Are squat toilets the ultimate redpill?

According to pic related, squatting provides an easier elimination of waste from the body. Are we sitfags in the wrong?

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Just take some benefiber, man.

If you do anal can you get your dick stabbed by the sacrum?

If I ever own a house I plan to replace my traditional western toilet with a squatting toilet.

Can't wait for a fat person to bitch at me about it

Squatfag here, squatting helped me with IBS, along with diet. It just feels better, comes out smoother so less wiping, etc.

Just eat fiber, fucktard.

As the country which invented the crapper you'll never see me squatting.

It's simply another chip, another chink, as they slowly but surely reduce the differences between our cultures and the middle east.

If you're having trouble passing waste then examine your diet and general health, what healthy person has trouble going to the toilet? Simple answer, none.

Why not just lean forward while sitting on the toilet to achieve much of the same effect if most of it is just aligning your insides straight?

i personally own a squatty potty, it was fucking life changing. day and night. I bought one for my parents and siblings it was that damn good.

i still get to use my civilized toilet and i get to shit like a champion.

11/10 would buy for anyone

I just squat over the rim like a dirty arab on a european train. Feels good, man.

how much easier can it get

will the shit just teleport out of my ass?

would I be cheating if I raised my feet?

>having a footstool is easier than revamping my plumbing

Vikings had tattoos that covered their body from fingertip to neck

They also had dreadlocks

I don't see you faggots justify when white kids do either of these, so shut your crossed tooth ass up

Thanks, my daily grievances have been solved.

Are there any other supporting evidence for this?

A literal shitpost, well done

I was taking a shit reading this, I thought I was done but I tried lifting my legs and sure enough I got more out

look at how hospitals put old people on 12' toilet seats so they can be at the same angle as squatting without leg trouble

Yep. Humans biology was adapted to squat. It's the ideal position for shitting. But like how bad can the consequences be for sitting on a toilet?

Thank you user for the real time poopsperiment

>be Canadian
>pretend don't know what getting fucked in the ass is like

>not wearing a diaper

Sitting in general is terrible for our spines. We aren't build to sit in chairs

Right now I'm standing and I have my laptop on a dresser, I got rid of my desk when I found out the effects of sitting on the spine and muscles

Do you guys really have toilets where your upper legs lie parallel to the floor?

How is this political?

There's no medical evidence that squatting is better for you. Now kindly fuck off

OP thought this was /poo/

I do hear that squatting makes the poo poo fly out like a lubed dildo. America has the (((shittiest))) toilets.

Should be on Cred Forums desu but these two boards are heavily mixed and the line gets blurred

>sit on toilet
>lean forward

Do you team up with metamucil?

Who /squattypotty/ here? I feel ahead of the game.

Thanks but I'd rather not have to take off my shoes and pants when I need to poop. Although I have noticed that when I pee sitting down, I feel like I can never get all the pee out. I wonder if that affects your dick too



I just lean back a few degrees and push my feet up to tip-toe. Boom. Out in one.

nobody sits up straight when they take a shit. i put my elbows on my knees. it comes right out.

I'm 21, a sitter and I've only recently (just a matter of weeks) discovered the trick to unloading my rectum fully no squatting necessary!

I had been doing it wrong my whole life. The power pose involves crossing your arms while on the toilet like a powerful desert sheikh.

This tenses your abdominal muscles and rectifies your exit valve allowing for a fluid drop.

Try it out!

They do help with pooping
But the real benefit is extra hip mobility from growing up squatting encourages a healthy hip and spine later in life

>pol is having a thread about toilet culture from around the world

>int is having a thread about race


Using mine right now. Feels good man.

has int become somewhat rightwing recently?
last time i visited it seemed to be filled with marxist and eurasmas student types

Same. I'm shitting on the toilet now.

How do people squat with regular toilets?

>subhuamans are still using their rectum to excrete feces


everyone knows if you're having trouble on the loo to jam a finger up there and fish the turds out with a finger hook

LMAO eurocucks imortally BTFO

>not understanding 4D biology

Yeah I bought a squatty potty last year. I haven't been constipated once since I bought it. I used to get constipated on around a monthly to two month basis but now I don't have that problem. I also almost shit as fast as I poop now.

Use a small stool or some shit

It's called a Bobby Brown due to the fact Bobby Brown had to do it to Whitney Houston several times. Google that literal shit. Happened.

