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Can we meme this? Non-USA citizens are registering to vote and voting for Hillary and Democrats.









>tfw you have HerbrewCo. operatives on your tail but you logged out in time and jump into your 4-door Mengele GT and ride the wavelength back to the Goy Sector

>mfw 24/7



U guys have clips of chavettz crushing Comey today. Wanted to watch but couldn't

decent shitpost imo..
There's a whole bread on fullch with 'future fash' shit, websms, pics, etc. You should check it out

all I"ve seen


made 4 edited clips
>Since Cheryl mills directed Combetta to alter federal records AFTER they were subpaenaed, are you going to reopen the investigation?
>Comey: "I don't understand the question.
>Hillary lying about her actions is the best evidence that he knew she was doing something wrong
>Comey: "that is very good evidence

>Comey literally says that Combetta the furfag's claim that he altered federal records and used bleachbit WITHOUT orders from Hillary's inner circle is credible


Fuckin nice! Thx homes

Cernovich got this hash tag going

cern didnt do shit (as usual)

Trump started that.

don't trust cern he's a fucking kike



Cern is firmly on my shitlist.

Don't like him

Don't trust him



he spends most of his time whoring for twitter (You)s by spamming relevant but ultimately low-tier info on her health, while also picking fights with nobodies on twitter for the RTs, plus self-promoting... I'd say 15% of what he actually does is useful..Boy what i'd do with his reach man, he's wasting it

The russian connection is a left hoax fuck off. HRC has been connecting everyone to Russia since day 1


kek is pleased with your conclusions.




Iiiiiiiinteresting. Learn something new every day.

Ok boys, I'm out. I'll be back in early as fuck.

Enjoyable read

later g

take her ez mane




Look at this low-energy bullshit. Fucking bot with 0 followers spamming some kike gibberish in all caps. Really Brock? Seems like their running out of funds or something

they're so fucking bad. I've seen a bunch that are about 4 year old accounts, with no activity up until the election... something to do wtih them buying up a bunch of accounts years ago... stinks like judaism

Yeah nobody's buying it. Those kikes cant even bot correctly; i mean spam some memes, put in some hashtags SOMETHING, but no. It's always just strawmanning you or just like "DRUMPF BTFO IMWITHHER LOL"


Sup, Googles!

I'm back!

CTR, when is Hillary scheduled to do another event?


hey there chummmmmmmmmmmp
(old simpsons joke)
What's going on man? Kikes getting schooled by the oversight committee today, got mad hits by posting that shit. What's up with you?

Googles be chimpin out over seizure google getting shot too

Fuck yeah! I knew that shit would play well. Motha fuckas got blasted hard on that Oversight Committee today.

Shit, just got back. Ready to get some work in!

Googles gonna Google.


#HillaryGangstaNames is trending

Normies are dropping that bitch hard on there. I think you fuckers might have Red Pilled the masses with your memes, already!


whenever I scroll through an anti hillary hashtag.... it's like 1/4 posts came from here

Holy shit this is embarrassing. What are you guys going to do once Hillary becomes president?




old school

Yeah, I see a lot of CFG material on anti-Hillary tweets now.

Good shit! That high energy is picking up and spreading!!!


early supper goys, will bump






uploaded so this can be shared on social media that usually shrinks images to be unreadable


Uhhh... Ted? Do... do you hang out here now?

i guess switching to Trump was only one example of Cruz' more general redpilling...
That UN internet takeover shit is fucked tho, I have US VPNs, i should vote or something, not sure how it works


"Chelsea Clinton defended her father, former President Bill Clinton, from sexual assault allegations in a Tuesday interview with Cosmo, but Juanita Broaddrick isn’t buying it.

Broaddrick — who claims that Clinton raped her 35 years ago during his tenure as Arkansas governor — tweeted a five point refuttal of Chelsea’s claims on Wednesday."

#HillaryGangstaNames - 'Rape Enabler Hill Dawg' or 'Watch While Bill Pulls a Cosby'

I'm not that creative, but you guys can come quick wit it!


