Another October Surprise for Hillary? Did Hillary call the Obama family niggers? What could it be?

Another October Surprise for Hillary? Did Hillary call the Obama family niggers? What could it be?


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Poor dude, he is about to commit suicide by shooting the back of his head 12 times.

>inb4 4 shots to the back of the head and throat slit also cased filed as suicide

If she actually says nigger then I'm voting for her.

RIP James O'Keefe
he died by falling down a staircase

That's why you put it on a dead man's switch. Only reason Snowden is still alive.

Good because most SJWs won't and Trump will win.

Heil Hitllery

If there's video of her saying nigger Trump gets 538 electoral votes

Democratics are attempting to prosecute Trump in connection with rigging the election/business deals. Wiki leaks has Clinton connections to Saudi Arabia, election rigging, and more. This guy coming forward with tapes showing Clinton is racist. October is going to be a shit show!

Hitlary is the white supremacist we need, but not the one we want right now

Looks like he better watch out for barbells

The Pumpkin Spice will be bitter on the tongues of our enemies.

This. If she said nigger on tape in a non-ironic way I'll vote for her and donate to the Clinton foundation. We haven't had a race realist in the White House since LBJ.

God does not care about racial makeup. he cares about TRUMP!

And sweet on the tongues of those of us who like Pumpkin spice.

This O'Keefe guy better not be fucking around with this; if he has dirt, I want to see it. Also,

He's the one that cracked ACORN wide open.

Probably legit.

This election cycle just keeps getting better and better!

this thread gave me a boner

big if true

could hurt her worse than the wikileaks as they will just be spun by the MSM as russian hackers

She pretty much outright shat on Cred Forums and most things Cred Forums stands for though

I'm being told from other people that he put out dog shit before. So lets hope that he has actual dirt and isn't fucking trolling us.

He was a good man. Fought for the cause!

May he rest in peace.

Too bad this guy is a try-hard fuckhead.

Cred Forums doesn't stand for racism. there's no such thing as racial realism, even hitler liked black people. fuck you, and fuck hillary and fuck the KKK

>"I have videos that are going to destroy Obama!"
>heart attack

this man will be killed


>use chemical warfare in Detroit to clear it out
>force all muslim refugees to settle there under strict surveillance, giving us cheap lamb over rice and hookahs

Maybe she has good intentions

Inb4 he commits suicide

then he fell out a window and got shot by a stray bullet in the back of the head

She's an old lady from Arkansas. Only dumb googles don't know she hates googles.

>all the stormcucks switch to Hillary while the good blacks switch to Trump
>Trump wins in a 70 point landslide and stormfags purged from the Trumplican Party.
This is an enticing timeline

He's just making things up. He pretends to have something, in the hopes that false rumors will spread that something exists.

Unfortunately he's going to die from a sudden metallic brain tumor.

James O'Keefe is a well known attention whoring troll (or rather, not at all well know which is why he keeps desperately trying to bait people into giving him any kind of attention).

The only way I'll believe he has anything on Hillary is if he suicides by shooting himself twice in the back of the head.

Take a minute and just try to imagine CNN trying to run damage control for this. Seeing how the media handles this excites me almost as much as a trump victory.

Remember Nixon? Nixon hated niggers and faggots and was based, but still gave us the civil rights act.

He accidentally cut his own head off while shaving.

This. This dude is legit.'Keefe

Yeah because that DC Madam lawyer thing was super credible too.

anyone have the, "The russians are trying to rig the election, by exposing how we are rigging the election" meme

>being told from other people

why did you ever bother posting

thanks for ctr


accidentally super glued a blowdryer to his hand and fell in the tub

This man sounds suicidal.

>CNN's state of the art sound technicians have concluded that these are some incredible special effects purpetrated by Russia

I'm going to laugh if it's this faggot that brings down Hillary instead of Julian Assange.


Well I'm convinced. When can we nuke the commie bastards?

and then stuffed himself into a duffle bag

hmm typical liberal, all ethos, no logos

Why not just release it now

and jumped into his hexafluorosilicic acid bath

imo the only good video this guy put out was the one where the Hillary for America lawyer said "do whatever you can get away with."

The content of the other videos was good too, but none of them caught on.

