Text TRUMP to 88022 or get the Official "AMERICA FIRST" app for important campaign updates
>Volunteer to be a Trump election observer
>Trump Playlist

>Trump Rally in Waukesha WI 9/29/16
>Trump on ORLY 9/29/16
>Pence Rally in Leetonia OH 9/28/16
>Trump Rally in Council Bluffs IA 9/28/16
>Trump meets Pol American Cong Chicago IL 9/28/16
>Glorious Trump

>Trump Rally in Melbourne FL 9/27/16
>Trump TH at Miami Dade College FL 9/27/16
>Trump stops at Miami Diner 9/27/16
>First Presidential Debate 9/26/16
>Pence Rally at Milford, NH 9/26/16
>Trump Rally in Roanoke VA 9/24/16

>Trump on F&F 9/27/16
>Trump/Hannity Post debate 9/26/16
>Trump/CNN post debate 9/26/16
>Trump/Bloomberg post debate 9/26/16
>Trump on Full Measure 9/25/16

>The Lion
>Trump Ad: Movement
>Deplorables Unite
>Trump Triumphant
>American Hero


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first for trump

I did it
Who can stop us now?


10 OCT - Voter registration deadline
19 OCT - Ballots mailed for general election
19 OCT - Renton Accessible Voting Center opens
20 OCT - Ballot drop boxes open
26 OCT - Ballot return statistics go live at 8 p.m

1.) Register to vote. You can do it at any federal post office or public library.
2.) Go to the website of your state's Secretary of State to find out what your state's voting rules are.
3.) Make sure you know which polling station you are supposed to go to at least 1 week beforehand. If you don't know, contact the Secretary of State office for your state.


>yfw Trump wins

Pasta this Washington bros

Thanks m8

>off by one


What are the polls like ? Is he winning the Electoral college right now ?


what were the happenings today lads?


Nice job. Thank you for contributing.

Finding myself stressing out more and more about this election as the days go by.
Why do I have to be born in the current year where the entirety of western culture rests on the shoulders of one person

Is it just me or is this probably the most intersting election within the last 30 years?


Will you be voting by mail or waiting till the 8th and doing it in person?

I think I've made a few dozen threads now.


okay guys, I was laying in my bed comfy shitposting with you all when I sipped a little more of my chai latte and felt horrible suddenly. Like it choked me and puked everwhere on my bed. I don't know what to

Shill invasion all day again pretty steady stream of annoying. Seems to be better tonight not counting the random shitpost.



He won't win

It's not just him.
We all have a stake, and we all do our part.

A bit of fun.

Remember when Trump BTFO Anderson Cooper live on TV? Anyone here ever played Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney?


Call Hannity stream





Hanner about to talk about Dems losing their shit over low black turnout in early voting

Good messaging opportunity to the fake "woke" black twitter types to alert them now of the fact that the Dems are about to scapegoat them for losing the election. Because they are


>Dat pic

The madman

I know that feeling. I believe in Trump, but I worry that the corrupt Clinton machine is too strong and the votes will be rigged.


Alex Jones?

Why aren't they voting for Hillary?! Don't they know they are personally insulting King Nigger by not voting for her?




I've taken a vacation for November 9th.

I'm going to spend the entire day fucking DRINKING the tears of Hillary voters.


My greatest regret in life is I will likely never know the joy of being a riot cop about to gas some criminal scum.

TNN come by yet? I haven't seen anything that happened today.

Perfect video to meme out

(Feel free to think of better tags)

>by couric not a "right wing source"

Hillary is funded by them and wont speak ill of their kingdom. Lets see if she is even willing to say what she thinks of the law Obama was BTFO'd on today.

Holy fuck Trump only behind by 6 in Washington state.

Guys, I'm really scared.

I've been hearing rumors of CTR using shit like FOXACID, trying mass disruptions, physical doxings, bringing in the UN, basically mass demoralization of Trump's entire base.

And then I saw pic related, which basically alleges they're gonna try to create a new KKK to keep minorities in line.

I'm really, really scared. Please, please tell me if you honestly think Trump is going to win, or I may very well just run off to Japan and live out the final years this world has in peace.

Reminder we are passionate, strong, and the majority. Don't let some doombringers and nay sayers steal your fire.
High energy rallies, Good values, One flag and one God, and one man to lead us to winning street.

