Goodbye World: We’ve Passed the Carbon Tipping Point For Good

>We’ve officially pushed atmospheric carbon levels past their dreaded 400 parts per million. Permanently.

>According to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, “it already seems safe to conclude that we won’t be seeing a monthly value below 400 ppm this year—or ever again for the indefinite future.”

>For several years now, scientists have been warning us that if atmospheric carbon were allowed to surpass 400 parts per million, it would mark a serious “tipping point” into some unstoppable climate ramifications. In 2012, the Arctic was the first region on Earth to cross this red line. Three years later, for the first time since scientists had begun to record them, carbon levels remained above 400 parts per million for an entire month.

>Extinction rates have accelerated to 1,000 times their rate before the existence of modern Homo sapiens. The World Wildlife Fund guesses that 10,000 species become extinct every year. Due to climate change, one fourth of Earth’s species could vanish by 2050.

>Food chains are likely to become permanently unbalanced as apex predators and their prey begin to disappear. In the Arctic, for example, rising ocean temperatures are impacting the growth of sea algae, which in turn, deprives populations of zooplankton, cod, seals, and polar bears of vital nutrients. Over the last 50 years, average temperatures throughout Alaska and western Canada have risen by as much as 7°F.

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>In the near future we will be catastrophically affected by sea level changes. As ancient glaciers begin to melt, coastlines elsewhere will flood, and communities will become displaced. By 2100, approximately 13 million people are projected to lose their homes due to rising sea levels. In some parts of the world, such as the Pacific Ocean, that's already started to happen. Even if we prevent global average temperatures from rising above 2°C, earlier sea level changes will still be irreversible.

>Ocean acidity is already wiping out entire marine ecosystems. The planet’s oceans are constantly absorbing excess CO2, causing their pH to decrease, literally acidifying the water. As a result, vast expanses of life-sustaining coral, such as Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, are bleaching and dying. While coral polyps could still take hold and regrow into reefs, scientists anticipate that bleaching events will leave long-lasting marks on the face of ocean ecosystems.

It was great knowing you all.

go tell someone who cares


9993 of those 10,000 species are insects and amoebas, and 12,000 species are created each month, but still

Oh no, the world will be slightly warmer, whatever will we do!

we are all gonna die soon anyway, might as well take the entire fucking planet with us.

If there is one topic Cred Forums continues to prove its absolute ignorance on time and time again, it's just how much damage we have done to ecosystems and the balance of life on Earth and just how extreme the effects will be on our economy and lifestyles.

>Born just in time to watch humanity die


Sometimes I wonder if the 3 strikes rule should be applied to science when publishing material
Each correct prediction adds one chance
Use up all your chances and it's the gallows for you

I have a solution. we move everybody to the middle of the continent and away from the sides. this way nobody dies from water damage. your welcome

This guy knows what's up.

Nice quads!

Will this affect me personally within the next 60 years?

No? Then fuck's not my problem anymore. I'm not having children anyways.

It's OK, we're carbon based. It's all good.

Well at least netflix added Malcom in the middle. So life is okay.

here's a real fucking solution: destroy china

those fucking assholes are the ones polluting the air the most

The planet and life will adapt.

Good. Fuck everything.

Start speculating on those cheap properties that may potentially be ocean front when the sea level does rise. Turn catastrophe into profit, you looking at this all wrong OP.

So this was Israel's plan all along, those god damn Jews


that would simultaneously fix the debt problem. upboated

>By 2100, approximately 13 million people are projected to lose their homes

Thank god I'll be dead or living as a computer brain who doesn't care about shit like this!

>life is OK
Life is unfair

It's true. Life will adapt, with or without humans.

We've had ten times as much carbon in the atmosphere in the past. Get over yourself.

I've been saying this for years. Everybody on Cred Forums is freaking out about being replaced by Muslims but it doesn't matter. The white race may be going extinct but were taking the entire planet with us. It's the ultimate act of sour grapes and I love it

Are the bees safe? If they die off in large numbers we're royally fucked.

Intriguing graph and analysis. Thank you very much for explaining the x and y axis for me to better understand the data you presented. Stay classy.

>Due to climate change, one fourth of Earth’s species could vanish by 2050
And how is that bad? That you won't see them in zoos?

If you think scientists, outside of precise models from fields like mathematics or physics, can predict anything for the indefinite future or even 50 years ahead, then you're naive and those scientists are nobody but idiots

>the dreaded tipping point has been passed for global warming
>still no actual proof it ever existed in the first place
I experienced -40°F in /southern/ canada just a few years ago during winter.

>muh 7° increase


also fuckers dont seem to care or realize about how much more shit an average volcano eruption pumps into the atmosphere over people just using fossil fuel.

It would be a good idea to start doing geoengineering projects like iron seeding, but that doesn't collect tax dollars and you can't launder it, so nobody wants to do it.

Oh well.

It's not that, but the impracticability of doing anything. If it was so severe that all human life is at stake, what could be done?

It's pretty obvious, you would do massive population reduction at any cost. Intentional nuclear holocaust or massive sterilization campaigns although even that is too late if it's as they say.

But the leftists just keep saying "give us 50 billion dollars so we can reduce the emissions by 2% in the next 10 years and oh, population in Africa doesn't need to be reduced, that's racist and can't be discussed" so which is it? Is it not a big deal or is it a big enough deal to kill 90% of the world population right now?

Seeing as all the climate scientist have been wrong, I don't believe the end of the world is coming as they say it is.

Just take life as it comes
All over your face and chest.

Fuck off faggot hippy. Who cares is some rare fish or bear dies? So a few coastline faggots who thought living right in front of the water would be a good idea get rekt. Big fucking deal. If you can't deal with the heat then get out of the metaphorical kitchen. Fuck environmentalists and fuck the environment. They're the ones fucking up the economy and ruining business for everyone with their god damn regulations choking down small business. Global warming is a hoax. Climate change is the new meme and its a hoax as well. News flash the climate has been changing since the dawn of time. I don't give a shit if things get warmer or we get a little more smog. I happen to like it. Bring on the dirty cyberpunk dystopia. Fucking pussies.

Come on Rangi, at least try to engage your brain. Climate change doesn't mean the world stops producing oxygen. All that will happen is undeveloped countries suffer more famines, and developed countries donate less food. This pretty much exclusively will kill off billions of niggers, humanity will adapt as usual.
>b-buh muh sea levels
Maybe you should buy land on a hill, you fucking pussy.

