Ask an actual black person campaigning for trump anything


went door knocking today in indiana.

might be organizing some teensfortrump thing. (i'm 20 but they are letting me help set it up anyways)

i need some fucking ideas. Is pepe taboo at this point?

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I'm a spic and I'm voting for the damn guy

As much as I hate Cred Forums I hate tumblr more.


How many times a day do you get called an uncle tom by your """brothers"""? lord knows I get this shit at least three times a day minimum at UCF

Keep fighting that fight

How do we convince POC to drop the "stop snitching" mentality that enables "Thugs" to turn your their communities into the "gangster's paradise"?

I'm applying to ucf. What's the scene there? Sjws rampant?

I don't understand America, so please answer honestly - is everything REALLY about race there? Niggers, crackers, spics etc. or is it just overblown? As a minority, what is your feeling on this.

rofl, my dad gave up calling me that.

we have somewhat of a mutual understanding now.

but literally too much. mainly from family members sadly.

but i make good arguments so they don't usually test me.

how do you dress for your door knocing activities ? Mormon style ? 50's classy suit , jeans and a t-shirt ?

Fuck the racists on this board. If you're on my side, I don't care what color you are. Welcome to the team.

Nobody gives a fuck as long as you don't steal shit.

i love you bastards so much

when i was younger i did so much bad shit (i live in like a 90% white community btw)

they never once gave up on me and they never once harassed me for my race.

LITERALLY the only people who do are my friends who fuck around occasionally and people of my own fucking race.

My white teachers, friends and local cops have been literally awesome people all my life.

tldr. It's only a race issue if you break the fucking law.

everytime i get a ride i just get great convos with people.

Even the trump people were just really happy i volunteered and we all just have great convos.


I hope you make good use of your immunity blackbro. Do you find you are able to turn a certain demographic more easily than others? For example black males, white females, white males. What do you say when people answer the door?

How do you campaign for Trump? Do you just go to your local government building and ask?

All it takes is for blacks to stop complying with the fucking gangs.

If there was a group effort to blacklist these literal gang members and criminals things would be 10x better.

Yeah man, that's why i try to help out at the local campaign office a few times a week. I feel like it's really important people see something that "really makes them think"

and i just say your standard stuff "hello, i'm with the trump campaign. "Can Donald J Trump count on your vote on November the 8th?"

i record how they respond maybe chat a little. talk about how he did in the debate or something and move on to the next house.

We do it in groups in some SUV the trump hq rented out to the indiana trump coordinator.

Literally just google for trump campaign offices in your area.

If you can't find any call the trump offices.

They'll be more than happy to put you to work, they also have sick debate watch parties.

We had some congress people and others high up in the trump campaign watching with us for the first debate.

what state do you live in?

Do you think it's possible to fix black "culture" at this point? I can't understand why so many blacks buy into all the bullshit, man.

Also, do you think the levels of violence/ general degeneracy are genetic? I think it might be because outliers that don't exhibit such traits find less reproductive success. I think welfare is rewarding that kind of behavior and degenerating your race, user.

It depends on when people decide to take responsibility.

If trump can bring back some of these jobs, show the dem way of doing things has been a failure. We might see people accept more traditional american values.

Alot of people aren't about the dem plantation and see through this shit.

There's a reason obongo is telling blacks he'd be disappointed if they voted for anybody that isn't clinton.

Trump is doing better with the black vote than any other republican in recent memory.

the best thing blacks can do is not comply with the fucking gangs and thugs in these fucked up communities.

Trump needs to crack the fuck down on that shit, but sadly white liberals and feral ignorant blacks would be in the streets burning weaves and shit.


Much love man, but seriously. How do you justify being on our side when memes like moonman and "googles" are frequently used by alt-righters?

How badly do other darkies judge you for supporting Trump? Have you converted anyone to Trumpism yet?

Trump cares for individuals no matter what races you are. Hillary is using the racism card to get herself into office. And for once OP is not a faggot.

Based OP doing god's work

i went to ucf! jus trecently graduated..what is ur first name?

It's just banter m8, also sterotypes have some truth to them.

I'm from an almost all white community and i know for a face whites aren't racist because they put up with my shit.

I went to an all black college for a few years and i learned the fucking truth.

Cred Forums is 95% fucking right.

I don't agree with everything here but they make some good points and ya gotta be able to handle the banter m8.

Lmao who is actually weak-minded enough to get rustled by memes on a Vietnamese knitting board anyways.

and honestly i 200% believe in trump, he's the real deal lad.

Trump could be the literal 1960s kkk and i'd still support trump.

I truly believe he loves all people and is a sick motherfucker.

i also love this country more than anyone i know personally.

It's honestly kind of a mixed bag. I personally try and keep off campus as much as I can since I'm not much for crowds, but compared to other campuses I've toured it's centrist with a slight left lean. Even in Florida you can only do so much. You you're looking for ficki ficki the student body averages a good 7/10 IMO.
White cucks are easy to ignore and act extremely confused if you confront them. It's great.

I haven't done any door knocking, but I'm thinking of at least volunteering to set up a voting registration table at some point and maybe volunteer at a polling station if I have the time.

Florida's too damn hot for formal wear, the most I'd do for door knocking or long periods of being outdoors would be a polo and maybe khakis/dress pants or jeans.

I've been blessed enough to come from a family of toms. It's good you have some equal understanding though, the family is extremely important and politics is a very divisive subject for most.

i phrased that wrong i meant "Cred Forums could literally be the 1960s kkk and i'd still support trump"

not trump himself obviously

Good on ye lad. Keep fighting the good fight.

no it's not genetic you fucking dumbass, i hate this evolution meme. God created all of us, and the spirit of God outweighs any genetic anything.

desu senpai i feel sorry for black people. Being pigeon holed by politicians as liberals. expected to always vote for the other black people or democrat.

Being genetically inclined to an arguably lesser iq. But also being subjected to shit like muh dick and gang shit as a culture you should embrace and love.

Yeah i've actually convinced quite a few people actually.

Alot of cucked whites as well.

i got a girl to go from "trumo hates women, he talks down to women"

to literally crying, messesging me during debates about how much she loves him and wants him to win.


>I've been blessed enough to come from a family of toms. It's good you have some equal understanding though, the family is extremely important and politics is a very divisive subject for most.

define toms, because my parents are literally voting for hillary. My dad considers himself a black nationalist and we debate every time we go out.

We literally cause scenes going back and fort at eachother lmao. i'm in hostile territory brah

iq is a meme perpetuated by jews. fuck you

except iq strongly correlates with success

Doing God's work, black user. Keep it up!

Tell your fellow friends of ethnicity to look carefully at trump and judge him by how he wants all Americans to succeed

no, it definitely exists.

That being said it is impossible to tell at what position in their race's bell curve any individual will fall

How do you feel standing with neckbeards who are unironically triggered if they see you dating a white woman?

i am too, 80% of my friends are black (i'm white/mulato/mestizo hispanic btw) and everyone thinks i'm crazy for wanting trump.

my mom thankfully wants him, but that's it.

i misread what you were trying to say about the toms thing, but don't make excuses.

Get out there are volunteer, there will not be another opportunity like this maybe ever.

When are you moving home to africa?

iq exists because you measure for it but it doesn't mean shit.

yeah, if you actually take an iq test

God speed my friend.

Based blacks are our best weapon against this BLM bullshit.

I like you blackanon.

picture related. That's why black communities have major problem because of this.

hehe cook me up a taco bean goblin

By "Toms" I mean well mannered and integrated folks. Like Tom from the Boondocks to some extent, but not quite as whitewashed.

They're contributing members of society that work their fingers to the bone and think the media is intentionally trying to start a race war because they know "The facts just say these dumb niggers cause more problems and it makes us ALL look bad". My moms phrase of choice this cycle as been "I don't care if you're black, white or whatever. If you born in the US or got your card... you AMERICAN. Nothen else."

My father also gave me a hell of a beating when I came home with saggy jeans and a chain one day in early highschool as I attempted to enter a "rap gangster" phase. Set me straight right quick.

