Madman Obama calls vote to allow families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia a

>97-1 in the Senate
>Overwhelming majorities in both parties in House
>naw fuck the families
>need dat oil money

How much shit are the democrats gonna eat over this.


This is Obama's legacy. Bowing down to America's enemies.

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Yes it's a stunt by Obama in order to distract you and give away the Internet.

Can he override the veto? I thought the veto was final?

Fuck Saudia Arabia though. And fuck Obama for trying to protect them.


nope. its law.

i dont think he has any recourse

No, congress can and did override his veto, 97 to fucking 1.

>Obama calls it a political stunt

I can understand what he's trying to do. He's afraid that this would set a precedent and that foreign countries will hold America financially responsible for the collateral damage in the war on terror. That, and he fears Saudis offloading boatloads of US bonds

congress overrid(?) his veto

>american education

Most reliable source, goy.

he doesnt want to get sued for ordering drone strikes on children at weddings

Are you a fucking idiot?

>Veto, 97 to fucking 1.
>Obama calls it a political stunt

This google must be stoppEd.

who was the (((one))) Cred Forums

Plot twist he's not with the muslim botherhood. He's a wannabe faggot that saving his own ass for those drone strikes coming after him.

Harry Reid, a mormon democrat who married a jew

It is - the Google dumb enough to vote no is gonna be out of a job.

its kind of a double edged sword if citizens can now sue countries. imagine how many jews are about to start class action lawsuits for the antisemitism theyve "endured". or the muslims doing the same shit. im not fond of this

he's gotta suck it

the two missing votes are kaine and sanders as well

harry reid voted against the override, too

a pirate gangster from las vegas

also the top democrat in the senate

>lots of casinos owned by arab money

Okay all you guys trying to say I'm stupid are display your typical Cred Forums fucking lack of reading comprehension.

>Can he override the veto? I thought the veto was final?

Okay class, who is "he" referring too in that sentence? Fucking Obama. I said right there in plain fucking English that I thought he couldn't do it but OP's comments:

>>naw fuck the families
>need dat oil money

IMPLIES. FUCKING IMPLIES WITH IMPLICATION FUCKING ARROWS. That he could override it somehow. Hence my confusion, where you're dumbasses are trying to point out something to me that I clearly already fucking know.

For fucking once, stop being 12 and learn to fucking read Cred Forums.

This kind of sets the precedence that the US can be sued for oh...

Bombing Japan
Agent orange
Depleted uranium tank shells
Kids who died playing with unexploded US cluster bomblets
People who slipped and fell on spent shell casings

Not to mention any and all civilian casualties of war ever. This is a double edged sword indeed.

You're the one who can't fucking write properly.

>Can he override the veto?

Did you mean:

>Can he override the override of his veto?

Because he certain as fuck isn't going to override his own veto you dumb google.

>I just want to argue for the sake of arguing instead of just admitting that I attacked you over something you didn't actually say

Don't you have school in the morning kid? I'm tired your shitposting asses ruining everything.

I was thinking about his executive orders and shit too which he keeps using to circumvent congress, dumb ass.

Thanks for giving a misleading description CTR.