How long until we reach Ordovician CO2 levels?

>Earth will be gone long after I am
>I'll still be chilling with God and my passed family members for all eternity

>10 years ago

member Al Gore? I member

America is LITERALLY the problem.

China has caught up recently, but only because in order to build that cheap Walmart crap, they need energy, which tends to be coal.

Fuck you fat Americans and your gasoline-guzzling lifestyle.

The fact that you would even blame China shows how fucking retarded you people are.

>implying this is going to wipe out the most adaptable species to ever exist

I just don't care, we will be perfectly fine, you can't convince me to give up industrial civilization to go live in a cave again, I don't care how much propaganda you lunatic anti-human greens throw at me

what temperature is it outside my house? -30 , +50? I don't care I'm using energy to make it comfy, the squirrels and amoebas can get fucked for all I care

This so much. We have the solution but no one wants to bring it up.

Who the fuck honestly cares?

Global warming will take over a fifty years to have any severe impact, I'll be old as dust or dead by then. Whatever spawn I have alive by that time will just have to live in whatever hellhole we created. That's the way the world has always worked, fuck over the next generation to further yourself.

I honestly could not give half a shit. It makes me laugh. It is a good feeling to know that I am not in the middle, but near the end of human life. There is more comfort in that fact than if the Earth were to be full of prairies and shit that would do fucking nothing for thousands of years. Who cares?

What makes deer, fish, and trees so goddamn important? Mass extinctions have happened multiple times over on cataclysmic scales, and those killed far more life than global warming could ever hope to do. So why does it matter? If humanity does die, at least we will leave behind some kind of mark, to let the universe know that we seriously fucked some shit up before we died like bitches.

This tbqh famalam

Earth would be fine. Humans would adapt. Some algae may not be as lucky, but it's survival of the fittest. And our safety, comfort, etc. is more important than other species.

>The end will come like a thief in the night

And the primary contributors are china and india anyway
if only the US had kept its manufacturing

yeah yeah whatever satan suck a dick imma do a doughtnut with my suburban now

Kill yourself

One of my favorite episodes 2bh

I love how liberals believe that we have some sort of duty as a human beings to preserve life on our planet when nature itself has caused at least four mass extinctions before human were even part of the equation. They're the same people that cry when they see the polar bear struggling to find land in the frozen water.

There is only one viable reason to retain samples of animals and that is for their genetic information. Environmentalists claim that the extinction of a species will create a domino effect that destabilizes the whole ecosystem. Even if they're correct in their assumptions we can just genetically engineer a more hardy species to fill that niche in the ecosystem.

>It's too hard
We already do it with plants. It'll be even easier with crispr
>It's too expensive
Then the large number of deaths such a catastrophe would cause in third world countries would be enough to create a market from the wallets of bleeding hearts that think helping third world countries actually matters.

Go learn about the movie "Klute."

>13 million
By 2100 there will be 20 billion people on earth or more. 13 million isn't significant at all. Also Who gives a fuck about a bunch of faggots on the coast

Yes, and it must be all Europe and North America's fault? Blame China and India.

Why else do you think the globalists are pushing for WW3? Nuclear weapons have a net cooling effect on the Earth.

>severe impact
And what kind of severe impact are you expecting to happen?

I agree, its not the human who will suffer, it will be all the domesticated and agricultural animals like cows and pigs that won't be safe.


White people literally leaving scorched earth

pretty much this

Good can we stop talking about it then?

>mfw live away from the ocean and invested in country land far above sea level

I prepared my family for generations ahead, and buying guns and ammo today means my family will be armed when the insurrection happens

>t. white teenager living in a huge wide open country with vast expanses of land that are not densely populated

Funny, as we are returning to the Ice Age this year.

Humans are just one giant X-flare away from being dialed back to the stone age at any given time. And we have no way of predicting that flare.


Oh no! There will be.... more trees.

Ffs did you even pay attention in middle school biology?

And you know how to fix this? Tax carbon! Wait no that doesn't solve anything...

I know! Lets unfuck the forests and oceans, which are the natural regulation systems for the planet when this whole carbon dioxide thing spikes.

But theres no money in that, and it gets less populace control, so fuck it lets tax the world instead of fixing the problem.

Oh well at least we funded the spread of militant islam and became atrophied degenerates.

Eh, the sooner the better.

feels good man

Canada is the Noah's ark of humanity. The rest of you faggots will die a painful and horrible death.

What the fuck do you want from us? We aren't the rest of the world. How is it solely our fault they decided to go so cheap that it would fuck the environment?

>ecologically sustainable development
>carbon neutral energy production
>immigration reduction/depopulation
>conservation of the remanining environment
>greening of cities and urban/suburban areas

how are these things bad? no matter your political persuasion, this shit is good for everyone. even if global warming is bullshit, or you dont give a fuck, it makes life better: less polution, more nice green shit to live around and raise your kids in, less immigrants clogging up your cities, etc. Being green shouldn't be political, it should just be a way of living in harmony with the physical world we live in. it's either that or we all end up breathing that delicious air they have in china and getting fucked by the revenge of nature, which is happening right now to all of us.

Well what do you propose the new age religions End of Days scenario be? The high climate priests of the UN global church of doom need to spin something for the tithe, justify their existence. They have the third world rape part down anyway.

>losing apex predators

Climate "science" is pure Lysenkoism.

Good, fuck this gay Earth.

we're carbon based life forms, its fine dumbass

>the ark of humanity is turning itself into an Islamic hellhole

If you're white fuck you

>And were about to elect trump


Just elect clinton please. Memes are fun but its not worth ruining the globe

This, Desu.

Fucking quit spending money on alarmist propaganda and start punishing people who engage in unsustainable logging practices and improperly dispose of waste.

Improve mass transportation infrastructure. Etc.

You want to know why we don't do that? Because that would solve the problem and render the environmental lobby irrelevant. This whole thing is just a massive power grab by people who don't give two shits about the environment.

>implying we can do anything to stop or reverse global warming

Gee we should have learned from those darn mammoths when they melted the globe with all their cars and industrial green house gas emitting SUVs

Fuck off. We may be changing the planet but it would happen regardless of our intervention. Mass extinctions are a common occurence, fuck off


stupid fagit


Sounds like a conveniently round number for something so resolutely commuted to scientific methods such as climate change studies.