If he does have something big here, he better present it properly.

racist baka

>its hd 60 fps video of her calling obama a skinny nigger, calling bill a child fucking faggot and scraming that michelle has a dick

She's actually from Chicago just like Obama I don't know why no one ever brings that up.

Stop implying that Hitler and hilary are in the same boat. Hitler...Patriot, loved Germany and made it great again. Shillery...loves no one but her self and money.

>CTR admits hillary's tactics of killing dissenters

>she calls a nigger a nigger
>this is somehow something bad and we should be excited that she'll get in trouble for this
Yeah, no, if she actually said it im voting for her

Because it doesn't exist

Release it too early and it becomes old news before the actual election date.
Release it too late and it doesn't have enough time to disseminate.

There are are couple of other reasons too, but those are the biggest.

literally who

>babbys first election

KKK racist democrat who hates freedom and hates God!

>mfw it's just the super predator line

We've been mentioning that for months and it's been ineffective in mass.


I hope this Hillary tape is released in 3D IMAX.

Let's hope these October surprises materialize.

If Assage doesn't release something juicy, Cred Forums Should turn on him and make his life a living hell.

>everyone type in chat Obama is a stupid nigger

>While we're on the subject though, lets be honest, most white people say google in white company and we need to stop. This is as good a time as any to get serious about reparations

What reason do we have to believe he wouldn't? He is trusted and has a good track record, at least with the validity of documents

It's like a month before the election..

So does Cred Forums

He decided to start working out and tried to bench 900 pounds. Smashed him right in the neck. Poor guy.

Because she's not from Chicago. She's from Park Ridge. Pic related is the demographics. Should tell you a bit about the town.

>hey guise
>we have the nail in Hillary's coffin
>for real
>for real this time
>it's totes gonna wreck her
>we'll release it soon

We're not waiting for an album to drop. Release what you have or shut up.

Hitler and Hillary had very similar policies on wealth, gun control, socialism, "free" speech (or lack of), and more

At least she didn't deny it when Trump brought it up in the debate.

wew lad

If I get to hear Hillary Clinton saying niggers I can die a happy man.

>Hitler...Patriot, loved Germany and made it great again

Holy shit, you are retarded. Because of the fucking idiot that was hitler, nationalism is now a taboo, eastern yurop is poor as shit and western yurop is cucked as hell. Fuck you.

Now would be a perfect time to drop it, or just before the second debate. Give Trump some really nice ammo to go after her.

But I doubt this is anything. I hope I'm wrong but the media love to hype up unimportant shit.

Fair enough, but she still is from the Chicago area

It's funny how legit racists want to help poor black people stop being googles.

"Politically correct" candidates want to maintain the status quo of blacks trapped in ghettos so they vote Dem.


I've seen this painting many time, and this is the first time I've notice the smug fuck in the background

It's too soon. It would fade from the public conscience before the election. Maybe a week before the election would be best.

you're reading too much into it

no way did this guy get near any of the Clintons

but if he had won nationalism would be the norm faggot.

if i heard hillary shit talking niggers, i might actually think about voting for her

Well, she was raised in Chicago and then moved to Arkansas, so much google exposure would logically lead to naming the google

great argument, shitskin

This is the guy behind the acorn videos from 2008. Don't underestimate him.

>He is trusted and has a good track record
>cracked ACORN wide open.
please tell me you're being ironic.

The actual investigation into ACORN found that O'Keefe had selectively edited the videos he took - heavily. Ever since the ACORN thing blew up he's been trying to replicate that success by conducting 'sting operations' on other liberal organisations (where again he selectively edits the 'evidence). None of which has got him anywhere, which it why he's upped his attention whoring.

Incidentally, his weirdest moment was trying to film a sex tape with a CNN reporter using hidden camera. His plan included an entire 13 page document spelling out how the evening would go, including sex toys and fuzzy handcuffs. Surprise, surprise, he completely failed to seduce her.

He is the very definition of a scumbag journalist.

Is this heaven?

If she actually says niggers in an intently pejorative way, what kind of mental gymnastics will the left pull?

Only in a truly insane world would googles find their strongest allies in the ranks of their most vocal critics

They'll promise reparations and change the national bird to chicken.

>Yes, Hillary just said the "N-word" (and why that's a good thing

CTR, please go

probably haven't seen it in that high of quality before if only it were just a little better it would probably make a good reaction image.

