Answer me this /pol

Inb4 ban hear me out on this one please.

>Be me
>English speaking minimum wage worker
>Co workers all Spanish speakers, most don't speak a word of English
>Entire town practically Mexico now
>I don't speak Spanish, i try to understand but it doesn't work so well, they accept me anyways.
>go days without seeing another white person.
>all the white people that 'are' in my area are literal niggers
>almost none of them work
>the ones that aren't niggers are living pumpkin spice latte incarnate SJW degenerates.
>almost every white person that comes into my work gives me shit
>strangely enough the Mexicans actually stick up for me
>practically treat me like family
>I'm treated better by the foreigners than i am by my own race.
>TFW unless i move and fuck pumpkin spice lattes' or stay single the rest of my life, any kids i have are probably going to be Hispanic.

>TFW The Mexicans are nice to me because they realize I've become a foreigner in my own country.

I'm the last Mohican over here guys, what do i do?

Kys faggot

Fuk off leaf it's a serious question.

Do you live right by the border or something?

How many people are voting Trump in your town?

Kys faggot

White group cohesion has been utterly destroyed by decades of social engineering.

I was thinking about this earlier.

The white middle-class fucking hate the white working class.

Not even just the SJWs.

They'll look for any excuse to complain about the people serving them.

In your situation, either move or learn spanish. Try to hook up with the lightest skinned mexican gril you can find, thats my best guess on the course of action.

Kys faggot

I'm actually 4-5 hours from the border, contrary to what the news says most of the Mexicans around here have a pretty good hatred of her, to the extent that many of them are either voting trump, or realizing that the election is one big clusterfuck and going 3rd party.

congratulations, you've come to realize "race" is a load of shit, and people have more in common with others of their social class than they do with people of their own skin or nation.

This. You are a race-traitor OP.

>Mexicans around here have a pretty good hatred of her, to the extent that many of them are either voting trump, or realizing that the election is one big clusterfuck and going 3rd party.

dude who are you trying to fool lmao.


1.) Learn Spanish.
2.) Get a sweet Latina wife with a nice ass and wide hips for child baring
3.) Live happily ever after in Mexico 2.0 with your mixed race family

>treated like shit by my own google-fied race

Who betrayed who again here?

Stop being such an internet idiot and treat your coworkers and neighbors as fellow countrymen. What the fuck is the white race and why do you care about it?

What a stupid leaf you are. You don't even know what the point of having your people is. You are a Jew's wet dream.

The mexican area i'm in isn't really ghetto so no, (its not really nice either, just average i guess.) i use Mexican loosely here as its mostly a large mix of many different central American countries, and they basically act like white people here.

More or less we have 'white' mexicans, and 'mexico' mexicans here if that makes any sense, and the white mexicans are the ones who give enough of a shit to have a political opinion.

>Stop being such an internet idiot and treat your coworkers and neighbors as fellow countrymen.

Implying i don't?

I never said i treat them different, i just said that they don't speak english and that i can't understand them a lot of the time, the ones i work with are legal.

Hispanics are mostly legit. Outside of the gangbangers, cholos and depraved cartel members they are hard working, honest, respectful and nice. They are overall 1000000x better than niggera.

You. Leave your shithole and let those degenerates to fester.

whats wrong with pumpkin latte? sounds delicious

Contemporary Irish

>kiss urself fagg1t

Who's really gay here?

While i agree that would make sense, i have to wonder, as i said most of the white people we get are either white googles or SJW's, is it worse in the whiter areas of the country? i don't want to move and end up getting fucked by these people, as i said my recent experience with the (local) white population here has not been a pleasant one.

That does sound nice desu, gonna miss english though.

Redpill the sjw's you pussy

I have only ever tasted one Starbucks' meme drink.

They taste like dilute liquid deserts.

Pretty terrible.

We're not supposed to disagree with the customers, been trying on this one girl for about 2 years though and finally got her over from blue to 3rd party, maybe another 2 until she embraces the god emperor but i dunno.

