He's turning the Alt-Right a full rotation from what it started as. This kike wants to replace our White Nationalist platform with Zionist Libertarianism, and more and more normies are beginning to think that's what we actually are. He's not funny anymore, he's a threat to the our movement.

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The racism and antisemitism of the alt-right make it a toxic movement. We would do well not to make that the centerpiece of our ideology when dealing with normies. If we fully embrace it, then it will always be a fringe movement.

A Jew? Betraying people? Whoag

Ovens soon

CTR scum leave this country

Richard Spencer promised he'd destroy milo if he did this shit.

Harass him until he does.

>Oy vey goyim anti-semitism is unacceptable in the current year.

>Being asspained at a guy drumming up support for Trump
CTR shills pls go

Thanks for corrections of the records

he's redpilling people and creating support for trump. In addition he has said on multiple occasions that he's not alt-right.

It shocks me that any of you took this obnoxious pandering faggot seriously in the first place.

Please give me a (You)

You know what's pathetic? It could be any of you up there, out in the open, the eye of the public. "Le old fags", true aryan orthodox white nationalists. But it isn't. It is a literal homosex kike who loves the BBC.

And he is taking "your" "movement". And he is winning.

nice try stormfag

what a surprise the (((alt)))right was a jewish construct, who could've possibly predicted this unfolding of events with figures such as molymeme and milomeme

what the fuck is the alt-right, I just don't like killary because she's a criminal, liar, puppet

there is no we


he was a threat the moment he opened his aids infected mouth. fucking retards following him like the pied piper


Milo is the true red pill. I consider him the de facto leader of the Alt Right and have sworn allegiance to him. Soon we'll have our "Night of the Long Blades" and purge the Alt Right of the White Nationalist scum.

Cant stump the Jew.

>everybody loves antisemitism and stormfront, belive me goy, be a good goy and stay toxic
nice try correcting the record

oktoberfest is right bros, we gotta show our balls out there.

>We would do well not to make that the centerpiece of our ideology
Wrong. You and your shrinking away from racism is part of the reason why the public continues to accept that racism is somehow bad. Stop shrinking away from reality. Grow some balls and stop cucking yourself.

It's Night of the Long Knives, you dumb kike, and the majority of the Alt-Right knows what this Jew is up to.

Yeah, he's doing more harm than good now. We need to ramp up the racism and anti-semitism and call him out on his bullshit in the comments of his articles so he does not want to be associated with the alt right anymore. He's creating a cult of personality, he doesn't give a shit about saving western civilization.

Fuck off. White nationalism is not hateful towards most other races and the anti-semitism is self defense.



he was never one of us unless you unironically describe yourself as aut-right

Are you just mad that conservatism is becoming mainstream? That you can no longer be a part of this little exclusive club and have it for your self?

I been saying this for years now, the pendulum always swings. There was a period where society was conservative, and naturally it swong over to become liberal. Now its been overly liberal for a long time and its swinging back to Conservatism.

Because if you wanna be edgy today there is nothing left then conservatism.

You want to be rebellious? Well all ways of rebellion are completely fine and accepted which makes them not very rebellious, so what do kids do when they can't rebel? They rebel by not rebelling, and becoming conservative.

In a way it means the left is defeated. Pat your self on the back you was way ahead of the curve on this one. Now you just want everyone to know that you are A REAL ALT RIGHTER AND WAS CONSERVATIVE BEFORE THE OTHERS

(and i am kind of using conservative and alt-right/ right interchangeably, idk why they go hand in hand)

And fuck stormers, and fuck Nazi's and all that shit you are not better then Marxist or feminists. You are both part of the same ideological coin. Its shit in it self the sides don't matter.

gee I wonder why (((some posters))) use a very specific set of words to define things they don't like

Milo Suckoppolis claiming he is the leader of the alt right has as much validity as Jesse Jackson claiming he is King of the Negro

Milo is a useful tool to bring more people into the Trump fold. At the very least, he also causes massive liberal butthurt

>"threat to our movement"

If you ever thought the alt-right "movement" was purely one of a national socialist variety, then holy fuck, you missed a lot of critical info there, senpai.

Hate to break the news to you, but anyone who holds "conservative" (real or imagined) values and doesn't believe in the RINO party any more is considered "alt right" by default under one giant umbrella.

Before we know it, Bronies will soon be lumped in with the rest of us. Just shut the fuck up and enjoy the fact that a really retarded generalized term that applies to so many bizarre factions that all oppose leftism only make it more difficult for (((them))) to figure it all out.

The only thing that makes it toxic is that it is currently unpopular. There is no stopping the train.

When Jews stop calling it toxic and the majority of people begin to accept the tenets of the ideology, then it's not toxic after that. Ta da!

It's not complicated, really.

Milo must go

Literally who? The faggot with the Hitler youth haircut?

This guy is just a clown- I don't get why you all get so angry about him.

He grabs attention from people who wouldn't otherwise be paying attention- unlike this echo chamber- and creates a culture shock that leads them closer to Cred Forumss prevailing point of view.