We do all this work for Trump and he just "blah blah, muh business" the whole debate.

I feel like we are projecting ourselves onto Trump instead of listening to his dumb shit.

Theoretically, what happens if you follow a shitload of pro-Hillary accounts?

Do they immediately turn feral or do you have to trigger them?

"We" aren't doing anything you fucking subhuman lampshade

I dunno, I never played that game, my twitter is transparent. It's very clear what I'm about topkek

#HillaryGangstaNames - Rape Enabler OG. Enabling rapist since the 80's.


>"We" aren't doing anything you fucking subhuman lampshade
fucking kek
hey doc. What happens? You might get a certain percentage that follow back - but wait for the ebin shillstorm unleashed on you when you post something against the Queen of Kikes

your signal's coming in weak Shlomo

>ebin shillstorm
>more mentions
>more base RTs from pro-Trump accounts

This might be fun.

we really need to split into 5 threads that are forbidden from communicating

remember this? Wish i'd saved the more recent ones, they're getting pretty funny

they must be outsourcing to PooInLoo's that can't into english to begin with

Yo, is CTR back in this bitch!?

Perfect, cause I have a question for those faggots.

CTR, when is Hillary's next scheduled event?

She didn't collapse at the last debate, but there are two more to go. How long can she go...

Weekend at Bernie's, raping enabling bitch.

Shit, that Weekend at Bernie's thing is a curse because she fucked over ol' Sanders. Dat's that Bernie curse, bitch!


CTR is a joke

Officially absolutely, positively BTFO by FBI user in pic related

Old Meme Galleries (all URLs work):

Yeah, they haven't been able to tell me when Hillary's next scheduled event is. I guess they didn't get the memo, or Hillary is just resting up for the next debate. You know, "preparing."


CTR's media manipluation skills are indeed a joke. But the kikes at the top aren't tho - that's what really rustles my jimmies. Think about it, all this effort we've put in over the last 3 months - do you think we've made a dent in the jewish goy-grinding machine? in terms of actually redpilling the normies? Hell no. If i could get payed to do that boy, then we'd really be in business. Can you imagine?


Nice one of those galleries had this one, first one I made, and possibly the first image made in the spirit of CFG, I think I made it the night of the first FBI user


^ The man claiming to be using an NSA intrusion package to gather information on Donald Trump supporters.

nah man we've redpilled the masses. Pepe The Frog was literally trending during the day today,

and like FBI user said, if we weren't having impact, we wouldn't be in the news

good job guys keep it up. i think we have more people on our side than we realize

i was talking about redpilling about the JEWS man
> Pepe The Frog was literally trending during the day today,
You have a point tho; they're weaponized, sleeper-cell pepes all over normie-land - fucking (((kimmel))) even had Pepes on a sketch. There are no harmless Pepes - he's like the meme equivalent of weed - a gateway meme. Start small, a few sad frogs here and there, and before you know it your shooping merchant faces onto MegaMan 3 sprites

anyone got a list of fbi user archive.is posts?

CTR ain't shit on /pol. They may be effective on Reddit and other nomie places, but we're bout to break down those walls.

We just talked about how 1/4th of the anti-Hillary shit on Twitter comes from CFG.

We're just getting started. Every day, we become stronger. They ain't ready.


I'm going through all the posts on ClintonFoundationInvestigation.com and seeing if anyone dropped any knowledge in the comments section.

I came across a lot of the original shit from when there were three different breads. Meme Division, Red Team, and General.

We've been almost three months deep into this shit, and no plans of slowing down. We're only going to speed up!




>do you think we've made a dent in the jewish goy-grinding machine? in terms of actually redpilling the normies? Hell no.

You are a fool, we are winning.

it dosent say Cred Forums or anything so how do you know this person is on our side?

top kek!

to red pill a jew... wow...

once you do that... you are KeK himself


>There are no harmless Pepes - he's like the meme equivalent of weed - a gateway meme. Start small, a few sad frogs here and there, and before you know it your shooping merchant faces onto MegaMan 3 sprites


I literally laughed out loud. Good fuckin' shit!