Compare to the last 10,000 years, we are in a cool period.

Any rise in temperature is simply a return to normal.

In other words, theyre yanking your chain.

The world will not end die to climate change for at least a few millenia.

Screencap this post and check it in a thousand years and you will see I am right.

Well the ark did take in all animals.

Yeah because World War 3 will be great for the environment.

Bingo. These numbers are insignificant.


Good, fuck this gay Earth. Instead of colonizing the moon IN FUCKING 2016, we're arguing about gender pronouns, tranny rights, and google reparations.

Let it all burn; whether it be by Islam or the Sun.

>This pretty much exclusively will kill off billions of niggers

That could explain why climate change is "racist". Good fuck them, it's natural selection at it's finest.

>The World Wildlife Fund guesses that 10,000 species become extinct every year.

Not factoring in housecats as a reason

Now that we've passed "the point of no return", liberals and greens are going to piss off and stop shilling for carbon taxes, right?

Christ you're dumb. This isnt a return to normal. It's man made and it's going to kill us.

Listen to these scientists, they are much smarter than you.

Fuck the bees and their stupid stinging asses.


Also this.

The planet will recover and adapt desu. Our civilization is not worth salvaging at this point.

I'm not going to pay fucking carbon tax just to prevent some trans gender queer fagbar in San Francisco from being swept into the ocean. Why the fuck would I do that? That would literally be the definition of retarded.


You do realize that the earth wobbles on its axis and the resulting consequence is a continuously long cycle pattern of warming and cooling and that the earths warming at present is *exactly* where it should be (about 3/4 way to peak)

.Climate change is fraud to provide ideological support for former marxists and totalitarians to use a 'higher cause' to violate property rights and eugenics. Thieves ad murderers basically.

>using energy and having nice things is bad

If there was one group I hate more that jews it is the god damn fucking hippies behind this retarded philosophy

if everything humans do, and every impact we have is bad, and everything we make is wrong, THEN WHY DON'T YOU START BY KILLING YOURSELF

how can you justify living and sucking up resources and energy in order to complain about other people doing that? your ideology is so nuts and self hating that there is no way around this fact

Nothing much if it's only global warming then nothing much will really happen on a grand scale. The sea level will rise, arctic animals will go extinct, ecosystems will be thrown around, food chains will collapse, but really nothing too severe from that alone. The most important impact this would have is making open land cultivation impossible, making our current method of farming impossible.

The severe impact that I have in mind is if pollution were to affect the hydrosphere as well as the atmosphere. If that were to happen, and the oceans became acidified, then it would eventually build up to the point of killing phytoplankton.

If phytoplankton were to die, then it would cause the entire food chain within the ocean to collapse, killing nearly everything.

Ocean acidification would take a long time, though. The likelyhood of it happening anytime soon are too low, but even then, it really doesn't matter.

Humanity has proven that it has the ingenuity to survive through any condition. Whatever consequences that humanity ends up facing will happen slowly. There will be plenty of time to adapt.

Seriously though, why does any of it matter? Fuck the Earth. Earth is the most hostile environment that mankind has ever lived on. Everything wants to kill everything, and nothing seems to even fucking care, except humans. Spiders, sharks, trees, and bacteria have no empathy. They wouldn't care if half the planet was struck by a meteor. Why the fuck should we care for them?

WTF I hate fossil fuels now

Have fun with global warming atheists

>8And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire. 9And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory.

For how many years have they been saying this now?


I cant stand the "moral duty" part, we don't owe anybody shit

however if we take out a few key species, because climate change is happening faster than other climate changes in the past, were fucking large parts of our food supply.

that's really not good

The real why is anything but the Jews being blamed for this?

Well shit.

Oh sorry, my bad...

Over 60.

Good, maybe now we can shit or get off the pot in regards to space exploration.

We leave this planet or we go extinct. It's really that fucking simple.

You do know that some places were significantly warmer hundreds and thousands of years ago, right?

I've just finished my third British archeology book containing references to these cycles. Obviously, it's not in the context of man made warming, but inundation caused by glaciation/ melting. Way fewer people, no mechanization or fossils fuels unless you count fires.

The WWF is a pernicious organization that does nothing but harm species and bleed suckers dry.


This. We don't need to hear about how we must adopt any more collectivist, regressive economic policies to ''save the planet''.

You know giant redwood trees used to grow in the arctic, why do you think the current temperature is ideal?

Also nature isn't a perfect balance, it is almost infinitely adaptable, one thing dies, something else takes over

What I took away from this is that reducing my carbonactivity no longer matters.
Time to start smoking.


Now that it's hopeless will they stop whining about climate change? Somehow I doubt it.

Liberals are full of shit, don't believe everything you are told. This is just another way for the left to push their globalist, Marxist agenda on our culture.

>Have faith that what these scientist are telling you is true
>Dont think for your self!
>Bad goy! Bad! Go donate to the EPA which is totally not just a land grab.

Fucking leaf

Funny how the third world gets a pass, ain't it? And the globalists/ their shills PROMOTE the industrialization there. Sum tong wong.

Honestly. Competent governments will re-emerge by the mid 21st century, and using massive capital investment in geoengineering, the worst of the crisis will be mitigated. Climate Change only seems like the crisis it is because our times are decadent. The future won't be. And therefore the problem will be solved.

I can't believe you idiots still believe this!

What is wrong with you??!?!

Science is a METHOD not a religion.

A bunch of people agreeing on something does not make it right!

>Just genetically engineer
Because we can do that now, with mother fucking complex non-plant life. Holy shit, why is the Right this fucking retarded? You know what? Fuck off. We'll just keep on with the science, build space ships and leave the planet as you dumb fucks nuke each other. Win win. We get to science and you get to war yourselves into oblivion.

>Le bees are dying
Again, we'll find a way, either through propagating a different, similar species or by genetically engineering a hardier one. The only people that need to worry are people in third world shitholes that are overpopulated to begin with.

If it gets too hot for the cows you build them a nice sun shade.

You're right, humans won't suffer. Niggers will. The third world mud-cookie eating fuckers are screwed, while we go build colonies on Mars.

