that you got here a week ago (((user))).


I am an undocumented worker and I still migrated to this thread.

You know what to do Cred Forums

My cousin wrote this on Instagram.

What do?

Reposting because it triggered a shill last thread.

Can confirm, it's streaming here.

checked for truth

Trump won the debate, and the polls reflect that.

thats the one i was after, thanks

He also confirmed what I've been posting about the interruptions

>It's very clear that the person Shillary mocked against didn't think to continually interrupt her memorized speeches or antagonize her. Look for Trump to continue this tactic to a far greater extent. The fact that Vox and others are counting his interruptions shows you that it works.

That's misdocumented you racist shitlord!

This is going to cripple her.

She gave it her all... and people thought she looked like a bitch, not giving a shit about what she said.

If I was her by this point I would kill myself.

Total fucking boss




Well what do you want to do with him?

>Tuesday arrives
>news crews surround the embassy
>the time comes
>Assange steps out onto the balcony
>silence as everyone holds up their cameras and mics
>Julian steps forward and says
>"Piss off, ya cunts"
>turns around and walks back inside

Tell him the racist claims are fucking bullshit, but he's right to not vote for Trump since he'll do the opposite of what he's promising with the ideas he plans to implement.

Hillary was integral in destroying 2 countries already, imagine how many more will fall if she's president.



I think new Mexico is 5 more votes for Trump. No way Gary J will pull 18%. That's absurd.

>The nazifrogs are the reason I'm losing


Rather than calling me a shill, why not disprove me? Oh wait you can't.


You have it backwards, Trump has won 99% of all the post-debate polls, so clearly the hacker Cred Forums and Russia are rigging the polls

that fucking trump swagger tho

Is Donald being slightly orange a good reason for people to oppose him? I don't think so but apparently a lot of people on twitter do.

Ahoy, Dahnald. Did ye forget 'bout me?

'bout me True Conservative Campaign to take back th' White ship from th' Washin'ton Cartel?

Well, I did not forget, Dahnald. I be knowin', ye're a-feared. a-feared fer ye new amsterdam Values. a-feared 'o what I might do. But ye notice, Dahnald. I have me chest wit' me. me chest 'o delegates.

I keep them in thar, Safe. Buried. All mine.

But I saw th' debate, Dahnald. I be knowin' ye be th' only one who can best Hillary.

She be searchin' fer them, Dahnald. That be right, th' Electoral Delegates. Most powerful 'o all Delegates.

She cannot have them, Dahnald. ye must stop her. So take me delegates. Take them, 'n defeat her. But remember to return them, Dahnald.

They be me delegates, after all.

Make me. Your border is so pathetic that a little baby could go to any thread he or she wants to.

>the gay community
Wtf? Trump has been for the gay community since the '90s when the Clinton's fucking hated them.



>Trump bullied me into having my asshole ravaged for money

What does it take to get a seat behind him?

I noticed that, too. His interruptions sort of made it harder for her to keep on message. It can't help that she has Parkinsons and the blood clot, and her medications make it more difficult to think clearly in the first place.

Plus, he's good at being aggressive and challenging people's bullshit. Doing it to her, at least from the 2nd one on will, if he does it right, keep reminding people what a fucking lying cunt she is.

call them a fag

Into the oven you go

Oh Trump out for blood. Looking forward to the next debate.


>tfw in 6 weeks you will wake up to watch trump victories every day
>tfw in 6 weeks you will wake up to watch trump interviews every day
>tfw in 6 weeks you will wake up to read trump tweets from @POTUS every day
>tfw in 6 weeks you will post in a President Trump General every day
>tfw trump will repair america in your lifetime
>tfw america won't turn into mexico because trump will deport 15 million and the wall will prevent any more from coming in
>tfw the political spectrum will move right, and every future president will be somewhere between a trumpublican and a white nationalist
>tfw guns and other rights will be preserved because trump will appoint at least 3 supreme court justices, tilting the supreme court conservative for your lifetime
>tfw america will rise again, and destroy china and its allies
>tfw america will forever be the most powerful nation on earth, while europe will be cucked beyond repair
>tfw the white race will finally win the war against international jewry and preserve western civilization forever

Well, you're free to leave anytime.