What would you do to vote for Trump?
I would pull my car with a rope all the way down to the polls to vote for Trump.

hey, remember that one time when Trump looked really prepared, knowledgeable and presidential in the first debate with Hillary Clinton?

good times.

So much this.

so nothing big will happen until VP debate?

Retarded NYfag here.

Do I have to register to vote for this specific year?

>tfw was on Cred Forums that morning

This'll never not be funny.

national EAS test to prepare for Obama declaring martial law and suspending the election

>Holy fuck Trump only behind by 6 in Washington state.
People still think this wont be a Trump landslide despite the fact that he is so close to Hillary in so many blue states.


Cred Forumsish for Trump today

Trump is going hard on Clinton Foundation. (see his press release storm)

Blast all your Foundation stuff to #FollowTheMoney

Personally I think he is hetting ahead of the wiki drop that is coming

Remember that time he "lost" the debate and his poll numbers still went up?



>Yewse this here Ahwoo in tha' future

The VP debate might be too comfy.

Who watched South Park?

Remember when people campaigned on promises instead of buzzwords?

name a foreign leader

fuck idk allepo?

why did trump keep saying he hadn't said things that he was recorded having said

I genuinely do have hope. But I'm scared at the same time. I really, really, REALLY want Trump to win, and I think he can, but fighting the final boss is what really scares me.


>Bea Flora
Takes me back.

visited by satanic cruz trips

>Why would ambassador to Singapore be the second on the list?....

Oh fuck.

Yep. And his poll numbers went up too!

Just look!

Are there any other lads worried about what Insideranon said about Trump hitting Clinton hard next debate? I wouldn't care except Scott Adams said that Trump won the election by losing the debate (by not using his hardest attacks on Clinton), and I don't want Trump doing anything to ruin his chances.


The good 'ol days when I thought there was hope big tit east euro models like her would ever do hardcore. (Usually the best dont)

I should have worded that better.

I've registered to vote for the previous 4 or so years, signed up for the draft and shit. Do I have to sign up for this year or can I just show up?

For The Emperor

TLDR it for me?

I liked it. I think it did a good job showing the anxieties we all have.
>Gerald realizing the immense power he was carelessly weilding
>Trump basically realizing the same thing
>Randy terrified at what nostalgia has done

I'm really starting to believe Scott Adams, that we're all living in a world of thoughtforms, and it's kinda freaking me out.

>Last time I checked this was almost 2 weeks ago
Jesus fuck, I didn't realize he's been maintaining his (((lead))) for so long
You think they're trying to reverse psychology Hill shills like Michael Moore?

I did. It sucked. I think it was made before the actual debate.

>tfw in 6 weeks you will wake up to watch trump victories every day
>tfw in 6 weeks you will wake up to watch trump interviews every day
>tfw in 6 weeks you will wake up to read trump tweets from @POTUS every day
>tfw in 6 weeks you will post in a President Trump General every day
>tfw trump will repair america in your lifetime
>tfw america won't turn into mexico because trump will deport 15 million and the wall will prevent any more from coming in
>tfw the political spectrum will move right, and every future president will be somewhere between a trumpublican and a white nationalist
>tfw guns and other rights will be preserved because trump will appoint at least 3 supreme court justices, tilting the supreme court conservative for your lifetime
>tfw america will rise again, and destroy china and its allies
>tfw america will forever be the most powerful nation on earth, while europe will be cucked beyond repair
>tfw the white race will finally win the war against international jewry and preserve western civilization forever

what's Sodium Technetium Silver Livermorium Erbium referring to in this tweet?

>thinking that the DNC who had their emails and iphones hacked can do anything competent
you give them way to much credit, nationalism is on the rise everywhere, it can't be stopped

We are all scared, but we are all in this together. Winners don't roll over, cower down, hide, or in Trumps words Quit.

We're not quitting on our country. Our brave soldiers in Benghazi went out against orders to assist their brothers. We may be in danger, but all of us have each others backs too. Even if they order or threaten us, we cannot be bought.


I need to see more of this. Pundits can shit talk all they want, but results are what matter.

That Trump will win. Bronze needs to kill himself.

I agree

thats a stupid theory like some kind of meta going on

trump won cuz more people like him and his better ideas he could have took a shit on the stage

it had nothing to do with derp im gonna purposely lose the debate and my meta will cause me to win somehow lool

please why

Assasinate Duerte?