A small shift in temperature leading to the die-off of the 90% of humanity that exist as nothing more than a drain on the entire planet would be nature doing the shit nature has been doing for hundreds of millions of years. It's called balancing an unstable population.

Nigger, people are alive in Phoenix right now, where kids get third degree burns because they tripped and fell down on the sidewalk.

Humans don't give a fuck about 2 degrees or 20. The chimps, those that are a burden to literally every developed nation in the world, will die off. Then the white man will figure out that... oh... all we ever had to do was block a percentage of the sun hitting the Earth and the temperature cools? Call Elon, tell him we need to use the Space Elevator this weekend to put some fucking mirrors into orbit.

Also, proof you are full of shit.

I wouldn't be surprised if they were burning oil on the ice sheets to melt them or something, and no I'm not joking - that's why antarctica is so restricted and the satelite photos are blurred

Funny how alarmists always seem to conveniently leave out the time frame when they talk about these disasters.

Even if we were to go off IPCC's worst case scenario, it would take thousands of years before there would be any significant rise in sea level to warrant a mass migration. By that time we will have run out of fossil fuels anyway.

There is literally nothing to worry about.

I'm sorry but my social justice professor who minored in remedial science says otherwise.

>blame the victim

No, stay on the coasts. We don't want you motherfuckers near us.

>climate change is happening faster than other climate changes in the past

t. (((Climate Scientists)))

shut up you stupid faggot.
that number goes up every couple years.

according to faggot gore the world ended like 10 years ago.

all that said we should stop paying welfare and sending food aid anywhere. for the planet they must die.

The only thing necessary to reverse Climate Change is the will to raise taxes to solve the problem. In our age of historically low taxes and inequality, we can do nothing to reverse Climate change for the mid-term.

I should add that land use , and technology is pushed back into irrelevantcy because all the alarmist propaganda screams about carbon parts per million in the air

retarded zoning laws, people not taking any steps to reduce some of their foot print , needing to buy big houses and Ford f 150's etc are almost never mentioned . neither is having stuff like rainwater grey systems, storm water planters , other green tech

the lobby's , university grants and whatnot are related to the whole virtue signalling issue. don't attacks the root of the problem , just scream until you get liberal star points and money

That show is trash. Unfunny garbage.

>400 exactly
>6,000,000 exactly
It's like they aren't even trying to pretend like they didn't arbitrarily pull these numbers out of their asses

Big oil doesn't give a fuck. There's no money in renewable energy once its set up. They don't want people to have initially free energy at little to no cost to them.

Chicken Little: "Oh, help! The sky is falling!"

I used to think that might have meant global warming but the next vial has darkness on the seat of the beast. I think it is a solar flare that knocks out the power grid now.

lol who cares.

Someone else's problem

go throw another shrimp on the barbie

>cutting carbon emissions and investing in alternative energy sources
>they're gonna put us back in caves!

Why are you so stupid
Why are you so stupid
Why are you so stupid
Why are you so stupid
Why are you so stupid

>Goodbye World: We’ve Passed the Carbon Tipping Point For Good
Said #CarbonScammers in 2008 about 2012. 2016 and the only serious issue is pollution by industrial corporations.

>mfw cold-blooded frogs will benefit most from this

And this is why it's such an uncomfortable idea to me. Like the communist utopia, it's a dubious end that justifies any means. If I'm ever given an ultimatum like that (your mother will die in her sleep tonight unless you do X), my instinct is to think I'm being played.

People have a weird way of thinking about it as well, where they say "global warming will kill us all in 50 years so we better do whatever they tell us now, if that means reducing emissions by 2 percent at least that will do something" but it won't do anything, even according to their own models. They think they can do a little token gesture to ward off the curse, like they're not thinking through what it really means. Which is amplified by the fact that the people presenting them the ultimatum are also the people demanding that we enact these completely ineffectual countermeasures. That illogic casts doubt on the validity of the science behind the ultimatum itself.

Use "fossil" fuels to BUILD renewable fuels DUH

>Because we can do that now, with mother fucking complex non-plant life
By the time """global warming""" actually becomes a problem yes, we will be able to with ease. We fuck around with animal genes already. See: featherless chicken and humanized milk

>t. Edgy dumbfuck that thinks massive colony spaceships is more viable than genetically modifying animals


You're right. It'll adapt into a form of single cellular ooze at the surface of the oceans, until a final ultimate ice age encases the entire planet.

But don't let that stop you from having yourself a time.

I did the fucking math last night and I'm not going to fucking do it again.

But in order to melt the antarctic ice sheet entirely you would have to have 2 quadrillion 1 megaton nukes and you would have to set them off in such a way that 100% of the energy from them went into heating up the ice. (The 2 quadrillion number being highly rounded down of course)

800 ppm WANN

>We’ve officially pushed atmospheric carbon levels past their dreaded 400 parts per million. Permanently.

Good. Life fucking LOVES carbon dioxide!

>it would mark a serious “tipping point” into some unstoppable climate ramifications

Nope. The H2O feedback hypothesis...the core of AGW theory...has proven false. Maximum forcing for a doubling of preindustrial CO2 levels, absent any feedbacks, is +1.2C. No where near enough to be harmful. In fact, just enough to be slightly beneficial.

>Extinction rates have accelerated to 1,000 times their rate before the existence of modern Homo sapiens.


>>Food chains are likely to become permanently unbalanced as apex predators and their prey begin to disappear.

Sorry, satellite imagery shows that global biomass is increasing.

''big oil'' isn't sitting of secret magical tech that can conjure energy out of nothing user.

>7 billion people in 2012
>7.5 billion 2016

We're going to be fucked in a lot of ways. Literally.

For once, a fucking leaf makes a valid point.

Nothing short of an astronomical event is going to melt Antarctica.

>le big oil maymay

Do you realize how stupidly inefficient non-fossil fuel energy is? No one is suppressing alternative energy, the technology just fucking sucks. That's why alternative fuels have never taken off.

Wow I never though of it like that... You've changed my perspective. Also Frauke Petry of the AfD party has kinda confirmed that this whole carbon being over 400ppm is just a theory still at this point and no not an overwhelming majority of scientists agree with the theory, just the most out spoken have made themselves appear to be the majority.

