My sister has this posted on her facebook. She is the one on the far right

My sister has this posted on her facebook. She is the one on the far right.

How do I stop this? Why is this even considered normal? My parents don't even care.

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Let her get beaten by jamal

If she's not totally brainwashed she'll snap out of it

In a neighborhood like that, this shouldn't be a surprise

>wanting to live in the projects

Will women go to any length for the bbc?

>My parents don't even care.
Looks like (((they))) got to them

>posting a picture of your family on Cred Forums

You're asking for it, man, and I'm not saying that as a threat, but to deter you from doing it again. All it takes is one autist (and we have plenty) to find out who she is, tell her, and then you have an awkward conversation about why you're posting pictures of your sister online...and that's a best case scenario if anyone figures out who she is.

Looks like someone will be taking care of a niglet & a badly beaten sister in the future

Well tell her burn the coal pay the toll. Don't say anything else. Just let her now and when she finally pays the toll, she'll repent and shack up with some poor beta.

You better prey some left wing psycho doesnt dox your location and make you a known racist.

this to be quite honest famalamadingledongleberries

Are they all in the same school class? Hahahaha

It's too late, nothing you can do friend but watch the world burn. Try to enjoy the ride.

Fuck it, post more pictures. If anyone doxxes, she'll catch the flak, he wont.

OP, just smother her with a pillow in her sleep

post more of your sister

also it looks like he fucked her so hard that they had to throw out the matress

My sister was associating with a nigger once when she was still in school, then he punched her, now she hates niggers.

Your sister looks like frumpy white trash anyway, nothing of value lost there.

Your sister looks like she already has some miles on her.It's too late to save her she's already been ran through

They certainly would.
Since I moved stateside, girls just can't get enough of the big british cock

How old is she?

What is this?

Dont be a bitch

don't ever speak to her again or help her in any way. you have no sister, this is how it has to be.

do it faggot

Maybe theyre just friends. Also, white women do this when the white men in their life are weak and effeminate.

well OP, if YOU dont fix this, nobody will
>its all up to you to undo this evil and rid your
sister of the horrible affliction she suffers from.
if you don't do whats needed here, I hope the last image in your mind before sleep from now on is her being penetrated by those mud hominids. corrupting her DNA permanently.

hahah white boi watchu gone do? bitch ass cracka

>she'll catch the flak

Yeah, except it's his sister, and she'll be like "uhh a bunch of people messaged me and said that ______ was posting pictures of me on a white supremacist message board known for child porn."If you really think at least one user wouldn't tell her something like that just for the drama then you haven't been here very long. Not exactly a situation I'd want to try and explain to my parents.

Also to make the nigger stop associating with her you should beat the crap out of him, then threaten his family, worked for us.

your sister and her friend are already double-teaming him.

you can tell by the massive grin he has

I don't care. How would you dox someone from one picture?
That really won't solve anything.

You think some self centered brat is going to accept that someone else is right and they are wrong?
I don't even know who he is. She is 13 and he looks older. No idea how older but still.
I don't even live with her or my parents. I live like 30ish minutes away. I'd rather not cut off contact with family because of one member's decision.
Maybe. I honestly don't know the whole story about it.
Also can somebody please explain what the fuck this sign they are making means?


Relax, just let nature run its course and you won't have a sister soon enough

D E M O T I V A T I O N _ S H I L L
E s
M a
O g
T e
V s
A a
T g
I e

S s
H a
I g
L e

just dig your holes deep enough and you can hide anything. or anyone.

The far right? You fucking retard there is a left, a middle and a right. And the middle is a guy. You don't need to say far right you can just say right.

If he speaks French - he is whiter than faggot.

Also you don't have a right to marry a slav woman, faggot.

Well looks like you no longer have a sister.

No one has to dox her, retard, all it takes is one person like "lol I know this bitch, she went to my school" and then she's found. Now I kind of hope it happens because you're retarded.


you are white trash, you live in the ghetto, your sister is going to be a whore. there is no way around it.

yes, you think im just insulting you to be a cunt online - thats not the case, this is the hard truth that everybody outside of the ghetto can see.

worry about yourself. she's fucked. you can make it out.

