Have you guys ever been outside of your basement?

Have you guys ever been outside of your basement?
Cause nobody, seriously supports Trump.

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Wrong Penis wrinkle every American supports him.


God fuck off leafs

man ctr is losing steam
stop replying retards they get paid to slide threads

Most people here think trump is racist and if you ask them why, they just say cause he is. Most voters at uniformed and make decisions on who they either see appeal to them personally or whatever someone they look up to thinks.

>fucking leaf maymay

I am stating a fact.
Nobody supports Trump.
I want him to be the President but it's simply delusional to believe he will. Literally every American I've spoken to has nothing but negative views towards Trump and I go back and fourth US and Canada a lot.

in b4 i am PHD in quantum physics and make 500k a year but i am a nazi like my coworkers and girlfriends.

i support trump

You are using a proxy right?





Worst is when you ask why Hildog is so great they can't come up with anything other than she's a first lady, senator, or sec of state.

>nobody in Canada likes trump.
No doy, shitlips ... here in America, old people love Donald Trump, and old people are the hugest voting block who actually go out and vote

>Have you guys ever been outside of your basement?
Yes, I left to attend one of his rallies

Of course no one likes Emperor Trump in dudeweedlmao, it's a thought crime there.


if nobody supports trump, you have nothing to worry about

Stop projecting about yourself.

I live in Baltimore City... which is liberal as fuck... and I can't find one hillary supporter.

But I can find Trump supporters.

Shills BTFO

>no true Canadian fallacy

Dubs will decide the design i put on my shirt to wear to school next week. Have fun pol

The day I realized we would be getting ten new blue states is the last day I wanted to annex Canada

I don't think she's so great, but I think she actually has a fucking clue about the job of president. Trump's too hot-headed, faux-alpha, and self-reliant (and not in a good way) to do the job. He's barely surviving a campaign without losing his shit, and he only has Conway to thank for that. Being president is the most difficult, stressful job in the world, it's harder than even the campaign, and it lasts 4 times longer. He'd be a fucking dumpster fire as president. Hillary's flawed and I wish I had a viable alternative, but Trump has no idea what he's doing, and he is evidently not good at learning on the job, either.



went out door-knocking today. went to like 20 houses. 18 went trump 2 shillary.

stay mad fgt

Oh, YOU'RE the 400 lb. guy Trump was talking about!

>He's barely surviving a campaign
Um. Besides being in a statistical tie for the lead and beating out sixteen primary contenders?

>See on the news we got 330k immigrants this year.

Check r/canada



Wow, nice evidence. So the sort of people who would waste their time talking to A FUCKING LEAF won't admit to voting for Trump.

The reality is that he's dominating, and the Left is running scared. They're getting BTFO left and right and the only defense they have left is sample sizes. Even that isn't helping them.

BIX Nood what kind of laptop is that? I think I have the same one.

Some Asus gaming labtop.

Not actually a tie. No reputable, actually scientific source will tell you it's tied. It's closer than I'd like it to be, but it's not a tie.

The 16 primary candidate win is a real thing, and a mark in his favor, but the general is a different animal. The primary played to his strengths: getting exposure by being the loudest one in the room. It's not working the same way when he has only one opponent, and that opponent is a pro politician who is, by all accounts, much better at this game than he is. His lack of experience, constant gaffing, and relative lack of concrete policy ideas are holding him back.

You're really gonna do it aren't you. I mean, I always knew it was possible but I never thought it was actually going to happen. You're going to fucking end your own life when Trump wins, aren't you? Amazing. What a time to be alive, for me I mean, you'll have killed yourself.

I literally heard a 20 something year old girl say today, "fuck it, ill vote for Trump"


You have no proof that anything you just said is true. And don't try to link me to some bullshit Drudge/Breitbart nonsense. Even you know those aren't reputable news organizations.

>is not aware of what a statistical tie is

I don't care at this point.

The next president is going to be a staple for what needs to get done either way.

I already mailed my ballot in for Trump (I'm on Holiday) but I really regret it after that debate performance... he's just another Cuckservative like the rest. Sigh.

isn't Canada essentially a large basement?

where people orally fuck their dogs?

>see leaf
>2 posts by this id
Thank you for Correcting the Record.
And of all the people it could be...

It's not a statistical tie. I don't know how else to explain this to you. The polls show her ahead. What measure are you using?

