Based Asian american back at it

Based Asian patriot makes a song called "because im black." its a parody of "because i got high." definitely worth your 1 and a half minutes

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Not this faggot...

Asians who aren't Democrats are doormats for white people.

This is what mental illness looks like. I have a feeling we'll see him in a mass shooting soon.

This man does not represent Texans, let it be known. FUCK ME.

This guy loves America. Better to have an immigrant who would give his life to defend the culture and history of his new country than someone who would not.

>Selling out the other minorities

I like this guy. He is a real patriot. Should I like texans because of your statement? btw before you ask me what utopia i live in, its spicafornia, where every college has affirmative action and everyone wears the colors of mexico

No bad, mad me kek.

Love this guy. He's hilarious.

I thought he had downs syndrome when I first saw him

>This man does not represent Texans
because Texas is now entirely composed of beaners

asian men are so cucked

this man is an alpha

not posting his magnum opus

Wtf I love Asia now. Those minorities are so based. Isn't based nigger vernacular? Haha let's call them googles instead. I love based. Bro tier sihks too! Post ur contact info, Facebook, snapchats, MySpace so we can meet up and touch dicks. I love Asians now

i'm half-retarded guise
mah bad

WTF I love chink now.

Thats the good thing of being a "minority".
You can freely offend other races, and if liberals say anything you just call them racists even if you are white, just because you were born in Meixco.
Only advantage of being mexican I can think off.

Can't respect this lapdog.

El Rato represents Texas as you voted him over Trump

an asian man who knows what it's like to think like a normal white person. rare.

Only communists will attack him.

i know its you but ill watch it anyways


It's funny when you realize he isn't even trying to rhyme but just talk shit about black people. Lol