>I'm really starting to believe Scott Adams, that we're all living in a world of thoughtforms
You have a link to that?


soon, user


Now that's a good awoo.

did I hop in a time machine to 2001?

>Cartman has a girlfriend now
>I don't

Also the political arc of this season is sophomoric bullshit.
>both candidates suck, I'm so enlightened

feels good, man

Trump maintaining his lead and closing in on Democratic strongholds. It also points to a deliberate effort to "unskew" the polls in Clinton's favor.

They're not even hiding it anymore. This was before the debate as well.

What time do votes start coming in on election day? Just realized I have class that day.

Kek yes. Trump completely flipped the "policy candidate" angle in its head. Clinton looked like a retard that needed to hide behind the moderator.

Make America Great again. We are only just now getting a taste of all the WINNING we are going to be doing.

Feels good man. Classic Pepe.


Yeah, he was TRUMPed up, and illary Trickled Down her pants suit.

Around 7pm EST I assume.

You underestimate the level of belligerence the average black person has.


Duterte is the Phillipines. I was thinking he was there for lolis and drugs, but that's Thailand.

If he could still be contained he would have crashed after his (((disastrous))) performance at the debate
The polls are as tilted as far as they can possibly be without Trump being able to pull the curtain on it.

The fact is that our movement has become too powerful to surpress.
All the establishment has left to resist us is the MSM shouting us down from the telescreens.

>left wins culture war in the 1960's
>left suppresses the right using MSM because they can't kill them yet
>social media and the Internet have sated extremists in echo chambers and atomized the middle, making it harder to reach (no '60s style Civil Rights movement now)
>left preparing to use nasty NSA tricks and MSM to destroy rightist echo chambers like 8ch, not realizing that won't work
>alt-right dies forever, nothing born out of the ashes
>great middle now united against tyranny of any kind
>bye-bye government
>networks still centralized, waiting for (((someone))) to take control

I'm stupid, tell me what that means

Reminder that the Clinton Foundation has ties to banks that broke the Cuban Embargo for tomorrows shilling.

Yah, they already have the season planned out. No matter what, they know Trump will win, so they are setting Garrison up to win no matter what because Hillary sucks so badly.

>results are all that matter

So true.

>all online polls show Trump won
>pundits say he lost bigly
>new polls show his lead increasing

Gee, idk who is right...

Guys, we're fighting the world.

Infiltrate the vote-counting jobs. Everyone is in on this propaganda, all the popular websites, all the popular movie stars and all of the mainstream media.

Unless we get a legitimate edge, we're fucked. We need poll watchers, people working the polls and counting the votes and to double, triple and quadruple down.

Get out of your comfort zone, exit the echo chamber where everyone agrees with you. Find something that works and scale it.



How do we get the black vote?


>nah, brah, i said "a leper"
>clean yo damn ears

Hey lads is there any way I can get some small pro-Trump thing sent to someone in America preferably free but at least cheap like a button or a sticker or something?

No, Scott Adams doesn't say Trump purposefully lost the debate. He says that Trump lost the debate but Trump solved one of his greatest problems (being framed as dangerous/scary), whereas Clinton did nothing to address her greatest problem (her health). This is why he says Clinton won the debate, but Trump won the election


Not very rare desu.


Trump needs all the High Energy he can absorb for the next debate.

Also South Park is retarded as usual.

Look how couric crosses her hands when she realizes this issue hurts clinton.

This is over a year ago.

Fuck, that's when my class starts. Hoping we get that day off, but I'm not counting on it.

Latest PPP poll had Evan McMullin 1% more of the black vote than Trump (3%-2%)

Polls don't close until 9PM in NY, so anytime after that

Why do you even care about American politics you fucking disgusting third world piece of shit

Most effective way is to simple deny Clinton the black vote by undermining their support for her by showing them who she truly is.

Seems to be working so far in Florida.


Nevada Trump supporter here
Can confirm overwhelming Trump support in Reno


Isn't Las Vegas Trump City?

Promise them more gibsmedat and that you're gonna decriminalize crime in general

Convince us how bad the Democrats have been for blacks, and for Americans in general.

That's bull shit.

>Trevor Noah's writers have resorted to using statements from terror groups to attack Trump
>Not acknowledging the fact that terrorists grous being scared/not liking Trump is a good thing
>liberals are siding with terrorists to shit on Trump because they despise Trump that much

Twilight Zone

Trump should go to more nog churches. I think that really helped him in the polls.