Send a pic of Seth Rich. The patriot she murdered


>Xbox account gets hacked
>make a ticket
>chat opens up
>guy is super nice, not a poo in loo
>fast forward to the end, he thanks me for not being a dick like a lot of people on his shift
>"Haha no problem man!"
>say our farewells
>before I close the chatbox I post "TRUMP 2016"

>Cred Forums

>Not backing the candidate that promotes the nation-state and has 99% of kikes running scared to the point where they're ruining their credibility

You're getting paid way too much.


With every Trump General archived on canvas, hand painted by devoted fans.

Johnson voters seem to be more left than right, so it's not clear that him going down would help Trump.

>trickle down racism

Holy shit they are truly cultural marxists apply economic concepts to social issues..

Trump won't win



But everyone likes ice cream...

So what advice did you guys give to Trump for the next debate? I told him to be a bit more aggressive and to bring her past up since the moderators aren't going to do it.

If trickle down economics don't work, why would trickle down racism? Or is she admitting that trickle down economics do work?

>ywn be Trump's personal cameraman and follow him around his Trumpire

love ya

"My opponent is a liar and cannot be trusted."

>t. remain voter

>if cousin is male
Beat him into a coma so he can't vote.
>if cousin is female
benis in bagina :DDDD

They'll be stuck painting awoos until the sun blows up

That's a spicy meme!
Well done /cfg/ (?)

>xbox account

Literally worst teir system this generation.


>"My opponent is a liar and cannot be trusted."
i'm dying

I told him to watch his punches and word choice so they aren't easily counter-punched.

I told him that they will attack his business and it's bullshit, but to avoid taking the bait unless it is critical to.

Said that pointing out the American People don't care about that bullshit is the right thing to do.

Right back at ya.

Liberals love facts

I get fucking pumped just watching him walking and waving.

That man fucking radiates energy and strength. Same thing with the debate, he was fucking fired up whether or not you think he lost or not. He was fighting like a goddamned knight. It was beautiful.

Has anyone called Sean?

When this election is over, we have to find a group shot of all Trump's former enemies to make into a picture like this.

Meh, mediocre t&a, if this passed Trump's standards for Miss Universe then I'm now a #SHILL4HILL

>paid as little taxes as legally possible for the good of his company
>said mean things about women who said mean things about him

>defended a child rapist, bullied a little girl and laughed about it years later
>her 30 years of experience in politics consist in being central to starting several wars (Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria)

umm, hello?

Did anyone save that video of Hillary signaling the moderator?

You forgot Brexit my friend

He already has

redpill me on Polish Americans Cred Forums.

Why did he meet them, how useful are they too him? Do they just want some form of gibsmedats, or are they based.

Does trump ever talk about the american heroin epidemic? Because it's a pretty big deal and something that should probably be talked about more.

Trump is GAINING in literally almost EVERY post-debate poll.

How is this happening?

Is this real life?

I bless this thread in Kek's name.

the online polls that Cred Forums and the Donald brigaded?

The more Americans he secures, the better.

South Park shilling hard for Hillary Clinton right now

He talked about it a few times last month.

Hello Darkness My Old Friend -H

how so?

Luckily nobody watching will be able to vote until 2024.

Poland is like, legitimately, America's #1 ally in eastern europe, maybe even the whole of europe.

They have a highly favorable view of America, and actually pay their fucking share of NATO.



Look, nigger


>it was all the Nazi frogs
>Hillary won but the Nazi frogs voted millions of times and stole the polls from her
>please believe me, I'm not crazy

He's mentioned it on several occasions. It's one of his talking points on why he wants to secure the border

Wow. Thats a shocker.

Nah, they're doing the usual fence sitting they do.