Oh boy! Because you must think science is the fucking enemy. Goygoygoy or whatever the fuck. I guess mental retardation is the only way to go. I wonder who's behind this

We wait for the Greenies to chain themselves to trees and do sit ins on public places because we hurt their feeeeeelings

Fucking KEK

Get a job, hippie.

So that's why Kek and Pepe are helping Trump.

>Trump gets elected
>Trump stops all global warming legislation because fuck China
>Earth warms up
>Frogs across the globe benefit

It's going to be a Trumpslide!

If the Lefties didn't want this to happen they shouldn't have roadblocked Nuclear power for the last 50 years.

Great work guys. You really hit it out of the park.

>Birds and frogs and shit die
Sleep tight chirper and ribbeter. We have to advance humanity at any cost.

Keep talking as you nuke yourselves faggot.

I'm ashamed to be in the same union as you. The culprits aint the west or developed european nations, the culprits are as some user before me said China and the leage of island chinks with a lning of Pooinloos, closely followed with everything that is not the west or to some extent eastern europe.

The only thing these Numale shortbearded glasses wearing "scientists" are doing is to further diminish the production base and power of western companies and businesses, heck every plant must die sometime, just look at mars, recent findings suggest it was temperate and alive once, but then it slowly stopped being that because of internal geographical reasons, volcanoes and whatnot.

If not for the endless whining of The Green faggots and the immense push to hate all things nuclear but at the same time use more Coal power than never before by happy merchants we would be moving planets already in titanit city ships the size of five moons.

>1 megaton nukes
>I did the fucking math

Why not use the yield of a nuke that's larger than 1 megaton so you don't have to use 2 fucking quadrillion?

The great harvest is soon.

You know what I mean by that.

>Extinction rates have accelerated to 1,000 times their rate before the existence of modern Homo sapiens

HAHAHAAHAHHAHA where the fuck do they come up with this shit?

In short order at least.

Captain Planet was a vile piece of propaganda, look at what the show has done to people like this

I really don't give a damn, and it was going to happen regardless if humans contributed or not. Ice ages are becoming more and more frequent after all. Stop importing brown and black people to fuck up our IQ's and get to work sending people into space.

I literally posted evidence, retard

Provide disputing evidence or concede defeate.

Those are your only two options. If you do not do one, you have done the other.

"Leftists" didn't roadblock fucking alternative energy you literally mentally deficient retard. It was coal and oil.

That looks like a great harvest to look forward to.


I bet your vaccinated too.

Enjoy your polynoma and socially engineered thought process.

(((climate change))) is bullshit, but holy shit is that a bad graph. You can't even tell what it's trying to say

>Absence of an argument: the post
Go be a fucking retard somewhere else.

okay, 2 trillion 1 gigaton nukes

Evidence you are full of shit

wtf I hate carbon now

Oil and coal aren't suppressing alternative energy. It just fucking sucks.

John Q. Consumer isn't interested in putting an ugly two thousand dollar solar panel on his roof just so his electricity bill will be 5% cheaper each month.


sage goes in options field

At least think about it before you go full parrot... PLEASE.

>5% cheaper
This is literally just the tactic the power company uses. They force everyone to pay for a utility bill, even when that person is net contributing to the grid. These people USED to get paid until PG&E decided to go full jew.

During the 90's my class had to watch documentaries about the, then called, greenhouse effect and how the world would be under water by the year 2000.
They just keep changing the name, the date and the amount of money to waste on it.

Oh man, and we are just started, you haven't seen what a PДC-220 nuke can do, so excited!!!


Well past our time if you ask me

Enjoy the decadence while it lasts fags

Dark days are coming

Can't wait to get my Mad Max on

>"hurr durr why don't you use bigger nukes"
>moves decimal point for the illiterate nigger

Thank you for the hearty laugh.

>Leftists didn't roadblock nuclear

Are you fucking kidding me??? They've done everything in their power to bring it to a stand still.

Also: arguing with trip 9's???

>1 degree over 60 years

Mine shows that we've sustained temperatures 30 degrees hotter for thousands of years.

But oh shit, your right! One degree watmer than 1950, we're dead!

Fuck off, retarded leaf.

I second that motion.

We did it again? How many doomsday points have we reached yet?

Why should anyone in the western world give a shit when if we literally destroyed everything we own and killed ourselves collectively, indians, chinks and niggers would just rapidly replace and outstrip it within a few years?

until you get rid of everyone who isn't white then global warming is something I can't give two shits about

Europa will be the new home of white and asian people

fuck off weeb

Who do think has been running the world for the past eight years? Definitely not any righties. Literally anyone who's anyone on the grand stage in modern day is a lefty.

Oh no, we have to relocate less than 1% of the earths population in 100 ever can we manage?

The problem is, the answer is never the RIGHT answer.
It's never "let's cull the third world." It's "let's tax and regulate civilization into a communist utopia!"

That's the problem.

couple things:

First- that this level of CO2 has happened within the last 3 million years at least once. We evolved from shrews within the last ~60M. TURNS OUT: this is in no way catastrophic.

Second- there have been periods within the Earth's history where the ice caps completely melted. In what universe do you conject that this is a point of no return? We're absolutely powerless to stop what's happening with the Earth.

Will many be displaced through climate change? Yes. Will a sizable portion of our species die? I fucking hope so. Is this apocalypse? Not in the slightest. People near the equator will suffer the most (bawwwww big loss there).

Do you honestly think that anyone on this board gives a flying fuck? I mean- I'm just here to call you out more or less as Chicken Little exclaiming "THE SKY IS FALLING!"

No one cares. Everything's fine. Get over it.

Crawl back to whatever cave you posted this from.

Get fucked.

>Globalism will fix this

>No one cares. Everything's fine. Get over it.

Bill McKibben cares.


>We’ve Passed the Carbon Tipping Point For Good
This is only about the 27th time. See you next year when you'll be saying it again. I'll be at the beach I've gone to every year for the past 2 decades, and it's been in the same spot every year.

I'd like to note that there are more trees now than at any point in Earth's history. We're inarguably phenomenal at fucking with nature.

It's what got us in trouble in the first place. At some point in the near future, nature will find a way to eliminate all human life; and then Earth will adopt a new paradigm of "Earth +plastic." I can't fucking wait.