Does this have any ground to be truth or is it more "right wing conspiracy"

Any predictions for the next debate? I hope his 'underperformance' on monday was purposly. There is still a lot to improve and he absolutely has to improve to win the election.

Damn straight. Haven't visited in some years, though


>tfw no stuffed crust pizza

I agree.

keked and saved

Hang em'

>You know
>*has seizure*
>I call it it
>*shits pants*
>Trumped Up
>*gets dysentery*
>Trickle Down

According to the LA Times, he's polling 18% right now.

Then why the hell is Nevada in any doubt?

Good to hear.
My dad lives in Vegas and is a MSNBC/Huffingsomepaint Hillshill, so I'd love to see it go Trump.

feels bad, man

Don't go. tell your professor that you're voting.


How do you get RCP to show that?

I cringed hard at that moment. It was obvious she thought about it for 2 weeks.

Either we're fucked or the polls are completely inaccurate.

We have to share our tendies

He's fine dont fall for the Trump was bad meme. The MSM were always going to be the 3rd debater and race bait him. Shouldn't be quite as bad with Chris Wallace.


There's something very satisfying about being a wolf in sheep's clothing around normies. That was me for the fag marriage referendum.

The way she stuttered it made me laugh hard.


Why does perezhiltons bullshit comment show up on every single fucking trump instagram post? This is fucking bullshit. Ive even blocked him and nothing stops it from showing up. Why the fuck does he get to soapbox over 5k+ comments?!

Anything interesting happen today?

How are polls looking?

There's some new state polls coming out tomorrow. We'll see if they're rigged or not. :^)

Not sayin I'm an advocate for race war, but there has been an influx in blacks in the past five years. At least in Reno


>Then why the hell is Nevada in any doubt?
Mexicans and Mormons. But it's really not anymore, Trump has won every poll there since September at least.

What did the faggot say?

Just doing my job

>mfw the media calls out Wallace for the kind of shit Holt pulled

>no one will notice these repeating numbers


Everything is up after the debates.

>Trump not ahead 50 points

Any poll that has Clinton winning independents is an outlier poll, remember that.

More digits.

They keep a ticker of the most recent updates under their general election map.

why do we care. all the states with the most black population already are voting predominantly republican.
Their votes doesn't mean shit t b h

It's not just you, we all know it, we all feel it, even this leafbro
Go drink some water, then change the sheets on your bed, user. Do you really need someone to tell you??

Trump was terrible by the standards of a traditional politician. But he was great at being Trump. Guess which one put his opponents away, and which one got him to this point.

Trump should debate Jeb Bush hours before the next debate so he can get into stumping mode.

Damn this election will have pepe complete his story arc and come full circle.....

I am a former Trump supporter but after Trump's debate performance and Hillary's almost perfect responses I am now writing in my vote for Jeb Bush

If you don't do the same you are a newfag and a racist

We can vote on the questions that they will ask in the next debate.
Vote there if you're not retarded.

Jeb is too busy to debate.


The black vote is what keeps Virginia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan under Democratic dominion. He has the chance to undermine them.

That's where you're wrong. Trump is Kek's chosen.

Why is this thread still here? You're supposed to hate Trump.

Never thought about it that way.

Does Trump have a good chance of winning Michigan and Virginia?

hahaha you all should write in jeb ironically

haha I mean Trump already won, lol like it won't even matter

What a fun joke xDD

I'm honored to recieve the blessing of KEK

WTF, I love trump now!

The silent majority stands with Jeb!

Don't forget Illinois
>+6 Clinton

>Toss Up

If this is true then Trump has already won.

Sure, but how many nogs watch Hannity?

What is a CFO of California

That was the most ridiculous article of a year of ridiculous media. I experienced severe psychic pain trying to imagine what it would be like to be stupid enough to take shitposts on Cred Forums at face value.

So this is why they called out the frog, so they could say we hate Trump...WTF I HATE TRUMP NOW


oh fuck I forgot

When will ctr realize,


You have no power here.

what the FUCK
i HATE trump now!!!!!!!!!!1!!!

>No fat chicks
>Implying that's a bad thing


enthusiasm wins elections!

