What the fuck did you skinheads do?

Hey Cred Forums, /r9k/obot here
>Driving home from work today, listening to NPR.
> The person on the radio said"Recently, the ADL has added a new item to to it's list of hate symbols, most are swastikas, SS lightning bolts, and the like, but this one is an internet meme named Pepe or sad frog. this meme is very common on sites such as Cred Forums and Reddit,"
>"Recently, a couple of trolls have abused the meme. They are completely anonymous, and wish to end the popularity of Pepe."

have been quoted by calling jews racial slurs, and spreading hate speech via Pepe and twisting it by adding pictures and slogans offensive to jewish communities and adding Donald Trump into some."
>Fucking Cred Forums

Why did you have to ruin our innocent meme?
Seriously, we should have thought this through instead of me being ostracised for having Pepe as my profile pic on my Email. It's high school all over again. Stop making us look like racist coots, and stay off of Cred Forums. Go back to Stormfront you shits. The Purge will begin.

this is fake
We did what was right for the meme
You should be gassed
This is cringey
This inb4 is too long
You can't do shit spic
Trump is cool.
Fuck you libcuck
Bait As Fuck
Kike loving dune coon

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Sorry we ruined your frog :(
You guys want Gondola?

Gas yourself.

we took pepe back from the normies which you cucks failed to do. You should be thanking us for it ingrate fuck



>current year
>listening to NPR

>/r9k/ is ripping us off on trade

You realise that we here at Cred Forums are fuelled by your tears right?

Been frogposting since 2010. Pepe has just evolved along side us.

Praise Kek

>normies will never use Pepe again, which was what you fuckos tried to achieve with the peepee poopoo failed meme

If anything, YOU owe us a solid, fuccboi.

No. We want our frog and Wojak back
No, you made it worse. We wanted pepe to be indie, not offensive you leaf.
A fucking leaf
Aussies are worse on Cred Forums than Cred Forums at shitposting

>we dont meme anymore
>but we will meme harder and better than ever before

have sex

At least my country doesn't have 55 million spics and 40 million niggers.

We didn't do shit, the corrupt MSM is just being corrupt. Welcome to our world

Also stormfront is an FBI honeypot


/r9k/ should literally be purged.

Subhuman autists.

stop posting here you nazi frog liking scum.

You still have feelguy.
Stop complaining before we take him as well.

just like old Cred Forumstards who grew up into right wing God-fearing National Socialists, pepe too grew up

We took him back, something you cucks on /r9k/ couldn't do, you fucking beta faggot.


>fucking r9k degenerate OF ALL PEOPLE mad over a frog.

Cred Forums has seized the memes of production, join us.

The jews literally gave it that label, direct anger that way.

Haha rekt, get out of here faggot. /r9k/ users need to fucking off themselves. Go to /fit/ instead for a year before posting on Cred Forums.

>its offensive
i didnt realized r9k was full of cucks. I thought you guys were a of group of edgy wizard or something

You got pepe back at a price but good news : we're never going to lose him again. he's ours forever now.

This leave gondola and spurdo alone you queers.

They're assholes

have a glass of milk you americunt faggot

praise KEK

You know it's going to happen one day. They will try to explain Spurdo on CNN.


kek how fucking late can you be.

But spurdo has been my favorite for years.

Your tears taste like Aquafina.

>Calling a severely introverted aspie a normie
>Is literally the most hated IT guy in the office
Then go to infinitychan. Get off this site or stop making us look bad.
One of my only friends is hispanic. Seem like a nice bunch
/fit/ is shit
Everyone here
>Basing someone off their religion or race, not their personality.
Cred Forums user as well. Got my spurdos

>we should have made informal guidelines for how strangers behave on the internet

maybe u should think that one through

>Why did you have to ruin our innocent meme?
Pepe wasn't that innocent, he was antisemite all along, and look at what ADL is doing to him, he had his reasons.

Ehh, Dasani is better senpai


lmfao you act like you arent anonymous autists over the internet.

>/fit/ is shit
You go to /r9k/, your opinion is invalid.

You fucking what? Who the fuck do you think is on Cred Forums?

So they taste like water.



Yeah, but you know what you DO have? Trudeau.

I wonder how many more millions of third world shit skins are going to be ushered into your country under his helpful hand.

kys you fuccboi sandanista dunecoon weaboo




Its funny how peepee-poopoo pepe edits didn't get nearly as much controversy despite being images of insane rape/gore/torture.

But you dress that smug frog up as a nazi or in a Trump hat jokingly and suddenly its the most offensive thing out there.

Really just goes to show you've been doing it wrong the whole time. You tried to make pepe physically repulsive to normals and failed. But you make him socially repulsive and normals won't go near.