And that's why I drive an Excursion even though I'm forever single, then get drunk and spray hairspray into into the sky at night in my backyard while I scream. The race war is already on and climate change is our fat man / little boy.

I feel for y2k and the Mayan calendar. They aren't getting me a third time.

You do realize this is GOOD for Finland, yes?

Instead of 4 days of Summer, you will now get 5!


Wrong, the Earth's climate reached a warmth maximum early in the Holocene, since then it was trending cooler, except then humans started burning forests and growing rice etc, so climate stops cooling. Then industrial revolution happens and we're 100 ppm higher than before. Technically we should be sliding back into an ice age, but human emissions forestalled that and now we're headed in the opposite direction. Atmospheric CO2 hasn't been this high since the Pliocene and it's going to get much higher.

Two things: yes, life has adapted in the past- but humans have fragmented habitat and intensely colonized marginal lands, so the resiliency isn't there for either humans or nature. We're going to lose a lot of land to rising sea levels, we're going to see more famines and wars and mass migrations.

Secondly, the oceans are going to become much more acidic due to higher CO2 and that will happen regardless of how warm it actually gets. This can have big effects on the ability of coral reefs and calcareous plankton to persist.

All the world needs are


a few species of domesticated animals we can keep alive regardless of climate

hardy plants we can genetically engineer

And since nothing Obummer or DiCaprio suggested would have done jack shit against global warming, I must conclude that nobody at the top fucking believes in it.

It's just the world getting warmer, happens every few thousand years. Soon it will become extremely cold and the effects will be reversed. We may even have huge trees from the carbon from cars. Think like an optimist OP








Isn't this a moot point, since climate change is a hoax?

Well- good for Bill McFuckinKibben

Do we really have the CONCEIT to believe that we can turn this shit around? Are you serious right not?

We can't even take care of (you)s yet! AND WE'RE GONNA SAVE THE FUCKIN PLANET?!

get real

I'm getting realllll fuckin tired of this shit

>I remember my first Netflix

If climate change were a real problem and not the definition of climate, why not report on polluters instead of virtue signslling online? Oh right because it is a shill topic to keep criminals out of jail by hiding from justice behind hordes of zombies.

There's no such thing as the carbon 'tipping point'.

The carbon has been under Earth's soil or above it since Earth was formed. Nothing is going to happen you global warming shill.

It was warmer in the middle ages than it is now... even moreso during the Triassic period of superfauna/flora...

Just let island people fucking drown and keep living your life. We will adapt. It's Earth being Earth, and we're nothing to do with it. Even if we were, we're simply releasing more carbon into the seas and skies which is HEALTHY for plantlife and fauna to adapt to.


>By 2100
>13 million people
>out of a projected 10 billion

Oh no! A fraction of the world's population might lose a home to coastal erosion!

I'm not saying we can fix it. I'm just saying he cares.


That was the only thing I replied to. Plenty of people care about this issue, that's one of the reasons why it's an issue. Because people care about it.

Does all this mean Florida will be swallowed by the sea in my lifetime? If not, please speed the process along.


>It's another "scientists completely forget that the planet is in a natural warming cycle" episode

The CO2 has been up past 4 THOUSAND parts per million you fucking idiot. All this could affect, is shitty species that both are too retarded to slowly move towards the poles and too useless to humanity to warrant our effect to protect them.

But more importantly, as observed in recent decades, even IF the atmospheric composition is driving recent global temperature changes, the relationship is logarithmic, not linear.

RIP user


i herd it was invented by the Chinese to ruin our economy or some shiiiiiet


>The CO2 has been up past 4 THOUSAND parts per million you fucking idiot.

Hey, do you know if humans can survive at 4,000ppm of Co2? I wonder what the maximum is, for human survival?

Oh, here we go

The climate scientists of Cred Forums have spoken, everything will be ok.

>We’ve officially pushed atmospheric carbon levels past their dreaded 400 parts per million. Permanently.
> for the first time since scientists had begun to record them
>Over the last 50 years, average temperatures throughout Alaska and western Canada have risen by as much as 7°F.

this is literally nothing...scientists have only been recording this shit for at most a millennia, and 50 years on the earths time scale is meaningless.

I remember reading a study about this along time ago

The more algae the sea has the more predatory type fish/mammals will inhabit the waters

Oceans will become very dangerous

As people we're unwittingly doing each time more things to revert this trend, my friend.
>People are replacing most of their electronics with Smartphones, whose consumption barely surpasses 5W. This, compared with a whopping 500~1000W of a desktop computer is quite an evolution. Sum to this all the electronics that Smartphones left obsolete and you have a real progress here.
>Development in energies not based on fossil fuels are already making these types of energy less and less costly, so expect in the near future to have much more economic energy coming from Solar panels, Nuclear reactors, geisers and harnessing tide's power.
>Cars using oil nowadays is more of economic pushover from tycoons from Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Shell and Rockefeller. Already Tesla cars are working on making electricity-powered cars accessible for the common folk.

In my opinion, one of the issues is to find a substitute for airplane fuel. You need something that, in a low space, can drive enough power to support a plane's flight for about 12 hours.

But, besides that, a lot of effort is being made to reduce carbon trail of our daily lives, and I'm positive the situation can be turned out for good in next years, as they did with the Ozone layer.

when I say no one, I didn't mean to say that literally 0 sentient beings on the planet Earth care about it. I was saying that, in the abstract, we really only care about having a nice place to live. Could be a spot on Earth. Could be on a space station somewhere. Could be in our own heads.

All I'm saying is: the Earth is doing just fine. We're fucked, but the Earth is doing great.

Lucky carbon never had anything with climate to do at all then.

No shit, it's not about the environment, it's about energy control. If the goyim understood the importance of energy and fossil fuels they would not be so willing to cough it up to despots in return for a promise to save earth. Silly goyim.

I'm actually upset by this but what can we do? Industrialization isn't going to stop because the Earth is gaining temperature... that simply isn't how human beings react to stimuli.

It takes drastic change for reaction to occur within human societies, that's how its always been.

However I do have some confidence. Technology is changing and with it sources for new energy development will undoubtedly occur. However, my biggest optimism lies in the fact that under intense pressure human beings flourish the most.

Look at all the things we've invented during times of war to get the better of our opponent merely for survival? Now imagine if it gets to the point of actual survival... who knows what we will develop as resources are thrown left and right to try and find something to mediate the situation.