Why move to africa when i can move to sweden in 5 years?

fuck everyone desu, this is it. Hillary wins? Kiss your internet, kiss your memes and kiss your boarders goodbye

get out there and show ur face, it triggers the fuck out of liberals.

you're cool. trump is the real deal.

don't get it twisted though. lot of beta alt-white boys see you as a useful idiot. maybe it was majority banter 4 years ago, but now the mass of idiots we attracted think they're in good company.

yeah man, what bothers me about my father is he's really smart right?

Owned his own medical practice (before the recession fucked it and he had to sell, now he works at a clinic)

Made straight A's in medical school, knows how to form arguments but is voting for clinton and believes obama is this great fucking person.

it's really fucking annoying and confusing.

it indicates a general underlying intelligence, g, and predicts other general intelligence scores (SAT, ACT, whatever that alphabet soup military test is, etc) pretty well

trust me i know. fuuckk hillary lol. i think i'm gradually turning them around, especially after i'm going around saying trump destroyed hillary in the debates. people are like, hmm yea a little. they know i want trump but they can't let go of the trump hates minorities meme

i'm from miami and trump just fucking came to the hood and ate in a cuban restaurant! everyone was like my nigga, trump is genuine

no 1 cares

yea, if you take it lol. the jews have us believe that everyone takes iq tests, or even cares about them.

the only thing we hate is the endless shitposting of cuck threads from faggots like you

yeah but i could care less what they think.

The storm edgelords are like 10-20% of Cred Forums and honestly i like arguing with them.

They want their own ethno-state and are proud to be white, idgaf as long as they don't affect my life.

Even as far as the stormfags go there are your duke tier stormfags and your "i hate you cuz ur skin nothing else, u could be ben carson with a 5.0 gpa and a 190iq and i'd still h8 you xd"

The duke tier stormfags are actually cool people desu.

(david duke isn't actually a bad guy desu)

^this is the ultimate red-pill

How does it feel to be the lowest degree of human and why are you here? Please respond, I live in Utah and I don't think I've ever talked to a nigger before.

that's to say, it does mean shit.

the Jews had ME believe that almost nobody takes IQ tests... hmmmm, maybe the mainstream of ideas isn't a coldly calculated Jewish conspiracy?

>acting this tough on the Internet
I'm a Utahfag too and I've talked to a few nigs.

Obama was probably the last straw for my father. He purses his lips and shakes his head whenever he's on TV.
He put a lot of hope and energy into campaigning for him and then Obama let him down in every single way imaginable.

He's a retired lineman (one of those guys who works on power cables) so healthcare reform was a huge factor for him at the time even though he was unionized. I don't think he'll ever admit it, but I think he was a long time democrat or at least moderate until after Obamass first term ended.

As for Clinton, Trumps right on that. They count on our votes and rightfully so. I wonder what it'll take to really get people to consider their options instead of blindly voting one way or the other.


For your help in saving the white race I will let you live. But you're going to have to get sterilized so you can't reproduce. Can't have another nigger problem.

Are you worried about getting attacked?

Dude you're black, this means you have the capability to trigger leftists without being called a racist. You should drop as many redpills as you can.

>Reddit's first post

it's all about how you are as an indvidual desu.

i was born with an iq anywhere from 118-130

i don't nig, i don't nog and i speak proper english.

I've lived in white areas my whole life and have met the greatest people in my life in these places.

in addition to this i get into school easier.

being a subhuman never felt so fucking good desu

With age I've come to prefer the honest hateful ones desu.

It feels like >20% these days but it could just be that they shitpost the hardest I suppose.

quit shuckin' and jivin' nigger.

when i say jews, i mean the illuminati/zionists/rockefellers/rothchilds/masons all banded together. the ones who push worldly education over God, the ones who push darwinism and evolution.

that being said, nobody in the hood takes iq tests even remotely seriously. i think it's mandatory for everyone in public school to take one, but our mentality is "if it's not a grade, then fuck it"

Keep up the good work lad, proud of you. That takes some dedication and nuts

desu, i feel like i have a lessser chance to be attacked as a black trump supporter than a white one.

seeit's honestly sick af, i can scream nigger and nobody gets butthurt, i can actually hold convos with people because they genuinely get confused as to why i support trump.

go back to africa.

Howdy nigger! Come lynchin time, we gon getcha!

Once the white supremacists win under this guise of inclusive nationalism, you'll be lynched just like the rest of the niggers.

You'll deserve it to you fucking traitor. Eat shit.

Black culture is currently dysgenic as fuck, the dumbest ones are the ones have the most children. Add in the double whammy of thinking that being educated is acting "white" and you got a recipe for disaster.

Dear diary, today OP wasn't a faggot


Why would you do that?. Even Hillary is better then trump. Unless you suck cock, in which case, trumps your man.

>IQ 118-130

*snarf* Also, why is it that when niggers aren't doing crack cocaine and using EBT, they post anime and speak in regarded weeaboo phrasing?

Tы мepзкий, вoнючий и oтвpaтитeльный ниггep.
Bы ниггepы тaк и ocтaнитecь paкoм нa тeлe Aмepикe и любoй бeлoй cтpaны гдe бы вы нe нaхoдилиcь. Heт нa зeмлe бoлee мepзких cyщecтв чeм ниггepcкий cкaм.


Srs question

how does the average stromfag plan on turning the USA into an ethno state ?

Even david duke (based man desu) doesn't want to do this, why not just do the pheasible thing and secure a place for whites.

To do the whole ethno-state thing you'd literally have to make your own country, or start in like poland or something.

so why not strive for making white pride acceptable instead of the pipe dream that usa will be le "white ethnostate"

>duke tier
david duke isn't even a racist kek

>when i say jews, i mean the illuminati/zionists/rockefellers/rothchilds/masons all banded together. the ones who push worldly education over God, the ones who push darwinism and evolution.
hahahaha I don't believe in any of that and I don't really care if you do. Darwinism and evolution are fairly well supported bodies of science.

>nobody in the hood takes IQ tests seriously
yeah but it still indicates general intelligence

>I think it's mandatory for everyone in public school to take one
wat. It certainly isn't required here in VA anywhere.

> not being a weeb

> on Cred Forums

Race war faggot

Only the liberals talk about race all the time. A few people are "casual" racists and will tell nigger jokes with their friends but its mostly just talk. Very few people do anything blatantly racist in public and most of the "issues" you hear about are caused by liberals stirring the pot.

did economics or culture drive you here


you talking to one now, me, im not like that

I'm a first generation Aghan-American and I'm voting Trump.
My parents were higher class in the Afghan and got to escape when the Russians invaded in the 70s.

Just vote Trump and you're Cred Forums approved

Is your name 'Alex'?

I'm black and I integrate very well into the white community. I have a beautiful 10/10 girlfriend who is white. I get on with her parents no problem.

Don't worry I'll save a bullet for you

Is jerking off the traps gay?

> stating facts is racist

racist would be if he said "blacks shouldn't be allowed to go to school because they are black"

he's literally saying blacks should be admitted into school based on merit.

literally what is wrong with this

You're a cool guy, thanks for doing what white guys can't do. Talk to blacks about Trump with out the 800lb Gorilla in the room know as "You're white"


Trump Tower in Las Vegas.
Saved the life of my cancer ridden mother.
>he is smarter than shit bag woman.....

You eastside nigger?

well the age old saying goes "if the penis is feminine..."

The real question OP is do you play fightan games?

Hi monkey,
How do you justify the disgusting burden your non-human filth puts on us?

Because moonman talks about niggers, niggers give a bad name to educated civil black men. If a black person votes Trump, is well eduacted and civil in society, he is all right.

are you that t guy?

hahahaha that's the point

the media portrays him as racist because they can and already have character assassinated him for his (past) affiliation with the KKK but none of his policy proposals are anything but egalitarian

Here here, we need more people like OP



is world of warcraft a fighting game?


well you should, cuz it's real. why do u think "the jews" is a thing? jews mean they don;t believe jesus was sent by God and the messiah, it's a religion against God.

who coincidentally push this evolution narrative because it goes against the creation account written by moses God's servant.

ok, it indicated general intelligence but the minority scores are deflated because no one cares about them. and well, in miami they are mandatory for public schooling.