I can't believe the boys at south park don't like the incoherent orange man

>>tfw in 6 weeks you will wake up to read trump tweets from @POTUS every day
he wwont get potus till january

You mean the polls that supporters voted? Like what a Democracy is supposed to work like?

That Michigan poll where Hillary won the debate has Trump winning the state. Trump can't be stopped.


I bet by the end of the episode they'll trash the shit out of her

b-but Joe said that Hillary won the debate

This episode has been extremely one-sided. More than usual.

They've been keeping refugees out as well.

Who is "we" user?
He should not mention Cred Forums or Cred Forums or /cfg/
He wouldn't be remiss to mention the Haitians that Hillary fucked over though. Totally different.

any gains or losses in polls won't be reflected until the week after an event takes place, they take time to conduct

You must learn to live and accept the fact that your cousin is a retarded nig

>tfs you are stuck in Leafland and your cuck PM turns your country into a third world slumhole while the US enters its Golden Age.

Hang the riggers, poll war snow

Virtually indistinguishable from german-lineage americans barring their greater love for alcohol and kielbasa

>le Trump is Putin dick-sucker meme

South Park behind the curve as always

lol yeah i know its crazy...maybe there should be some sort of voter id law....hmmmm

They already set up Hillary as being an airheaded politician who just repeats her handlers' lines.

They're doing the "Drumpf was pretending to be retarded and is a plant for Hillary." They also said he would blow Putin's dick.

For you.

Well don't watch South Park and withhold your ad shekals.

They just called Hillary a robotic moron.

Eh, I'm a little hesitant to get excited about this one. The last time PPP released a poll, Trump was down 5 points on the RCP average.

PPP's numbers could be a good sign (especially since they have a known Democratic bias), but it could also be a bad one.

but muh oversampled democrats post debate poll

B-But CNN and all of the hillary supporters on pol told me Trump Lost BADLY!

Hopefully Trump pulled all his punches in the first debate so that Hillary would use up all her good anti-Trump ammo while Trump would prove all the shitters wrong by staying calm and civil. But now that he was so brutally attacked by her, it's no more mr nice guy and he can go all out against her since she was so merciless in the first debate.

THIS is why Hillary's campaign and (((media))) are hitting Trump over Cuba

Trumps Melbourne rally has
229,864 views Wew lad.
Audio might be usable in a Trump vid

>democracy hijacked by the majority

satire is hitting both sides

>democracy was hijacked by the majority
never ceases to make me kek

>tfw in Canada the only city infected with multiculturalism is Toronto and it's kept at bay there

Read the polls, nigger faggot leaf.

Do they even teach you how to read in Canada?

>No more Trumpgen

I don't kow how i will go on


>South Park

I don't know how things work in America

but why didn't laughing about defending a child rapist finish her career?

Is it not the most despicable act?

Say "guess I'm voting for Trump, then".

I hope he keeps running his own twitter

@POTUS: American business and American entrepreneur work day and night to bring our country prosperity.

@realDonaldTrump: Cubans team choked like dogs, I always said he was a bedwetter! Humiliating! Sad!

Tell Trudeau that



I was there too boys!

I blame Russia for that typo

Hillary's polls: Trumped up, but trickling down.


Nate Silver is expecting 3-5 point bounce for Hillary after the debate, based on the most recent polls to be released.


Trump presented himself as a calm guy, therefore dispelling all the bullshit the MSM has been saying about him being a crazy warmongering guy

Why user?

>pepe point of view

>caring about children

pick one and only one


We voted
Like you're supposed to
How is that wrong exactly?

Y'all realize he's joking, right?


>Nate Helium

He probably won't live to see the next polls.


Rape. It's the only sensible thing to do. The God Emperor will surely pardon you once in office.


Best evidence ive seen for a trump surge
>doze primary predictions

I know he's a cuck by the only place with multiculturalism and BLM-like organisations is Toronto. Which in turn is the American Detroit

InsiderAnon has been proven full of shit
Stop falling for LARPing you dumb newfag redditors

The men don't look like men and the women don't look like women.