He's the starter drug, the soft, purple-pilled, brightly colored attractive version. Of course he doesn't represent what Cred Forums really thinks. If he did that, he would scare people away. He lures people in by meeting him in the middle.

Cred Forums and the stormer need to just laugh this guy off as a useful clown. No new followers will be brought in by this weird infighting, it's less interesting than Trump talking about being underleveraged.

>Milo Suckoppolis claiming he is the leader of the alt right
He's literally never done this

>Alt-retards thirst after a coalburning Jew and a leaf Jewess
>Are shocked when they are betrayed
And you wonder why us white nationalists make you the butt of our jokes.

1-fuck of "the right side"
2-the white nationalist movement is ok
3-milo isn't even part of the alt-right

A kike touring around in near-drag and talking about nigger cock isn't going to make anyone who wasn't already planning to vote Trump do so, it just further efeminizes the Far-Right into faggots like him.

That's what I thought before, but now he's saying that white nationalists are a tiny fringe group. This is patently false, it is the major defining principle. People need to understand the difference between us and him.

>zionist libertarianism

don't worry, faggot - you guys are doing a fine job of turning yourselves into fucking jokes. what a bunch of dumb, white niggers

Supposedly on the last (or next-last) Daily Shoah. I haven't listened yet - did he say how? Richard got invited to Milo's RNC after-party, maybe Richard has photos of Milo having sex with a girl? Or a kid? Or a white guy?

Was he just blowing hot air? Richard doesn't strike me as the kind.

>And you wonder why us white nationalists make you the butt of our jokes.
>Calls others a joke
>Believes in an ideology that, in practice, survived less than 15 years in one country that can't win a war

Yeah goys, lets attack Milo until some anonymous faggot named Jazzhands McFeels and Mike Enoch ride the larping nazi cosplayer ticket into the white house. Then we'll have the "day of the rope" and all the whites will start having ten white babies each.

A stormfag by any other name is just as delusional.

lol u stormfags take the whole jew hatred thing to another level. i've tried to understand it and i can't. it's like you know full well it's irrational but you're sitting in an echo chamber and have blind faith that it's correct.

I don't know if he will.
Recently on Twitter he was still trying to argue that Milo was an "alt-right enabler" and a possible ally.

Do leftists ever come up with better counter-signaling than posting a guy in a fedora? You've gotta try harder than that man, it's just depressing. Put some effort into it.

shiver me timbers

In fact he says he's /not/ part of the alt-right - just /used to/ defend them / us.

The first mainstream politician to come out and say "I'm fighting for you whites who have been given up on by the Democrats" will win in a landslide.

Doesn't mean he has to go full 14/88 race war.

Just champion the white race.

>A gay conservative makes a few gay jokes while talking about the insanity of the left
I don't see a problem here.
>That's what I thought before, but now he's saying that white nationalists are a tiny fringe group.
That's what needs to be said so the normies aren't scared off. Going full 14/88 will keep this a fringe movement, at least until more normies can be redpilled.

So what are you gonna do about?

OP, pay attention, darling.

There is no alt right. The alt right, because it doesn't exist, has no leaders. Because the alt doesn't exist, and has no leaders, Milo is not a leader of the alt right.

Therefore it does you no good to 'try to take him down' or discredit him with us in an effort to bring down the alt right that doesn't exist.

We don't care. Milo is milo and /pol is /pol. He's a flaming faggot and we're not great on fags, and /pol is a polynesian lama farm. We like how he massacres feminists and SJWs and free-speech haters though. We kek heartily when he does that.

this x100

>Let's have a faggot kike as our spokesperson

Absolutely Disgusting, hopefully he suicides soon like every faggot should.

I'd rather focus on bringing white nationalism into the mainstream. We're seriously in danger of being wiped out, it might already be too late. We have to teach people that they can be proud of their race and help their own race to succeed without being evil. That excluding others from their countries is not the same thing as being hateful or doing violence to other races.

Lurk moar newfag

Altright is a leftword.


this card deck is spot on

We are not alt right.
gtfo cucks.

Are you stupid, fampai?

There is nothing to lose. You want the new right to be as schizophrenic as possible otherwise it will simply be demonized.

Let the fag do what he wants. He doesn't speak for you unless you accept he does.

He's made no effort to be your spokesman. He goes out of his way to delineate himself from you.

But go ahead and make war on MIlo, it'll be a good way to learn about how overconfident the spotlight thrown on this little corner of the internet has made you guys.

What the fuck is this meme that the alt-right doesn't exist?
It is a movement about white nationalism. But the media has created the narrative that anyone who isn't establishment right is automatically alt-right regardless of whether or not they are white nationalists. This, combined with Milo saying the white nationalism and counter semitism is "a small minority" has created entryists who think they are alt-right just because they vote Trump or are anti-sjw.The real alt-right is places like and

If you people were not total purists obsessed with being edgy, then you'd know how to exploit an 'in'.

He's using his influence to claim to speak for all of us, and sadly, it seems to be working.

>Zionists are pushing libertarianism and SJWs!