>tfw used a little step stool as a joke after seeing a couple different squat threads and haven't gone back since

it just works.

>I also almost shit as fast as I poop now.

>I also almost shit as fast as I poop now.

holy fuk

i like to pull my feet in and put them on tippy toes to get as close as i can.

Shit is the most relevant political topic around senpai

Yep this image made me never ever ever try this. Porcelain is sharp as fuck

Yes, I use short stool like pic related. Achieves the same effect. Feels great

i have a standard cleaning bucket upside down by the toilet. Maybe its about 12 inches tall, so you just put your feet on it and elevate them almost to the level of the seat. feels fucking great man

wow he needs to take his pants off holy shit rookie mistake

I started using squatty potty about 2 weeks ago.
I'm not quite sure if the change is much more signifigant yet.

I've always had problems with shitting and hemmorids, I've had 3 hemmorids removed in the past 5 years.

The last 4 days I haven't been keeping up on my fiber. So my last 3-4 shits have had blood.

Something I did notice with squatty potty is, it pretty much all comes out in one push. So yes, it has reduced my shitting time by over 50%. It also has reduced my wiping time. I'm extremely obsessing wiper, to the point I wet a paper towel, put it on my finger and stick it up my as and root around until it comes out clean. And in the last 3 months my shits were getting so bad I was having to dig shit out of my ass with my finger, and later I was giving myself enemas with a god damn hose in the basement, leading to shitting in the shower to be sure I was empty.

But with squatty potty, I haven't had that dirty anus feel on the inside, so most of my wipes have been very minimal, no finger up the ass, and then only ending with wiping my balloon knot with a wet paper towel.

So I went from 10 minutes of shitting and 20 minutes of wiping, to 6 minutes of shitting and 6 minutes of wiping.

But since starting squatty potty, I have had to shit more than once a day. I'll shit at 5pm, then have to shit about 10am.

I want to be a one shit a day guy.
I'm also getting self-conscious if I'm leaning over enough or too much to shit with squatty potty or if I have the stool out too far or too close, basically, I don't know if I'm using it right.

So, so far

-One push and you're done
-Less wiping

-Possibly rectal bleeding
-Needing to shit more through out the day/week


Imagine yourself as a fancy scientist. Do your own research, testing and analysis and then go fucking mumble about.

not only that: squatz and oatz

>He doesn't shit naked

Does this make Indians the most powerful race?

Been squatting on my western for 4 years now. It got to the point I nearly forgot how to sit like an average person. It felt foreign. I'll never go back. It helped with my gastrointestinal disorders, and I just feel better with a more complete bowel evacuation.

Just pull your legs up to your chest as you shit

>not taking the shorts shart redpill

fucking pleb

But Americans are standfags

Why must we be in such a hurry to take a shit?

>yfw squatters don't wipe



so bidets are bad then?

get same effect as squatting if your 190cm (6'2) or taller as your body is at same angle as the squatter as toilet too short and legs too long. In short tall people ARE the pooping overlords of the throne.

Ewww, poop

You don't already squat on the toilet? wtf? OP get your shit together, god damn. Why do you think the toilet seat is so fucking thick? For fat fucks? No cunt, so you can put your feet on it.

it's like they don't understand the part that people find gross, yeah washing your ass is a good idea, and lots of people do it. the gross part is having a communal bucket that everyone is dunking their shitty fucking hands in, also using your bare hand to wash you shitty asshole.

not with morning wood.

>he doesn't lie face down in the bathtub to take a shit

squatting is pretty gay, I much prefer to hunch forward when doing it

This exactly. I was grossed the fuck out reading that. Like, having a little community bucket filled with light brown chunks of a dozen Filipino people's diarrhea in it that you stick your hand in and rub all over your asshole to "clean"??? No way, Jose.

>Squatting is gay
>Hunching over like you're taking it in the ass is straight

Australia everyone

Welp, can't argue with those digits

I don't shit like normal people. I just pretend to be a feminist and shout at my toilet for being sexist until shit comes out of my mouth.

Guess I've got a lot to make up for...

this is the only right way to take a shit


fucking kek

It makes sense. Humans aren't programmed to shit in toilets. We were made to squat down and shit on the grass

t. pajeet


I think I found the cause of your rectal bleeding

long time suffered from hemerrhoids and anal-fissure. squatting helps alot, but it's not the ultimate redpill... I still get flare-up and problems. For me the best remedy is diet and tons of water (3l daily)