Isn't this illegal?

Isn't this illegal?

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Most likely. Report it.

pls tell me this will help
>Hillary murder me nao

what's the website? Lets blow this cunt the fuck up

Try that FBI tip thing


There is no way this is legal. New york and california have enough democratic votes to lock every swing state if so.

It would effectively make California and New York the rulers off all other states..... federally that is

I'm actually confused as to how this works
It still seems illegal af

It's perfect. Just troll them, make 50 accounts and say you're voting clinton and that they should vote trump. Free trump votes, no leagly binding comittment.

It looks illegal, but according to the site:

Wait, is this legal?
Yes! Representatives in Congress trade votes all the time, and in the 2000's, courts upheld our right to trade votes.

They link to the wikipedia article which says:

On 8-6-2007, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that "the websites' vote-swapping mechanisms as well as the communication and vote swaps they enabled were constitutionally protected" and California's spurious threats violated the First Amendment. The 9th Circuit did not decide whether the threats violated the U.S. Constitution's Commerce Clause.

"Both the websites' vote-swapping mechanisms and the communication and vote swaps that they enabled were...constitutionally protected. At their core, they amounted to efforts by politically engaged people to support their preferred candidates and to avoid election results that they feared would contravene the preferences of a majority of voters in closely contested states. Whether or not one agrees with these voters' tactics, such efforts, when conducted honestly and without money changing hands, are at the heart of the liberty safeguarded by the First Amendment."[3]

They claim that they'll help people who want to vote for a 3rd party candidate go further by 'trading' their vote with someone who plans on voting for Hillary in a state that will likely already vote Hillary. In exchange, the person originally intending to vote 3rd party votes for Hillary in the swing state they're located in, helping Hillary secure more electoral votes.

If you actually want a 3rd party to win this is suicide, as you ensure minimal electoral votes for your candidate.

Trump wouldn't qualify as a 3rd party, this is a trick to make retards who would otherwise vote 3rd party vote for Hillary.

Their actual slogan is
Everybody Wins. Except Trump.

Holy shit.

or we can just abandon the fucking electoral system

They wont take trump votes. Its switching a democratic vote from demo heavy state like California for a 3rd party vote in a battle ground state like Florida or Ohio. The thought is it allows independent voters the ability to vote 3rd party without the risk of letting trump win a battle ground state. Thus increasing democratic votes and 3rd party votes.

will literally never happen, or if it does it will be just as rigged as russian elections

>hey, I'll vote for johnson if you vote for hillary goy!
>goyim votes for hillary
>i use his vote for hillary too
>claim i vote for johnson
I honesty hate the jews less everyday because this blatant subversion shit is so funny

Do you really think anyone is stupid enough to sign up for that? I don't care what party you are in.

This system effectively destroys the electoral system because it give heavilys populated states from both sides the ability to negate the voting power of the citizens of lower population states.

>pretend to be 3rd party
>hillary tard exchanges vote
>you vote Trump

>everyone wins except for Hillary

The site was created by this faggot.

Highly doubtful that the website actually matches you with a real person.

What the fuck is this shit? The dems are going to far. They all have to die. A holocaust just for them. It would be bigger than Nazi Germany.

It's literally butthurt Bernie supporters trying to hurt Trump without voting for Hillary.

we had this happen up here, liberals in ridings that ndp were ahead voted ndp in exchange for ndp in ridings that liberals were ahead voted liberal, just to make sure conservatives didn't win

Why don't we just fucking eliminate the EC and have each state report their populate vote tallies?

this is essentially interstate gerrymandering. I can't see how this is legal, or why any third party voter would see this as anything but a fraud.

I don't even like Trump beyond his views of border control and trade, but stuff like this I'd why I'm voting for him. The left has lost any ounce of integrity that it may still had. The moment I saw that bottle hit the head of that one Trump supporter in San Jose, that's the moment I made my decision to vote for Trump.

Also non-americans can pretend to be from there
So which are the swing states Trump has the best chance with?

>>oy vey, just vote for Trump in your state and I'll vote for Hillary in mine!
>votes Trump anyways

>Cred Forums rigs internet polls
>meanwhile liberals rig the actual election
lmao step it up

no. in fact, votes for hillary should be twice as effective because of the vote gap.
for every vote a man gets a woman only gets 0.74

Can't we send this to fox? I know they're cucked but even this, to them, would be over the line.

And it would not be a fairy tale.

their website probably has something where you can submit tips

anyone stupid enough to do this has it coming to them

your third party vote matters none in a safe state

How does this even help the third party people

The more I think about this the more I wonder what the fucking point even is. Why don't both of the would be trading faggots vote shillery anyway?

because then peoples vote would actually matter and the could gerrymander

>promise to vote third party somewhere else


> The 9th Circuit

Just a reminder, the 9th is the most overturned appeals court in the nation. If they claimed it's legal, it most likely isn't.

>Throw away your vote in your state, and we will pretend to do something with your intended vote in some other place.

>through 2008, the Ninth Circuit Court's rulings reviewed by the Supreme Court were affirmed only 20% of the time and reversed and or vacated 80% of the time; a rate substantially higher than the median reversal rate of 68.29% for the same period.


OK IM IN! Since I am in hellaware, my vote doesnt count no matter who I vote for. Ill "trade" my vote.... but then ill just fucking lie and still vote Trump... what a fucking derp idea site... fagg0t progressive open source dipshits have a cleaver idea that is flawed to the core.... but ill play.

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