Is America dead now?

If Clinton wins, what's going to happen? Will our city's become literal jungles and white flight becomes a massive idea? Or will we watch our city's crumble over time thanks to Hilary's ridiculous taxes? If we have any chance, it's to go back home to Europe and make another renaissance. Fix Europe and repopulate it to the core. When the former country known as America falls, thanks to Hillary, then what happens then?

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>the former country known as America

No such country in the world. No wonder your shithole is collapsing goy.

>If Clinton wins, what's going to happen?

If Hillary wins war with russia/china is imminent, Globalist goal is closer to being achieved, laws will be passed to restrict more "freedoms, and all of her donors will profit. There was a QnA not too long ago where an autist claiming to be a relative of the Rothschild gave detailed and accurate predictions as to what will happen. For all we know it could just be a role player that did his homework, but nonetheless its an interesting read. Here's a tldr I wrote pertaining to all the info he gave and here's the thread if you want to really make yourself think

> If Clinton wins, what's going to happen?

America will fall below india in the Cred Forums hierarchy.

What did he mean by this?

Don't worry, if you go down you're going to take us with you

The Ayran blood must flow and only a ENGlishman can truly make that happen.

Very little of substance will change.

Hillary is just Obama 2.0, who's just Bush 2.0

The reason she's so nightmarish is that she's a status quo cheerleader.

Good goy, tis anothah Shoah

This, she is campaigning on removing hundreds of millions of people's 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th amendments all so that we won't have to admit or be allowed to say blacks cause most violent crime, followed by illegal Hispanics, then Muslims.

Stand your ground now or forever hold your peace about complying with ever more ridiculous taxes, higher rent, and gun control that makes ownership and practice rare.

No joke, if you don't fight back then stfu and deal with the new laws. Why? Because if you aren't killing the enemy and lowering their numbers then you need to help grow our numbers by having kids.

The House and Senate will block everything she does and we'll have gridlock for 8 years...

We'll have to put up with her shit on TV, too.

>dur there are other countries in north america too you can't just call yourself america for short of United States of America
Nobody cares about you or Candida or any of the non-countries you have south of you like Panama. We can call ourself America because we are the only important part of North America. Now get to work cleaning my toilet.

Implying there wouldn't be a convienent "right-wing, white supremacist terrorist attack" that takes out Congress and let Hillary grant herself emergency powers

We were fucked as soon as the republican primaries were decided.

We are going to crumble now and we deserve it.

The question is, how do you want to see us crumble? under the rule of a globalist shill that's a manipulative murdering criminal cunt, or under the rule of a ego-maniacal real estate/reality TV magnate?

I think the latter will be more fun that's why I'm for Trump.

I just see 1984 just creeping faster and faster, and we fail to see it

Except she pushes SJW shit like fucking crazy. Half her campaign is 'muh womyn' SJW shit and the other half is shitting on Trump. Expect to rank high on the world cuck list next to Sweden and Germany if Hillary wins.

She was anti-gay marriage until like 2011, don't believe a word she says.

And sadly America will say this is a good thing. I will soon just feel the alienation of people and whites in general. I was walking around my campus and there were so many ideals from the left it's just sickening

Average age of an empire is 250 years, how far are we in right now?

>unironically thinking she's not part of the plan to demoralize/destabilize america now

she's part of the plan to keep things shitty and stagnant

1984 has been here for awhile.

Honestly gridlock has been our best option for a while now an that probably won't change weather be Trump or Hillary, especially once/if LOLibertarians ever gain traction an become relevant.

Beside user no one trust our media anymore.


Nah it's gonna be the same as the last few years. If you hate it, please, take your lazy ass and move it to Russia or some shit.

Clinton will make America... well, America's already great, so greater, I gyess?

But you're an American, not a European

My room had to watch the Michelle Obama speech today and everyone was acting like sheep. It's sad that people believe that she is a good lady yet she too has done very little.

Do you really trust her enough for her to do nothing rather than actively make things worse? I bet you're one of the cucks who voted for that muzzie mayor.

She will immediately go after gun rights. As a gun owner this is scary, but if 26 dead children are not enough, trust me, she can't do shit.

She may get a supreme court nomination, but it may be subject to serious republican meddling.

2018 Mid terms will be a republican landslide
2018-2020 become congressional lockouts

Things she wants to get done, that she is running on:

>Minimum wage to 15 - will fail
>"equal pay for women" will fail

>that last post

Dude what

America will never die. That's why it's called America.

Christian America will defeat Zionist Israel.

It has been written. It will be so.

The end game is the same as Europe's. Bring in millions of "refugees" and spics and never lose an election again.

Slow decline over many decades, more and more unlikeable, globalist presidents, more and more gas lighting, Bill of Rights only just a meme of an earlier time

doing nothing is actively making things worse. stagnation is worse than collapse.

>I bet you're one of the cucks who voted for that muzzie mayor.
he's on the right wing of the labour party (neoliberal globalists), another group of status quo cheerleaders.

Wasn't Obama supposed to come after UR GUNZ too?

I hope so my friend. But I'm in college and I'm with the future of our workforce, and all they like are liberal arts, drawing, and leftist views

>Invest in Calico

Oh yeah sure let me just go buy Google stock at 800 fucking dollars a share. There will never be a Calico IPO.