Global warming is good.
All of the democratic states are on coastlines

>We're fucked

Oh, I'm well aware of that. We're fucked for bigger reasons than just CO2 saturation.

surface ain't gonna be much prettier

I tell ya hwut

It's all a bunch of mathematical hocus pocus.

The mean global temperature (in Kelvin) is programmed as an 8 bit unsigned integer. Giving it a maximum value of 256.

How you may ask when the earth's global temperature is 15 Celsius and thus around 288K? Well that's where the cleverness comes in.

The maximum low temperature value for the ice age is set at 256 and the mean global temperature actually counts up at the point of the integer wrap.

So when things get back up to 256 they actually get cold again.

So if global warming gets hot enough eventually it will instantaneously reverse itself.

>Oceans will become very dangerous

they already are dangerous as all hell. its one of the few ecosystems that humans cant thrive in

Yeah. Most people don't realize that CO2 concentrations have been MUCH higher in the past (even during some ice ages), or that after the last ice age CO2 levels dipped dangerously close to the point where plants start dying off.

AGW fearmongering predictions are all failing to come to pass, but we can objectively observe the greening of the planet as CO2 levels rise.

CO2 isn't a pollutant. It's an extremely beneficial trace gas.

Daily reminder that there is no EMPIRICAL evidence that carbon forcing has caused the warming since the 70s
Daily reminder warming stopped from 1998 until 2013 (models didnt predict, nor can they explain this)
Daily reminder sea levels have been rising for 12000 years and the rate has slowed substantially
Daily reminder ground temperature data is from increasingly urbanized locations (heat island effect) Satellite temperatures dont agree
Daily reminder computer models are NOT science. They are tweaked until they can explain past climate variation, and by past I mean laughably recent past. There is NO reason to assume they have any ability to predict future trends. In fact they have failed miserably to do so. They cant account for el nino or la nina, and they cannot account for, get ready, CLOUDS.

You have no understanding of the topic. There are many, many ways to measure past temperature by proxy. And for another thing we can directly measure ancient atmospheres going back hundreds of thousands of years using ice cores.

don't have kids, huh

That's a nice cummins though.

Salvation soon?
Can't wait

>CO2 isn't a pollutant. It's an extremely beneficial trace gas.



now THAT'S fuckin exciting

buckle up, bitches

This is a misnomer. CO2 is not a limiting factor for terrestrial plant growth in most biomes. Water is.

That being said, CO2 DOES drive photosynthetic activity in algae, which obviously have more than enough water to work with

Climate change isn't real, you pseud

Oh no, if CO2 levels climb to over ten times their current level, we might be in trouble!

The major issue of climate change is the shifting of temperatures in certain areas
like some agricultural areas, mainly tropical, won't be able to grow major crops if temperatures increase that much

Start investing in and buying locally produced food stuffs. Promote and use renewable/zero emission energy like nuclear/solar and wind.

Support LFTR reactor production (this will be the savior until fusion is available for reals).

Protest our disposable society. Don't buy a new computer/phone every two years. Use what you got and repair when you can until you can't use it no more.

If possible, grow your own food to augment your needs.

It's a start.

I'm not a hippie, but I see the need to be local.

Literally everything you said is wrong, except for the part about sea level rise slowing, and that's because it takes thousands of years for glaciers to fully melt and oceans to warm and expand. But you also have isostasy which can lead to local sea level fall so you're wrong about that too

Bullshit. Accurate statistical predictions say its "only" 11.2 billion.

Get your facts straight

Just imagine a major economic downturn. Industry failing, shipping companies going under (Hanjin). When we stop farting out all those aerosols and particulates, we stop reflecting all that sunlight.

'gon get real hot, real fast.

>NARRATOR: Travis suspected the grounding might make a small but detectable change to the climate. But what he observed was both immediate and dramatic.

>DR DAVID TRAVIS: We found that the change in temperature range during those three days was just over one degrees C. And you have to realise that from a layman's perspective that doesn't sound like much, but from a climate perspective that is huge.

Oh shit, is the planet going to explode now?

Proxies have nowhere near the resolution of instrumental data. You know that. Climate """"scientists"""" know that. Yet you still try to shoehorn the two together. You know there is nothing unusual about the temperature, so you point to the rate. The rate from instrumental data and proxies is not comparable.

>climate doomsday predictions are right
>society collapses


>climate doomsday prediction is wrong
>nothing happens

I see no downside here.

Neat, this is vice reacting to a blog post!

Read the paper. 450-600ppm is "uncomfortable".

280ppm is the average pre 1880.

dont cut yourself

Build a Foundation, right? ;)

But he's right. There's no proof that the greenhouse effect is driving global temperature changes. As evidenced by the fact that models plotting temperature changes against atmospheric composition have failed to be predicatively valid.

Name one thing I said wrong.

pics or it didn't happen

Worldhuggers dont seem to understand that even if you and your 10 friends plan on saving earth, theres 100 people whom pollute world more than you can save in 100 years.

It doesnt matter anymore, were allready done. You should only look future for you and your kids, their kids will be the last generation.


There are five mass extinction before man.

To blame man for causing extinction, is giving man too much credit.

Be humble and understand that extinction is inevitable. Accept it and enjoy your short lived life.

Wow look at this delusional trump supporter, an evidence that he is a low IQ guy

Those mass extinctions were caused by nature.
We are accelerating our own mass extinction.


Nice argument.

Fuck off you dirty Muslims infected shit hole, how's the donation going?

remember they said in the year 2000 most glaciers will melt

The paper also says that CO2 levels routinely climb well above a thousand ppm in enclosed environments. While this is implicated in negative phenomena, the important part would be to note that healthy people have no problems flying on airplanes, being in classrooms, or going on extended car rides.

Unless it's worth being printed in an actual journal on paper,it's most likely bullshit. And by the way,he openly admit that there are no studies on long-term exposure,only on short-term.

I mean, greenland has like 2 mile thick ice, dude. It takes a while.

>By 2100, approximately 13 million
that's not even 1% of my country's population
doesn't seem that bad tbqh fampai

now watch as literally nothing happens.