Gotta love how giddy Clinton was during the debate. Trump is the master of PR stunts, but he has 0 substance. Clinton is the opposite of that. She has issues with PR. She tries to hard to be likeable, and it makes her look fake. But she's almost over-qualified to be president. You could tell she was in her element during the debate. She finally got the chance to use her strong-suits and it showed big time. She was calm, focussed and on point. And she just couldn't stop grinning, because she realised Trump made the mistake of trying to go head to head with her on substance.

Wtf I hate Trump now

You mean, the 300+ Trump signs (and few dozen Hillary signs) I've seen in my city are totally my imagination? Cool, bro.

Actually, now that I think of it.

Why the hell is the president so glamourized anyway. The job is the most boring and least rewarding jobs on the planet.

Who the fuck would want to be president anyway is beyond me. To prove a point?
To make a statement.

and in what ways does the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES represent or serve the people of the united states anyway?

I'd say for sake of national security, we get the world off our dicks and stop globally broadcasting our elections.


everyone who doesn't vote ironically supports him on the internet so he must be popular

>Hillary's flawed and I wish I had a viable alternative

Derp Hillary is flawed, but she means well. Hah hah some of you cucks seriously think this.

What does that even mean? Being an Alpha means being a leader which he definitely is as exhibited by his entire lifetime of success.

>Being president is the most difficult, stressful job in the world,

Nigger, Presidents don't do shit. They're basically just a management position, or CEOs of a country. It's the cabinet and the people under them who do most of the dirty work.

That's why the globalists are trying so hard to get a dying walking corpse like Hillary into office because she's not going to need to do anything aside for a few public appearances.

It will be her pay for play clientele & her handlers who will do most of the work as they pretend to lead the country when all she's going to do is whore out the USA to foreign interests, not unlike Obama.

>Trump has no idea what he's doing, and he is evidently not good at learning on the job, either.

I'd argue that he knows exactly what he's doing. He's trying to prevent our economic bubble from bursting by trying to bring value & esteem back to our dollar. I wouldn't be shocked if he even tried to bring back the gold standard although that would definitely get him assassinated.

He's the only one with clear-cut answers on how to rejuvenate our economy but hurr durr he has no policies. No you mothefuckers have no idea what you're talking about. I'm sick & tired people repeating bullshit over & over and acting as if it's truth.

I know you're just a shill but I want to vent because you sound exactly like everyone I know in real life. They're all just as complacent & fucktarded as you are.

I don't understand what criteria you cucks use for presidential viability. It's as if you morons treat it as if it were a beauty pageant when I don't give a shit about the surface veneer. I just want at least one fool who can get results. That's all.

>no substance

Is this a joke?

>shills not even trying anymore

Shhh. No more tears.

Then why do my neighbors have trump signs in their yard.


>it's not a statistical tie
>the polls show her ahead

>is STILL not aware of what a statistical tie is

Stay mad Trumpcucks

>Michigan, Maine, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Vermont are tossups
>Trump supporters are supposedly mad


Hillary only showed substance on her foreign geopolitical knowledge. When ever it came to shit that actually matters to the average American such as job creation or national security she simply ignored it like it doesn't matter or laughed & yelled "fact checkers" as if Trump was doing nothing but lying.

The debate to me looked like a hot headed rambling moron who was speaking the honest truth and a sly Lawyer type who's so skilled at lying with such detail that she could make you believe anything.

I definitely favored Hillary in terms of her debate skills, but being a president has nothing to do with your debating prowess. Negotiation yes, but that's an area that Trump has far more expertise in.

You're just a figurehead, a representation of ideas and I am completely opposed to Hillary's garbage ideas especially when she proposes that women should be paid the same amount as a man regardless of the quality of a womans' work.

Can the USA please evolve past identity politics? Identity politics is nothing but narcissism and the USA public eat it up because all they care about are themselves but they then project that on to Trump who's laying them out the ground work for self-improvement.

Wow, I'm stunned by the amount of faggotry this post generates. I guess I'm a hillshill now

This. So much, this. He was so clearly outmatched on the debate stage, and you could tell it was getting under his skin how much better she is at this shit than he is. The longer it went on, the more unfocused he got. Frustration's a bitch.

Trump has already won. He is basically Ronald Reagan V2.