I wanna see here friend to the left desu

>Also can somebody please explain what the fuck this sign they are making means?
It is a satanic salute, used a lot in popular music. Not a joke.

He is whiter than you if he speaks French

>All it takes is one autist (and we have plenty) to find out who she is

a French-speaking african >>>> an anglo-faggot

>that pic

That can't be legal.

Have fun being an uncle to a half-caste google and babysitting him/her all the time because your sister has to make money prostituting herself.

I can't tell how old the person in it is.

Umm try telling your parents

also underage and b&

This is a repost meant to slide. This has been posted before on Cred Forums, a long time ago ("long", but in internet terms).

>not wearing shoes in the street

who the fuck cares, she is trash


>13 and already extremely white trash

if you try to protect your sister it will only cause you problems.

Get Blacked you white trash

Why do you think that when anglo mongol marries polish woman it's normal, but when african marries anglo mongol woman it's not? Faggot.

Disown her, move on.

She looks like a little trash bag, I bet you wear a monster hat and call ppl nigger on xbox live.

Why does your father let his daughter dress like that?

Show some goddamn respect for yourselves.

I NON IRONICALLY think that French-speaking africans are whiter than average americans.

>I don't care. How would you dox someone from one picture?

What is exif data, reverse image search?? Fuck, I don't care.

Only 8% of Americans are Anglo. I doubt OP is, he is most likely German in origin as a white American.

Then you're a retard.

this man is whiter than you, OP

Whip that niggers ass in front of her. Make him cry. Show you are the dominant male.

If you are, that is.

your parents don't care because they are white trash.

im sorry if this is the first time you've realized this is true.

Cred Forums has got rid of exif data for years.


French is just the Latin 2.0, the greatest language ever.

If you speak it from birth - you are an elite.

I can buy a considerable amount of slav women Ivan

Guys, Diversity is a good thing. You mad white boys need to get gud. If you can't compete by raping your sister, you may as well be bred out. You are weak. You will be outcompeted.

MKULTRA was a drug experimentation research conducted by the DoD. I'm guessing this is just a fake attention whoring tattoo but tbqhdesu I wouldn't put it past them to tag subjects.

The US government doesn't like to talk about, but you can certainly look it up.

>white American

american are not united nation

girl on the left is hotter, sorry ur sis has shit genes mate

She is lost mate.

Only if you polish too, faggot.

Both French and Latin are terrible languages

>If you speak it from birth - you are an elite.

Statistically if you speak French you are probably a subsaharan African living in a tribal society of poverty.

Ok, so that means OP is even less likely to be Anglo then. Dumb Russian.

How short is she?

she is a qt

No, I can literally buy slav women online.

I said I don't live there. yes it is a shithole. I managed to graduate and get a good job and don't plan on living there.
Well I am pretty sure there still time to help her out. Though I have a feeling she won't graduate high school considering how lazy and retarded acting she is.
>abandoning family
If she is over 18 and does not fix her shit up then sure I will consider it.
Selfish and don't care. If she got pregnant I am pretty sure they would support her and not force her to get an abortion. Thats the type of people they are.

I dunno, can you clearly see a snatch?

They kill and rape whites by the thousands in America - a place where there are racial quotas in education, the media, in governmental positions, very favourable to blacks; billions upon billions are spent to alleviate them from 'poverty'; they've made it illegal for anybody to not serve blacks in their own business; you can't talk about the facts about blacks for fear of persecution; television programmes promote blacks, the mixing with such a group, and popularise them despite their huge crime levels in America and around the world; they condemn you as 'wacist!' if you disagree with your own children mixing with them and wanting your children to have at least a much more similar colour to you...

They are given such a leg-up, such a huge artificial headstart, in order to help them compete and live meaningful existences in white society - and they still complain, behave like weak, pathetic and petty victims...

Whites are willing to destroy their culture, heritage, history in order to accommodate the most untermensch of all untermensch.


I'd fuck the shit out of both these 13 year olds and kill the nigger.


If that shit isn't a temporary tattoo that's one of the most autistic thing I've ever seen even on this board. It's even worse than those "are you a wolf or a sheepdog" t-shirts, Jesus Christ.

This. Right wing faggots are going to be crushed by lack of belief in their antiquated doublethink.

Another day in freedom land, Jesus approves or forgives.

