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So he has pretty much cucked you, hasn't he?

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Dropped like a con man wearing concrete shoes and went for a swim in the Saint Lawrence river.

Hows your wife son doing Sargon?

>le gay porn posting man who raises other men's kids

>literally raising his wife's son

Yeah, we're the cucked ones alright.

>cucked you
Yes he is raising my son as we speak.

He only cucked himself.

the media seems to thinks

Please explain im uninformed

Well, he got close to half a million subscribers now. That's bigger than any alt-right channel. Actual alt-right, white nationalist guys like Woes creep around 16k somethings. - Same with Paul, Molymeme and others.

As Spencer said: the libertarians are taking the movement now. But there doesn't seem to be anything you can do about it. They are just massively wider received.

No true scotsman fallacy

Who is that?

explain, not everyone is in your little autismo club

I actually like and watch his videos but he's raising another mans child, he is literally a cuck

libertarianism is just another way of saying you believe in absolutely nothing. it's a soulless ideology birthed from the cultural wasteland that is america.

and before anyone says >'le fucking leaf'
i'm a bong abroad.

plain and simple. I had always figured he was gay, after I saw him drinking with Milo.

I just want small government user. Also I want to shoot my M1A1 go home and smoke weed

>libertarianism is just another way of saying you believe in absolutely nothing.

Yeah, but that's pretty much where this whole
thing is going right now. Seems like the white nationalists have betted on the wrong horse to me.



I haven't watched him in a while so this is news to me. Have a source on that?

My statement or the ebony goddess?

Why are you talking about libertarianism? Sargon isn't a libertarian. In fact he recently made a video "debunking" libertarians.

Would racemix with/10


So you mean to tell me: he believes so little, he doesn't even believe in libertarians?

Wow! So enlightened!

"not true alt-right" alt-right doesnt even exist let alone be a "true alt-right"

>ebony goddess
Stop being a degenerate nigger, nigger.

Hi Kraut & Tea!~


Yo dude, this guy isn't a libertarian. Far from it. He's a socialist. A weird fucking socialist, but a socialist nonetheless.

hey, i live near the st. lawrence river. lets meetup ;)

he even tried to say that because he's raising that niggers child, it's actually HIM that's cucking the nigger!
right here.

Molyneux has 470k subs what the fuck are you talking about?

I generally dislike this new trend of youtube ranters. You know, the Anti-SJW that bitches about liberals with some sort of picture or avatar behind the commentary that's being presented. I guess they are useful for kind of red-pilling normies but overall they come across as extremely smug and condescending. All they do is bitch about how stupid they think everyone else is without offering any potential solution for any of the problems that plague our society. Essentially these people think they're mighty infallible intellectuals for bitching about things.

Sargon keeps calling me autistic in his videos. I mean, really cunt, you won't respond to my email but every second video you'll refer to it?

BTW if you have 10k or more subscribers, you have enough platform to collaborate or bait other YouTubers into making a difference. Speaking as someone only subscribed to 9 people, one of which only because she's a cute sounding girl that I'm trying to get to notice me, more people are watching your videos than your subscribers.

For instance, I watch every armoured septic video, but I'm not a subscriber because the guy is an edgy cunt. I wouldn't subscribe to Kraut either, because the girl I like has a crush on him.

That's because so many of them are smug and condescending people who believe that's quality humour.

>Literal cuckold
>Got BTFO by a bunch of lolbertarians for being a clueless marxist
>Lost a debate to a fucking feminist because he kept sperging out
>Is only internet famous at all because of Goobergate
>100% guaranteed to go to jail in the future because of Bongland's orwellian hate speech laws
>Literally lives a life of ease and luxury because of Capitalism, blames Capitalism and ebil corporations for shit that's the government's fault

lol, the only cuckery in his life is that he's raising some other coonblood's son, and that he lives in the UK.

Yeah. Just 70k more than the faglord himself. And Molyneux isn't a white nationalist either.

Top cuck. White nationalism sure as hell does exist and Specer talked about it word for word how guys like Milo and Watson et al would take this movement, which guys like him, (and Woes or the Golden One) believe to be represented by them, and turn it into some libertarian value thing, which has nothing to do with "white majority in white country".

If anything you could say le alt-right is replacing white nationalism.

Stop paying attention to this Google worshipper.

>alt-right doesnt even
Yes it does.

Sorry, to disappoint. Not even half beady either. Don't even sub him either. And Kraut is another lefty-liberal-libertarian whatever who has trippled the subs of Woes in a short time.