See, the vast majority of people don't vote for political reasons, they vote for who they like. People like Trump because they recognize him from The Apprentice and various cameos such as Home Alone 2.

Look at Governor Schwarzenegger, people didn't vote him into office because of his policies. They voted for him because they like him. To them he's the Terminator.

Trump is known nationally as the billionaire businessman star from the hit TV show The Apprentice. People admire him and his American values. They look up to him as a recognized leader and businessman.

On the other hand, Hillary doesn't have anything going for her. And she has terrible track record. She has been a politician for 30 years and what has she accomplished?

People voting for Hillary can expect Obama all over again. Doubling the national debt in a mere 7 years. Spending trillions in the middle east. Meanwhile our own country's infrastructure is crumbling.

Like Trump said, Obama doubled the national debt in 7 years. It would be one thing if all of our roads, airports, bridges, and inner cities were in tip top shape. But they're not. They are crumbling. It's pathetic.

This is a big reason why many are voting Trump. People are sick of the crap the government is getting away with. With Hillary it will be more of the same, and worse.

I see multiple people with trump stickers in my parking lot, and I work at a research hospital

literally everyone in my city has a trump sign in their yard
are you really stupid as fuck or just trying to pose as opposition for the yous?
you know he's pulling 50% of the vote give or take right now, right?

Haven't seen any Trump signs in my neighborhood (ignore the flag I'm on Holiday). I think it might be selection bias guys. Don't get your hopes up.

Won't work faggot.

USA is full of Trump roadsigns. Not that you would know, milkbags.

>insults are advocating violence
kys (to Canada)

>Nobody I know voted for Nixon


>she means well
Mostly. I said she's flawed, not perfect. I'm sure some kickbacks will get kicked back while some shit gets done. Not as much shit as I'd like to see, but hey, I already said she's not who I'd pick. She's just the only alternative to someone I see as dangerously inept.

>being a leader which he definitely is as exhibited by his entire lifetime of success
He folds like a chair when he isn't holding all the cards. See: the debate.

>Presidents don't do shit. They're basically just a management position, or CEOs of a country
That's why every single one has grey hair by the time they leave office. It's fucking stressful being The Most Powerful Person In The World.

>He's the only one with clear-cut answers on how to rejuvenate our economy
He speaks in a lot of vague terms without concrete ideas. "We'll get jobs back in the U.S. and make China behave." That's a great idea, but it's a *concept* not a *plan*

>I'm sick & tired people repeating bullshit over & over and acting as if it's truth.
You said it yourself. You sound just like every other edgelord Trump supporter. Grow up.

Or maybe it's because you're in FUCKING CANADA you god damn moron.

Oh for fuck's sake. You're even trying to spin actual numbers in your favor. "Within the margin of error" isn't a tie. It's "within the margin of error." When you're putting that kind of rose-colored "analysis" on your stats and the best you can do is a tie, you know you're fucked.

Wait shit you addressed that. I got caught up in my rage

I don't believe you though. Going on holiday to canada in late september, who the fuck does that?

Oh hey. I too posses "some ASUS gaming laptop".

I've honestly never been outside my basement. What do

My city is a liberal shithole infested with blacks and Muslims yet I still see Trump signs everywhere

I work at a research hospital too, and it's the opposite. WAIT. Maybe we're at the same one and they just filter us all into different parking decks so we never know what's really going on. Lizard people are behind this. Clearly.

I haven't seen any either. But you're outed as not actually being American because you called it "holiday." Sorry.

Nice deletion.

This map reflects all current averages on RCP except Florida, where Clinton has a 0.5 lead. Remind me what chooses the president between the electoral college and the popular vote?

So by current polling Trump only has to "flip" Florida (which was red literally three days ago). For insurance, he's within 2 in Pennsylvania and tied in the latest poll in Minnesota, and also trending well in several others.

I'm in a red state and I can count the number of Trump signs I've seen on one hand. Only one that I can remember was actually in a populated area. The rest were waaaaaaay out in the boonies in farm country. I think there is an element of embarrassment (maybe not the right word, but you get it) about being pro-Trump the same way racists know better than to bring up certain things unless they really know someone, and that's why I haven't seen as many signs for the Republican presidential candidate this time around. I do see more down-ticket signs, but I don't know if that's a sort of "coded" pro-Trump affirmation or not. We know there is a certain subset of Republicans who aren't voting for him, but it's hard to tell who they are just from signage.

you live in canada...