You mean like David Duke? He's reviled by almost everyone. I hate niggers and kikes as much as everyone else but talk like that scares mist people away from the movement.

Which he can. Who will object him? Da Golden One? Millenial Woes? Richard Spencer?


Which is funny because when Duke openly says he supports Trump, most of you flip your shit and assume he's some kind of double agent that must know he's a "poisoned asset" know, despite the fact that Cred Forums/pol itself is a poisoned asset.

I just don't get this retarded, contradictory logic.

It's not about him claiming to be alt-right or not. It's that he incorrectly defines what it is and makes it seem like some bigtent movement. He also has mentioned how he wants to turn it into a "cultural libertarian" movement

>white nationalist
>national socialist


yes but we dont go out heiling hitler with our trump shirts

This. "Alt-right" is literally "alternative right." It's anything on the political right that isn't cuckservatism. White nationalists, ultranationalists, libertarians, ancap, natsoc, traditionalism, Hoppe libertarianism. All of it is "alt-right."

Just don't describe yourself that way in public or you'll look like a retard because the term itself is retarded. Just call yourself what you are.

>It's that he incorrectly defines what it is and makes it seem like some bigtent movement.

Maybe he's defining it correctly and you're mistaken about how much of the movement is aligned with white supremacy/white nationalist/race realism/whatever. The movement, in a broader sense, IS more about libertarianism since it is counter to the regressive left. Most young alt righters are just people that hate regressive left ideals and aren't necessarily white nationalists.

I think you WANT to believe that the alt right is about white nationalism because it makes it seem like there are a lot more far right white nationalists than there really are.

It was a sad day when \pol\ switched its use of JIDF to CTR.

I quite respect David Duke. He stands by his values and doesn't give a fuck.

People are easily confused. Lead astray by the Jew into thinking everyone is LITERALLY HITLER even though the politics we espouse are anti-socialism. Not that Hitler was nearly as bad as the Jew made him out to be either but that's a different conversation.

And why do you care? If the reality doesn't match the presentation, then he might as well be representing the Japanese Emperor.

He has no authority, we don't bend over for him, and if we don't listen to him, he can't really do anything except sell his shitty articles.

Except you would if you had half the balls or conviction that David Duke has. The only reason you aren't is because you're too scared to do it and he isn't. You think the same way as him.

So essentially, you're actually even worse because when you say David Duke shouldn't openly endorse Trump, you're essentially saying that the left is right and that David Duke and yourself should be ashamed of your beliefs.

tfw you want to cuck all of europe.


We'll be back to JIDF as soon as the election is over. Not like CTR would have a reason to exist anymore then.

who the fuck here in Cred Forums identifies with the alt-right anyway? you and no one else

i dont give a flying fuck what normies think about the alt right or what the alt right is or says or doesnt say

Cred Forums =/= alt-right

for any of you with kikebook check out some of the comments on this i swear jidf is out in full force

>But go ahead and make war on MIlo, it'll be a good way to learn about how overconfident the spotlight thrown on this little corner of the internet has made you guys.

What the fuck is that AIDS farmer going to do? He try's to 'define the Alt-right' all the time, he has written plenty of articles about.

He's a useless irrelevant faggot, the sooner he goes away, the better

Never will happen.

No, I said mainstream.

They have to get big first, a la Trump, then "come out of the closet."

Some of us have jobs and have to interact with people IRL, we can't exactly go around screaming how we hate niggers.

you ctr shills are trying to adapt but it's not working, you did it wrong, shill

Good morning!

No. Before Hillary's speech, the only people that called themselves alt-right were people from therightstuff and other similar places. After the speech, tons of entryists have come in thinking they are alt-right because the media said they were because they aren't establishment right.

I don't hate niggers. I have black friends. White nationalism doesn't mean you hate other races, it just means you like your race best. Yes, they're aware of my politics. They're just as worried about their own race given its dependence on the welfare state. Blacks may not be in danger of extinction but that's not the only bad end.

>Some of us have jobs and have to interact with people IRL

David Duke has a job. Didn't stop him, did it? He earns a living. Many white nationalists earn a living despite being outspoken.

You go right on hiding and never openly speaking about your beliefs. Reinforce the mentality that the left is correct. David Duke and many others will proudly shout their beliefs and not listen to cuckservatives like you that actually try to tell him to shut up.

Just admit you're a cuck. You depend on your leftist masters for an income, so you will never speak against them and will actively encourage other white nationalists to be silent.

Sorry, was I being toxic Mr Legit Alt-Right?


>Before Hillary's speech, the only people that called themselves alt-right were people from therightstuff and other similar places.

This is just straight up fiction. I don't even have anything to say to you.


It means we want a country for our own.
Obviously we like our own race best.

notice how this faggot hasn't gotten any traffic since him and his jew friend tried to game /r/The_Donald for shekels.

