ITT: Candidates who will win in 2016

ITT: Candidates who will win in 2016

Is Cred Forums ready for a woman president yet?

That picture was the last time that anyone thought she was cute. Even the neighborhood kid fucker dropped her a year later after the change happened.

>after the change

That picture makes Hillary look like she adores shit in her mouth.

Puberty. No kid fucker wants puberty ridden kids, they adore youth.

This post is just fake liberal shit. No one cares about that smirking cunt. I bet her clit is covered in dust.

Hillary died years ago. All that's left is a withered husk

Trump wins

ITT: CTR pedophiles at it again

OP, totally not CTR here but could you care to use the higher quality picture? Thank you.

It helps us keep track how many posts we have made so far.

Or this one if you want to change it up.

and OP if you want your very own Hillary youth #ImWithHer logo here it is

There is also the transparency one.

OP are you here? Just want to confirm this image dump of a youthful Hillary will be worth while.

Save and use them in response to anons when you need too.

Notice that this is how Hillary looked when she was raised by a Republican mother and father. Just look at her now!




Are you here OP? Please say something and just confirm you will use the higher quality pictures. We smoothed them out for a reason. At least post that you are here so I know this image dump is not for nothing. Thank you.


OP your threas may 404 at any moment please respond we just want to know you will be using these pictures. Thank you.


OP are you here? It is just frustrating when we dump these images and nobody uses them please confirm you are here.

Only an idiot would vote for this POS.


OP you dont want to anger us please promise you will use these higher quality photos


OP we've been discussing the posts you have made in this picture and it will be unfortunate if it was traced to you so please use the higher quality images here next time Why would you want blemishes on her when we work to get rid of them? OP just confirm that you will use them.

Please OP stop being a problen and use the higher quality images say that you will.

OP please respond I did not mean to sound threatening just use the higher quality pictures next time.

OP are you here?

She looked almost exactly like the little girl in The Bad Seed. Ooo wee ooo


OP all you have to do is reply to this thread.


OP i hope you answer before i finish this image dump

Prettiest corpse award?


OP your life will be a living hell if you misrepresent us again just say that you will save the high quality images and use them for the next post you make or you will regret it. They are simple words jusy say you will use them.

You are sitting idly by when I am trying to help you OP

Hillary was a blonde haired, blue eyed Aryan devil and Cred Forums HATES her?

OP all you have to do is save the picture and post in this thread anything you want just please confirm you are here.

OP i will give you a few days toll you make a similar thread with the higher quality pictures posted here and if you do so you will not be sought after all I ask is that when i check the image hashtag in the archive that i will not be surprised when i see that you have posted the higher quality pictures posted here and that a similar thread was made with them.

She's a bombshell in that one. What year is that?

You spelled "won't" wrong

I'm ready for any other woman, even a non-white as long as it isn't Hillary

OP you are making very hardworking people mad.

You do as I say or you will face consequences that may ruin your social life and hinder job opportunities as you will be known for the person who made these posts However if you or anyone who uses these pictures here the high quality ones then you may post whatever and feel not worrisome anyone is logging you and your searches. It is just the fact we have been working tirelessly here for a while and you threaten to mock us by posting low quality images from google that misrepresent Hillary. The high quality images posted here do not have any unnecessary blemishes that you usually get with materials of photography. OP all i ask is you use these higher quality images next time you post thank you

OP i will not stop pushing this thread to the firsr page until you respond are aware of our frustration and reconcile by using the higher quality imaged posted here the next time you make a similar thread.

OP I have all night just admit you will use these pictures

pure bred cuck

daria for president

The problem is we do not know if you are mocking us or just have a lower quality picture so please use these OP you are being difficult for no reason. Just use these I am asking

OP I tried being tongue in cheek saying I was not from CTR and playing nice but you are being difficult. I will keep this thread on the first page until you admit you will use these higher quality images

>32 posts by this ID

Mental illness as fuck.

OP you are frustrating me please post ITT and say you will use these images please for they are higher quality and represent Hillary unlike the childish picture you posted in the initial post that started this thread and judging by the filename you acquired it through tumble so I am giving you an alternative to use if you truly wish to help Hillary. Please say you will use these images, the high quality ones in place of the picture that you had originally posted

Goddamn faggot shut the fuck up.

OP I do not mean to be mean or appear aggressive I just want to confirm that you will use these higher quality images for now on thank you

You and racism will be dealt with in the era of peace and prosperity and for that I pity you.

OP are you here? I just want to confirm that these pictures will be in circulation from you and anyone else that makes future threads like this in the future and not use the low quality image of Hillary that you initially posted. Someone from the team worked hard to perfect these photos in the likeness of Hillary so please admit you will use them

>The autism in this thread

What the fuck

OP are you here? Just trying to confirm that these photos will be posted by you and other anons wishing to promote Hillary Clinton's campaign. They are more flattering than the unpolished one you posted and it is infuriating that you will not just answer if you will use these pictures for now on

Damn you legit need a ban. We get it, you're poorly satirizing a CTR shill. But you're not funny or clever, you're just repeating the same shit over and over.

OP you are being difficult for no apparent reason or it is i who should be patient and wait for you and for that I feel I will be at the mercy of posting to keep this thread on the first page until you come in here and admit you will use these pictures for now on

Supporters of Donald Trump post on this site to show support, is it shilling then? No it is not. I would give my life for Hillary Clinton but such action is not needed right now. All I can do now is to make sure this site has images of her likeness in circulation instead of the trash that is OPs picture. I am but a beacon of CTR's best. You will know dedication through the actions of my hand.

Repitition is needed when you are refused to be listened to. Black Lives Matter would be a quiet organization if their words were heard in any rooms of law. When an abuser refuses to listen, you scream. I feel OP is abusing the likeness of Hillary Clinton and for that I but ask he use these higher quality images of Hillary Clinton in the next posts he makes

OP you do not know dedication. You do not know the true love someone can have for a candidate of the United States until you have dealt with someone like me. If I am to be a puppet so be it but the bloof sweat tears and time i sacrifice will come into fruition when Hillary Clinton is president of The United States of America. All I ask is that you use these pictures next time It is going on an hour now so I guess i should leave. Until next time please make sure to use these images in the next thread you make similar to this one. Thank you OP

Dude I get the joke it's just that you've not turned it into something interesting and you're not squeezing any humor out of it.

The fact you think someone would waste as much time as I have in support of a candidate based on the innocence and intelligence exhibited through her childhood years into young adulthood and into her elder age is idiotic. No one would have used the time I have to dilly dally. This is no joke. You are pathetic for not encouraging anons to support Donald Trump the way I do for Hillary Clinton. People who are not dedicated to a cause are spineless or too dimwitted to enjoy the thrawls of polical discussion in general. I have no use talking to someone who stays neutral or remains lazy in his quest to change government. You are but a child you simpleton. You lack dedication. You are probably obesely overweight because you do not have the dedication to get up and do what you feel is right. This is what I feel is right. Until then you are beneath me and the many others that have either supported Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton strongly. You are a worm, child. Run along and come back to this site when you have something to fight for.

You're not an American!


I'm cool.

Vote for me.