Its really the same with Cred Forums too. Becoming a "neo-nazi website" may be the best thing to happen to us to keep newfags out.

Fuck those numbers

OP can't Inb4 fag
Get back in the oven

Race Traders will be the first to go.

Somebody shoop some nazis marching with rainbow flags

Put pepe in front of it too

>the purge is coming

You're God Damn right you little neet piece of shit.

>me being ostracised for having Pepe as my profile pic on my Email

hahahahahahaha faggot

Who else /autism/ here?

>hundreds if not thousands of disavowed men with nothing to live for
Seems like /r9k/ can be useful after all...

This just means we can pick a symbol and get it banned for the lulz. Nazi MLP time? KKK Mario and Luigi? The possibilities are endless.

>/fit/ is shit
I was on your side...don't be mean


Praise kek

you're not from /r9k/, a real robot would be glad we took back their precious symbol from normalfag vermin

This is true I've been here so long I can't remember when I started coming here 2007 2008
Let's just say Cred Forums was the label for Cred Forums threads and I saw a body chopped up in a bag and the bag was in a cooler
Op wasnt a fag he time-stamped that shit

thats what im thinking too. i think its a pollack larping

Yfw beta uprising becomes a recognized terror group

>Race Traders
I'll give you one chink for those two googles over there

M8, do you even know who peepoopoo was a thing?
Because Normies keep stealing our fucking shit, this is a blessing

I was just thinking this, too. They really opened up the floodgates with this one.

Is that a lunatic trait event?

it has to be done.

You go to Cred Forums unironically. Your opinion is invalid.
>Wanting to greentext the 15 long list properly with spaces and perfection.
Yeah but what about us who aren't offensively racist? Like I'm a moderate Conservative that doesn't see race other than just a color a pitch of voice.
Well it is. Sorry anonkun, unless you're another one of these klansmen
Again, we don't want the normies fucking with our memes, but we don't want to be ostracised even more simply because we have them.
I hope so.
We were gonna up the ante, after all, Pepe is our god. You have other shit.
So have I, and that's why I browse /r9k/ even though I'm not really depressed any more.

Its not our fault. The memes are taking over. Praise kek and go with the flow.

>Listening to NPR
I actually listen to the radio jew every day.
Is that degenerate? I find thier voices soothing

>this whoIe thread

Trump has Pepe's back

>innocent meme
You didn't the same thing we did but only with poopoo peepee. All we have done is succeeded where your inferior robot race has failed. We are killing pepe in the eyes of the normies. REEEE all you want, you cannot stop us. 14/88

Deal. I also have rare intellectual Mexican in stock.

Gas the kikes now!

gondola and spurdo are to pepe as wheeler and woolsey are to laurel and hardy.

Yet again normies ruin another beautiful thing of nature.

I don't get it. It's a hate symbol because of a few nazi variants? The fuck?

Clinton must be 20 feet deep in ADL's ass.

Trump is ultimately ruining it. He's a polarizing figure and is part of what started this. He should just say fuck pepe if he was to have pepe's back.
Poopoopeepee was a failure, but we could've thought up something else, like actually keeping it out of the spotlight.
And only us and /s4s/ should have worked at it. Yall and Cred Forums made things worse. Sure, normies will stop for a bit, but it has put it on the eye of the normal person. This is bad for the "Pepe economy."
To be fair, this is a good point.

>And only us and /s4s/ should have worked at it. Yall and Cred Forums made things worse


You guys are basically normies at this point. There's a huge subset of the adult population that's just like you, whether or not they go to /r9k/ or not, it doesn't matter.

I suppose I'm probably a robot but I fucking hate /r9k/. It's nothing but a self-pity circlejerk.

eat shit you pathetic cuckbucket

I'm not, outside of Cred Forums, Cred Forums, and Cred Forums.
Mainly because I don't like whiny asshats.
Also how is that worse than hating someone for what the don't have control over? people have control over the boards they visit.
Well, let us have fun when we can. Don't ruin what we have. I mean I'm a diagnosed aspie. I'm by far not a normie.

die you faggot

no u!!!!111

>Cred Forums is at fault

You realize that the MSN did this, not Cred Forums, right?


No they didn't.

It isn't just stormfags enjoying the nazi pepes. You think a bunch of knuckle-dragging skinheads managed to gain control of the entire board?

Cred Forums has a massive variety of political ideas. More massive than you or the media think. The nazi posts just scares away the weak minded, because in their mind nazis are demons just like they were told. Here, absurd political ideas have just as much carry as normal ones. True freedom of speech.