Breitbart has his shit at the top of the page for days and his gay faggot tour only gets double digit comments on a website that gets 5k-10k comments regularly.

really? For decades you have been shitposting on stormfont, and finally, when something loosely resembling your political ideology gains traction you have to shit on it like a faggot. This is the closest you are ever going to get in your lifetime, so be glad it's happening.

he shouldn't be able to walk out of his house without a pizza coming to him.

the easiest solution to this is, to just call it another name, the alt right has to much baggage

He hasn't got a following just a lot of subsidised media time and some viral push employees

The new name will get just as much baggage.

>White Nationalist platform
What the fuck is a white nationalist platform? Is it a copy of the SJW/communist/feminist/national socialist "censor everyone we don't like and kill (insert boogieman here)" platform? Because if it is, it could use a little originality.

$0.02 have been deposited into your bitgoym account, thanks for the record correction

a lot of "gas the kikes" white nationalist can keep the name of alt right, they are either controlled opposition or sperglords that dont know how to argue their points

The Alt-Right was and is a White Nationalist movement since its inception, and this kike faggot is at the forefront of trying to change that.

Imho you guys don't have any sense of strategy on assimilation, you can't just go full dose red-pill immediately on everybody to get the desired result. Milo is doing you a favor by bringing the ideology closer and closer, the slow cozy dose. He's your useful idiot. Several steps later you might just see results with the slow dose. Just expect that it probably won't happen in your lifetime without a happening

>B-but Milo once retweeted me
Why do you come here?

Stopped reading right there

Only leftists ever use that word to describe things that aren't physically toxic such as poisons and raw sewage.

none of us want to be Alt-Righters lol
have CTR work on the bait; this (you) is free

I hear this argument that Milo is attracting people to the true alt-right, but I have never seen it actually happen. All the people I've seen that call themselves alt-right because of Milo, usually just like Trump and anti-sjw youtubers. They usually are libertarians and not actually right-wing.


He doesn't even call himself "alt-right", not that alt right is even a thing

they are stupid, they dont know that humour is the best instrument to propagate ideas, thats why the daily show was such left politics hit, if you go with your facts yelling "gas the kikes race war now" you are not gonna convinced anyone, framing your point of view with humor and in small doses open minds.

>he's a threat to the our movement.
>our movement
I've said it before.

This is what happens when you faggots try to adopt a label. Just drop it. You're not alt-right. No one is alt-right. It doesn't exist except as a means to try and organize you, but you can't b organized. You have to be a blob. Completely individual. Then they can't associate you with anything but you.

Abandon labels. Just support the right causes

>It is a movement about white nationalism.

Wrong. You seem to have missed the entire "neoreactionary" thing that was all the buzz years before anyone coined the term alt-right, but I'm guessing you were still in middle school back then from the sound of things.

PS - white nationalism is one spoke off the hub, but you faggots who can't understand this are the REAL detriment to progress against the left because you're just attention-whoring your favorite agenda while ignoring that it's not about one solitary ideal, it's about destroying the left completely. Once that's settled, we can argue amongst ourselves like Muslims do, but until then, STFU and get over the fact that there are many groups who have little in common other than a deep hatred for liberals who are all working together so long as egos and the need to be in the spotlight can be kept in check.

You need to use more than just the words there CTR shill.

I was always weary of this faggy jewish rat. You fags just accepted him without question. Even after he says shit like "social conservatism is dead" you know he's not on our side and is a double agent.

>no following
hes been shilling himself all over with his faggot tour. people want to see him and hes slowly subverting all the brain dead retards

>The Alt-Right was and is a White Nationalist movement since its inception
>since 3 months ago
>created by shillary campaign
the group doesn't even exist, faggot.
its a made up term for feylords like you to project you insecurities on, without the added hassle of having to back up your claims when calling a single person names.
because if you claim someone is hitler he can wreck your shit by asking for evidence of it.
record corrected

White nationalism was never the main point of the movement. The "ALT-Right" or whatever you want to call it is just a label for anyone who doesn't fit the current definition of liberal and conservative. This includes white nationalists, no-reactionaries, and disgruntled libertarians. Ironically, these new "rationalist YouTubers" are also getting grouped into this movement.

>our """White Nationalist"""" platform
Be glad it got co-opted, stormcuck. Otherwise nobody would have ever heard of it, now nationalism might become mainstream again thanks to you lot getting cucked out of your platform (hint for future ventures: normies don't want to gas the Jews or associate with neo-nazis).

Real nationalism > quasi globalist """"white"""" """""nationalism""""".

This is all CTR. Cred Forums is made up of a majority of CTR posters who state that antisemitism is good, frames posters for being CTR, and that white nationalism is good.

CTR has created their own bubble on Cred Forums to feed into the notion that the alt-right movement is racist and anti-Semitic.

Wake the fuck up Cred Forums. All of this alt-right bullshit is going to die down a couple of months after the election, and Cred Forums will have far less anti-semitic postings.

All due to the fact that CTR will stop posting here.

anyone wanna hear me talk babytalk

I'm frustrated with him too but right now we need to focus on getting Trump in office. He's definitely helping in that regard.

I do.