Just found the archives on the pastebin. Gonna start reading through them now, I think I've only read through 2.
1: archive.is/JEXOo
2: archive.is/pgLpf
3: archive.is/0nuFe
4: archive.is/Wt2T0
5: archive.is/Nct7R

>we are winning.
Against Hillary? Sure. The Jew MSM? Probably. But that's only a small part of it now innit? Don't kid yourself famiglia. The kikes are alive and well.
>I literally laughed out loud. Good fuckin' shit!
thx mane. Raising the bar on leaf shitposting, did this one too

kek turns out shills just get pissed and block you.

oh yeah, that happens too kek, I forgot

Very dope! Sets the mood, just right!

I'm about to crash. But, I will be back tomorrow.



needed to take a break, fuckin around made this for a giggle. if anyone who is good at shop wants to make something similar but actually good plz go for it


kek wills your sleep to be rejuvenating

>I'm about to crash. But, I will be back tomorrow
ok bro. Good chance i'll be here.



> .bmp


>410 pages
Sweet Jesus no wonder Clinton is sending CTR cunts at us.

Guys, what happened to FBI user?

>Sending CTR cunts at us
Cred Forums is our meat-shield. CTR shills keeping edgelords busy


bmp bad?

sli.mg/o1xSWE here jpg

anyway it's just a seed of a dream of a meme

World war 3?

wtf im a hilldawg now


Yo, what da fuck!?

Just was going to check the Catalog before heading out, and saw this shit!


CTR WANTS YOUR IP ADDRESSES - boards.Cred Forums.org/pol/thread/90815284/ctr-wants-your-ip-addresses

LEAKED: Top Secret CTR Conversation Reveals Truth STOP CTR SHILLS - boards.Cred Forums.org/pol/thread/90812591/leaked-top-secret-ctr-conversation-reveals-truth

Is this true?


Also, looking bad for Reddit...

REDDIT OWNERS GOING TO JAIL - boards.Cred Forums.org/pol/thread/90800338/reddit-owners-going-to-jail

">in the last week en mass he has been deleted them from reddit post, has that been consistent with preserving evidence. And I say that because there is still an ongoing interest by congress and only IN SPITE OF REDDIT'S OWN, WHAT THEY CALL FLAK TEAM TRYING TO HIDE IT, only because a few people caught it do we only know about it, and is this another comittiee's interest in getting the backups of these deletions.

>I guess my question to you is he destroying evidence relevant to government inquiries and I'll answer it "Yes he is," and what are you doing about it?

>"I can't comment on that,"


>post yfw those faggot moderators didn't realize they were obstructing a federal investigation and are going to be sentenced to decades in jail because they are "do it for free" nobodies"

Watch this fuckin' video! Holy shit!



>bmp bad?

just screams 'MSpaint' is all. Had to call you out on it. Good meme idea

The CTR thing on 4 chan? total LARP shit, no way Brock talks like that, coordinating his beta kikesquad over IRC to strike on burmese soup-making forum.

> We are going to find the thought leaders. the meme-generators. the shit-posters.

actual quote. I'd like to think they were talking about us specifially on that one, but probable fake.

btw, that Cred Forums bread you posted is nothing but cfg memes kek

Yeah, I'm thinking it is a sliding technique.

These faggots bout slide me.

However, that Reddit shit is real. That Congressman was not fuckin' around.

Video - youtube.com/watch?v=zQcfjR4vnTQ&feature=youtu.be&t=06s

Thanks! Take care f-a-m!

Hopefully, I'll see you tomorrow. If not, I know your out there being a Bad Azz Based MoFo

I'm out for real. Take care all, and keep fighting the good fight!


night bro

hahaha it really is all CFG shieeeet

Is there a way to completely turn off tweet tailoring or is this goygle caching shit?