>White nationalism
From what I've gathered it's more like pan-nationalism: revival of the nation state for any ethnic group.

Well, yeah..., but that's more of an (credible) alibi to show you aren't literally Hitler. It's not about "let's invade Russia for Lebensraum, because Aryan masterrace lel", but what this is concerned with is "white genocide", not "native Indian genocide in the Brasilian rain forrest".

ofc he has the most. same with thunderuck. both are the tabloids of jewtube channels and pander to the "sceptic" anti-sjw r3ddit crows. white nationalism is still quit fringe, but growing.
mw has only 16k subs because of autism.

I don't think spamming me with gay porn is appropriate for the context of a debate.

No matter how much they enjoy it I won't and I have tried.

but really for him to ask for someone to abuse a child for him just so he can what he considers "win" an internet debate is irrelevant and a crime in the land that he inhabits.

And yet, the white nationalists, who claim ownership, entirely fail to do so. As you said: they are and remain fringe. It doesn't get traction and majorities which is important in a democracy. Which is also the reason why the civic nationalist Trump trumps the openly antisemitic white nationalist Duke. And yet the Natsocs believe to be the backbone and the white nationalists to be the orthodoxy of
>da movement

you cannot jump directly to white nationalism. first we need an environment in which we can actually talk about such a thing. still a long way, but we are on track.


The reason it's fringe is because Americans haven't realized yet they have experienced an ethnogenesis and by any measure they are segregated and distinct from the other groups in the US. "White" nationalism in the states would be equivalent in function to Hungarian/Finnish/Polish nationalism in their respective countries if """European Americans""" held an overwhelming majority in some territory.

I don't think so. I don't think so at all. Not in the US. It will never become mainstream and guide actual policies. They have entirely embraced "team America" and civic patriotism and USA first was their policy anyway. But as for "white majority and purity thing"? Nah, that's almost unamerican.

And it's debatable, if it's actually worse or better in European nation states.

>Molyneux isn't a white nationalist

Have you listened to him in the past year?

A guy with safe popular opinions and an ideology that boils down to "Do whatever you want maaaaan" is more popular than people with actual stances? Shocking.

Yeah, that's the point. It won't happen, it can't happen. The political establishment will not allow it to happen. Because if it really gained traction, it would rip the country apart. "Civil War" meme, partioning of the country or self segregation. never ever is any political establishactual ment which holds power and da moneyz going to allow that. which is also why Trump talks about the "unified country" all the time.

"white" is a retarded word anyway and just a political catchword. it literally can mean everything and absolutely useless.
in the end it only means that people of European descent show an ingroup preference again and stop bending over for darkies.

it doent need a majority. 10-15% would be enough. worked for the greens to push their agenda.

reeee lauren is not jewish and pure

in theory but not in practice and not historically. Northern states were overwhelming white until blacks began migrating there in the 1940s and 50s following the invention of the mechanical cotton picker.

They are now extremely segregated.

Yes. he isn't. it's wishful thinking, if you believe he is. Still Ancap with sympathisies maybe, but certainly not white nationalist, especially if you associate it to a strong nation state, let alone authoritarian.

If you actually believe the alt right is a real thing then you deserve to be bully for it.

the alt right is just a bunch of memers

> Sargon "Don't You Dare Talk to Me or My Wife's Son Ever Again" of Cuckkad
> being anything other than a cuck


>self segregation
is already a reality. This is why libertarianism is so popular in the state. All you need to get rid of blacks from your territory is to cut spending on social housing and sell the land under it to condo developers.

Maybe, but that's like pointing out that the Russian Jew who didn't even live in the USA came up with the melting pot meme. What's important is the reality of now. And the left, like Obama with his forced settlement of blacks in white neighbourhoods, is countering the segregration. Something very, very similar is happening in Germany right now where the government is putting the refugees in even the most remote mountain to break open their segregation and density in big cities.

They will just mix everything together and when it happened, pretend it had always been like that. - Worked pretty well so far.

It's real.

As i said, fools that fell for the meme and are taking it seriously.

You actually sound autistic who the fuck are you.

but nothing mixes. they immediately run back to the cities or will fuck off the moment gibs runs out.

1. You're a spic

2. The alt-right was around before you Milo dick riders heard the phrase

3. You're a spic

It's not "just a meme" only because you've just heard about it.

AFAIK, Spencer coined the term (in at least 2010) and Ramzpaul and Spencer are buddies. You get your information from shitposters like you.

Blanda upp

Marked him for a closet socialist roach all along, like the rest jewtube.