>anti sjw PC etc.
But are those characteristics not a based part of your fundamentals?
It's a slow cozy dose, and you could be helping him as well by being an easier oil to swallow if not associated with your deep red colors

There is no "we"

There is no "alt right"

Milo is an attention whoring faggot

>Wake the fuck up Cred Forums. All of this alt-right bullshit is going to die down a couple of months after the election, and Cred Forums will have far less anti-semitic postings.

>Being this new

When did you get here? Last week? Anti-semetism and racism is as low as it's ever been here. Some newfags even support Israel unironically, that would never happen 2 years ago

Preach, brother, preach. You're doing the lord's work

>and Cred Forums will have far less anti-semitic postings.
You must be new

Antisemitism and racism has been a part of this board for years before this election. It's actually on the decline now since the board has been flooded with newfags. I haven't seen much mention of JIDF or merchantposting, or even beloved A Wyatt Mann and bix nood memes since the election took off. And it's not CTR but Stormfront that has been pushing it for years.

This board was never "alt-right." And there's nothing wrong with wanting to live in a community of people who look like you. White people deserve to preserve and celebrate their culture and communities just as any other race is.

Nice try, but not once in the post of mine you quoted did I mention CTR at all, your post is rather fishy upon closer inspection.

All I said was that "toxic" is typically a word leftists use to describe things they don't like, a word that a typical user on here would never use seriously.

Ever since he lost his twitter accoutn this guy was on life support, he isn't anywhere near as popular as he used to be nor is he making muhc of an impact. His incursion into the alt-right is his way of staying relevant. By freaking out over him you are giving the attention whore what he wants. He wants to provoke people, and make the alt-right talk about him all the time so he can piggy back on it for more fame. Just ignore him and let him die.

You people actually liked this guy?

Why? I do not hate Milo, but i do not love him. Catholicism and Aryanism above all else. Christ is king! Heil Hitler.

.True, britbong

let me ask you a question, were are the real alt righters going in tour across the universitys of usa, getting thousands of views in youtube exposing ideas and the failings of the progressive left, there is none

Texas has a good point guys.

>he lures people deeper into our rabbit hole. The clown that makes people laugh and feel safe as they enter our park.

Something stupid that relates normies to us. Then they feel it's more acceptable when we start discussing our ideas. After all a gay man screams some of our points from the rooftops.

The alt right doesn't exist. He is rebranding gamergate


you made me horny, but too many in our ranks don't hate WN enough unfortunately.

>Zionist Libertarianism

I thought he was ok 6 months ago for his immigration stance. Would laugh if Isis threw him off a building.

Yes, all the modernist values of Libertarianism but with added kike protection.

What is the point then? You'd just be subsumed more peacefully that way. Doesn't fix anything.

The only way white nationalism would become a thing again is if something of apocalyptic proportions happened to the world.

You're deluded if you think it will happen just with memes.

That's what these faggots don't understand. The Day of the Rope is never happening and racemixing will continue to get worse unless it suddenly becomes taboo again. The only way to preserve the white race and western culture is by making conservative values "cool
" again and by halting immigration and refugees, not by going around and screaming about niggers and kike being bad.

>This kike wants to replace our White Nationalist platform with Zionist Libertarianism
That's perfect, since there's no such thing as an "alt-right".

He can go ahead and get Hillary to yell at Zionists and Libertarians over being the racist "alt-right", I'll pay $10 to see how Israel reacts to Hillary's newfound "antisemitism".

fuck that kike
we are the new EUROPEAN YOUTH

This isn't stormfront fucktards. If that's what you want you know where to fuck off to.

This guys is right, you guys are a bunch of faggots. Blatant racism and anti jew isn't going to help your cause. You have to build support with more tame stuff and then once you are in a position of more power ie. Trump presidency you start letting your true colors show.

>White nationalism
>62% white nation

It's like stormniggers want to fail.

This guy get it 1000%

This. Milo, despite his flaws, provides huge cover for Trump supporters and can get new supporters that would otherwise be unconvinced.

He's obviously not a white nationalist but white nationalists were already committed and wise to this sort of nonsense to begin with. Once this battle is won we can redraw the lines that may or may not exclude some of the supporters he represents.

If we can get the Muslim ban a huge array of options open up and then the focus on Africans as a whole can begin.

>it seems to be working

Okay, let the MSM think we align with a gay guy who sucks black dick. Big woop.

Worst case scenario, he's good at getting interest in the youtube generation and he's got good optics for conservatives in general. He speaks well, doesn't get flustered, and goes around stumping SJWs.

I consider him in the same boat as Crowder, Southern, Sargon, etc. They serve a larger purpose with the younger generation and they don't have to be on board with everything.

So let him suck black dick, let him go trigger otherkins at YouNameIt State U. He's only a bad thing if you think he's moving us away from right-wing principles. Fact of the matter is, we are moving left and without some young energy flying around we can't stop it. That young energy just happens to have nigger semen in it.

Milo's repeatedly said he's not alt-right.

This is why nobody likes you fucking white nationalist cunts. You're like the fucking Gay Pride faggots who give gays a bad name.