This is the master race?

Proof that The polls were RIGGED

ahaha what now drumpfkins?

>democracy was hijacked by the majority again


>This is my country
>This is the Feminist movement
Canada nuked when?

i can totally see you

Was this the most high-energy rally to date?

That retard doesn't have any fucking idea how people work.

Hillary's "win" only mattered to her shitty indoctrinated followers that still believe the media. Undecideds and independents DO NOT TRUST THE MEDIA. That shill fest was disgusting to a neutral observer.

Trump gained, we already saw the polls.

how many fucking trojan horses does this guy have?

MI poll
C: 46% (+5)
T: 41%

I dont' know what the MOE is but he's close enough to make them legit pic related

What will it feel like when all this free shilling was for nothing and Trumps disgraceful antics cost him the election and got a corrupt old hag into office.

Was he here too?

Absolutely Palpatine.

I used to be a trumplet like most of you here, but now that I see so many filthy niggers supporting Trump, I'm not so sure. I looked at - and I swear to God Almighty that I am NOT a shill - I looked at the platform of Hillary Clinton and he seems far more unforgiving to the lowlife negro SCUM such as the famous dead niggers Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

underrated post desu

If she wins, the movement only grows larger.

The more the pendulum swings to the left, the bigger the backlash will be when it comes.

This user here is Putin's Trojan horse into /pol
Someone tell him to stop

To be fair, we also saw a few polls like Morning Consult drop.

It'll take a full week of polls and some thorough crosstab-checking before it's safe to declare that we can laugh at Nate Cardboard.


dear lord...

at least Ron Paul had the balls to snub Romney

Coming straight off the debate to a hanger full of 8k People with 12k waiting to get inside? Yes it was.

>I like the map "de_dust"

>"They have a big problem because they thought Obama and Michelle saying, 'Hey, go vote for Hillary' would do it. But it's not enough,"
>We'll just have the king nigga tell the plantation to vote for the bitch. It will totally work.
I bet this was their entire plan.
How are they just so disconnected from reality? I understand living in propaganda bubbles, but there has to be some light from the outside that gets in somewhere, even if they think its nonsense.

Putin is master manipulator.
You and I are probably Trojan Horse's too and we don't even know it yet.

My God this is sad.

South Park should be satirizing this instead.

In the past I've told people I was 3rd party to avoid talking to people I don't care to talk politics with.

Hillary had 43% constant. That's her ceiling.
That's why I think it.

>trickle down racism

I call it

>*looks at camera*
>*forces a smile*
>*signals to the moderator*


>*coughs again*
>*averts eye contact with donald*
>*looks away*

trickle down!


>waaah trump got btfo because he's an idiot with no substance
>it must've been rigged!

Question guys.
Do you think Trump will drop his taxes in Oct before the debates? What will hillary have left to attack him on?

This episode is shit.

>mfw i've been found out

Morning Consult, CNN both massively oversampled women and Democrats.

>the NSA has permanently archived all the trump generals
>someone is going to see your shitpost and think that it's some kind of interesting trivia

redpill is not a synonym for please explain to me or please inform me...

Isn't that exactly what Hillary is saying about the post-debate polls?

She can still hit him with pic related
Other than that though I'm not entirely sure of anything she didn't bring up in the first debate

That Brian Steltzer guy has taken the lead in the Cuck Of The Year. He's left Kristol and Shapiro in the dust.

It's criminal how hot Putins daughter is.

He's got a fucking stable of Trojan Horses.

It really rustles my jimmies desu, but it still makes me laugh at how they THINK that's how it is.

top left, i see him

Why are Canadians so low energy with their shitposts?
It's more like a fartpost.

Daily reminder that even S.E. Cupp wrote Trump won the undecideds in the debate despite the Clinton "win"

t. guy who has never been to Vancouver

(the only other relevant city Canada has)

>tfw I'm stuck being a cucked fucking leaf but I want to be part of Trumps empire

H-help me immigrate legally bros

actually (((Trump))) has stated publicly he wants to censor and limit internet for civilians.