Still a huge discrepancy between what I see when I'm logged in versus just opening twatter in another browser with nothing saved.


>ctrl-f "cfg"
>0 results

Man we really are under the radar


>boards.Cred Forums.org/pol/thread/90815284/ctr-wants-your-ip-addresses

>they still believe that IP addresses are individual people

Sp00py image, but kek.

Saw this video while brushing teeth. This is for the meme machines, you might find it helpful or useful or it might be a waste of time (if the later, then my bad)

How To Use Film Titles Creatively - youtube.com/watch?v=qG_P_1JnfXI


Also, saw this video (top notch) after the above video:
DAMNING - Hillary Video Ad - IT’S AWESOME! - youtube.com/watch?v=hiMJR5jo8_s

And, one last video that I just remember about:
Bill Clinton Was Trump Back In 1995 - Illegal Immigration - youtu.be/auZRVqrCLY8?t=10s

Take care, (you) fuckin' Googles!

I'm out for real this time.


kek you never actually leave

later g

will watch man thx
>kek you never actually leave

Wait, there was a new FBI thread after the mini one on /cfg/ during the DNC?


Missed the debates like a slacker...sum it up with an image. What's new dudes?

Hey man,
debates were good. Hillary got rekt except there the normie polls are concerned. Comey hearing today which was pretty good.


this basically

Basically, a white woman got fucked by a white man who is secretly black supporting the theory that all white women need to be fucked by blax.

Oh I'm sorry did I offend you? Grow some balls.

>fresh bread

i'm surprised no one has made any anti-police memes

i feel this is a weak one. but maybe smart people will understand it.

wrong thread i assume

this is very bizarre the guy at the end of the debate who looked like he was taking notes from Hillary's podium at the end of the debate. He is the first person Clinton meets coming to the debates. here is a Cspan video showing that


oy vey goyim I don't know what fresh bread means, but you better use this retarded fucking attempt at a diversion meme or it means you're stupid.....

fucking CTR so fucking weak

we should split into 5 threads.

You've seen this crazy shit right?


seriously David. Spend some fucking money. Ask your boyfriend for that 850k back

If Hillary suddenly fell in love with black cock, who would be the first person to give her love?


I ASKED, If Hillary suddenly fell in love with black cock, who would be the first person to give her love?



yeah man, pretty sure we memed it. That shitshow gets better and better
this one's for our torah-loving friends

I'm waiting for her to come out as a lesbian to really try and secure the vote.

top kek!

k im out, cya soon

oy vey goyims lets talk about race mixing

diversion meme or i am stupid

wft mate. trying my best. hilldog is anti-police

If Hillary suddenly fell in love with black cock, who would be the first person to give her love?

Later dude

no, "Hillary is anti-police" is a good angle, thx for the meme mane

Sanhedrin 59a: "Murdering Goyim is like killing a wild animal."

Abodah Zara 26b: "Even the best of the Gentiles should be killed."

Hilkkoth Akum X1: "Show no mercy to the Goyim."

Baba Necia 114, 6: "The Jews are human beings, but the nations of the world are not human beings but beasts."

Simeon Haddarsen, fol. 56-D: "When the Messiah comes every Jew will have 2800 slaves."

Nidrasch Talpioth, p. 225-L: "Jehovah created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night."

Aboda Sarah 37a: "A Gentile girl who is three years old can be violated."

Seph. Jp., 92, 1: "God has given the Jews power over the possessions and blood of all nations."

Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 156: "When a Jew has a Gentile in his clutches, another Jew may go to the same Gentile, lend him money and in turn deceive him, so that the Gentile shall be ruined. For the property of a Gentile, according to our law, belongs to no one, and the first Jew that passes has full right to seize it."

Has anyone figured out who that rat was who was seen at the debates, running back and forth between Hillary's podium multiple times post debate, and handing Hillary's notes to the moderator discreetly?