Global warming exists but when the temp has only gone up a little bit after pretty much doubling CO2 levels + all the heat created by burning a shitton of wood, coal, gas, etc. it seems a bit overblown. The people who live on the equator are shit anyway, let them fry

They are ignoring space exploration because space doesn't exist.

this imo.

Bruh it was on there 2 years ago. My college roommate and I watched the whole thing. I remember that shit.

>Mass extinction is caused by nature
Is human part of nature?

Dinosaur is extinct.
Does that mean you blame the dinosaur?

This is India's fault. They need to pay reparations to the whole world.

Thank you America for this and illegal guns to narcos

Per capita production in the western world is still way higher than the eastern. Actually I think elimination of all the religions originating from middle East including Christiaity and the people who follow then will solve most of the world's problems.

CO2 levels rise above 600ppm in your fucking car you moron.

Not sure exactly what you're getting at, but I have no problem with Co-Ops, Farmer's Markets, Victory Gardens, biking instead of driving and recycling steel, aluminium, and other scrap metals.

I support LFTR because it can use nuclear toxic waste as fuel and breed virtually harmless isotopes as a waste product.

Not a worldhugger, serkku. Not at all.

I'm not trying to save the world: fuck the world. The EU is a lost cause, Russia is a toxic shithole, Africa couldn't sustain itself for 5 minutes without aid, America could really use a plague, and Finland and Estonia should build a wall around themselves (connected via rightful Karjala clay) and form a nice defensive area.

So, say I know 10 people out of 1,000 in my area willing to go along with local resourcing, that's better than nothing and if each of them can just alter the attitude of one more person slightly and those people do the same and so-forth-and-so-forth, the littlest impact will start helping now instead of later.

so what. the world was a giant volcano at one point and it changed to what we have today

and even if it is true, there is nothing we can do about it. luckily economy collapse before we will pollute this world to death

It's fine, evolution will take care of it.

Some flooding will wipe out some shit skins, its fine desu.

oh boy I can't wait to save the environment by having an international committee of businessmen control global economy with excessive taxes and regulations.

Most wise and estute scientist. what would you have humans do about rising CO2 levels?

>rising ocean temperatures

no shit, and past temperatures have been exponentially hotter and cooler.

>hundreds of thousands of years

still, absolutely fucking meaningless in the lifespan of the earth.

Just saying it'd be better to use the yield of a common nuclear weapon. Just go with the B53 or something, 1 megaton is nothing. No need to have your autism triggered.

Food crisis would be the worst thing. Even then we could resort to hydroponics and nuclear energy.

I don't see it as a dubious end at all. This is what I tell people when the topic gets up so they don't think I'm advocating for death camps.

The population is currently about 7 billion. The global growth rate is about 1.1% a year. That means we'll get 77 million people in year one alone, which will eventually push the pop over 8 billion by around 2029. Then we'll reach 9 billion around 10 years after that and so on. This is not feasible in any way. You,can't look at that and say "Oh we'll figure something out," because we will eventually run out of room (barring all other catastrophic human induced events) and then what do we do? Do we still say it's okay for everyone to have kids? Not only that, but that's assuming we even have the reasources for that.

Many estimates put the human carrying capacity at around 9-10 billion which will happen, if things continue the way they are, by 2049. This means we will run out of food for everyone.

Some estimates put the sustainable human carrying capacity at a much lower estimate.

You can't say that limiting human growth is something that will never occur. It will need to happen if we want the species to live on.

Are you saying that THE TIPPING POINT is exactly 400 ppm? OMFG. What an amazing coincidence and probably not just a stupid propaganda schtick because exact numbers pop up all the time in science when you need them.

I want to make aliyah in the near future but know in some decades Middle East is going to be hell.
Still hesitant.

Even then starvation would eventually lead to an equilibrium.

You're assuming niggers in africa will just come take our food and not just starve to death slightly more than they do now

>tfw you will probably die before shit really hits the fan.

>autistic anime poster

what a suprise

There's a flaw with in plan : due to open borders, first-world countries will soon cease to exist entirely with the exception of Japon.

That's assuming we haven't passed an ecological point of no return.

I'm not talking about something where it would destroy everything, but it's definitely plausible that there will be aome damage that will make life for future generations much harder.

Technologhas no bounds and no allegiances.

Notice how
Runs away as soon as observed science is brought into the debate. This, children, is why you never rely solely on computer models. Who'd have thought that if we don't even understand the climate, our models won't make good predictions about it?

>Don't worry goy, implement expensive policies to combat the "problem anyway, just in case

Nigger actually brought up isostasy to be cute. I wrote my fucking thesis on a topic dealing with isostasy in formerly glaciated new york.

>That's assuming we haven't passed an ecological point of no return.

Why anyone would assume that any effect in nature would compound on itself and not get less effective the more you add is beyond me. Diminishing returns is the golden rule, not rube goldberg biochemical landmines

extinctions are natural
adapt or die

>we will run out of food for everyone.
You'll be fine, not like today but you will eat ok.
But probably lot of africans are going to starve, most of the demographic growth is sustained by the high fertility rate of the african countries and they don't even have the land today to feed the entire continent. When their population will double in the next decades and if the Western countries can't keep up with humanitary aid, it's not going to be pretty.

It will affect Europe as well because lot of them will try to migrate here for better chances to survive.

China did it and it worked out fine. But look at where population centers around - they live in totally unsustainable ways.

In the past people lived in much more sustainable methods, most families were able to provide for themselves (yeah yeah yeah they got taxed fuck off I know)

C02 itself displays this property. It's warming potential decreases logarithmic ally with increased concentration

Yeah, the "we might become Venus" situation is absurd

Pinochetbro is right. At the rate technology is advancing, we'll be Dead Space planet cracking in no time.

The runaway greenhouse gas effect is a naturally occuring process that works through a positive feedback loop, which is compounding in a sense.

It's been widely disregarded as a possibility for Earth, but it happened on Venus naturally.

These things are rare in nature, obviously otherwise things would be too chaotic for life, but they do exist.

Venus didn't have runaway global warming. It's ALWAYS had essentially the same atmosphere it has today and has been as hot as it is forever. Venus has not ever had oceans or liquid water at all. Obviously the greenhouse gas effect itself is very real on venus, but the relationship between global temperatures, atmospheric composition, and water vapor compounding us unproven and didn't happen on earth even a little even though they expected it too.


Shouldn't it be the other way around?