Really makes you think.......

>Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

of course your eco model is more correct. It's easier to draw lines from the humans to every other organism indicating that we eat from every part of the food chain.

Also why are fried eggs at the bottom of the pyramid? I've never met anybody who eats whales more than they eat eggs.

pleased to meet you. (i went down on your mum)

>human beings are equal to bacteria
Is this what hippies actually believe?

According to this chart, a cell that is reproducing is considered equal to a normal human life, but the idea of a pro-life vegan is too ridiculous to even imagine without laughing

>implying I couldn't kill everything in that jumble with my hands, putting me at the top of the food chain


all qt girls are vegans

How are you going to kill a pig or bull with your hands?


What did he mean by this?

I saw this in anthropology classes. Professors love to shill it.

With power comes responsibility. We are at the top of that pyramid whether they like it or not.

Why are women and whales placed on the same level just below men on the ego side?

Did nobody notice the female human in the pyramid?

How does that relate to Veganism?

The left represents vegans the most as they assume they need to protect. The right image describes people who understand evolution.

OP image is more creationist vs evolution

Two possibilities:
1. He's speaking to the heavenly host,
2. He's speaking in the Trinity

But I am better than all those things...

ayy lmao

Vegan or not, you're still murdering innocent, living creatures you fucking idiot.

Until our bodily needs can be fully, artificially synthesized/man-made, there's no reason at all to go vegan.

>not understanding ancient use of the majestic plural
Jesus what a pleb

>top of the pyramid is MAN
>second tier is...WOMEN and whales.

aside from that bit of comedy, I do agree that eco nuts are lacking in ego.
>the “I” or self of any person; a person as thinking, feeling, and willing, and distinguishing itself from the selves of others and from objects of its thought.

>lets be in the middle of all things that could possibly kill us

nah fuck em

Nah. If animals weren't meant to be eaten, they wouldn't be delicious.

>woman on same level with wale
landwale pls

>God made them delicious

Vegans on the wrong side of all debates

>Hebrews can't Triforce

>claiming your place in the food chain is a bad thing
I guess the good news is that vegans weed themselves out of the evolutionary process

Has anyone here eaten whale? Was it any good?

It's easy to make the food chain look stupid when you exclude huge chunks of it.

of course there's feminist shit in there

that explains my uncanny natural shitposting abilities; thank you for your genetic contribution Roofag.

every ecosystem has hierarchy

Taste of garbage, dunno why the Japs go after it.

I keked

Had it in Norway

It's okay. It's similar to reindeer or moose, they say. It's like giving beef a fishy flavor.

Meat is delicious. From an economic standpoint, we have to not waste any of it.

For instance, companies figured out how to make nutritious meat filler from the trimming and fat that would otherwise be thrown away. It decreased the costs of manufacturing and was perfectly safe and normal to use. But then foodies cried out that we were feeding 'pink slime' to our children.

A human's life is more important than an animals. Having empathy for wild horses is well and good, but those fucking things are over-running ranches and impacting the amount of money a person can make, in a time where meat is steadily getting more and more expensive. Yet, bleeding hearts have made it illegal to kill an invasive species simply because they look pretty. This goes for wild dogs and cats in some cities as well. The 'no kill' is policy morally bankrupt in that we would treat an animal better than we would a person.

We have to manage the land and take care of it for future use. Animal worshiping impedes true conservation.

Ecclesiasties 3:19

Surely the fate of human beings is like that of the animals; the same fate awaits them both: As one dies, so dies the other. All have the same breathc ; humans have no advantage over animals. Everything is meaningless.

>A human's life is more important than an animals.
Is it though?

Forgive this meme comparison, but take the Harambe incident for example. Was it worth shooting an endangered animal to save a child? There are something like only 100,000 gorillas left in the wild. There's billions of people. I'm not saying sacrifice a human for an animal in every scenario but there are some cases where you can question the validity of your claim.