>Never read Trump's tweets again
Just follow him @Whitehouse after rehearsal election, he's probably not gonna pass his favorite pastime along to some aide.

No. Even if it's bulletproof, it would be spinnable in some way considering the state of the MSM. He'd be better off coming up with a cute, disarming quip if it's brought up again like "Even billionaires use TurboTax, Hillary".

She's such a retard, that should've been delivered as an aside and instead she acted like she was delivering a verdict and only served to highlight how idiotic it sounds.

You can really tell that YASSS QUEEN is very much the attitude of her dumbass advisors.

He can turn that right around with the Benghazi mothers.

ron paul movement was way better
you would learn something new with every speech

i wached every single ron paul speech there ever was

watching d trump rallys got stale 8 months ago for me especially with the teleprompter speeches now

i feel the same for the debate, people who thought donald trump did good at the debate are people who havnt been listening to him for a year in hundreds of speeches it was exactly the same thing lol

so it just seemed kind of repetitive


he wants to censor and limit internet for Islamic terrorists*


tfw this is actually Don Jr

Go Trump!

You know you guys are being manipulated by a master businessman, right? He could be lying about everything.

proofs? i needs it

At least Vancouver is not going to shit because of the Chinese. It's more high tech if anything really

ok alepo

is this about trump?

Thanks man, and I didn't even notice my Hitler dubs

Tell her that you're ensuring a vote for Trump by going out and voting for Trump.

She just plagiarized dilbertman.

I'm thinking a lot of the media are tuning in to Adams now cause they can't figure out what's happening.

>tfw Trump Presidential Library is built on the Moon or Mars

>inb4 Musk is a globalist cuck

Guess I'll #MakeMineStein.
Thanks bro.

He has to be able to flip anything they can throw at him. We'll see if El Rato can offer help in that regard.

No, she acted like she was giving joke of the year. It was shit and forced

I love Alter Bridge, but I highly doubt it

>call Hannity
I'm glad someone did this.


I'm totally #illForHill now!!!

Record Status:
[ X ] Corrected
[ ] Not Yet Corrected

I would use a hillary rally to hide in , but that would be too easy for you guys

>He can turn that right around with the Benghazi mothers.
Well aware of that, it's just the only thing that I could think of that she could legitimately attack him on that she hasn't already
Racist cause you wouldn't rent to googles
dead in the water
Your taxes dahnald
didn't work then, wont work in the future
>Hillary doesn't look presidential
w-what sexist thing did you mean by this?
Can't bring up sexism because his company and women
Tried and failed hard with the "not paying those guys who worked for you"
Birther thing flopped

Nothing they did stuck or will stick and I can't honestly think of anything else for them to try that they haven't already pushed for the last what, 14, 15? months

Wonder how shrill Hillary was when she was screaming at David Brock for losing the social media war last couple of days.

Is it possible he might get Seth Rich'd or Vince Fostere'd?

Or maybe just under-performing CTR Associates have a whoopsie?

>Hillshills and MSM pointing to the Breitbart/Gravis poll and saying "even those RAYCIS people think Clinton won"
>Despite the fact that Breitbart only commissioned the poll and Gravis has been one of the most accurate pollsters this election
>Despite the fact that the same poll shows that Trump won 75% of the few voters who actually changed their mind after the debate, including ALL who were previously undecided
I can't wait for the whole fucking structure to collapse from the rot and disease that it stews in.


>Trump's chuckle when he heard that lame ass "Trumped Up Trickle Down" forced maymay

What is Vancouver, Surrey, Calgary, Edmonton, Mississauga, Hamilton, Markham, Montreal, Halifax, etc.

