What would you do if you came home and saw your gf wearing this?

What would you do if you came home and saw your gf wearing this?

It seems like a lot of pornstars are complete stoners. I don't if stoner women are more drawn to porn or if pornstars just embrace weed-filled lifestyle.

nothing value

Kill her.

I'd whip out my bbc and fuck her in the ass

I'd have my girlfriend take it off and explain what blacked means. She hates the thought of fucking a roodypoo so she'd hate that stupid term. But according to Cred Forums I'm not white because I'm half italian.

They embrace weed because it numbs the pain of being a genetic dead end for a few thousand bucks and a "career" length of 3 years. Basically the same as alcoholics trying to escape reality while pretending to be happy.

Stone her to death for removing her hijab

Forgot the reason but its along the guideline of most have mental issues and it helps them cope

Wonder how she fit into it

i look german as fuck
but i have irish and filipino in me

Lead her to the has chamber.


3 years? I've heard most girls barely last a few weeks, if that

Wax. Dat. Ass.

is more prestigious.

Get the belt

She wants to fuck niggers she'll be treated like one

She's way ahead of you bruh lmao

It's this thread and threads like these that are ruining Cred Forums. This isn't politics you dumb cuck.

I don't regret my heritage at all, I have a slightly olive complection and strong white features. I don't sunburn much, tan easily, and look good.

Guess I better take that bra and undies off of her, obviously... After a cone hit of course.

It's not just weed. Coked-out drunk sluts are the lifeblood if the industry.

I look very German but I'm half German half, Irish. I always wondered if me being half Irish is the reason I have a fetish for redheads.

I'd body blow her down on the bed, tear that off, toss it in the trash, blow at least two loads into her and then smack her and tell her to never wear that again.

yeah the girl in question might be a total bitch for doing what she did but in all fairness shes pretty fuckin hot judgeing by her tumblr she needs a guy like me show her that true feminine nature of hers by getting taken to a nice little place I like to call pound town so I can pummel her tight little asshole with my massive mushroom tip then flip her over and lay into her missionary style then I pick her up standing up bouncing her up and down on my hard ass cock as she grips my strong shoulders and with the other hand feeling up my ripped pecs and biceps then I throw her down on the bed and lay a huge bead of cum stretching from her face down to her vadge as she stares at me admireing me as I rise up looking super buff and badass

fucking kek, are you 12?
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