>Go ahead, bring up Bill Clinton's affairs and abuse of women
>See if we care
>Fuck those whores, they vote Republican anyway

Keep banging it

Fun joke indeed

>while europe will be cucked beyond repair
If Trump wins there are good chances of Europe following the example and uncucking itself for the most part

l-link please user
I need to know why we hate him now

I don't think he was bad. It was his first 1v1 debate, the moderater was biased and clinton didn't made a good performance either.

Just watched and I think Trump could have done slightly better OR he did what he did on purpose, so he will hit harder in the last debate, which is the more crucial one.

>Trump's America: no fat chicks

Are they trying to make every man in America vote for him?





>Taliban leaders followed the U.S. presidential debate. The leaders watched Monday's televised debate from a secret location in Afghanistan

>Taliban leaders considered Trump a "non-serious" candidate who said "anything that comes to his tongue," the spokesman said.

Christ, even the Taliban is btfo'ing Trump and they didn't even need a suicide vest.

>We like and support landwhales

Okay then.

TRUMP in IOWA: "Raise your hand if you're NOT a Christian conservative. I want to see that. There's a few of them. Should we keep them?"


wtf i hate trump now

>Good messaging opportunity to the fake "woke" black twitter types to alert them now of the fact that the Dems are about to scapegoat them for losing the election. Because they are
>"First they wouldn't vote for Bernie, then they wouldn't vote for Hillary! Fucking nnniiiiii.... nnnnn.... nnnniiihhhhh-ggggguuuurrrrrrrsssssha ha haha!"

Whoever has the audacity to draw Iowa without at least >34F tits, deserves castration.

Fucking disgusting.

>implying I ever stopped being a #JebHead

I'm sorry, but you can't just insult your way to the White House

>The trolls fooled the MSM so hard they actually think we switched

Good, now they can stop monitoring us so fucking hard.

Hundreds like this. Literally every mother fucking post shows his bullshit antitrump comments

I could totally see him doing an ironically named No Fat Chicks national push against obesity.

damn right

Wrong election, he's running for 2020. Slow and steady.

Jeb, stop shitposting and check your mailbox.

Is it just me, or does everything feel like it's speeding up? 2 months ago this would be considered a full court press, and now it's just a normal Wednesday night?

Come on Cred Forums let's back our man


Good chance of flipping Michigan as long as he hammers home the trade/jobs message.
Virginia is pretty cucked but it's definitely in play.

> Listening to people who fuck goats and little boys

Shinobu didn't do anything wrong

Also DFC is better anyways

The thing is Trump did pay his taxes. He paid exactly what he was legally obligated to pay, and we know this because the IRS audited him every damn year and would have jailed him if he hadn't.

>Finally I can get comfy and sleep easy, it's been a long year.

This might be the dumbest news article I have every seen in my life

That's not Iowa, that's Torpedo Cruiser Ooi with Iowa's outfit and a dye job.


I want the Bigfoot back! The full size one, not just a shitty regular pizza shaped like a rectangle.

They need Hillary to send them more weapons.



good to know, that's reassuring.

he wont ever do that, the media is baited and people will tune in to see another bloodbath

"Jeez user, do you really think we can eat all this? And what did you say about having sumomee for dessert? What's that?"

theyre beating us with with cheese, theyre beating us with extra toppings. it's not gonna happen any more folks

Yeah. I think so too. If he was audited every year and he was comitting fraud then they would have jailed him.

Where's /cfg/ at? This is literally their wet dream.

Shouldn't they have like 50 Clinton Foundation memes ready-to-go?

Who the hell cares?

>on one person
No, it only looks that way, we're all here my friend.

It's a Gravis poll, if that tells you anything.
>This could be the year Republicans win Minnesomalia but not Virginia
What a time to be alive

I was at the Waukesha rally. Wish I would have been at them during the primaries.

But I'm not listening to an Australian...

>he did what he did on purpose

Maybe this. Clinton is in overconfidence mode. She will fuck up big time 2nd debate. Then third debate after getting destroyed, she will be in desperation mode, and going back to her 1st debate one liner witty insults

>CNN: Trump says the Taliban want you to vote for Hillary (They do)

>likely Clinton

It's over. If Clintocks can't even securely hold NJ, Trump wins.

this is cool actually.
>invent body shaming in the last 5 years
>dig up history and scandalize someone for body shaming before you made it wrong to do

Good reason to never engage in politics or ever communicate online non-anonymously

>Everything is up after the debates.
Do you have sources?