I envy you in whatever rural paradise you live in.

it sounds like it for sure. but nogs aren't going to turn out and vote in numbers for a shriveled up white woman
>ah ain't no-ways tahrd


The (((media))) are dying before our eyes. It has reached Pravda levels. At least in the USSR no one believed their own propaganda. Ours do apparently and just can't understand that no one else believes them.

>that fat fuck in the skinny jeans
Good Lord

That honestly makes me think. I supported Trump, because Hillary is a murderous corrupt liar, but if Trump is a businessman I don't think I can like him anymore

what is allepo?

it would be funny if someone ironically went to a hillary rally with like a hillary hat and a hillary sign and was like GOO HILLARY IM WITH HER

and just meme it up

supporting hillary ironically

while theres like a ghost town and nobody else that shows up

Why is there no entertainment section on trump threads? Where should I search for those funny US presidential videos now?

The rent thing won't stick, because it was a class action against every landlord in the city.
Time will bear this out.
They'll keep flailing like a tard in a wading pool though.
>"muh fat shaming an admitted criminal"

Reporter: "Mr. President, what are your initial plans to help stabilize the economy and increase jobs?"

Trump: "Well, I'm going to take this economy and...TRUMP IT UP!!!!!!!!!"

policies are for faggots

Our sides will never be able to float down out of orbit.

It will be fucking glorious

A lot of people wont wake up to the MSM BS until they wake up one day and live in poverty and realize all their rights and freedoms were stripped away.

By then it'll be too late. Which is why the fight right now is so important.

>tfw Alberta masterrace

Hillary probably kidnaps random homeless people and tortures them to blow off steam before cutting them up into pieces and eating their flesh for sustenance.

Fuckin kikebook stepped up it's shilling of MSM media.

All I see is debate content made by scum.

>j-just trump my shit up

>Be CTR employee
>Lose the social media scrum
>Mr. David is mad
>Driving home
>Hillary's takes them out, in a mysterious robbery gone wrong



Well, he is the former Gov. of NM. With favorite son status, it's plausible.

Calgary has immigrants out the ass. It's no Toronto, but it's hardly whiteopia either.

You guys are victims of your own success. The NDP might be a good thing because all the immigrants will leave with the jobs. That's why the Maritimes stay white.

People should legit report to Twitter that he's contemplating self-harm

Only lowertown Calgary has immigrants

NM is blue for now

Where are the leaks from Assange

typical im above it all everybody is stupid stance then


Wait so is he a Jew or a Nazi? He's got nazis in his head but you imply he's a jew by his name. You guys really need to pick one and stick with it.

He's either a Jew or a Nazi.

I already did. I doubt anything will come of it.

This is from a previous thread this month.

For Kek and Country

I would like to share a post I made earlier today with people who have not had the chance to read it. I was talking about liberals and their PC calling "Make America Great Again" Hate speech, and why they did it. I hope it can help inspire some of you.

They cater to them because they are disruptive and hurtful to us.
They are tools used to cause destabilization to weaken us.

There are people who want us to fail. They want to destroy us and our way of life. They want to destroy our values, our ideas, and our culture.
They pretend that they accept all people, while they accept our enemies, spit on our rights, and insult us daily.

It has always been this way, but this election it is getting extreme. This is a polarizing election, and many people are getting engaged and standing up. In my opinion it's the last call to all those informed and willing to stand up and fight against the corruption and poor leadership that has infiltrated our ranks and has been chipping away at us for years. We're going to resist our enemies, and we also are not going to stoop to their level.

Make America Great Again. I hope Brexit and this election are only the match that starts a huge firey movement across the world. I want to be cheering for other countries, and I'm so glad many other countries are cheering and supporting us here and now. Let us rally together, show our support, and resist unspeakable behavior. Thank you, and I wish you all the best. I am off to work.

>implying russia isn't already the most powerful

According to NATO(!) Russia can take London in 60 hours, TOPS - and hold it for more than two weeks, EASILY.

who's your TrumpCampaignFu?
Hope was mine until Aj joined the team

There are entertainment videos in the OP. Also pray Jib Jab makes something because never would they have so much to work with.

