Why are women like children?

Why are women like children?

why are NEETS like children


Naive OP

You tell us, neetboy.

This. The vast majority of people on here have no standing to complain about other people acting childish.

(((they))) dont want them to grow up and stop spending money on silly things


Its an anonymous board, how would you know what anyone here is doing?

Some of you are beyond retarded



why are women like NEETS

I literally tuck my gf in at ~9:30 on weekdays

Not used to being told "no"

they just are children.

if Cred Forums is any indication, men aren't any better

Small brain

Probably because real men would rather have children.

No responsibilities.

That's cute.

They're having a tough time evolving now that we've given them rights

the world doesn't deserve lera

Only I do.

That "girl" on the left is a tranny dumbass.

You're not the only one. My ex used to use that exact phrase, semi-nightly. "Can you please tuck me in" were her words, verbatim. She is but 4 years younger than me.

No friend, if you read right there it says average female. Trannies are not females technically speaking.

>often too tall

didn't read after that nonsense

You wouldn't rather have a tiny cute small girl?

no you don't only I do.

fuck off man who do you think you are to say that to me?

Both have their own appeal.

I wouldn't want to replace a lover with a child, no.

I would want someone that I can have a meaningful conversation with, because I'm not a pedophile autist who is so terrified of women he can only handle them in diminutive form, where literal brainwashing is the sum of my game.

Top is gross and fat, probably smells really gross like overused chemical perfumes and sweat, has a gaping roast beef vagina that smells like rotten fish, a huge cellulite ass, fake tits and probably a ugly wrinkly face, her feet are probably worn ugly and smelly too and not smelly in a good way.

>meaningful conversation

You talk like you think you're smart but if you can have meaningful conversation with women you probably aren't.

This guy knows his shit !

>I would want someone that I can have a meaningful conversation with

You want a man?

This. Take the blackpill boys. Women will never change. The future is hopeless.

women are emotional and centered around a culture that values materialism and superficial looks. women tend to be pack creatures and never question authority.
Giving women equal rights in many cases is like allowing a child to do whatever they want with no discipline. Society also coddles them in the west and gives them inherant value due to having a pussy.
More often than not the more rational minded women are lesbos.
I think we have to take into account that left wing ideas about people being equal is completely untrue and trying to pretend that making women equal was a part of becoming a more enlightened or advanced society was just a Jewish merchant trick in order to increase work forces reduce wages while creating massive lucrative markets in luxury goods while getting people to go into debt making bankers rich.
The vast majority of personal debt is from women because they are easily manipulated into spending more money than they can afford or wanting a rich lavish lifestyle thus leading their partners to takes on their debt.
In truth black men are incredibly redpilled because they dont put up with any of that woman shit and lets the state give them welfare.

Sometimes. Men are worse. Like overgrown adolescents. lol I don't think they do this as bad in the wild, though- only after they get a ''mother figure''. My platonic friends were never like this.