Nate Gold just released his post debate "dooms day" prediction

>Nate Gold just released his post debate "dooms day" prediction
LMAO Drumpsters, fucking Santorum would have done better!!!
Better luck in 2020, that is if you don't off yourselves by then!

Welcome back

Nate is so obviously trying to save face after putting Trump in the lead, it's embarrassing.

and i thought pol maps were retarded

lol this

where were you when 400lb hackers were more credibly than jews paid to be right?

Outdated, you should update it

Also added to the bank for the post general election version.

>Texas blue
>Mississippi blue

Hoping they leak pictures of Nate Bronze swinging from his ceiling fan on the morning of Nov. 9th so i have a perfect background picture.

Someone post Nate with the JUST hair

I need it

Stop Nate.

>inaudible screeching
talk about an oxymoron

>tfw kike silver is here right now baiting us so he can make an op-ed story

damn your right hillary has montana and utah in the bag

He made this months ago nice try shill

If Trump repeats his laughable performance in the following two debates, yes.

unfunny shit poster making slide threads

every time lmao

>cleary acting like a retard
Sure this may be an echo chamber, but you are just screaming in it for attention

lol, sage
thanks for the laugh though

Thank you for correcting this record, buddy.

>implying CTR is real

>Trump lost the debate.
>Online polls don't matter cuz they are rigged.
Oh wow! I haven't been hearing that at all recently!

When will you neck yourself? November I presume

this is nate's current map

Why would I kill myself before Hillary is inaugurated?

So where is the OP map from? Are they just trying to be le edgy troll?

Someone have the Ken win map?


Fake and gay

Nate's doomsday prediction, oped section.

>FL that light

I'm scared

Oh look, this attention whore is back

Florida is probably the most Trump state in the country. The map is retarded.

>arizona not solid red
Instantly discarded

>posting on pol is attention whoring
Sorry I post things you disagree with buddy, hope I didn't trigger you.

Im guessing there isnt a doomsday map for Hillary?


I am convinced that the tripfag shills are actually Cred Forumsacks collecting shekels from CTR. They want us to be able to follow them, and use their shill posts against the manipulation. Otherwise, why not remain anonymous?

Hillary's doomsday is winning with 272 electoral votes.

is the assumption that mexicans and blacks hate trump that fucking much? trump polls better than any republican in decades.

>takes off trip
>what are ids
holy fuck, you couldn't be more retarded if you tried
>inb4 I was just pretending

didn't notice I left it off

Lol wat

Why do you faggots continue to post nate cuckstein on this board? He is an obvious kike shill and you give him credibility by doing so

>implying missouri is going to be blue.

You're a namefag and a tripfag that only fishes for (yous.) Go be a faggot on Reddit.


FL and NC are locks, just look at the early voting.

op samefagging like the true cuck she is lol
shows what type of people we are dealing with here, sad. i honestly have such embarassment and pity for these people



Are you that triggered faggot on /qa/ thats bitches all the time and has decided just to be a fucking faggot until the election is over? I see you post on there all time, holy fuck sorry Cred Forums isn't the hugbox you thought it was going to be.

What the fuck is this bullshit. Trump's worse case scenario would be something like the Obama vs McCain map in 2008. The country is way too polarized for that many states to flip.

Nate Zirconia said Trump had a 2% chance of getting the nomination.


Never been to /qa/