By definition doing nothing is passively making things worse you bong.

a politician deciding to "do nothing" is making an active choice to allocate their time and effort in that way.

people would start asking questions if she literally stayed in bed all day. (Like "hey, when did her health improve?")

we killed stupid ass indians 300 years ago
well kill the new indians today. you really think that the average european cuckold could withstand muh gunz? all you'd have to do is call them racist and you win everything.

Nothings gonna happen you idiot. Hillary won't do 90% of things she's declaring (and neither would Trump), country is gonna go into a slightly bigger recession and that's it. Not much change from what was happening for the past 8 years.


rebellion user. pic related


That's my point. She's running actively on an anti-gun platform. She will not get shit through congress. If she goes so far as another attempt at AWB via Executive order it will sink in the courts. Say it doesn't sink? Then she will have to deal with mass non-compliance. This isn't like 94 - she can't get away with it.

I'd prefer a European Europe, not an American Europe. And I think you'd find Europeans aren't as bad as it seems from a distance

>passivity doesn't exist because you're actively choosing to be passive
Okay ahmed.

She's going to die in office. The woman has Parkinson's. That's not something you just get over. Hillary just wants to be the first female POTUS. Fuck the country.

I do love Europe but I want it to be pure. Europe is the continent of the mainly greats and will always be superior to everyone except for parts of Asia and the west

passivity does exist, it's just not what hillary would end up doing.

>gravity distortions


>muh Asians are good meme
>muh waifu

What's so great about the Oriental anthill society?

Well if you start at 1776 were at 240 years. So by 2026 we'll be truly gone. It was fun while it lasted

You ask me why your country is overrun with them?

America falls via Rome style. The script is just asking to be written.

Try 400 senpai.

I'm in the part that's overrun with Arabs

Oh boy. At least you have some hockey fans? Or do the Arabs at least try to play hockey?

relationship with russia and other states against globalism and multiculturalism will strain further. indirect conflict with russia. democrats will be btfo again by their president that doesnt do a thing they promised yet will still vote demo next election.

No, hockey is basically still a white man's sport. Lacrosse is getting more popular though because some muds are starting to trickle into hockey

He described the highborn Jewish families as having their own culture and religion. What he says throws me off as well, but I mean the Mayans worshipped snake and bat gods while the Indians worshipped people with many hands and elephant heads. Religions can be curious things and anything is possible

White babies are a minority sine 2012 so who cares america is already dead.

Make matters worse, the American people will believe their lies.

I have a growing influx of muzzies where I live and they infest the area on Friday nights. It's like roaches. My way home is also just me looking at nothing but colored people everywhere.

The United States may die, but our sense of patriotism and love for our neighbor will still hold us together as a nation, no matter what the left says

I'm seeing america dividing again into different countries.

Its an interesting subject, who wouldn't invest in immortality?

White millennials aren't having sex and that can't be fixed. We don't have the motivation or the resources to have kids. How can we afford diapers and baby food when we can barely make student loan payments?

He tried to, he was blocked by congress. You think we wouldn't have the AWB 2.0 if he controlled the congress?

>much trips don't lie
I've heard 250 before many times, but I'm entirely sure its correct. By your way we only have 150 years left til we hit average

Not entirely *

World War 3 in 2020. All the cities nuked with majority of liberals nuked. Poetic justice.

Well the women will treat you you like a king. Especially flips. They cook (Unlike white bitches) and I'd actually love to contribute to the mass white flight. I'd rather life a good life in a shitier country then get taxed to death here.

hey hey hey watch it man, I'm have an AA in Media and working on a BFA in animation, but I hate lefty politics. art =/= SJW/global neocon/etc etc

Same thing that happened to Yugoslavia

no matter what happens everything will crumble slowly, Trump would just lessen the rate of crumbling

Look at Europe. Nationalism is a legit movement. You can't get rid of it without addressing the root causes.

Trump and Ailes will found an alt-right media conglomerate, and a more polished and articulate leader will emerge.

That's fucking bullshit. Women are the same when you observe them when they're not attracting mates. Flip women don't love you. They want your green card. As yellow dude telling to crackers don't believe muh submissive yellow bitch hype.


how would that happen

Short version:

Economically, TPP and similar trade deals are approved, America's jobs market grows even bleaker. Refugee

Globally, US involvement in the Middle East grows, possible ground troops in Syria. Saber-rattling with Iran, Turkey, Russia. Possibly reigniting Cold War.

Domestically, amnesty and fast-track citizenship for 13 million illegals within her first term, if not her first year. The massive shift in voter demographics in the Southwest will give the Democrats a permanent supermajority in the House and Senate and a default electoral college win in the presidential races. We become a de-facto single-party state.

TPP will pass with her blessing and signature. to the surprise of no one

not even to the CRT shills who went around telling everyone dood clinton is totally against the TPP so don't let that keep you from voting for her

course, the CRT shills will probably no longer be around to be ITYSd by then. they'll be in hibernation til 2020

Anyway. jobs will get harder to find, rent, fuel, transportation and health care costs will skyrocket and cheap plastic shit designed to be landfill fodder within 18 months will be marginally cheaper

... and naturally wages will be stagnant for those lucky enough to have a job

everyone who isn't stinking fucking rich will get poorer and poorer with every hike to their premiums, deductibles, rent, grocery bill and tuition

Her speech genuinely pissed me off.

If Clinton wins, Mexico will celebrate.

And the Chapo will kill Trump.