>New Mexico
What the fuck, I thought he'd need to eviscerate her to get this far
What's going to happen if he gets his shit together in October?

>AJ Delgado on Hannity

I find her way more attractive than I reasonably should.


October user.


Don't hold your breath, he's been promising the leaks would be coming out more than his ass for months now

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Last NM poll was +5 Trump.

Yeah, Minnesota is tied

that pics quote would look good on a CTR picture

you just know


can you link the NM poll please?

For those people, even poverty won't open their eyes. Some people truly cannot be reached because they're so demoralized, facts just cannot penetrate.

Old (((media))) is corrupt, blind and can't figure out how to transition. Paywalls aren't saving them or adding to revenue. They can't function as gatekeepers anymore since the Internet. They are losing money steadily and can't figure out what direction to go, a new business model.

Good fucking riddance!

Only two posts.

>> your pic.related

So great even God wants to touch you.

Can you even do more than two terms anymore?


We need a new thread.

Succeed businessmen make the best politician because politics is all about the business of your nation. Take Putin for example, a succeed businessman with a worth net of billions compared to a socialist that became president and his only achievement was to close his high school for "political protest".

Need some new bread...

use the pastebin

Anyone making thread?

Don't have the link, pretty sure I saw it on breitbart or something

The next problem is how they want to control the internet. For all the shit I gave Cruz during the primary season at the very least he's fighting a very important fight on internet freedom.

So this is how the thread of Lincoln dies...

>Nate Antimony called out on Hannity

Is this how the General of Trump ends?!?!



Google says this is

Hans Zimmer - :What are you gonig to do when you are not saving the world?"


>tfw AJ didn't get to talk more than 30 seconds

Fucking Hannity, nobody cared what that other guy had to say.

No, unless we repeal the 22nd Amendment.

I saw some having trump ahead there but they were shitty polls, thats why i count it blue as hispanic arent as high for T as they were for dubya who won by a hair

You can't build a huge corporation like Trump did without following through

I can see me!

This was in Connecticut, I came from Queens NY to see this mother fucker

Considering Brock runs 14 interlocking organizations/businesses to help her, I doubt he'll be Victor Ashe'd.

His lackeys, the ubiquitous CTR shills, however are fair game.

get on my level, sons.

why did trump keep saying he hadn't said things that he was recorded having said

slo mo video

>The rent thing won't stick, because it was a class action against every landlord in the city.
Damn, I didn't know that! I really wish he would have some quips like this at the ready to blast her when she tries to bring shit like this up.

A-at least Kinsey follows me.

He did say that at the debate.




>I really wish he would have some quips like this at the ready to blast her when she tries to bring shit like this up.
That was his exact line in the debate when they brought it up
>It wasn't just me, there was a string of companies in the lawsuit
>We paid them without admission of guilt

Trump up the volume

What are those green lasers?

The Biggest mistake she ever made was deciding to go on national tv and let the entire world hear her annoying voice and condescending tone for over and hour. Nobody heard a word she said after 5 seconds cause they all muted it or went deaf.

Well sure, (((they))) want to control the Internet because we have free speech in the US, whereas they have been able to criminalize dissent in Europe and Straya & Leaflandia.

IF it gets passed here before Trump takes office, not to worry. (((They))) will take a while to implement it, and by the time Trump's inaugurated, he'll just nullify that shit with an EO, like the other bullshit he's going to nullify.

that slut follows everyone

Well done, user. If more people do it, then Twitter has to respond. Can you imagine his face upon getting a notification/query?

She was my first follower, you take that back.



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no it's true
she DM'd me this last week

Only for mortals, leafbro. Trump will America's last president but he'll be the first Emperor.

And Trump said "doubles and this amendment gets removed so I can serve 3 terms!"

Then He got a 22 and it was good.


That's actually a pretty dope tshirt. Its like some indie band tshirt art REDACTED

Okay thanks guys, I'm not sure how I missed it.