>We know there is a certain subset of Republicans who aren't voting for him

Who say they aren't. But they will, just like the dems will vote for clinton, just like very year. Especially now that El Rato bent the knee

>citation needed
I'm really not trying to be a dick here, but that map has no context, no source, and no date on it. I don't know anything about it other than what the poster said about "adjusting for over-sampling," but I don't know if that's true or what methodology was used. I'm not saying it isn't accurate, I'm saying there's no way to know if it is or not.

538 has her at a 57.9% chance of winning, and they have very clear, transparent methodology.

You just said you lived in maine

you retarded fucking shill.

Whatever, my wife and I both support him. Perhaps you're projecting you cuck.

You may be right, and the subset of anti-Trump Republicans might be really small. And that group might be overestimated because of a few high-profile people who have said it. All I'm saying as that we don't, and can't know until the election's over.

I just said it's the RCP averages except for Florida.

538 is the same thing with Nate Bronze's (((corrections))).

57.9% are his odds according to 538, which is a different kind of stat altogether. I wouldn't say he was leading in Vegas. But that doesn't elect the president either.

>I'm not from Canada I'm just visiting. I live in Maine and there are no signs at all for Trump haven't met a single supporter everyone on Facebook is pro Hillary
>Yeah, I can back you up. I'm from a heavy red state and haven't seen any Trump signs. I think his lead is over represented in the polls. I'm really worried guys.


Nice find

>Cause nobody, seriously supports Trump.

Says the fucking leaf in canada, of course no one supports him there because they only hear the negative shit from the liberal media they got there. Everyone here supports Trump, I can't go a day without seeing a Trump sign somewhere, never see hillary signs though, unless they're "Hillary for Prison" signs.

Is that why he draws tens of thousands to his rallies and hillary can only draw CNN?

>Not even in America
>t-trust me guise, I know!

Texan here. You're full of shit.

I know what you "said." Your word about how to interpret that map doesn't mean anything. You're some random dude on Cred Forums. To be credible, a chart like that at least needs a source so I know it wasn't just made up (once again, not saying it was, but your history teacher wouldn't let that into a paper without a citation).

And yes, 538 is Nate Silver's outfit, but the 57.9% takes into account electoral votes. If it didn't, it wouldn't be a good measure. 538 is actually more bullish on Trump that most other poll-aggregating organizations because it takes a more conservative approach to analyzing the data to avoid sudden wild swings one way or the other.

Trump Tower saved my cancer ridden mother's life!
H.D. DD214 holder here....

>Cause nobody, seriously supports Trump.

Visited my doctor this afternoon, he asked if I watched the debates.
>We agreed the moderator was a shill.

If it makes you feel better so you can sleep at night, keep telling yourself that nobody supports Trump.
>None of the liberal faggots and SJWs in your hugbox circle jerk.

MAGA motherfucker.

for posterity, when people tell you the shills are not among us

1 anti-establishment candidate with good name recognition will win against 16 establishment candidates every time. All the people who wanted the establishment would have their votes split between those 16 candidates, which made it impossible for them to win against trump. Bernie, for example, would've won easily if he was in the same environment without Hillary running.

Plus, the media wanted trump to win because he would be the easiest candidate to beat in the election.

>forced to debate the moderator and your opponent without straight up calling her a cunt
>says this near the end
+.02 to (((You)))

>we have freedom of speech
>except when we don't

either you can say whatever you want, or you don't have freedom of speech; you have Freedom of Speech*

The source, as a I said, was realclearpolitics.com. I'll even link you to it.


Click a state to see current polling averages. That map reflects this except for Florida.

57.9% is what he thinks are Clinton's odds right now. It means literally nothing. He had Trump at 55% a few days ago.

>checks flag
what happened to you Canada? We're supposed to be friends, brothers even.

everybody i know supports trump, except the illegals, and the women (although they share some favorable opinions, but the woman card is strong)

You know it's a shill because if it were a shitposter he wouldn't have deleted it.

I went to visit relatives in Montreal a couple days ago, all my family there supports him.