Didn't see him in the Clinton foundation doc I don't think.

some good moments Comey got Btfo from yesterdays hearing breakdown


>Chaffetz, Gowdy, Issa, Jordan, Ratcliffe! Comey Says That Was "O S-H-I-T" Moment! Comey Rattled!

If you had the chance to give Hillary a good F how would you? In her ass, P or her mouth?

No idea, was sketchy a fuck but was certainly a jew kek

If I gave Hillary the D without the P, and then used a C to give her a V, without the G, what would that leave me??

smells like gefilte fish

Twatter feminists would love those one-liners senpai.

Broaddrick is naive enough to think Chelsea cares what her father is, probably because we all used to feel sorry for her.

Chelsea is fucking scum, too, and married Lubavitcher scum, of which she herself surely is one now also.

Shit started really stressing me man. I've pretty much toned out politics completely. It makes me smile every time I see anti Hillary statements though.

Comey is as corrupt and criminal as the rest and may be the best liar of them all.

If you were stuck in a room with Hillary and Mother Theresa, who would you make love to and why?

>I've pretty much toned out politics completely.
Me too.
Nah jk. But damn man, that sucks. Should'nt let it get to you. It's just a planned Globalist kike takeover of the whole entire goysphere, so nothing too serious. Why fret over that?

night bruv

Problem is: Bill isn't Chelsea's father, so it's water off a duck's back to her.


Yeah...fuck. Watching this new hearing. Their arguing when it's okay to lie and that it happens all the time and sometimes they either prosecute or sign them up. Jesus fucking Christ.

have you guys already given up on vid relateD?


>sometimes they either prosecute or sign them up.
Yeah there was a lot of good shit, COmey came across real badly throughout, hard to argue against that


How the fuck is this still a fight? We have to be literally under a takeover and she is the chosen front. It doesn't make any sense...and no news about pic related or the 28 pages either.

Don't quit guys. About 6 weeks to go!
Fuck globalist kikes
Fuck Muslims

Muslims are cool, Islam is the problem.
Well, fuck all religions but especially fuck political ideologies who use religion to control the populace!

What a selection of moderators they got. A black man, a woman, a fag and a Jew.
Surprised they didn't squeeze in a spic and a muslim.

>Well, fuck all religions
Heathen, you know full well Cred Forums is a Christian board.


that's a nice meme, would need a source, small in the bottom left or something to make it pop

eat shit


Blasphemy....praise kek

>A black man, a woman, a fag and a Jew.
Diversity is good, goyim. Don't fight it.
yeah i was just memeing with that one. We all know what kind of board this is.

You just blew you cover (again).


>Double double ought
Now we're headed in the right direction.

They've found us out...abort abort

i love that gif, i have a blank one with no text and i've recycled it recently to gr7 success

I may or may not have made this 2 weeks ago, dont know if you saw it

I haven't been here since the DNC. Apparently there was another hatchetman thread.
Did you guys manage to create links with the soros leaks and the emails and the foundation as instructed in ?

Funny video...who made that gif btw?

You did, if i recall correctly

My nigga

>never mind the emails
still funny

That was a fun night. Post your favorite creation.

yeah i made this one with it recently maybe a week and a half ago, on account of Hillary's 'deplorables' thing, boy we really milked that one

Laughed hard
Nice, you saved the one's before I flipped it.

Do we know if the CTR "screenshot" from Slack is real or fake?

>Laughed hard
that was one of mine, thx. Yeah i thought i had saved more of the textless ones. Don't have the one where Hilly5 is shooting lazers but with no text
seems fake af Tbh. The lingo is way off, and Brock doens't have time for chit-chat like that, he's got jewier things to do

finally somebody made that and it looks nice



Yep, was just thinking, why would brock be involved? And other obvious members of CTR? Too convenient.

>that file name
what are you actually implying with that picture, give me a tl;dr ffs




Sup leaf. Where's CTR at? They lose the url for cfg?