If you have ideals argue for them here. Otherwise you can go on reddit and form a safety bubble where you delete posts you disagree with.

we tuk you're maymes :3

> Telling a long time Cred Forums user to got to plebbit for anything other than /r/Cred Forums
>Claims than Cred Forums is not neonazi and far right, only a small minority is
>board is named politically incorrect
>The most popular ones are the conspiracy and NSDAP discussion threads
>Cred Forums cup badge is a Swastika
Good argument fa.m

You faggots failed miserably trying to take pepe back from the normies with your pee pee poo poo faggotry and now normies dislike pepe cause of Cred Forums. So you got what you wanted.


I fail to see what's the issue. Pepe is now a non normie meme again. What you faggots wanted. You're welcome you ungrateful little shit.

>Not reading why I am upset
>Not realizing you made it into a clusterfuck
Hmmm. Is this some bait?
Anyway, bye faggots, gonna play some games, this cancerous board shall be purged. Not worth my time listening to little David Dukes bitch and whine over them fucking up then being called out on behalf of another board.

Goodbye, have fun playing games.
Shame we have differing opinions on Pepe

Cred Forums cup is unofficial and user-organized you baboon. Cred Forums moderation does nothing. Swastika has been Cred Forums friendly forever. You haven't been here long enough if you've never seen a swastika used here before Cred Forums.

I never said the far right was minority. They are popular here because their opinions get banned everywhere else. I said there is actually no agenda control here. You can post ANYTHING as long as its political.

>using r/Cred Forums
don't do that.
>calling yourself a long time user to try and appear more knowledgeable
won't work here.
>using F A M
you are probably under 20 yrs old.

We took pepe back from the normies, you stupid faggot. You.should be happy that he will now stay on Cred Forums and be used by robots and Cred Forumstards alike.

You're welcome.

Exactly, we are reclaiming Pepe. We have been very successful in it.

>/r9k/ autists being btfo by Pepe
>Normies being btfo by Pepe

Where did everything go so right?

No, you're just a massive faggot that posts on a autist- and reddit-infested hugbox, and you're too retarded to realize that reclaiming pepe from normalfags using the poopoopeepee bullshit is using shock tactics in the first place to wrest the meme from normalfags.
We just used the same thoughts behind those tactics, but better.

shut the fuck up, they have no credibility, nor any right to define what is a hate symbol.

i personally think ADL is a terrorist organization, but I have just as much credibility as them

>and wish to end the popularity of Pepe


>implying poo poo pee pee wasn't an attempt to make Pepe too offensive for the normies
Please an hero

You merely adopted the memes

I had to mill my own schutzstaffel's for my SS Chevy. Pic related

this only makes kek stronger. PRAISE HIM!

Shut up, basement dweller.

If anything, you should be thanking us for taking back pepe by making him unappealing to normalscum.



He has spoken!

>pls be my ai gf

Well maybe if some of you stop making threads about mass shootings (and ALLEGEDLY committing them) while letting us keep our >88888888 GETS then maybe none of this would happen.

Who's gonna post the spurdo ss soldier with the kike spurdo burning in the oven trying to sell ovens only to be replied with "shud da fug up"

>Trump is ultimately ruining it. He's a polarizing figure and is part of what started this. He should just say fuck pepe if he was to have pepe's back.
user, I- it's fake


>our frog

pepe was never your frog you cunts

I don't even know what is satire and what is real anymore. The matrix is crashing.


dumbshit cockmongler.
trump associated himself with pepe the frog once so the jew controlled media made it a racist symbol so they can call him a white supremacist if he wins and runs for 4 more years.

We took him back from the normies
You're fucking welcome

Back cunts
Do you want me to say underground, or hipster? Instead of picking off minor bits and using them as a shield gimme a real argument.
I never said official, nor did I say the Swastika wasn't tolerated on Cred Forums. I'm saying how can you claim this place is not 100% fringe when it oh so obviously is? And I never said there was an agenda.
Also I just use fa.m because it's popular on other places.
> not getting my point
>insists I'm a Retard
>using "lol"
i never said /r9k/ was perfect, just lightly pushed away the people from pepe while keeping it out of normie vision.
This threw it i to national news and now we're gonna get 14 year olds who want to be rdgy using pepes because "it's wacist"

Matt "Paint the Jew with poo poo" Furie

Not salty at all then?

>Driving home from work

fucking NORMIE POSER,reeeeeeeeeee

Can anyone confirm?

The point, as I understand it, is that you're butthurt about pepe being used as a racist symbol, having it being reported by mainstream media as racist, and being called out on being called racist for using pepe as your email profile pic.
Furthermore, you claim that /rk9/ tried to keep pepe out of normalfag hands without making people posting pepes being shunned by society at large with their horseshit, right?