Fuck the one on the left

anglo protestants should be replaceb by mexicans, prove me wrong

also your language literally has no orphography, you can't judge what is terrible and what is good

Sexy what's her snapchat



America...say no more.

>anglo protestants should be replaceb by mexicans, prove me wrong
Well they are not. New England and Utah (the only two places with Anglos in major numbers in the US) are still very white. So it does not matter what you want dumb Russian.

>also your language literally has no orphography
The only reason you would need this is if your culture was too weak to protect your language to begin with.

OP post more of your sister her friend and nigro

English is a pleb language yes but i can still buy your women


If you try to convince her not to date/fuck/hang out with black guys - she will want them more and more.

I would tell her that all guys will be nice and tell her whatever she wants to hear in order to fuck them and after they fuck - the guy will disappear, its just what guys do.

And its mostly true, especially since she is 13.

>My sister has this posted on her facebook. She is the one on the far right.

If she was on the far right, she wouldn't be posing with this dirty dindu.

Op, you must kill this man. You can't let the master race die. Kill him and impregnate your sister. You know you want to fuck her sweet cunt.

Why does dog filter exist? It pisses me off

Just call her a filthy coon lover and cut ties. She's already lost OP.

idiot, Trump did a big mistake, mexicans are allies, because they are whiter than anglo protestants

I even don't prefer to listen music in English. I don't say that your language is bad, but it doesn't deserve to be the world language. Russian too.
Only French does.


heuheuheu nice one Cajun

That fuckin bitch on the border

nice try Pablo, but not

>but it doesn't deserve to be the world language
This is not how reality works. Nobody deserves anything really.

>tfw sliding the thread and no one notices.

>How do I stop this?

it is already too late

Looks like Ohio. Possibly Lima or some other shit hole.

>Not protecting your imouto from jewish tricks

You had one fucking job!

Terrible onii-senpai.


Do your parents actually think that the nigger is't fucking their daughter? Are they that naive, or do they just not give a shit?

10/10 clevage.

i just had an idea.

root her phone, get evidence

watch this

if you cant do this, your college education was a waste

Damn. Your sister is a whore.

It sounds like your parents are terrible people.

You really should separate from these people and never look back.

>be black
>allowed to hang out with underage girls
>nobody questions it because they don't want to appear racist

you live in the hood. your sister is low iq and the caucasian race is better off without her sub par offspring

Can I be your brother in law

I Would say that you should spank her, but since your parents dont care, there nothing that can be done.

She looks like a slut anyways, I bet that if I offered her 200 bucks she would let me bareback her

White people are fucked

No will to fight


Only one way to settle this if if he does.

Im older than most of you guys(36). This shit started in 1990s when rap music became popular. Its rebellious, and white girls perceive black guys as the "bad boy" image. Its the same shit I grew up witnessing. All the slutty white girls did this.

You should fuck her if she is in legal age anyway

This is 100% true

I must know the result of this.

Original of that photo

because your rap is cucked. we, slavs, have nationalist rap

and even tatars have - it's tatarian nationalist rap (the text in Russian, refrain in Tatar)


tell her you don't want her to hang around with niggers

Just pretend like she isn't family anymore. Let her nigger friends be her support system and stop giving a shit. It's not your job to be a parent just because your family values suck ass.

>onii-chan refuses to give his hot little sister the dick she craves
>she has to find a nigger to give it to her

You realise this is your fault, don't you senpai?

She looks like inbred trash and fetal alcohol syndrome, so it's safe to assume you're also trash with fas and dream of drinking gallons of coon cum.


Its kind like what happens with guns, responsible men won't try anything with teen girls because of the law, while the ones who don't give a shit about the law will go after them and considering how teens are, will probably get them.

stone her 2 death pham

Just cut ties with her.

>as shit dat vibrant unarmed youth just knocked that racist white oppressor right the fuck out
>better move my soda

This is why I cheer watching liberal cities burn.


>If she's not totally brainwashed she'll snap out of it

You don't need to be brainwashed to stay with a guy who treats you like shit. Just a woman.

We need to decriminalize teenage girls

>Frequents Cred Forums
>Hasn't red pilled his sister to the most basic degree

kys desu senpai

its like you learnt nothing here