Other than LA I haven't seen anything

believe me. big league


I dont care about that i care about Instagram putting that comment FIRST above 5k others

When Trump wins the globalists will flee to the EU and do everything to fortify it as their last stronghold.
Which will be hilarious considering how much they have ruined it with their Open Societies Initiative.

>Anything interesting happen today?

JASTA passed, and we'll find out shortly if the Saudis are going to rage-dump our bonds.

>How are polls looking?

Too soon to tell, though have been getting mixed signals.

>LA Times' numbers went up last night, but their Trump numbers are currently padded by Black support outliers
>PPD's tracking poll showed a second day of growth
>Morning Consult claims a 4 point swing to Clinton immediately following debates
>PPP released a national poll that is up 1 point for Trump from last month, but last poll was taken at a timeframe when Trump was -5 on RCP

Give it a week for things to settle out, and keep an eye on crosstabs for signs of manipulation. If Clinton genuinely didn't get a bounce, the MSM will fight tooth and nail to avoid admitting it.

Good point.... and from a damn leaf no less..... sheeeeeeeit

Every one of the major social media platforms is virulently anti-Trump.

What is that article trying to accomplish anyways? Out of the people who don't know enough about Cred Forums or Pepe to buy into it, only a small fraction will care. And to normies who've been told the alt-right is a boogeyman, it sounds like "KKK turns on Trump for making fun of white supremacists"

Minnesota has only gone Republican 1 time in the last ~90 years. That was in 1972.

If Michigan flips does that mean Wisconsin also has a good chance of turning red?

no, they will go to australia instead

Still not the issue
Why is instagram pushing this shit so hard
I know its a branch of facecuck now but what the fuck

and pineapple folks, not gonna happen anymore.


So it's over-due for a flip, then...

jk Cuckesota eternally cucked

Well Trump just secured the non-Tumblr vote.


And what's your source on this? Anyone can make up a conversation, m8. You need to provide details and prove this is legit.

>implying trump is a mere "person"

They Devalue their Sausage! Our Ovens can'tr compete!

I'm gonna build a restaurant and make the Italians pay for it!


The point is to throw absolutely everything at trump no matter how self-contradictory it is just hoping something sticks

They unironically think Trump's entire voterbase consists of the racist internet fringie alt-right.

You looked at the RI polls lately?

Shit is off the chain this election.

It is the issue. The people running it are virulently anti-Trump, and are trying to poison the well. I forgot that Zuckerkike took it over, he's a tremendous hater of Trump.

It's low-effort propaganda.

No. They'll try to go after Asia.

Korea's already essentially a vassal state, but they realize that could change very quickly. Their biggest mistake was letting the Korean War start when it did. Japan's subjugation was stopped midway and they preserved a national identity.

The globalists see Japan's emergence from the Lost Decade as a chance to subjugate it once and for all, and they're using the 2020 Olympics as a pretext, since it's Japan's "we're back" party.

We can only hope they stand, although I'm fairly certain they will.

Yes, god forbid we address the obesity epidemic!

I didn't mean it like that at all user
It's just when you really sit and think about what's riding on this election it makes me nervous as fuck.

PPD stayed the same

loli haet pizza

that's a fat beagle

Clinton is Finish.

right, literally the only state/province/territory/prefecture reagan didn't win in 1984

goddamn they are stupid and deluded

Not even Reagan could make those Swedish-Americans stop sucking Somali cock

My white friend, you don't understand.

Why is Hillary climbing in the polls again. Reeeeeee



This O'Rly interview with Trump is not even slightly comfy.

I fucking hate the guy.


Really appreciate the effort you put into that reply

Anyways, I'm ready for retarded D+16 samples in the polls following the debate so Hillary gets a boost no matter what


In their (very slight) defense, Mondale was from Minnesota. If he hadn't been they probably would have gone red like they did for Nixon.

>We can only hope they stand, although I'm fairly certain they will.

This is going to be one of the wildest months in political history. I can feel it.

>mfw I realized Gary Johnson did us a favor by making it easy for libertarians to vote Republican one more time.

Guess which presidential candidate owes Wall Street a half Billion dollars ?


And Mondale barely won it.

Are none of yall watching the Trump interview on O'Reilly right now?