Is being red pilled worth it?

Be honest lads, if you could untake the redpill and go back to every day normie activities, would you?

We will forever be at odds with the majority.

Actually I probably would. I can't go a day without noticing bias and lies. Whether on tv or online. It's hard to keep opinions in with friends.

Maybe in time it'll get easier to burden.

Literally the only terrifying, bothersome part for me is seeing the anti Russia WW3 rhetoric being delivered in real time.

Dems are positioning in this chess match, as are Russia and others. Tbph, I'd rather not even know this.

Same here. No one seems alarmed by it.

People have given up. Most people don't even know why we've been in the middle east almost constantly since 9/11. They see the news reports, but don't understand why it's happening. They just go with it.

People have just given up on truly understanding. It's sad.

What does being red-pilled even mean?
You have plenty of people who believe they know their shit, that they understand what's going on better than your average joe. and look for fringe information to confirm what they already think they know.

Most of the self-described red-pilled folks are nothing but the most blue-pilled people around, since they've had so much of their own shit there's no going back for them.

A real red-pilled person would be willing to check on things they don't want to believe are true, and would live on a constant state of cognitive dissonance, since they would always be challenging their own beliefs. Even the newest information they've acquired might be challenged some day too.

To truly be red-pilled means to accept you know nothing, but that you always keep yourself leaning new things, from all possible sources (especially the ones you don't like) and force yourself to unlearn when required.

I believe that old Eastern adage, "If you meet Buddha on the road, kill him" resumes this almost perfectly.

To me it means reading between the lines. When you look at a series of similar messages, from different sources, all with a shared agenda, you begin to see propaganda. And when you see it, you start weighing the pros and cons/winners and losers from around globe. then you're like fuck man why

When I found out via real experience the true evil of skypes I would have loved to forget. Maybe I would but no. Knowing the truth is better than knowing the lie!

For me, being redpilled now is a much more meaningful life. I mean this not only by the Cred Forums definition of being redpilled, but by maturity and not caring about basic normie, youthful activities:parties, friends, relationships.

Back when I was in college and high school and all I cared about was smoking, or hanging out with friends, I didn't give a fuck or have a direction for my life. Besides being informed, being redpilled makes me care about trivial shit much less. Ignorance truly is bliss and maybe I spend way too much time caring about politics or whatever now. I would rather just care about my work, my future, society, and myself, then give a fuck about friends or pointless shit.

I have a heck of a lot less friends and I can't stand people much at all anymore, but I feel better knowing I spend time trying to learn more and more about the world and prevent idiots from destroying the world.

Yes. I'm in the process of pushing away the redpill but I'm in too deep. Deleted my Facebook and I'm avoiding public politics because I'm unfairly made out to be the enemy no matter who im talking to. I'm gonna try to stop coming here too. It's too much to deal with. The prices we must pay for simply being elevated intellectually are too much for most to bear.

Why deny it? Embrace it. Don't go back to a life of ignorance, being woke will make you confident as hell

It's too much man. I've been more aware of my surroundings for a good 6-7 years now and I find it increasingly harder to deal with it. This shit doesn't give me confidence because even if i use the information that I know that wouldn't even hurt normies' feelings it still paints me as a wacko even if they accept it. I'd rather just be one of them. At this point i just want a black girlfriend and hide among the leftist masses and bide my time to join a movement I truly believe in. That's all I want.

Also im too leftist for my Cred Forums brothers and too conservative and nationalistic for my leftist peers. But on a base level I am not accepted by either in my current state.

Gotta find your niche, brother. It's going to be hard to give up the cause. You will keep seeing the world for the place it truly is. If you open your mind to the less fashionable, unpopular opinions now I feel like it will be too hard to go back to being a normie.

Of course. Redpill gets your priorities straight. You start thinking about what is best for me, my family, my community, and my nation. This is fundamentally invaluable.


I have to now lie about my political beliefs to still have friends, other than the ones I have that are already redpilled

I've decided on making my niche semi Libertarian and indifferently neutral. I think it's the only way I don't blow my brains out or completely being something I'm not.

It's called demoralization. Stay focused on what is important. What benefits you, your family, and your community. That's what matters most.

there is no blue pill thats jewish transvestite jewing of the original idea

>I would rather just care about my work, my future, society, and myself

This is the ultimate redpill, lads.

Oh god yes...being cursed with enlightenment is pure suffering. I'm sad every single fucking day while my sheepish friends just fucking laugh it up and believe their stupid "let's all be friends" bluepilled bullshit. But you can never go back once you've broken the conditioning and had your moment of clear realization. Once you've seen the world for what it truly is, there's no going back.

We just have to soldier up and deal with the torment and burden of intelligence while the idiotic liberal masses shuffle like zombies towards extinction.

It gives me reason to live
Bluepill lets me be /comfy/ in peace but why if there is no higher calling?

The red-pill is not worth it to be honest. Being red-pilled only makes you sullen especially because being red-pilled is so uncommon. Because being red-pilled is so uncommon, the advantages of seeing the bigger picture wont have a major impact on civilization. In other words, being red-pilled wont change a thing unless a larger number of persons in society become red-pilled also. Given the monopoly that is the mainstream media, this is impossible;redpilling the masses to effect meaningful change will not happen until there is a revolution. The revolution will only occur after corruption and political correctness peaks and falters as in Soviet Russia. This of course, takes time. And this proves for an ominous future. Things will only get worse before they get better. Being red-pilled confers no advantages at this time. I wish i had never found out. Every day is a fucking pain to me.

>In other words, being red-pilled wont change a thing unless a larger number of persons in society become red-pilled also.

Which will never happen because we're an incredibly rare, unique, and intelligent breed.

>I wish i had never found out. Every day is a fucking pain to me.

We all know that feel. When you finally look behind the curtain and find out how everything in the world works, it's going to be painful. It's like finding out that Santa doesn't exist times a billion. But as long as we stay firm in our redpilled beliefs in God and continually expose the conspiracies of the elite, we'll eventually win the day. Stay strong, bro.

no, being blue pilled was everlasting misery

feeling terrible about being white and having no sense of connection to society and history

hating myself and hating everything around me

I was unhappy and confused before; I honestly think that happiness is part of the red pill and all these threads are a psych-out, a trick by people who do not understand redpilling.
If it's not a trick then consider that you are fundamentally wrong and must re-examine things. No bluepilled person can be happy, moral, healthy or connected to others, they just devote every waking hour to looking like they are.

Of course happiness is part of the red pill. All it really is to me is a long march to happiness. Not the happiness that comes with drugs or alcohol or video games, but the kind that comes from having a stable family, community and country. That's the ultimate goal for me, to keep marching despite everything that's trying to stop it.