To prevent any accusations of veganism I eat meat daily. I just think it's important to cultivate a healthy earth for future generations.

>Trees equal with all creatures
>advocate eating only plants
Hypocrite much?

Where are the thousands of parasites and other microorganisms that act as predator to humans?

Actually, many bacteria are above humans on the food chain, so they can't exactly be equal.

>Vegan or not, you're still murdering innocent, living creatures you fucking idiot.
Every living creature has to murder to survive, nothing in this world is innocent.

How do you know you aren't delicious, do you really need 2 legs and is it worth missing out all that disability money and delicious giblets just because you are afraid to find out?

human equals other animals.
then why don't they act like other animals which consume meat of corpses?

wtf fuck, I hate polygons now

Human best friends dog and act very same.

I don't think that men mainly eats women and whales.

Taking that book out of context is the greatest irony.
He bemoans anything and everything as having no value, except for what value God instills it in. To put it simply, he spends an entire book saying
>everything sucks and you will never find worth or meaning as long as you look for it in the things around you instead of God
So by taking that verse out of context, you're trying to find value in a broken text to sate your ego. Vaity of vanities.

>your reply
>your flag
Checks out.

It's not hard to kill a pig with your hands, also there was a guy who punched a bull to death.

An ants can kill a bull, how hard can it be.

That round figure is "nearly" right if represents the vast chains of relations in nature.

But in that way, the human doesn't evolved with a vegan diet.

Our body isn't ready ago 2.2 million years and it's not ready today.

In fact, our ancestors surviving became really great social hunters in the pleistocene.

We evolved in that way, the development of agriculture made the humans adopted a omnivorous diet.

You are being vegan because of the over-feeling to the killing and hunting animals.

Do men eat women or something?
What's with the Ego diagram

If I wasn't lazy and bad at drawing I would put niggers and mudslimes at the bottom somewhere.

females being equal to whales sounds more correct.

You're not better than a tree.
A tree:
>recycles air
>gets used for production
In just 2 ways a tree is more useful than you will ever be.

Better question is what's the difference between women and whales these days?

>the leaf defending the tree

>recycles air
People do that too, trees condition the air with oxygen, but need the carbon, people condition the air with carbon and need the oxygen.

People die and their body produces value after death for several industries and sciences.

>Human female on same level as whales


The tree would be nothing without my carbon dioxide emitting lungs...


What is a veganism?

Jews used to be polytheists. The Old Testament, or Torah, hints at this. But you already know.

maybe not equal in you sense of the word. Bacteria however are the most important things in the entire natural world. If there was no bacteria there would be no living things and human certainly would not be living. So in a way they are greater then humans.

Yeah. With all the animals she thought she was in the kitchen.

We are not at the top. We could easily have huge numbers wiped out by the simpliest "life" form. A rogue virus could be devastating not only to humans bodies, but to our food plant or animal.

Sure, but we are the only life form on the planet that could discover a way to defeat that virus.

Yeah I had a fight with the gf about the Montreal Pittbull ban. I was just like you know how many animals these things ruthlessly kill? Do you not care about those animals. She just whined that it was a life and they didn't mean to get born. I was trying to explain to her that these dogs escape all the time and kill kids and other dogs and cats they are horrible animals. Was like talking to a brick wall. She just kept screaming and crying that it was a life. It's like the other animals didn't matter except the one Pittbull being killed by humans. This is why woman should never hold any political power. They are so emotional and compassionate they can't make the rational decision. Then the beta males follow trying to get pussy by sucking up.

Evolution has been fighting viruses for millions of years.

Actually virus resistance is a thing

All natural

Also mosquitos have adapted far faster than we ever could hope for

The ironic part is that you still have herpes no matter how many times you declare mission accomplished.

Nothing matters until its
A) dead
B) reported by the media

Black lives didnt matter until white people started killing them afgain

still no records of it ever killing any tho