>Doesn't live in America
"Lol no ones voting trump go outside"

My poo in the loo friends say they support Trump
>Le Sikh bro meme is real

What you call "debating the moderator," I call being a baby about being asked a legitimate question. Nobody made Trump interrupt the guy over and over. Nobody made Trump go off on wild tangents and take more time than he was allotted. If he'd just stuck to the point he would have done a lot better.

And if what you call "debating the moderator" is so much of a distraction for him that he can't keep his shit together for a couple of hours, I can't imagine what he'd do in a genuine crisis that would certainly last longer than a debate.

does he use a teleprompter too? because he does SO MUCH BETTER at rallies. He does, or he really got nervous and coked up (with bad outcome), is still trying to lose, (((they))) have something on him, or he was doing 25D chess and threw it to come back with a vengeance.

I guess all those people that he won the primaries with were just figments of my imaginaton :^^^)

kys leaf

Actually there's fucking tons of people just canada that support trump.

I've even been to his rallies in Washington and met a ton of other canadians there.

One day we will redeem ourselves and no longer be the pariah of this board.

Thank you for correcting the record. 5 shillings have been deposited into your account.
Sincerely, Hillary Rodham Clinton

Most of America doesn't go outside anymore because it's a literal shithole filled with garbage, minorities, and crime.

We're voting to hopefully fix that.

Then you don't know the first thing about actual debate. Moderators are NOT fact checkers, it is not their role, regardless of your feelings. The opponent is supposed to be the "fact checker". That's how debate works ffs

>have you been outside? nobody supports trump

cool story canada

there is literally nothing wrong with being canadian

He asked them both 6 questions, he asked Clinton exclusively 2 questions, and asked Trump, exclusively, 15 questions.

He also decided to fact-check Trump on multiple occasions, which is not part of the moderator's job, and many of the questions were aimed at Trump's character, such as
>birther questions
>tax returns
>his alleged support for the war on Iraq
>specifically asking why Trump said Clinton didn't look presidential, in reference to her being the first female nominee
>question about the DNC hacking aimed at Trump, talking about his joke about how 'Russia should hack the DNC'

>he had Trump at 55% a few days ago
No he didn't. Especially "a few days ago." I check their forecaster daily.

Thanks for the link, though. RCP currently shows Clinton with a lead in likely electoral votes, and most of those states they haven't called because they're close favor Clinton, albeit by a small margin. It does not show a tie or that Trump is winning. It does, however, show that if the election were held this minute, Hillary would probably win.

You've obviously never met any Canadians.

oh so when online polls are in favor of Clinton, they matter, but otherwise, they're rigged and don't matter at all?

Canadian Faggot you know nothing about this country or it's people. I see Trump signs and stickers every day but have NEVER seen any Hillary ones.


It does say something when his supporters have to lean on things like "she cheated" or that he's got some genius plan with all these layers that's too complex even for anyone to comprehend. He's not a Bond villain.

canadians are pompous faggots who talk shit about the us while not realizing they elected a prime minister who's resume is primarily being a drama teacher and having connections. fucking retards.


You're so full of shit OP.

trump made a pact with hillary early on. he baits out the weakest and slowest in our society as his supporters. once she's president she exterminates them.

He was asked questions about things that he has said or done that were central to his campaign (ie. the birther thing). the moderator asked Hillary about the email thing, and she answered the way Trump SHOULD have answered the birther question: "I made a mistake, it was regrettable, now let's move on." If he did that, he could have talked about more substantive issues because he would have put it to bed. He overcompensated on damage control.

When did I say I wouldn't believe them if they said Trump was winning? The only one accusing polls of being rigged is Trump.

TᕼIᔕ ᗰᕮᔕᔕᗩGᕮ Iᔕ ᑭᖇOTᕮᑕTᕮᗪ ᗷY ᗩ ᔕᑭᕮᑕIᗩᒪ ᖴOᑎT. IT'ᔕ IᗰᑭOᔕᔕIᗷᒪᕮ TO ᑕOᑭY IT. TᖇY ᗩᑎᗪ YOᑌ ᗯIᒪᒪ ᖴᗩIᒪ.

Never have I ever mat a Hillary supporter here. Everyone liked Bernie, no one likes hillary

TᕼIᔕ ᗰᕮᔕᔕᗩGᕮ Iᔕ ᑭᖇOTᕮᑕTᕮᗪ ᗷY ᗩ ᔕᑭᕮᑕIᗩᒪ ᖴOᑎT. IT'ᔕ IᗰᑭOᔕᔕIᗷᒪᕮ TO ᑕOᑭY IT. TᖇY ᗩᑎᗪ YOᑌ ᗯIᒪᒪ ᖴᗩIᒪ.