At first you seem cool, pitch some good ideas about how the world should be a better place, get a bunch of ignorant saps on your side. Then you do something stupid, like shove a huge dildo up your ass and call it a parade. Everyone is shocked and horrified. Then you turn to the saps and say SEE THEY WILL NEVER ACCEPT US YOU HAVE TO SHOVE THIS DILDO UP YOUR ASS AND LYNCH THE NIGGERS.

And then when some faggot like Trump or Milo comes along who is NOT completely fucking retarded and knows how to be charismatic and talk to people without sounding FUCKING INSANE, you screech and cry that all the people who secretly hated your guts are leaving because we've always been sick and tired of your race baiting conspiracy minded pseudo science spouting faggotry, we just didn't have any options before now.

You are jealous little bitches who can't handle the fact that you're all unlikable cunts who prefer to sit on your ass and whine about how everyone non-white is ruining everything while offering no realistic solutions or advice other than your pathetic circlejerk.

Fuck off and quit blaming the fact that nobody likes you on everyone else.

what a fucking shill

its very basic actually
if you take white pride and conservatism out of alt-right you end up with normal cuckservatism

now, if you take cuckservatism out of alt-right, you end up with libertarianism

So you can't keep moving the goal-posts around if you wanna remain honest

Ah yes, what a good goyim. You are a fine specimen indeed, you tell the Cheetos eating neckbeard how life really is.

The left doesn't all work together though. What a ridiculous thing to say, they are fractured more than ever. Many Bernie people are so blackpilled from not getting their revolution they are not voting for Hillary.

Without white nationalism the alt-right doesn't exist. The name means nothing without white identity.

>OP: I want Clinton and SJW to win
This is you OP. Learn to pick your battles your fucking faggot.

are you fucking high? your post reminds me of those fucking logic puzzles I read as a kid where you needed to figure out if Set A contains all of Set C but only part of Set B.

and my whole point is that the white pride cunts shouldn't bail on the alt-right just because a fag triggers them

the whole fucking point of the alt-right is that we agree on very little, it's a reactionary movement of allies by convienence to bring back essential values, not the white nationalists' personal army.

Non-white cucks.

>thinking white nationalists are a bunch of insufferable cunts makes you bluepilled

This is my fucking point exactly. You are so fucking dense, unwilling to play nice with anyone for a fucking minute, insult anyone who disagrees with you, and think that being a condescending jackoff makes you a superior person.

Then you wonder why so many people would rather suck Milo's cock than hold a single conversation with you unbearable retards.

Good one, goyim. I just needed to fetch some Oil of Olay, oy vey.

Yiannopoulos means Son of Yianno, it is like a jew with stein or something it does not mean he is Greek. We hate this faggot too.

I agree with the leaf. Compare how many people go to white nationalist rallies as opposed to Milo events.

We are playing with fire. Milo is dangerous. didnt you see what he couldve done to the_donald sub? he almost destroyed it. Hes useful before for image of the movement but now, now its just scary.

>a jew homo that loves BBC is trying to subvert a white nationalist movement

surprise surprise, why did people give this attention whore attention

this goy

It isn't your number anymore, you've been outnumbered, you've been absorbed.

Your movement is now a small part from a bigger thing, you are its fringe, its extremist, its fundamentalists.

I'm sorry, but that's how it is now.

You can still make the best of it by influencing the rest of the movement, moving ahead of it, set the pace and become the part that moves the furthest and fastest and even if you are a minority, you will be influential.

Use perception to your best, keep using the memes.

Even if the purely cultural libertarian part of the alt right is its most prominent part, you are still in the game.
You can still get results.

He was a plant from the getgo. I wonder (((who))) could be behind that.
Oh right. It starts with g and ends with eorge soros

Who cares if a flamboyant theatrical attention whore attracts eyes? We don't want a bunch of dick sucking faggots that love fruity faggotry to be part of us anyway.

He keeps saying he's not Alt-Right. He knows he more Neocon than Alt-Right because Jew Milo wants America to keep sucking Israeli dick and dying in the Middle East.

I warned you.
I warned you faggots this time a full year ago.
Every one of you.

Just saying,

I warned you all, and you memed me into the ground, and now you're paying for it. The ONLY reason why this zionist coat tailer had a platform/paycheck/brand is because he is using an MRM microphone while he talks about sucking cocks and you drank the kool-aid

"All you motherfuckers out there who want to keep your foreskin, right, i'mgonna i'mgonna get i'm- gonna to give these world class blowjobs to the jews instead."
-Milo, literally September of last year

The culture war against faggots is already lost. Faggots can't breed like Muslims, spics, and niggers. We can still win the fight against the shitskins. Faggots don't go around and blow shit up or murder white people.


off yourself Milo. Fucking kike.

There's a reason why the jews pushed faggotry in the weimar republic goy.

Milo is an agent of freedom, NOT racial autism. This makes me happy

>toss out the fags
>toss out the non-whites
>toss out the women
>toss out the libertarians
>toss out everyone with a different opinion
>insult all of the above constantly

in-fighting won't work... even if you're offended by considering him as 'in' (if you are, get over it you fag) The movement has to remain decentralized in order for it to accomplish anything. As soon as you start casting out your undesirables and become too centralized, your influence will be invisible and will never be taken seriously.