> They lose the url for cfg?
Reminds me of the time i forgot to put a title when i made the bread. Couldn't even ctr-f it.. That's undercover bby

the result of HRC and Obama foreign policy
with Zbigniew Brzezinski in the background ofc






Hahahahahaha! Ain't nobody gonna fuck with us then!

October is coming soon. Mags say he had a plan?


>Mags say he had a plan?
no idea man, probably best to discuss that by email, i'll check em in the morning, gotta crash hard.
Deus Vult

Good call. Later mane. Thx for holding down the fort.



Does anyone know about this Clinton getting campaign donations from FED execs?

You're missing Chuck Todd, Shep Smith, and Megyn Kelly.

That wasn't Alinsky. It was Clower-Piven.

Fed? Federal Reserve?

Mags, if you are lurking, I emailed you

>We are going to find the thought leaders. the meme-generators. the shit-posters.

Yeah Federal reserve. It was a real
Quick blurb on Fox Business. Central Bank execs are contributing to Clinton's campaign and Yellin is pissed at Trump.

Here it is.


Seth Rich bump.


A detailed list of HRC lifetime criminal behavior.

Twitter plan for today. Please spread the word.

TODAY use #ClintonScandals

Since the media will not talk about the Clinton scandals I say THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 29 we show everyone #ClintonScandals 1973-current . RT this note or make new notes, save this note repost it. Let's work together and spread the word. Be ready to discuss all scandals by the Clintons. IT'S TIME TO STAND UP!! We can do this together. Let's fight with TRUMP!

Pick a topic, and tweet about it with hashtag #ClintonScandals today, Thurs 29th. Also retweet other #ClintonScandals tweets. Some inspiration and resources for what to post:

-50 Clinton facts: assets.donaldjtrump.com/ClintonFacts.pdf
-Hillary racism & temperament: sonic.net/~aman/clintons.html
-90's scandals: alamo-girl.com/0262.htm

-MEME/IMAGE ARCHIVE: sli.mg/a/mgLhI4

TODAY use #ClintonScandals

Nice dump! U get this over to the Trump generals?

Hello, how's everybody doing?
this needs to be saved. YUGE

What's funny is, Anonymous has been a honeypot since Sabu.

yup, that's what I think.

>**Find us on irc.anonops.com**


but that dump is nice

Hello mates, how's it going?

g'day mate, everything's alright, how are you?

What I'm saying is, this is an unofficial official investigation dump. Someone in the Feds is tired of her bullshit.

this is fucking glorious


Ugh! Did you do that on purpose?!
The keening on this image!
>World War II I

Sup homies. Got some more poll bullshit going on. They really are losing all credibility.


>Reuters has apparnetly resorted to blatant poll tampering by altering their polling samples to include a disproportionate number of democrats.
>Reuters' polling sample included 44% democrats and only 33% republicans. Which would be fine, of course, if it had any basis in reality. But, as The Pew Research Center points out very clearly (see table below), registered democrats represent about 33% of the electorate while republicans are 29%...a modest 4 point gap versus the 11 point advantage in the Reuters sample

>using Reuters' data, Hillary supposedly has a 6-point lead over Trump. However, if we alter the sample data to reflect what Pew says is the real distribution of democrats versus republicans (i.e. 33% vs. 29%, respectively) and apply the same support levels by party affiliation it results in an 8.5% swing toward Trump who would have a 2.5% lead....very inconvenient.



Sup mane.

If anyone has time would you mind throwing something together on this?

ay, what's up bruh?

Happening in Hoboken

it's part of a gif, that's why it's like that, without the gif it looks weird

holy shit


^could be yuge


oh snap

Is she actually in that image? Can't see her at a glance at least.







Epic dump!


kek wills it


>Citizens United Releases 1,300 Pages Of Cheryl Mills-Heather Samuelson State Dept. Email Correspondence

NJ train crash. Maybe Islam or mos def Islam?

Reminder that this is what we're fighting.



copy pasta from somewhere else:

In July, Speaker Ryan declared "I would sue any president that exceeds his or her powers."