Actually, after looking, the char you linked to could have just been made in the "create your own map" section. There's nothing to identify it was the actual representation and distribution of electoral votes.

They fuck up every single thread, I just don't get it.

>Cause nobody, seriously supports Trump.

Cause nobody, uses commas this way.

I live in california. I have seen 5x more Trump signs and bumper stickers than Clinton. In fact, my neighbor has a trump sign in his yard and another down the street has a giant sign plastered over his garage door.

Everyone i meet is extremely distrusting of Clinton and no one cares about her policy and no one is excited for her.

Hmm well just today I got three compliments on my Trump shirt from different strangers. I tend to get compliments every time I wear this stuff.

Literally the only bad response was from some fat lesbian with a purple mohawk and a septum piercing working at Spirit Halloween.

I'm at the hospital and everyone's voting Trump. I thought only uneducated voted Trump?

>I work in the bluest county in the state of Florida. >We have around 400 employees and are mostly Haitian and Latino immigrants, with a dash of Vietnamese and Chinese.
>We also have the Typical white overlord front office to keep the place under control
>Hatians are about 50% trump but they all hate the Clintons and just won't vote for her, even if they hate Trump. The latinos and Asians are around 60% Trump with the front office being probably 60% Shill. Our office is mostly female with a healthy inclusive lesbian presence

>Of the 400 voters a solid 150 are voting for Trump, no question.
>If Clinton can get 75 votes it will be fucking amazing, The rest of course will stay home

Unless the gun starts smoking then Trump's going to be our next Regan


>I check their forecaster daily.
Why? Every pundit has been wrong, Silver included. He gave Trump a 2% chance to win last June. It's no surprise they're still wrong.

If you add up his own map, Hillary wins 272 to 266.

>Hillary would probably win
If you take all state polling averages, then yes, she would win. And if Trump gains .3% in Florida in the next month, he wins. This is why the term statistical tie exists.

forgot pic

>He gave Trump a 2% chance to win last June
and that was the primaries btw, not the general

If that's the case then why did he become the Republican nominee?

Cunts need to fuck off just as hard as leaves do.

If you're supporting trump you're either doing it ironically or you're genuinely ignorant of most of whats going on in america and what issues are important. This is a man who genuinely beleived our current president wasn't born here and somehow forged his way into the whitehouse, then when admitting he was wrong after 5 years claimed "Hillary did it first" (Bold face fuckin lie btw), and said he "Finished it" as if he was proving everyone else wrong.

And not being a complete fucking dipshit with no filter and more money than god. Nobody seriously wants this man anywhere near foreign or domestic legislation, let alone nuclear launch codes.

Don't care, voting for him anyway. The world hates Trump, and the world hates me. Enemy of my enemy, and all that.

>y-you have to do what everyone else does or you're not right
no ragrets



I think they might be putting water in the estrogen in Canada.

The level of cuck posting is out of hand.

It makes me extremely happy knowing you're the opposition because we can rest assured.

Have you ever been outside your basement? Cause nobody supports Clinton.

Final vote: Obama 50, Romney 49

No one supports Trump

But no one supports Hillary, because everyone knows she's a lying, crocked politician who hasn't actually done anything good for 8 years. Everyone is tired of war and federal deficits.

People want change. Hillary supporters are probably not going to show up to the polls. If anything, the polls should start publishing Trump having a HUGE lead to convince Hillary voters to go out and vote.

Fat women don't vote
Blacks don't vote. And the ones that do, support Trump
Illegal Immigrants can't vote.

definitely hit the nail on the head with that one

I honestly don't wanna respond but I'm gonna say this anyway. I live in Arizona and I'm seeing lots of Trump/Pence signs everywhere.

just in the past few days i have seen bumper stickers for Trump everywhere. shipping from china must have been delayed

It's actually the opposite. There are a bunch of people who support Trump, but keep it quiet and pretend to be a Shill so retarded college feminists stay quiet.

Trump himself is a shill. he's giving her the election on purpose. he doesn't give a fuck about being president he just wants to make money. hillary will secretly be in his pocket. he's laughing at all of you.