He's philosophically an AnCap and believes in an ideal world of non-aggression but I bet if you sat Molly down with a few glasses of his homeland's scotch you would hear some of the most fascistic shit you have ever imagined pouring from his mouth.

white nationalism precludes ethnonationalism. It's the same premise.

Oh I know, I was here when Cred Forums started to talk about the alt right, i know the board hate the term even before Milo because it was an easy way to labeling you guys.

He's literally raising his wife's son.

At this point he sometimes doesn't even care to hide it anymore.
Guy got redpilled hard. I think partly also because of his cancer.

>being this mad
Is this armoured septic? Or maybe shoe for head? Either way, rage harder leaf, everything that's come from your country is shit. The two of you would totally wreck me if I started making videos..

And I'm clearly the "Mike" Sargon keeps referring to. I'm honestly not autistic although I'm introverted and admittedly have shitty social skills.
Watch between 3:30 and 4:30.

I did bring this on myself, so I won't blame him.

>Sarcuck of blAkkum

>not understanding Stefan "the sophist" molyneux is not simply a con man that panders to the highest bidder to keep that luscious lifestyle of not having an actual job

White Nationalist, not even once.

He literally raises another man's child as his own. His wife had a child before they married.

you are extremely autistic else you would write walls of text about shit no one here gives a fuck. just fuck off.

kek, no. Molyneux is anti-fascist, in the actual sense of the word not antifa sense, in every way. He doesn't shit on Hitler, or talk about Hitler in hell in his videos for no reason. I think a lot of people still haven't got the message. He also praises Churchill all the time as the Western hero and how great the Empire was - after how great Churchill was and how he defeated the Nazis. Examples in culture wars

and not to forget le merchant video:

>people with actual stances
Don't you mean "hurr don't fuck men coz it's gross XD", "blacks have low IQs therefore genocide is righteous", and "the holocaust is a lie despite the evidence that proves the contrary".
Yeah, the alt-right sure is philosophizors and shit.

>giving a solitary fuck about Youtube bloggers

Regardless of their stance, you do realize that all these sort of faggots are just trying to be NEETs except with advertising payments, right?

I'll never understand why so many here treat a bunch of dimwits with a webcam and a Youtube account as if they're any different than any other sperg who has an opinion and can't shut up about it.

Precisely why they're relegated to having to sort through ice bucket challenge videos and clips of "man gets hit in groin by football" videos to find them.

you are talking of stormfags. no one likes them and are a hindrance to the cause.

The alt-right are rebranded stormfags.

Just because you say that doesn't make it so.
>on Cred Forums
>not being a white nationalist
You know a year ago I could've given you some leeway, but by now there is literally no reason for any free huwhite man on Cred Forums to not be an ardent ethnonationalist.

The science is settled, goy.

>t. Sargon "the Straw man consructor" of Blackad
Sargon's argument against feminism is a litany of f-bombs. Hence the large following of 12 year old gamerzzz.

absolutely not.

Stormfront is a specific place. Most of the "alt-right" as you say are Cred Forumsacks and libertarians-turned-nationalists. Stormfront doesn't get along with anyone and is generally impotent when not under the cover of moderators and popular figures on their site.

The easiest way to tell if something is from Stormfront is whether or not it includes jokes. If they joke around and try to laugh, they aren't Stormcucks.

There's nothing wrong with people providing content for donations and people donating in appreciation of content.

What kind of dimwit thinks people need to entertain him for free?

I don't take them seriously. With the exception of Molyjew (sometimes). But I do believe their subcount, especially if you take them all in consideration, is a good representation of what stance is actually popular and has support in the country. Trump fanboys bring this up all the time when they post his Orangeness twitter followers compared to Killary's.

And I think anti-SJW/libertarian/whatever binds more people than white nationalism. Sargo of Cuckfart has a point: the alt-right is doomed to be the angry henchman of the SJWs. Once they are gone, so could they be.

And IF you care about white nationalism and white majorities in white countries, that should concern you.

WHERE is the big support for "white nationalism" and similar ideologies? I just don't see it. Sorry.

I don't even like Sargon, but you have to be retarded to think that there's anything remotely deep about the alt-right faggots on YouTube.
Absolutely yes.

>remotely deep
You don't have to be deep to be correct. Complexity does not always correlate with reality. Example: Post-modernism.

Textbook selection bias. All commentators on Youtube are autistic cringe factories.

>Stormfront is a specific place
Wow. No shit.
The values of stormfags and the alt -right line up; the alt-right are rebranded stormfags.