I'm black and I integrate very well into the white community. I have a beautiful 10/10 girlfriend who is white. I get on with her parents no problem.


Can I trust you to be cool if I reached out to you by email? I'm with alternative media and would love to chat with you

Timestamp like OP did, or you're just a pigeon shit.


re-read my post

i said half of stormfags are (duke tier) in an endearing way.

i unironically like david duke as a black person.

sue me.

he honestly seems like a really honest and nice person.

proof fgt

Not really, but we can pretend. Either way keep on fighting the good fight. Chocolate Rambo and our waifus will be awaiting us in Gensokyo.

fuck off huffington post,this nigger is ours

Don't give up.
Getting called an Uncle Tom is a small price to pay for fucking up the party that has taken your vote for granted for 50+ years.

as long as balls don't touch, rock out


ayo fellow Hoosier
>or are you a Gary nigger, in that case you belong to Chicago.

I worked with this guy.


black support for trump is almost 20% now

I don't get why they nuked David Duke but they praise David Byrd


Hey OP where in Indiana are you from? I grew up in Milan, Ripley County.

Why are you supporting Trump? Daddy did good and he told you to? Live in a nice neighborhood and just want to separate yourself from other niggers? How do you think America should look? Do you think Trump supports that belief?

If this is real, all I have to say is this: fuck you nigger. No subhuman will be spared on the DotR.

Fuck off Lance

cARMEL indiana


i actually might be on the local news channel 8.

(i have Cred Forums open in the backround rofl right in front of the camera guy during the debate viewing party at the campaign office)

Still whiter than England.


I'd honestly rather just pay your gibs rather than have my race mongrelized by you.

how do you control yourself around liberals? Because I'm white and these cucks make me wanna chimp the fuck out

i still have this saved

fuck it i consider it relevant.

He sounds based to me. Democrats are generally more educated then republicans. Your dad is right. INb4 liberal universities


This is the most "13 year old who just discovered the internet" music video I could ever see. It fills me with a pleasant nostalgia of simpler times.

>Your resolve increases as you remember what you're fighting for

>I have a beautiful 10/10 girlfriend who is white.

when you chimp out eventually be sure to off her first

Notice me, senpai

>Bean goblin

Underrated post

One Trump black is worth 100 of their blacks. Get out there and stump nignog.

Gotdamn that's smack dab right in the center of Indy. Farthest north I've ever been was Indianapolis literally one time. First city I ever visited was Cincinnati.
Whether we're black, or white, Hoosiers are the master race.

What do you think of genuine racists?

>pic related

>why do u think "the jews" is a thing?
I do think there is a medium amount of (sub)conscious racism that goes on with respect to Jews hiring and promoting other Jews, but it can not be denied that the bulk of Jews' success is through their own merit. Jews have a culture that internally promotes productivity, family and friends, and education.

>who coincidentally push this evolution narrative because it goes against the creation account written by moses God's servant.
evolution is the accepted theory arrived at by science, not conspiracy, and is consistent with Christianity. "creation science" is pure unscientific BS

>ok, it indicates* general intelligence but the minority scores are deflated because no one cares about them
no, there is no reason to believe this. The researchers in the Minnesota adoption study I've already posted were to begin with (Jewish) crusaders against racism. Generally speaking, there IS a hierarchy of intelligence that goes like this:
>East Asians
due to genetics, and observably NOT due to socioeconomic status or crime.

>and well, in miami they are mandatory for public schooling.
Do you know why?

>moonman and "googles"
This triggers the Jews more, and in the end it's all about pissing the Jews off.

still can't defend the federal reserve, tpp or globalism


the phrase "not an argument" works wonders.

what am i noticing?

I'm an uniornic american nationalist, against globalism, against tpp. Actually treats the US like it's more than just sports team.

idgaf what anyone else thinks. i 300% believe in trump.

i'd punch a bitch in the face for him.

easy: one was a republican and one was a democrat.

Oh, I thought you were attributing the quoted material to Duke-tier stormweenies. nvm

I blame Hillary for Peyton leaving.

I'm a Mexican an Black atheist from southern California who also supports Trump 100%.

>idgaf what anyone else thinks. i 300% believe in trump.

Fuck ya. I can't understand the folks that just don't want to talk. Their final stand is "neither are good".

Trump is fucking awesome. The man gets me hype as fuck. Like a regular guy, a businessman, successful, now heading straight for the white house to set shit straight, came outta nowhere.

Makes a regular man feel like he can make a difference

"students at a northern indiana high-school were caught chanting "build the wall" at a basketball game towards the mainly latino opponents"

never 4 get

ok, but jew isn;t a race, it is a religion. is it coincidence that the jewish "race" all don't think that jesus was sent by God? why do you think they are so evil? just genetics right?

creation science is the truth. cannot be proven otherwise. if moses says it, i believe him. evidence =/= proof

that's just wrong my friend. iq isn't relevant. i laugh at anyone who believes in a heiriarchy of intelligence due to genetics.

and no, i don't know why. i think it's because every school has to have a record of ESE, and they test kids for free. so i don't think it's actually mandatory, but like they still make you take it.

Last time I was in Indiana was July. I moved to Miami a couple years ago and now I'm joining the Marines. I won't see good ol' Indy for a while. This thread made me homesick.

I gave you proof I am in the industry. Do you want to chat or not

If you post a throwaway you will check tomorrow I can take a pic in that exact spot with a time stamp emailed to you

"We're gunna punch through the media"

LOL has anyone ever done what this man has?

everyone against him and i mean EVERYONE.


on top of EVERYTHING he's 70 years old with the stamina of a god doing events almost everyday.

it's actually crazy people dislike him desu

What is your honest opinion on 'Black Lives Matter'?

Do you think police shooting blacks is a legitimate problem? Or is it just an excuse for protest?

How many black people support Trump in your area?

It's a movement backed by (((george soros)))

it's a narrative based on lies perpetuated by the msm

so ya,fuck blm in every aspect.

The trayvon martin case was the beginning of my red-pilling

on the police thing, okay some of the shooting were fucked, but most were blacks googling the fuck out.

it's all hyped up by the msm. if you read my above post, i live in an all white neighboorhood.

when i was younger i would be out late literally doing stupid google like shit, white cops were based with me every time.

I never got taken in and they talked to me everytime and even joked with me.

If googles stopped googling there would be little to no issues.

Just popping in to say we need more people like OP.

its meme-y as fuck but I really look up to him.

The dream is not about wearing a suit and tie, bootlicking for kikes, then going home to live in "luxury". It's about making it YOUR way, and he's a shining star proving that it's possible to hold true to your values and carve forward.

I don't wanna have to watch my language or my political opinions around faggots I hate just so my "image" is superficially held up. It's OK to draw lines in the sand. It's OK to have preferences. It's OK to push back, and people love the authenticity.

>Tom or whoever stank ass better block or shit
Tom Fulp?

desu it's not great, but it's not horrible either.

alot are voting for neither.

but it's mostly pro-hillary as you would think.

even my own sister is brainwashed by this shit.

i'm the only one in my family that is supporting trump as far as i know.

but it doesn't really matter all that much.

trump is leading here by 50 points.

i'm just trying to make sure he gets as many popular and minority votes as he can so it looks really good on election day.

So you've went door knocking..

What was your most interesting interaction?
Most heated one?

Police shooting people in general is a legitimate problem. The problem with Black Lives Matter isn't that it's a movement that shines a spotlight on a well documented problem, it's that it's a movement that doesn't have a centralized message or centralized leadership.

i live in miami, welcome to my city. imo the best in the usa

>ok, but jew isn;t a race
no, but they often act as one in the form of tribalism.

>why do you think they are so evil? just genetics right?
They're not evil. They just are all indoctrinated into communism/liberalism/zionism, with very few exceptions. In my view they are less of a destructive force than blacks.

>creation science is the truth. cannot be proven otherwise. if moses says it, i believe him. evidence =/= proof
do watch the video I posted. There are legitimate ways that scripture can be interpreted non-literally. Also, you can't simply dismiss modern science with "hah! they're Jewish conspirators!"