That which adapts survives user
All else will perish

Can't argue with that.

Learn Spanish you lazy fuck

Damn where the fuck do you live? You have more faith in Mexicans than whites?
I am sorry your life ended up this way.

Dude, I live a few hundred miles from the border in a historically Hispanic place with less than half of the population being White. There are plenty of nigger (say nigger, not google, all you're doing is giving Jewgle magic internet points when you do this) whites and SJWs here too but there are plenty of normal, non faggotized Whites as well. They may not all be "redpilled" but they are also not fucking retarded. I'm sure you could find some like that if you looked. Don't give up.

If you give a woman a good fucking she will support who every you tell her to support.

White flight leaves the retards behind.

>If you give a woman a good fucking she will support who every you tell her to support.
You don't even need to go that far. Just act like a man around her instead of the numale pussies that are ever so prevalent today and she'll latch on like a lost puppy.


It's kinda funny to fund a leaf that's a leafy fag

Yeah i guess that makes sense, gonna have to start saving up to move then, been thinking about going out to the middle of nowhere somewhere to one of the smaller towns, pretty sure those are still majority white aren't they?

Oh I'm not fucking her, she's already got a dindu child, completely agree with you nonetheless though.

Completely agree with this too.

move out of Commiefornia until we retake it in the coming race war. We will make California great again

>pretty sure those are still majority white aren't they?
Mostly but it depends. At the bare minimum "in the middle of nowhere" offers few opportunities for people and minorities typically require lots of opportunities because of their low skill sets and lower than average IQs. This means that usually the ones that can make it aren't absolute scum unless they live like peasant shit and scrape by.

Learn spanish, give yourself a Spanish name, get a spraytan and become a pseudo mexican

My family has had this name for a few hundred years now, even if i transform into burrito I'm not giving that up.

Learning Spanish seems like a good idea either way though whether i move or not.

Then move you fucking retard.
>no good white women are near me
>better marry a beaner and have a bunch of mixed race children!
You're pathetic, good women will not fall into your lap you have to go find them and earn them

Learn it
At worst you"lol know when cholos are talking about jumping you cuz they think you're just a ignorant gringo

Hard working hispanic people are practically white.

Experience is the exact same here for me in south florida OP, currently dating a spic.

that Machado gal is quite striking, so not so bad man

My point was that if i remain minimum wage then moving is markedly difficult and if i stay here then the chance of finding a decent white qt3.14 is virtually 0.

Hence why i asked wot do.

Tbh i don't really mind race if they're actually intelligent and know how to properly poo in loo, just asked because as i stated above:

>I've become a foreigner in my own country

Not to mention that white birth rates continue to decline, is the white race 'actually' going to go through a resurgence? because everyone keeps posting about it but nobody seems to actually do anything and it's most of the reason behind me asking this in the first place, because the future is uncertain.

Working class Mexican men are complete bros to working class White people. They just see working class blacks as lazy, and working class asians don't exist. They'd probably like them if they did...

All these wage slaves dating spics is absolutely abhorrent. It is a disgrace to Cred Forums let alone the white race. Be a neet and get a white gf for fucks sake or at least get a job where you are your own boss.

Yup. Whites need to stop bitching and start having lots of babies.

Bullshit. I have more in common with working class and poor whites than with middle class blacks. The poor white neighborhoods here are better than the middle class black neighborhoods in terms of crime and local businesses. This despite that blacks live in far better houses and neighborhoods that were abandoned by white collar professionals who moved to the burbs. All the houses have bars, fences and alarm systems. There are few local business or stores cause they get robbed. The two are totally different in terms of culture and climate.

Most field Illegals are hard-working Strongbacked catholic refugees who want to flee the fucking shithole that is mexico with it's gangs and poverty.
They go to the USA where the min wage is literally a 7 motherfucking dollars the hour ,Most of these spics barely did that in a entire day back in México.

What they want is a peaceful life keeping their profile low and living in dogshit conditions with the happyness of sending back some dollars a week to México.

I wish we could fix shit down here instead of fleeing to the USA