LOL, I'm a mulatto spic, you fucking faggot.
In what universe do you think an anonymous board has a consistent demographic.

And I'm not saying that, it is the way it is. It's not my fault that you need sophist to validate your retarded, self destructing and hypocritical positions. And it's certainly not my fault that you get too triggered by the mere acknowledgement of such. Stop being a pseudo intellectual and get the fuck out of your house. Because you're a sad fucking man for defending obvious faggotry like Molyneux the con man. I mean he's not even subtle, Jesus Christ.

you can repeat it a 100 times and it is still not correct

Never said that they need to give it out for free, but that most of these fucknuts are not "pundits" but just normalfags who want to make a living pretending to be experts at shit where they're only spouting opinion and a bunch of stats they pulled from other places with none of their own research.

I mean, if you want to listen to a schizoid vagrant yell at the clouds all day as well, be my guest, but I can safely say that some dork who pretends to be an authority on something just because they wish it were the case doesn't make them much of anything.

I think, though, your reply has helped me understand why there are so many retards on Cred Forums - many of you are taking these people seriously and looking up to them for their opinions, and that's pretty sad.

Just saying so doesn't make it true. And it's not.

>WHERE is the big support for "white nationalism" and similar ideologies? I just don't see it. Sorry.
If you look at the polling of white Americans, especially the working class, you'll find they're basically National Socialists. Most are not explicit ethnonationalists, but they're racially aware. Just look at the aftermath in articles of Hillary's "deplorables" gaffe. Loads of leftists were kvetching about how more than half of Trump voters were deplorable for their views on, say, blacks being less intelligent than whites, immigrants being net-negatives to the economy, whites being actively marginalized by the elites, society at large not representing their interests and viewpoints.

They still want social safety nets, economic protectionism, a strong military, government investment in infrastructure, etc.

The destruction of political correctness is CRUCIAL, and being a Krautcuck you suffer from this worst, but PC does nothing but remove the language whites need to advocate for their own self interests.

Once we start breaking down those barriers, as Trump is doing so brazenly, it pulls the Overton Window to the right HARD.

When whites figure out that, yes, it's a MORAL GOOD to advocate in the interests of their people and their children, then this whole facade of multiculturalism will come crashing down.

>LOL, I'm a mulatto spic
Explains a lot.

Mudbloods often have severe identity crises. It's a reason why they're overrepresented among transgenders.

Don't get me wrong, there are a few out there who are honestly intelligent people with good things to say, but holy fuck, it seems a lot of the people being talked about are just autists who want to avoid getting out in the working world so they masquerade as "experts" and collect their shekels that way.

I'm not saying you can't appreciate whatever you want, but these people have no appeal to me. Too many of them seem to be more interested in building their own personality cults first and foremost and being "right" all the time, fuck that, I've got better things I can be reading/listening to that will actually give me more ammo to battle the left with.

I turn on ad-block and watch some videos if they entertain me (for free).

>Well, he got close to half a million subscribers now.

He's a woman hating anti-feminist. They're all huge on YouTube.

He's also a quadroon and raising his wife's son. He is a literal fucking cuck.

>lost a debate to a feminist

wew when

Maybe. I don't know, the last graph I have seen posted on here listed that roughly 80% of US-Americans believed that "diversity" improved the quality of life in their country. But it could have been branded about "some spicy food n music n shite". So let's presume you are right.

What are you going to do? Even if you get the narrative you desire, which I don't really believe you will get from Trump. Your demographics look like this:

If you seperate the country, you literally have a civil war like split situation, at least on seperation by race (and ideology). As I said: noone in your political establishment is going to allow that. Just like in Germany or any other modern country. Your political establishment will fight it to the teeth, to the last breath. Because they won't let the country divide.

In the end, when you oppose immigration based on ethnicity, sooner or later it comes down to "blood and soil". To something naked like "" because of my ethnicity, my tribe, my flesh and bone.

And you're kidding yourself, if you don't believe, the people opposing these ideas aren't your mortal enemies. Your real enemies. For life.

So your point is basically that we're completely right, but that we should avoid implementing any solutions. Really great stuff, man, wow.

Post modernism is a critique of some very enlightening, very uplifting philosophies. Of course it needs some fantastic mental gymnastics to pretend it's worth anything.

>Sargo of Cuckfart has a point: the alt-right is doomed to be the angry henchman of the SJWs. Once they are gone, so could they be.
>I don't even like Sargon, but you have to be retarded to think that there's anything remotely deep about the alt-right faggots on YouTube.