>that's just wrong my friend
no, it is correct. Pic related, there are massive genetic variations between the races, and it would be ridiculous to assume, contrary to ALL evidence, that the races are equal in intelligence, just as it would be ridiculous to assume (again, contrary to literally all of the evidence) that there is no difference in skin color or athletic ability.

I hate the labels that the a large number of other blacks put on me. It's no one else's fault but theirs, and they're bringing non nigger blacks down with them with their shitty culture and ignorance.

I despise blacks in America for that reason. We've had and have some of the best opportunities of any other race given to us by white Americans, and it has taken 625,000 American lives, a shitload of money, and brought the statistics of America down as a whole when it comes to crime and education, and this is what we make of it. I hate the idea that blacks want to find something to be proud of when it comes to their race, when there's nothing. I'd rather take pride in America as a whole instead of segregating myself.

I wouldn't be worried about blacks if they were actually educated and held the same values as white conservative Americans, but the fact that liberals hold a majority of blacks is a scary sight. I hope white conservatives stay in the majority long enough for minorities to adopt the core values that are held by conservatives. I also hope that at the same time, we drop our shitty nigger culture.

Why don't all niggers do porn? They all have 14+ inch cocks so why not? Is it because they have to work or is it something else?


And good on ya googlem8. I'm a whitey trying to redpill all the mexicans I can in AZ.

Indiana is actually pretty based man

got sooooo many voting pledges.

i've only done like 20 houses so far (today was my first day)

but the worst i got was some old white guy in a beard going "NOPE" and shutting the door on me before i could finish my sentence.

indiana remains uncucked

nice man, thanks. anyway you can make it over to ohio and campaign there?


gl out there, try not to die. (i mean this sincerely)

When will you helping Africa, or will white propylene taking up that responsibility?


Not InfoWars but we have rubbed shoulders with them.

I have 2 short questions.

What do you think about 'horseshoe theory'?

What is your opinion on IsraHell?

hey i'm down. let me see which email i should give.

nigga I been here 2 years, your welcome is late.
Since coming to Miami at 16, I got drunk for the first time, smoked pot once, and went to degenerate after-parties thrown by the popular girls. Joined the marines to get out of here.

I got a POG MOS, I'm not gonna die.

[email protected]

indoctrinated by who??? they indoctrinate themselves based on the TALMUD...a satanistic rendering of the old testament. you understand?

and i know, creation is a simplified allegory, but it is meant to be taken literally at the same time. it's the beauty of the bible. creation took 6 days and adam was the first man and he lived 6,000 years ago. that's what moses wrote and that's what i believe. it certainly clears up the epigenetic question of "who came first the chicken or the egg?" well, God formed them first and then the rest was history.

evolution is false. it's very easy to be tricked into "intellectuality" your studies and charts don't measure spirit. in terms of our animalistic instincts, maybe blacks are "less intelligent" but really they excel at a whole lot. it's a misguided description of black intelligence, i think they might be the least capitalistic oriented people group, but that doesn't imply non-intelligence, just being crippled in western society.

>doesn't have a centralized leadership
actually it's jew soros

Nigger thinks he's people
>voting for Trump
God bless you honorary white man

lol! sounds about right. miami is not degenerate, it's just a very sensual place. your senses will go for a ride living here. miami is a God fearing city, i think it's like 70% catholic 25%% christian, 3% muslim 2 % other lol.

not familiar with horseshoe theory


overall fuck israel. I don't think they should get as much money from us as they do and they have wayyyyy too much influence on the us for being such a small country.

also their connections with 9/11 and other shit.

not much to like

Why are you supporting a man who adamantly touted the idea that our current president wasn't born here, then when finally admitting he was wrong all that time doing so in such a childish way by lying and saying "hillary dun did it furst!" and saying he "finished it" as if he had been trying to prove he WAS born here?

What redeems this to you?

Is Citizen's United a good or bad thing in your book? How do you feel about Trump's potential Supreme Court nominees? Do you believe that the conservative leaning Supreme Court has had a positive or negative impact on society over the past decade?

>caring about this

bro, how bout this economy? how bout the wavering 1st and 2nd amendment?

>smacks lips profusely
Are dogs niggers?

> As an actual black person
How do your perceive the term "vulnerable group" when a political movement vying for power over others uses it?

nazi get

boring nazis are boring

nobody gives a fuck

also word on the street is obama never showed his birth certificate and what he showed was a copy/fake

irrelevant either way

Thanks. Horseshoe Theory basically says that when you politically lean too far left or too far right, you see similarities in policy. Basically, you become more extreme and hypocritical.

It shows that if you should balance yourself politically (ideology is called Centrism or real Liberalism) so that you don't become extreme.

It's name because of the way it all bends, like a horseshoe, rather than being a straight line.

(((They))) occupy the far right as well as the far left so they are really the same bunch.

what type of laptop is that? what is resolution and reffresh rate of monitor on it?

Also why don't all niggers do porn? They all have 14+ inch cocks so why not? Is it because they have to work or is it something else?

i'm not even sure what citizen's united is honestly. i feel like trump would do his best to make this country good, i just think trump is a bit too authoritarian in his political ideology, but his heart is in the right place so i feel good about his supreme court nominees. conservitive leaning is more positive because it is close to our creator's laws. but i'm more libertarian in my views. if the act is not forbidden by the 10 commandments i don't think it should be law.

Answer this Why don't all niggers do porn? They all have 14+ inch cocks so why not? Is it because they have to work or is it something else?

labeling to push an agenda.

it's also pretty fucked up when you think about it, it's basically demeaning the group in question as if they are children to a certain extent.

So you're fine with excusing that kind of temperment and blatant pride of full blown ignorance and allowing a man like trump who frequently spends charity money on himself, frequently either elongates payments to contractors and employees or flat out denies it all together due to "dissatisfaction", directly damaging the economy, and openly refuses the idea of freezing his assets in a blind trust when becoming present to prevent self-interest complicating his term in office? Is it not painfully obvious to you that this man might want to serve his own personal purposes during his term in office? Do you think he'll let it all melt away for "america"?

Because you think "We'll he runs a multi bullion dollar industry surely he can fix our 20 trillion dollar debt by adding 5 more trillion to it and giving more tax breaks to the rich." ? What is the appeal of this guy to you? Does he somehow make you feel like he knows what hes doing when hes clearly demonstrated the exact opposite time and time again?

I know this is a lot of questions, but seriously. Think about why you're supporting this man. I am genuinely curious.

inb4 "Tells it like it is" and "we need change and hes so drastic its gotta happen."

Keep the church separated from the state.

Thank you, for writing out what im too tired of writing out myself

I'm dissappointed in you brother. You think that aligning yourself with white supremacy protects you from being victimized by police? No sir....

I never said that intelligence is even a good thing, only that there are measured differences in intelligence between the races.

>6000 year old earth
thoroughly debunked

>Africans (blacks) are the least capitalist
I agree

>but that doesn't imply non-intelligence
no, but literally all data relating to intelligence does

>just being crippled in western society
There is nothing stopping blacks from being functional members of western society other than themselves. Although, society at large plays their part in reinforcing the almost paranoid victim mentality of many blacks.

>muh spirit!

to a certain extent yes.

I believe the opposite extremes both inevitably censor things they deem "unworthy" being it "degenerates" or "deplorable racist"

and both groups will be authoritarian with what they believe.

but at the end of the day it's about what you most identify with.

I think (((they))) control the right and the left from a republican-democrat perspective.

but not in a true right vs left way

the true far right is as far away from (((those people))) as you can get

Did you go to Carmel HS? I live 20 minutes from there. Lawrence Township here man.

some asus gaming labtop

i'm too lazy to look at the specifics rn.

How do you feel about the statistic that half of the claims hes made since delcaring candidacy, in a general sense, have been falsehoods?

Crock of bullshit maybe?

And a presidential candidate SERIOUSLY BEING IGNORANT of the fact that our president is a U.S citzen because of the color of his skin or his agenda regarding certain religious groups is a pretty big fucking sign that hes constantly either talking out of his ass or a genuine fucking idiot dude.