I really want to read that article.

>Seven reasons why we hated niggers all along


>Those 'N Words' are with her (and so should you)
>She said it to remove any power it has over her least represented demographic (That's a good thing)
>C'mon everyone says it, Hillary's just like you!

omg i can see the cringey buzzfeed n huffington post facebook links now

>Did Hillary call the Obama family niggers?

WTF, now I wanna vote for Hillary!

>Hillary said 'Nigger' because she was laying bare the deeply rooted inequality in American Politics. (Niggers don't run for public office, just from familial responsibilities)

Fuck yes, cant wait for dindus to figure out they have been picking cotton on the democratic plantation this whole time

>hillary says nigger
>tfw now i want to vote for her

fucking conflicted here m8s

Thanks for correcting the record faggot

>good blacks
Thats like saying fit Mexican bro


she's really aging fast

>good blacks
Kill yourself you cuckold.

Lest we forget kamaraden, it's Hillary; if she's before a crowd of construction workers in Tupelo, it'll be nigger this nigger that, if she's in front of landscape engineers in Costa Mesa it'll be pendejo gringo this and pinche hoto that, if she's before a crowd of economically disenfranchised youths in Philly, it'll be cracker this Honkey that.
She'll mutate into whatever she thinks will attract votes.

Hillary a racist?


Share this old picture around on Jewbook. The dindus will love her even more.

>for realyzes this time guys we got dirt on Clinton that will stop her :^)
I've heard this shit a thousand times already, ill hold my breath.

They'll say she was sick, on meds, etc. Not her fault she was raised around racists family members.

kill YOURself

Get Hyped!

This guy. I don't know how he does it, but he pulls off some crazy shit, I wouldn't doubt if this is true.

I imagine in my mind O'Keefe standing in the background looking like Forrest Gump while the politicians talk and get set up for broadsides from O'Keefe in the future.

It's ridiculous. How is this guy not on every single DNC-linked organization's "do not enter" list by picture?

They're already in a full on panic over black turnout. Even a whiff of a video will send them into a frenzy.

That picture isn't of Hill and Bill

Why should they? They'll completely ignore it and if there is no news about it in MSM, it's not news at all. It will be looked at as another crazy forged conspiracy

Perhaps it's a good time to mention this man's fondness for juggling running chainsaws and loaded glocks, while in the shower.

Silly man is going to hurt himself one day.

Yeah I forgot most people are too retarded to remember things like this

>reveal it and it can keep getting brought up like every other scandal on both candidates

Does it matter? All that matters is that this goes viral and hurts Hillary.

Lies repeated a thousand times becomes truth. Cred Forums is just using (((your))) tools against (((you))).

Well then
Consider my record corrected

She's well-known to be a racist. It would warm my knickers to have the SJW's shrivel up in horror.

She even said at the debate that EVERYONE has implicit racism. That means she thinks everyone is as racist as she is.

bad hair and bad makeup, but she's also 26.

>That gif

I'm 27 and I feel too old already

might be the site, but don't worry about it. Cred Forums is aging up. Cred Forums is one of the "older" boards too

>James O'Keefe
I would hope that fucker has a dead man's switch if he's going to announce this shit, Andrew Breitbart didn't die naturally.

This, I might actually flip and go Shill 4 Hill just for the lulz
>Hillary becomes the candidate of the "alt-right"
>Trump wins 538 electoral votes
>Hillary dies in shame, the figurehead of the movement she sought to demonize

someone buttmad.

He wrecked those ACORN faggots, completely exposed Planned Parenthood for dealing in chopped up fetuses and has shown how mentally ill millenial scum have destroyed free speech on campuses across the U.S.

Hillary shat all over gay people before it became politically popular to be for gay marriage, she doesn't give a flying fuck what the people want her to "believe" in so long as it leads to money and power.

The nail in the coffin should be released one to two weeks before October or in October early.

It's a strategy to guarantee that she does not get Elected. She's got more dirt on her than my Great Grandma who's 12 feet in the ground.

We plan on Burrying her career and finally ending it this time.

Nixon was a racist, but he loved this country and it's people more than anyone would like to admit, and he considered blacks Americans.

^ This guy gets it ^

You really think the average Basketball-American would fact check anything?

Best case scenario: Online chimp-out.
Worst-case scenario: It gets slid.