Why do you care what a guy does in bed, in private? Is it affecting you?

Why are you guys so autistic?

Exactly what i said a few weeks ago. He's clearly defining it for the normies in a way that that it is non white nationalist.. there's literally nothing wrong with being ethnic nationalist in white nations case that is white nationalist, and wanting to preserve that situation for the future.

He's first off calling everyone alt right, when it's an organic multifront spontaneous thing that people are doing towards all kinds of these things.. he's already said he's not part of the alt right.. and at the same time he acts like queen of the alt right getting the normies to believe that he's somehow a spokesperson and defining it as anti racist, saying that racially aware people or people who notice differences awards people in the world are the worst of people, and anti white nationalist.. or atleast not white nationalist.

The faggy jew is as usual trying to ruin something good to steer it in a pro fag anti "racist" anti white nationalist direction. Whilst milking the clueless normies out of their money.

He's clearly not settling for attacking the sjw's on campuses in the US.

I used to be anti-gay, but faggots can't breed and are generally law-abiding. They flock to the Democratic party due to the fact they think all Republicans hate them.

What milo is doing is undermining the whole move towards white majority nations embracing their own culture and own ethnicity again just like everyone else is doing, which the jews and the left to a large degrees has caused us to lose ingroup preference, whilst everyone else have kept theirs..

The stupid big mouth fag is trying to ruin that entire thing by the excuse of "giving us a fair hearing".

Our strength is in our unity. DO NOT LET HIM DIVIDE US!!

>wahh muh secret club is being invaded

that fag doesn't represent my views, or the views of many others, and he should stop acting like he does.

If he doesn't want to talk about white nationalists that wants to preserve their culture ethnicity etc. and still be a majority in their own nations in the future, then he should just not talk about it, but don't fucking say that a) it's bad b) that nobody whatsoever in these organic movements etc. want this, because many do and there's NOTHING wrong with wanting that.

>he's making us look like non-racist people with opinions that should be considered

Another problem with white nationalists: you can't recognize a fucking ally. You can't put aside your bullshit for two seconds to realize that this fag has been doing more to give you nutcases a platform on which to speak than any of you have accomplished in years, and you think it's some gay jewish conspiracy to subvert your movement.

For fuck's sake, the gays and jews don't NEED to conspire to sabotage you, they just need to HELP you and you'll sabotage yourselves.

It's precisely why he shouldn't be speaking about it in that way unless he wants to address what it is. If he doesn't want to say white nationalist and these things on tv then he shouldn't be talking about it.

Either he's going pc or he's undermining people who are interested in ethnic nationalism for their nations and return to ingroup preference and giving others generally the finger with regards to migrating in mass into nation. And preserving OUR OWN culture our own traditions our own ethnicity for ourselves and not for everybody else.

>to give you nutcases a platform

There's nothing wrong with being ethnic nationalist, every single nation in the world except majority white nations practice it, and majority white nations have only stopped practicing it because of the immense leftist propaganda the last 50+ years.

The whole notion of racism was first employed by communists aswell, and is deliberately vague and allows criminalization and character assasination for basically natural ingroup behaviour which then ofcourse if people accept it as of merit of which it has none, communists can use it to silence opposition towards their arguments by trying to label them as "racists".

People need to stop acting as if noticing racial differences is an abnormal thing, if you are forced to admit that it is bad you are capitulating your own ability to evaluate truths. Pic related. And this is the very point of Political Correctnes.. to get you to deny reality on a general basis and to suppress the truth, and then when you have done that you can be manipulated into holding anything as truth when you have gotten used to holding falsehoods that you know are untrue, as truth.

They have also manufactured this idea that people who notice racial differences somehow hate all other races, not at all.. Again more lies. We just want to be majority in our own nations in the future aswell in the nations our forefathers built.

>jews don't conspire now or historically
You reak of bluepill, your ridiculous comments don't move anybody.

>milo is helping
How? he's ruining more than helping. And he shouldn't speak about something he doesn't support. Which he already says that he doesn't.


The level of ass kissing you have for this faggy opportunist that is just milking the normies by hijacking a leaderless movement and declaring himself queen but skizophrenically saying he's not part of it. Is quite incredible..

You should wear a noseguard with all the brownnosing you are doing.. He's doing the opposite of helping white europeans to return to ingroup preference, he did better when he just wrote breitbart articles, this dangerous faggot tour is turning out to be more about him saying what "alt right" is and defining it as the opposite of what it is in many cases, is stunting this whole deal by saying "hey they are just kidding about ethnic nationalism and wanting their culture and ethnicity preserved you guiz.. it's just bants.."

Go fuck yourself.. or.. go bumfuck milo while you're at it, i'm sure he loves it, however not all share that desire.