How is that "irrelevant" to his character?

Horseshoe theory is discredited nonsense and is peddled only by those who have the most superficial knowledge of political matters.

Anyway, keep fighting the good fight, OP.

it is still separated. it is my opinion that God's laws are the most flawless, and any one with a half a sense would vote someone who is a good christian. i'm not saying people have to follow the 10 commandments, i'm saying that people have to follow the laws i put in place (which i draw inspiration from the 10 commandments)

first of all, anything negative you've heard about trump is a false media narrative, second of all, trump is smart AF, personable AF, and genuine AF. he doesn't tell lies, people just misconstrue his statements often. especially since he started running. he said something about illegal mexicans and suddenly this guy is the devil himself.

third of all, he really REALLY knows the business of making money.

Should I relax around you? Do you have an urge to punch every white person you see, in the side or back of the head?

>Content of their character.

You're a hero. Keep up the good work.

Anyone that gives you shit on Cred Forums is a David Duke insurgent or a CTR shill sowing dissent by pretending to be one.

You're no better than the thing you hate. It's called being human.

You got UCF and are black and support Trump? Be strong brother. I went there for 3 years. That place is as liberal a shithole as the come. Can't count on both my hands how many liberal, feminist, whit ebaying teachers I've had. MAGA

The theory first came about when Clinton's campaign circulated anonymous emails that questioned Obama's certificate. Trump helped bury the issue for everyone by using his wealth and status to get a response.

"Oh no how Scandalous! how could Trump do that!"

Citizen's United is the term used for the Supreme Court decision that weakened the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act by arguing that corporations are people. The Super PACs that are so commonplace in this year's election, allowing corporations to dump effectively unlimited funds into campaigns across the country, is a result of that Supreme Court decision.

My primary worry with a Trump presidency isn't what he'd actually be able to achieve while in office (he'll be legislating through executive action if at all) but that he'd have a lasting impact on the sanctity of our democracy by electing judges that would continue the trend set by Citizen's United in allowing corporations to drown out the voices of the people.

What? No.

debunked by who? lol do we have time machines? oh you believe in those dating methods. typical, that is the only debunk friend

>muh spirit!

sorry the jew zionists and science lucifer worshippers got you brainwashed. must suck to think you're smart when in reality you're just sucking dick of bill nye and darwin and shit

>Smart AF
Yeah sure
>Personable AF
Yeah maybe
>Doesn't tell lies

People don't misconstrue shit. I'm not gonna spoonfeed you but you and the rest of this shithole board need to learn how to use to internet and find the proof riddled everywhere that this dude lies out of his ass pretty god damned frequently. Both before and after declaring cadidacy.

Discrediting the mountains of evidence that I wont be fucked to spoonfeed you people as "false media narrative" is asinine and ignorant as fuck.

So an ignorant man has ignorant supporters. At least I've made some conceptual progress.

In my experience it was SJW heavy but I was a statistics/sociology double major (kill me) so in the sociology classes there were an insane amount of feminists. Mind you one of its major donors is WDW and Disney so of course they are going to teach only leftist view points, ESPECIALLY in the Sociology classes I took.

Keep up the good work!

Literally telling lies on the internet. You should be ashamed of yourself. Trump lying and saying "Hillary did it first" is the most childish pussy ass cop out anyone ever made in politics.

Trump is a god damn child. Its not surprising he dodged the draft.

What are you even talking about? That's not what horseshoe theory is...

yeah, graduated in 2014

did you go?

I'm not an idiot. He talks all the time about how you play within the system while you also strive to change the system as well.

Do you really fucking think somebody in charge of the most lucrative assets and investments in the world isn't going to try to get every last sheckle he can?

You don't get to the top by taking it easy.

He doesn't apologize and admits what he did and always talks about changing it.

Who else better to change the system than somebody who has benefited from it and knows exactly what's going on.

On top of that, controlled by no special interest, has always been a well liked person (before he ran against dems of course) and begin to think

"damn...the guy might have a pretty good case"

he's also super innovative and calculating.

Carefully wording his sentences and policies to get the most traction they can in a media where they hate his guts.

Leaking his own "miller" tapes to misdirect media.

B8ing the media on the regular

literally what isn't there to like?

went to ucf also, took an astronomy class, my freshman year, first day of class, teacher says, "God is not real, if you think he's real, you're a fool"..hahaha skipped every single class, still got a B. how's that for the power of God?

>Still too scared to ask a darkie a question
>Even on an imageboard

I went to Lawrence Central. Graduated in 2015. Idk if you did, but if you played football we definitely played against each other. Also considering there are about 50 black people in Carmel all together I've probably seen you at some point.

My appologies. I clearly don't belong in this thread.

This is either the most disheartening thing I've ever seen or the best shitpost ever fucking fabricated. Either way this is too much for me. Vote trump, you beautiful fucking dumbasses.

What did he mean by this?

> david duke

david duke honestly is not the enemy.

alot of stormfags are okay, the only ones who are cancerous imo are the one's who believe in literal racism.

not meme racism i mean the "i purely hate you for your skin, you could accident save the white race have a 190 iq, cure cancer and i'd still hate you cuz ur dark XD" types.

you have to be personable to know how to speak. and also how to interpret someone's words. trump has told no lies, he changes his mind a lot but admits it, what's the deal? he is very opportunistic, but not a liar. it really is a false media narrative.

hillary clinton is leaps and bounds a worse person than trump is, and leaps and bounds way more of a liar, and on top of that a MALICIOUS liar.

don't go away mad. just go away

>i got a girl to go from "trumo hates women, he talks down to women" to literally crying, messesging me during debates about how much she loves him and wants him to win.


>i'm not saying people have to follow the 10 commandments
But they have to follow the ten commandments.

Fucking religious bullshit back at it again

lmfao, move to canada pussy... i fuckin escaped cuba to come here . you want leftism/communism? move to fuckin cuba bitch

That I was very stunned by your reply. Horseshoe theory is more about authoritarian elements than 'You're no better than the thing you hate' empty platitudes, Jesus. Whatever, I'm done shitting up OP's virtuous thread, go read about politics, user.


go do' knocking this day in indiana.

might be organizing some teensfortrump thang. (ah'm 20 but dey is letting me he'p set it up anyways)

ah need some motha fuckin ideas. iz pepe taboo at dis here point? with muh beeotch


Would you like to hear about our Lord and Savior, Michael Bay?

>Do you really think
No, thats part of why hes an untrustworthy scumbag.

>He doesn't appologize
No shit his stubborn pride wont let him. He couldn't appologize about touting around the unbased, clearly loaded rumor that obama was a muslim and not born here to get the support of ignorant dumbasses like himself.

>Who else better to change the system
Literally anyone else but him or hillary. Literally anyone else on the ballot, because they have far more experience making legislative change than trump could ever even understand (As demonstrated by his own ideas and website.)

>Controlled by no special interest
Other than the various investments in corporations and buisnesses across the globe? So those arent going to influence him when they have his money and hes president? Yeah, sure pal.

>Super innovantive and calcuating.
No more so than hillary or even fucking gary.

>B8ing the media
IS that a quality you look for in a president? Seriously dude? Thats whats gonna make him a good CnC?

You've got a real crooked finger there user.

yeah, they have to follow MY laws. first amendment remember? why are you so scared of a measly 10 laws? lmfao. 10 laws are too much for people now? sheesh, don't vote liberal, they got WAY more than 10 laws

i did a certain....something at the school that was pretty popular. made local news.

if that rings any bells lmao.

Stunned? Okay, bye brother. God be with you.

how many times have you been called racist without them knowing your skin color?

genuine question

LOL, we have one of those movie tier relationships where a guy and a girl are unironicially really good friends without fucking eachother.

she's like my best friend, it'd be like fucking my sweatshirt man.

Reee harder, bitch.

I love you thank you based black man

kek mad that your house negro doesn't jump on the Berntrain like a good little nigger?

You realize that he is probably smarter than the bulk of democratic voters, right?

Keep up the good work user!

I'm not voting for hillary or trump. They're both awful fucking people in various different ways. So much so I don't like capitalizing their names. Not because I'm lazy. Because fuck em.