Will he now sue President Obama to stop him from relinquishing control over and ownership of certain Federal property without the required Congressional approval, thereby exceeding his executive authority?

What Federal property? The domain name services and root Internet zone file.

Presently the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) has the contract to manage this Federal property for the benefit of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, (NTIA) an agency of the Department of Commerce.

Under the President’s proposal, the NTIA will relinquish control and ownership of this Federal property to the IANA effective October 1, which will transition to being controlled by the global community and with a much broader mandate, so opening the door to content controls.

However, the President can not proceed with his proposal in light of Article IV, Section 3, Clause 2 of the Constitution without a formal vote in Congress approving the transfer.

As such, will Speaker Ryan honor his word and, in consultation with Senator Ted Cruz, along with all of the other representatives and Senators who voted against the amended continuing spending resolution passed by Congress on September 28, immediately take the President to court to prevent him from relinquishing control over and ownership of this Federal Property without formal Congressional approval as required under the Constitution?
What can you do? In the circumstances, you are urged to immediately:

- Write and call your representative demanding action to stop the transfer and the office of Speaker Ryan, asking him to honor his word and immediately bring the necessary court action to stop the President’s unconstitutional plan to give up control and ownership of the referenced Federal property being the domain name services and root Internet zone file without formal Congressional approval.

- Write and call your Senators demanding action to stop the transfer, along with the office of Senator Cruz, and request that he, along with like minded Representatives and Senators, urge that the Speaker proceed forthwith with the requested court action.

Yes, we are in the middle of a Presidential election. However, this is a matter of utmost importance and time is of the essence. Thank you for your attention to these matters.



Fresh bread.

I have to go get ready for work. Didn't have time to crop. Can someone help maximize for Twitter resolution?


Why isn't there a Trump Foundation general?

because your mother swallows so much kike sperm

trump will lose. he's non-threat

fuck off kikes


>Someone in the Feds is tired of her bullshit.
This. Keep an eye out for more.

bump and I'm out. See ya tonight

Pic related: guests to the June 12, 2012 CF dinner


oooo nice find

Daily Reminder that David Brock is literally a kike who takes it up the ass

Nice OC!

second try, stupid typos.
Tried something...

Laters. Nice work today!

Good shit!

dude stinks eh?

king nigger stars race war
queen bitch starts world war
sounds about right


send all the white men and women to fight in WW3 while king nigger starts race war at home.

Not full of evidence, but an interesting read regardless.




Remember to find out how they'll respond to an event which hasn't happened yet.





#ClintonScandals trending

what are your trends set to?

I'm not seeing it under United States






Cruz again?

Ted.... are you here?

The House has postponed the vote on whether to hold Bryan Pagliano in contempt of Congress until after the election.

3 years later and we're still waiting

This is maybe the funniest day ever I'm getting a 6 pack today, right nåw in fact. Fucking closing sales here at 8 o'clock

Fucking yelling at a god damn fucking cartoon frog!!! HOW STUPID ARE YOU OVER THERE!

If this was here everyone would just laugh
>KEK. user WTF are you talking about nazi frogs???
nazi frogs!?!

two mates lit squirmed on the floor here when I told them and showed it to them. like is this real

Good day.
How is it going?

Can anyone link me the 6th FBIanon Q&A's archive?

I could have not said it better.

Thank you - I am nowhere near Template's masterworks though.

add another one to the clinton body count

Great job.

post your dick

let they hate fill your soul, it will come. Practise, practise the hate.

hahhaa no don't

it's scary in here

we reeeeeeally should sticky those fbi user archives/put them in the copy pasta

oooo nice this was recent too. I recall reading it. Love it

Sup mags. Emailed you.

FBI Threads:

1: archive.is/JEXOo

2: archive.is/pgLpf

3: archive.is/0nuFe

4: archive.is/Wt2T0

5: archive.is/Nct7R

6. archive.fo/E9YD8