>the whole fucking point of the alt-right is that we agree on very little

Exactly, so now you can't start saying that very little thing you agree on is not valid anymore

My point is that is a scale, see:

1- Anarchism -> Believes in god-given's right to self-reliance, nothing else, basically means you would kill before getting fugged

2 - Libertarianism -> Is like previous state but you also recognize other people's right to self-reliance, so now you ask for a gentlemany duel before killing before getting fugged

3 - Cuckservative -> Same as both previous states but has a wife, so now your duels are executed by pen, no sword, and in a court-house by other third-parties

4 - Conservative -> Change the pen for a the death penalty, harsher, crueler, laws, and the wife for an alimony . (Secretely hates niggers)

5 - Alt-right -> All of the below added together, but change wife for redpilled trap gf with femenine penis. They realize their ability to excercise their right to self-reliance is being chipped down, so they fight this by allying themselves with all others who feels their freedom being threatened

So basically if you deny the threat then you have no reason for alliance, so stop shilling

I don't give a fuck about anything but first and foremost my own country my own people my own culture history and traditions and values.

That is primary everything else after that..

Btw. this is the case for most people, chinese think like that, japanese think like that, africans think like that, arabs think like that, latinos think like that.. and so on..

But only white majority nations are not allowed to think like that, if we say ok we want to maintain and keep and secure the aforementioned then nono says the leftists.. we must have millions of arabs and niggers to fuck up our countries culture and increase crime and many other things and change the fabric of our nations in a very negative direction.

Europe is being invaded, the highest form of invasion is the one where the enemy wins without firing a single shot, that's exactly what is happening if this is not stopped in the following years. This invasion is far more devastating than if they came directly to our border and started to invade by force. Because it destroys social cohesion, culture (they bring their own bullshit stuff), traditions values that are multigenerational are not followed by them, not even language do they want to speak and so on..

So it's time for majority white nations to reclaim their ingroup preference and start being vocal about what happens in their countries again before we get balkanized internally with a bunch of criminal murderous assholes that are incompetent and will also be heavy financial burden.

TL;DR White nationalism (in case of white nations) is what this is all about, the brexit and all of this stuff. Whilst everyone else have sent their trash to our nations that are frolicking around, we are told we should just accept this.

faggot milo wants to undermine this, whilst running from UK which ilk like him (fags) have ruined with creating the abhorrant left as it exists today.. are massively responsible for.


And what milo is doing is making this populist notion appear bad by saying it's somehow wrong to be anti white nationalist in a majority white nation and these things. basically

>hey they are just kidding about ethnic nationalism and wanting their culture and ethnicity preserved you guiz.. it's just bants.

And he's telling the normies that this is terrible to want.. and people who want that should be shunned, while he himself is running from the UK where leftist policies have brought in a lot of lovely non british people who are causing a lot of trouble to the point where he doesn't want to be there much.

It's simply disgusting, at the end of his recent speech he talked with some breitbart guy about what they were going to do about the white nationalists.. to distance themselves from it or something along those lines.. it's crystal clear what that faggot is doing. And ofcourse making lots of money by milking the normies, and didn't he fuck people over on reddit by pocketing some money aswell?

This guy is an opportunist of the top shelf, he saw what was happening and knew that if he put himself in front of it, eventhough not part of it but just pretended that he was, he could make some money. He says he doesn't agree with it, and not part of it, and has demonstrated this on multiple occasions.

Goyim, who cares about the jews? The muslims and the (((left))) are the real problem!

He's putting himself in front of the natural pushback against european culture, values, ethnicities traditions etc. being at risk of being destroyed in european nations and other places in the next few decades unless something is done.

And as much as he is milking the normies when talking about something he distances himself from, atleast he could be honest about what it is, but no.. can't even do that, also have to mischaracterize it and not only that but trying to actively undermine key aspects of it.

Really following any "alt-right" media icon is fucking stupid, do your own research. Sheep will herd I guess.

why is Milo so based bros?

>our movement
>implying he was funny to begin with
>trusting a jew

stormfags are as bad as SJWs

of course you'd say that, being non-white.

it only hurts the movement, many people who browse /pol arent white as well. But we can understand the cultural fight

trump is a kike collaborator

Thats great, but who the fuck is this alt right? good luck to them.

majority of the posters in here are spics and towelheads anyway lel


Do you guys actually consider yourself and label yourself (if asked) as part of the "alt-right?"

> Zionism and its police state ideals
> Libertarianism
pick one


No. There is no such thing as the """"""alt-right""""". Media outlets keep telling me all about this supposedly very influential movement. I sure wish they could direct me to some of its central tenets, like a consistent economic or social policy, or to its leader, or the political party that represents it.

im just an oldfag who posts may mays on Cred Forums

muh sekrit anonomoose habbo hotel hackers club

What movement ? Whatever if a prissy faggot is a threat to you then whatever it is your doing, your doing it wrong.

I know this is probably bait, but even in this equivocation only the left is actually censoring their opponents view.

Divide and conquer
CTR thread

>anonymous imageboard about politics

What a surprise from a homosexual Jew.
Send me a letter when you have realized that the whole "alt-right" has the same goals as Yiannopoulos.