If either get elected I'm not going anywhere because ultimately their stupid fucking ideas wont get implemented as actual legislature thanks to the senate or house anyway, who are in need of far more cycling than our presidents ever were.

And even if they do make ridiculous legislation, its likely not going to affect me as an individual as opposed to our nation at large. Which reputation can't get any fucking worse. Ask Cred Forums

I just wanna know what kind of serious and well-drawn and probed thoughts have went into deciding on choosing a man like trump as someone to support as our nations president.

I wasn't dissapointed btw. Thanks for all the input.

Were you involved in the infamous pencil incident?

She looks like she has a nice fat pussy.

Make me, faggot. Go shill for trump somewhere. I'm the anti-shill and you can't stop me. Deal with it.
Bernie is a cuck and you're even moreso. Not moreso than most democrats though.

>muh skin color
you are barely human after all. dumb, smelly ugly disgusting creature, that why any rational person hates you, not because skin color.

Black user, I'm black too.

Why do I feel the urge to punch any motherfucker in the teeth that calls me an uncle tom?

It hurts, I don't even care anymore that I get called nigger anymore on Cred Forums, but that shit does hurt.

Good luck nationalist negro brah

t. conservative chink

>it'd be like fucking my sweatshirt man.

What's wrong with those?


Because voting for trump makes you a house nigga. Good little black boy gonna let the white man come in and fix his shit. Might wanna get down and spit shine his shoe while you're at it.

I ain't gonna end up in a morgue, but I'll be damned if I shine your shoes for free!

Based google.

I just want to get rid of them.
I hate them so much and I'm a white guy
they derail every freaking idea or topic we have and they've had a direct impact on making trump supporters look like we're all white supremacists and Pepe into the freaking swastika

so you're not voting at all? you know one of them has to win right? trump is leaps and bounds better than hillary. i wanted rand paul because he is ron paul's son and ron paul is the best politician i've ever seen. then i wanted ben carson because he spoke a lot of sense, then whoop, he backed donald trump. so i'm for trump. trump is genuine as hell. if you don't see that, i think a girl got you cucked bruh


I agree
But specifically, I see it as more of a mark, like a con-artist would use. To designate a target for abuse. That is literally what it means if you think about it.
> We can get away with more when dealing with this group. They are vulnerable.
It creeps me out. Because it feels like people who already have complete control are creating incentive for society to be more and more vulnerable. They like society to be mindless hyper-liberal consumers while they themselves are more well-to-do, to be in a position to predicate.

Seeming as you are looking at libertarianism:
Does it talk about HOW they would get the mass of people to be enfranchised in that system? Like distributism. pushing for a society completely made up of small independent "property" (business) owners?

Well i think it makes him trustworthy.

if that were hillary she would have misdirected and lied about her involvement. trump owns up.

also his views have been incredibly honest and consistent over the last 20-30 years. he unironicially cares about the USA.

did they actually prove it was his birth certificate? i heard it was a fake but i'll digress from tinfoil theories.

#1 the birther thing was not racist at all. how is questioning if somebody meets the requirements to be president racist in any way?

also when did he say obama was a muslim rofl?

also my parents campaigned for obama in 08, they were pissed about hrc and the email of obama in the "garb" or whatever that went around. to pretend as if this is all trumps issue isn't fair imo but i don't see this whole thing as an issue so whatever.

>Literally anyone else but him or hillary. Literally anyone else on the ballot, because they have far more experience making legislative change than trump could ever even understand (As demonstrated by his own ideas and website.)

Trump has friends in congress and an experienced insider in mike pence. Trump is alot more centrist than right wing anyways. i think he'll actually have a much easier time passing things than anyone else on the ballot desu...


> buisnessman does buisness

this somehow makes him a puppet for every single investor he's ever had.

Wow, everyone who has ever been in buisness just got btfo'd.

lmao the corporations and investors he's trying to expose are against him. This would hold water if there were a fuck ton of corporations supporting him and giving him money but this is not the case.

if you don't believe he's innovative we'll never agree.

>B8ing the media

yes, literally taking on everyone at once requires subversion and cunning.

alot of the things you think are bad are actually strengths.

we look at things very differently.

on the internet? literally 90% of the time

when i tell them and show proof they look really fucking stupid.

it's as funny as it sounds.

you cucks are cancer, reddit tier

I will never understand how "jews control the media" and "let's get them to hate our candidate" was a good idea to them.

how many dindus did a dindu if a dindu nuffin?

are you blanon from a thread like months ago?

Are you planning on giving yourself more publicity? The more publicity the better the outcome I guess.



> reading comprehension

ive always been conservative but trumps not my ideal candidate, however hes the only one who came along this election with balls to call out the problems with the status quo and the direction america is headed.

also, literally anyone but hillary the fucking criminal. i would even take sanders over her, and fuck socialism.

Fuck off, Spook.

If I may ask you also, what can we do to take down BLM? There's not enough of us blacks who can stand up and fight them all. We can't keep hiding forever.

You like Pence right?

nope, 1st time posting on Cred Forums with a time stamp.

yeahhhh, but not in an (alt-right) celebrity type of way, literally for the sole purpose of trump winning.

i want him to win more than you could ever imagine.

Me getting out there and showing my face really rattles people.

especially out here.

i'm here too, i messaged my ex gf on facebook to chill the f out because she's all BLM, and we had a little argument, and i think i convinced her that the media is controlled to create division. she sais she agrees that media is controlled, and i asked her well wtf u think they are trying to do? and she had no answer.

anyway that's what im doing.

Hillary owned up to her email scandal.
Trump did not own up to
-Spending charity money on himself
-Being completely wrong about obama being born here

In regards to questioning his requirements, the only reason trump questioned the requirements is because he was ignorant of the fact that such requirements were nessecary in every other public office obama took before becoming presidents.

So his
>Friends in congress and
>Mike fucking pence
Mean nothing, quite clearly.

>Buisnessman does fucked up shady business
Yeah that's a bad thing that needs to stop in america because it fucks over the working man. Who trump somehow gets support from. Strange how that work.

>The corporations and investors hes trying to expose are against him
>And those hes supporting and invested in are not

The arguement that he still has money situated globally around the world in various buisnesses and corporations and REFUSES to freeze them in a blind fund, instead wanting to let his own family manage his buisness while hes president, is further proof of his scummy intentions.

Just because bad buisness happens and people get fucked over doesn't mean its just something you have to accept as "Businessmen doing bushiness". Thats such a cucked viewpoint.

>If you don't beleive hes innovative we'll never agree.
You're right. Because hes not. And you clearly can't prove it.

>Baiting people on the internet, ESPECIALLY the media, is hard and requires cunning.
Think again pal. You're living proof against that. You're supporting a clown with massive dollars.

desu i have no idea,

obviously the facts are not working.

if anyone would know it would be b a s e d tommy sotomayor.

got any ideas?

you remember the video of the little pro trump black kid getting attacked by a whole buncha fags ? lol he was owning them

>Only 48 posts by this ID

If I DO bother getting up off my lazy ass and voting I'm flipping a coin between gary and whatever the other 3rd party bitch is.

So long as my vote doesn't go to either trump or hillary, I'm fine.

CTR plz go. It doesn't matter what HillShill says because nobody can believe her. At least we can Trust Trump to do what he says he us going to do.

You're cucked as fuck. Cuck mate

Marines were killed more often in traffic accidents than in combat, lad, try not to die.

ok. your right to do it.

even though they won't win. i voted for ron paul, didn't even come close. i won't do that again, i don't believe third party is a thing anymore. but i DO believe third party will come back under trump.

>got any ideas?
yes, kill yourself negro

go back to your containment board.
there will never be a racewar you stupid stormnigger

>I can trust trump to do what he says hes going to.

Boy posts like these really make me wanna root for trump and hope he wins even though I'm not voting for him just to see people like you get your trust abused. I think a lot of america would learn a valuable lesson.

Also sidenote
>He thinks I'm voting for hillary

Spic here as well I'm voting trump cause illegal spics make us look bad. If you're not legal you'll have to go back of course an build that wall.

am i? explain how i cucked someone else then lol!! a black guy for that matter. everyone i interact with is black

Good job, I applaud for you that.