What's so angry about Altrighters like RamzPaul? I can barely think of any real Alt-right channel who actually are angsty.

Alt-right channels at least have more substance then Hurr durr look at this dumb feminazi, ima pause teh video and then scream at my computer screen because she's so stupid.

At the least, most Alt-right channels aren't just shouting or angsting in front of the camera. Most of them focus on different subjects. Red Ice Radio focuses on the occult/meme aspect of the Alt right. Golden One revolves around self-improvement. RamzPaul just talks about dark enlightenment subjects but tries to add some corny humor to it. Black Pigeon brings up subjects that I never even noticed such as his series of videos that revolve around how the USA's obesity epidemic could possibly an after affect of how cities are built around car transportation unlike most European or East Asian cities which were built with pedestrians in mind..

I'm like come on man, nothing that Sargoy does is any where near that level of thought.

Internet Aristocrat is the only one who spawned from that gamegate shit who sometimes talks about deep issues but his main intention is to make fun of the subject. I'd say that Metokur/IA is the most complex form of the type of commentary that Sargon does but IA is much less stale because he at least picks different targets and he generally does a great job of pinpointing their mental dysfunction. He does much more than merely make fun of the subject.

The Sargon type of channels are just irrelevant fluff to me, much like how Amazing Atheist is just nonsense.

No, I actually just asked what you are specifically going to do. In reality, you know.

Saharagon of Blackdad, he's a let's player who's raising his girlfriend's halfrican son.


I'm done with Krautcucks.

All your fighting men died in WW2, you are the descendants of losers and will be rapidly replaced with the "New Germans"

>Vote Trump
>Repeal Hart-Cellar & refocus immigration on high-skill high-IQ Europeans
>Change welfare structure to benefit working- and middle-class (read:white) birthrates
>Beaner wall
>Fix the anchor-baby problem
>Slash worker visa program
>Implement E-Verify
Give that 50 years and you're back to 85%+ white population.


>his girlfriend's halfrican son.
Is there source on this? I honestly stopped paying attention to him months ago.

Yeah, but the quality question wasn't my point. It was: where is the widespread support for white nationalism/ethno-nationalism/pan-europeanism based on race?

Where is it to be actually witnessed outside of an mongolian cooking and woodcarving board posting le edgy frogs celebrating when the ADL takes a cartoon in its symbols of hate?

Just because CNN and the left fantasize about it, or build it up as a scarecrow to legitimize their policies, doesn't mean it's actually there.

His son is just a white Jew kid

Its sargons

>I'm done with Krautcucks.
>All your fighting men died in WW2, you are the descendants of losers and will be rapidly replaced with the "New Germans"
And I'm done with burgertards like you.

Are these the girls Tommy Sotomayor is always with?

>be kebab
>have white gf

Does this trigger le alt-right?

Hush Muhammed

I don't think so. But I don't watch too much of him, on count of me being a oil driller and all

He has a step-daughter.

P r oo fs?

>doesn't mean it's actually there.
White nationalism represents actual white behaviour on a national level as opposed to a neighbourhood level. I've been to Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, etc. In the late 90s, I was driving through Windsor and Detroit and it was mind blowing how a "normal" city suddenly turned into rows of boarded up storefronts. Stats and maps only confirm my observations. Notice how neatly Deroit is segregated.

Google responds with this.

Is he implying he's fucking his step-daughter? Or is he just misinformed? I don't get it.

Someone called him a cuckold for raising someone else's child and he claimed that he was actually cucking someone else by fucking THEIR wife (and raising his child).

I see, so he's confused.


he can´t be that dumb lmao, what a retard.

>tfw this is the second time he's discussed my university
I want to get off the ride.

gtfo my board Dominican

>Vote Trump
>Repeal Hart-Cellar & refocus immigration on high-skill high-IQ Europeans
>Change welfare structure to benefit working- and middle-class (read:white) birthrates
>Beaner wall
>Fix the anchor-baby problem
>Slash worker visa program
>Implement E-Verify

lol if you think (((they))) will any of this happen

That's why we must fight, and if the merchants do that the Jew must be named.

It will happen, it's easier than you think.

>ever turning off adblock

jim is on a whole different level than 99% of those jewtubers and one of those who drag in huge crows without having many subs or a steady channel. he is the personification of 4channel

>Spams his own social media accounts with interracial gay porn
>"haha I triggered you all"

Decent people don't like getting vanilla porn spammed on their news feed let along that degenerate faggot shit.

Pic related

pretty hillarious he has went on multiple vacations on his paterons dime but they don't seem to care