I feel like eventually people are going to rise up against them, I just want it to be now.

Help me take down BLM and I'll never look at a white woman again. I think that's a deal we can work on.

Well no third party candidate has ever won an election. Ever. Unless you count Lincoln. I know my vote for third party is probably just detrimental to the hillary campaign, but I refuse to support that shitshow either.

Thats why Im flipping a coin.

>using Windows 10

Ya fucked up bud

>Hillary owned up to her email scandal.

LOL in the debate that was literally the FIRST time i've heard her admit doing anything wrong.

but i bet if you asked her "what did you do wrong exsactly? she would re-direct basicially talking about how she actually dindunuffin.

whereas trump gets asked about his tax stuff admits it and says he doesn't like it but admits it and wants to change it.

wtf does hillary want to change? what SPECIFICALLY does she admit to doing wrong? that's right. fucking nothing.

>In regards to questioning his requirements, the only reason trump questioned the requirements is because he was ignorant of the fact that such requirements were nessecary in every other public office obama took before becoming presidents.

so? this doesn't mean he can't ask what nobody else did. I like people who rattle cages and make you question things. there was literally nothing wrong with this.

why is inquiry bad?

>Yeah that's a bad thing that needs to stop in america because it fucks over the working man. Who trump somehow gets support from. Strange how that work.

Yes and he literally talks about stopping it and fixing the loopholes that allow things like this.

he literally has made a commitment to stop people from exploiting this.

that's what you don't get. he isn't a politician. he is/was a billionaire buisnessman.

you get to the top do what you need to do, then once you have made it you give back and do the best for your country you possibly can.

It's literally the american dream in a way.

>The corporations and investors hes trying to expose are against him
>And those hes supporting and invested in are not

but they literally are, the lib media had a field day a year ago talking about all the investors he lost/ all the corporate giants he lost.

why? because he's trying to change the system, because he's trying to change the things they've been getting away with for years. things he even admits he's done himself.

go away ctr
what do you think of this song don't ignore me you dindu

What music do you like, OP?

ok lol. all i'm saying, is that NEVER hillary. if we have tovote trump to avoid hillary, i'm with it. i also think trump is one of US, he's a sinner, he just wants US to succeed like he did. he's extremely genuine. opportunistic, but genuine. i mean for crying out loud, he wants to reduce taxes from 35% to 15%! for everyone. that's amazing. he said not paying taxes would make him smart. guess what, it does!

trump is an obnoxious good hearted authoritarian, but it's a step in the right direction.

Spoken like the "compassionate" liberal you certainly are, CTR.


i approve

11k views in 2 days

notbad lmao


>hillary owned up to her email scandal
it's called a crime you retard.
only she can "own up" to inadvertently disseminating top secret material and not get thrown in jail or at the very least barred from any government positions
but no.
people are APPLAUDING her for being stupid enough to host TOP SECRET government information on her private email server
do that in the military and you're fired immediately.
and that happens with information that is only designated secret or classified

u just another self-hating uncle tom ass nigga tryna get these white folks to notice you

u're a disgrace to your race you boo jangling buck dancing c00n

you a cuck to your race for supporting these racist white folks

you know they just using u for their own game? these white devils were hanging your ancestors just a couple decades ago. they don't like you.

baka desu senpai these c00n ass niggas gotta be stopped family

wow wow easy cuck.
Next time use the N word instead.
We dont want to get your Bull angry

all types (cept for country desu, might be some outliers but meh)

Way to not close the tab with your email faggot

How many black people do you think will vote for Trump but are to scared to say so?

Have to admit, a black person that can describe David Duke as a 'based man' seems like a decent dude to me. I just wish the higher IQ blacks will help Africa themselves, instead of Africa waiting for the help of non-blacks.
The thing is, the higher IQ immigrants are always the first to leave, since they're alwYs the first to see how shit things are, leaving behind the lower IQ groups - which is a horrible situation since it's always the higher IQ people who are the drivers of prosperity.

Have a good day.

Whatcha think of Thomas Sowell?

Hello alt-right white nationalist here, I hope you know most of us don't really hate you because you are black, we just really dislike your culture, and want our own ethnic living space where we can be away from it.

The sacred doctrine we have for people like you and milo,etc. is "no enemy to the right".

What I'm confused about is that since you clearly reap the benefits of living in a white community, then obviously a growing alt-right presence that supports segregation would not be good for you if they can to your area. Why do you begrudgingly accept us?

>u just another self-hating uncle tom ass nigga tryna get these white folks to notice you

nope idgaf

i just want ctr and the world to know trump is a god and will save this fucking country

i could care less about what anyone else has to say

i am on this fucking #trumptrain until i die.

the man has lit a fire under me that literally cannot and willnot be put out.

So you recognize that
1. Trump admits to being wrong for not publishing his tax returns and possibly commiting tax fraud by applying for real estate breaks that he isn't qualified for.
2.Trump is at least nominally ignorant of political qualifications for even basic public office, but its okay because nobody asked the dumbest question possible and because he did that he "Shook cages" and "made changes" when later admitting he was completely wrong about the subject.
3. Tump admittedly commits bad ethical buisness practice and fucks over employees and contractors whenever he can get away with it, abusing legal loopholes to cover his ass and scummy actions, but its okay because thats what made him rich.
4. Trump is going to somehow change the system hes taken complete advantage of instead of continuing to do so without any of the negative backlash he deserves when he gets into office because it will all be pardoned?
Note: With plans he hasn't divulged, using people in his cabinet that he also hasn't divulged.

You think that because this man claims to want to change the system hes very clearly abused in a very highly unethical way, that he should be absolved of the wrongs hes committed and held in higher regard than his opponents?

Some of which have actually served public office?

I just want to make sure I understand you. You want THAT MAN as outlined above, in points I believe you acknowledge, to run our country, because you think hes going to change it?

Smart guy, great insights and arguments.

probably only watched/read an hour of content from him but that's what i've taken away from him.

i don't think it's like that desu, if they were like that they'd tell me. You can almost guarantee at least 70% of blacks will vote democrat unfortunately (although this election cycle has alot of blacks coming out to support trump...relatively of course)

why do you care about ethnicity? isn't the culture of God the only culture that matters? if you don't want mixed kids don't have a non-white wife. don't you see how flawed this is? white culture will have just as many bad apples weighing you down if you're segregated

Do you actively follow any sports? If so what team(s) do you support?

It actually wasn't a crime because theres no legislation in place to prosecute a government official for using a private email server instead of government encrypted servers. Very many government officials do, including many of the republicans currently outraged about what happened with hillary.

Should she have been fired from office? Hell yeah. Thats a huge fuckin mistake. Should she be in jail? Fuck no. She didn't deliberately commit treason.

Should she be president? Fuck no. She hosted government information on a private email server because shes too retarded to understand modern technology.

>you're a cuck
wow what an original and hurtful insult

just kill yourself.
your family would thank you for giving them one less mouth to feed.
you'd be doing them a favor

gunna respond to these long post with vocaroo

it's too l8 to type

you don't think it was done purposefully? she didn't even have a rebuttal when trump called her out on it.
what about the deliberate ignorance of benghazi? was she just incompetent there too?

either this woman is completely incompetent, or she's outright evil with her own agendas to make unhonest money

That's really just sad. Honestly I think Trump really wants to work with the black community to make it better.

Then heres where I get off. I can't be fucked to re-listen to any of your points on why you still think its a good idea to let a snake in a suite run our country knowing what we know about his ethics, practice, and knowledge of how government works and qualifications therein.

I hope you don't feel cheated, but like you said, we probably wont agree anyway. I'm not telling you to not vote trump. I'm telling you to think about what actual good reasons there are to vote for him instead of anyone else.

And the idea that hes more "honest" than hillary is something you really should look into. I serioulsy hope you're not just giving him your vote because he "seems like a guy that can change things." I'm already sad enough about my nations well-being.

> supporting teams outside of your hometown




Well firstly, her situaiton in benghazi faced 8 federal investigations, all of which concluded that she had no difinitive impact or part in anything that happened. So thats a mute point you need to read up on.

Secondly, do I think a government official currently running for president INTENTIONALLY housed federal secret information on a private server knowing it would be compromised by a specific group of intelligence agencies/hackers?

No. Because I'm not a complete fucking dumbass who buys into bullshit conspiracy theories. The odds of that are almost unspeakable. She is quite incompetent, but nowhere near as incompetent as trump. Or as incompetent as he will/is-going-to be if he wins.

There's a reason why it has historically only been whites who created free and prosperous societies, and blacks have only managed to build mudhuts and mired in tribal warfare, even as the ancient Greeks were creating glorious sculptures, and even a thousand years after the ancient Greeks - and it's the very same reasons why Browns and yellows have been unable to build free societies also - and the reasons are genetic and racial. If ever, God forbid, the whites are ever wiped out and replaced by a population with largely brown and black genetics, all you'll have in the west are what we see in Africa and the Middle East. And I say this as an East Asian who intends to help the whites save itself and will commit the rest of my life to the improvement of East Asia after helping western civilisation. We do have an awful situation at the moment where non-whites are finding comfort in the west, living off the achievements of Great Western heroes idols of the past who fought, bled and died for whites and the rest of the world to enjoy this comfort, whilst their own non-whites are infested with their brutish ways and who demand to be permitted to be further leeches of the west.

i'm not a denier either.

trump does his lying as well.

but the philosophy of working inside a system to change it holds true.

trust me, i've looked for hours for plausible evidence he's in it for the $$ or that he's controlled op or whatever.

whenever i look at his past, it's just all green lights and good signs.

so i'm not going to miss out on something that could be truly great because of a few circumstantial things.

>just kill yourself.
that's a cuck privilege
>less mouth to feed.
It actually means less food for your negro pets, niggerapologist

lol you're going to vote hillary. SMFH. goodnight

well my second argument still stands.
though people have been put in jail for doing what she did.
and people smaller than her would have been fired immediately.
I had a friend in the military (an idiot) who got all his security clearance permanently removed and he was eventually discharged just for ATTEMPTING to give away POTENTIALLY sensitive information.

he went on reddit and said that he was a missile maintainer "ask me anything"
some Internet Security system somewhere in the air force went off and they stopped him before he could tell someone something they didn't need to know.
and yet Hillary actually does much much worse and doesn't even get a slap on the wrist.

What other boards do you browse and when did you first get into Cred Forums / first discover it?


Well I hope it works out for you man. I'd be lying to say I don't also hope he wins and fucks up every step of the way because it would be hilarious to me and let me continue shitposting up a storm, and I milk the "I told you so" card like I milk my own dick.

But in a small way I hope if he does somehow win, he does do something to fix the fucked up system he very hypocritically abused. I'm just not willing to take that chance. You're welcome for not voting hillary.

it's pathetic how bad you are at trying to insult people.
I'll just leave you alone, you're not even worth the effort

and I'm pretty sure you didn't even understand what I was telling you

you should re-check your own ranks

you guys have duke tier nationalist and people like yourselves.

basicially you are either a pro white american nationilist

or a white ethno statist.

that's the divide i've seen among you of the far right.

The duke tier people have somewhat of a platform and seem to have a more pheasible plan to their realities.

Whereas for you guys how would a US ethno-state work here? inevitably you guys would either have to get your own country or start it in poland.

I fail to see how your brain of alt-right nationalism would affect me in anyway and the duke tier nationalist would just be common sense.

I don't accept anyone, i never said i was alt right.

i just accept american nationalism in general.

Even if trump did have some huge number of people like you "like 30% or something" if there's one thing i've learned from Cred Forums it's that it's stupid to judge a canidate based on his supporters.

it's about the individual

and that individual is donald j trump and i truly believe in him.

i hope that awnsers your question (might be sloppy, it's 3am lad)

>Much much worse
She hosted government secrets on a private server dude. She didn't offer top secret information to the highest bidder, or do anything near as bad as your stupid ass friend offering to give insight to missile maintenance secrets over fucking reddit. YOUR buddy should be thrown in jail for deliberately wanting to share that information. Thats actual treason.

I'm not saying your argument against her needing to be kicked out of office and unable to run as president is correct. But shes not a criminal for that, dude. Like I said there are dozens of other government officials that have done and still do the same, and yes HAVE lost their jobs for it, but sadly most of them didn't/dont.

She didn't offer up any sensitive information. She just fucked up royal. There was no treacherous intent against america or other stupid shit like that.

good night, pathetic cuck

Isn't correct*. She should definitely have lost her ability to occupy any public office. I agree with you.

But TL;DR shes not some kinda treasonous criminal, just a tech-illiterate incompetent dumbass.

Also Yeah totally doing that buddy. Hillary 2016. Woo.

Blacks here and many in the west aren't really all that similar to the ones here. Pic related.

Do blacks do home invasions on white people mainly as a form of terrorism? We're obviously poor and they killed someone during it for seemingly no reason. It's because of BLM, isn't it? I don't get how I could ever trust a black person now. Why do they go around ruining their own chance to integrate with race terrorism?


-She was fired from the Watergate investigation for lying and being unethical
-She lied about being named after Sir Edmund Hillary
-She lied throughout her Whitewater scandal
-She lied about taking "sniper fire" when visiting the Balkans during 90s
-She lied about Benghazi
-She lied throughout her email scandal and continues to lie about it
-She lied about being broke after leaving the White House
-She described blacks as being "super-predators"
-She hired a VP of Goldman-Sachs to be her 2016 campaign manager.
-She received millions of dollars from Goldman-Sachs for speaking engagements
-Her "charity" received tens of millions of dollars from Goldman-Sachs, JP Morgan, Citigroup, and UBS
-Her "charity" received tens of millions of dollars from China, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Qatar, and the UAE
-She supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Turkey
-She voted for the Patriot Act twice
-She was "adamantly against illegal immigration" before she was for it
-She was opposed to gay marriage before she was for it
-She was a lawyer who defended a rapist and laughed at the plight of the 12 year old rape victim
-She approved the sale of US uranium to Russian nuclear corporations in exchange for millions of dollars in donations to her "charity"
-She gave out eight Secretary of State's Awards for Corporate Excellence, and seven were to corporations that donated millions to her "charity"


Leaked emails

Top contributors for Hillary Clinton in 2016 elections

Fundraising Details
>Total Raised: $289,073,368


fear perpetuated by the (((main stream media)))

and yeah it's not looking too good for race relations.

things will get alot worse before they get better man desu

do you have a father, negro?

nice brown id

based brownon

yeee, he's actually a doctor

owned his own practice for awhile before the economy hit the shit in 2009

so i'm living the u l t r a r a r e life

It looks to me that they're still significantly African. Whites are hardly Africans themselves, and yet so much has been committed towards improving Africa and Africans, and similarly all other non-whites, by white countries and whites themselves.

>your family would thank you for giving them one less mouth to feed.
the irony

Are there regular black people that think BLM are retarded stupid fucks?

she risked top secret information.
and idk what "bidder" your talking about but he didn't get to go through with it and he didn't have access to top secret information in the first place.
most if not all of our nuclear weapons specifications are readily available online and our enemies already have access to it
so calm down.

and even if he did get to answer people's questions, even he wasn't stupid enough to give specific mechanical information away

and FYI, you do get fired for doing what hillary did in the military.
idk any specific examples but I know in our communications security training they try to make sure we never put ANY sensitive information on our military email
that means you would get fired for accidentally sending the wrong person potentially identifying information.
which is about as low down the list of sensitive information as you can get.

the point is
Hillary mishandled TOP SECRET information.
if information is determined to be top secret that means, if it gets into the wrong hands that it could be extremely damaging to national security but she's still running
and yet someone who was in my position would have lost their whole livelihood just for taking a piece of paper home with the words "Classified" on the top of it

you see why me and people like me are really pissed off about it?

how is that irony?
you don't even know anything about me
that isn't an insult.
you just used the equivalent of "I know you are but what am i"

congratulations you're as good at insulting as a third grader with down syndrome