Do us blacks have souls

Hey Cred Forums afriaryan (1/10th) here. Since we are subhuman doee Jesus count us as potential souls or no?
Theologians, biologists, and racists debate.
Im really afraid here

Do doggos go to heaven?

>I am black and I come to Cred Forums
why would anyone do this to themselves?

Debates about primate evolution belong in

I see Argentina is still failing the mirror test as usual

Niggers are fucking racist, and retarded.

Only people with 100% Bavarian phenotype go to heaven

>said 60% white

It's 3/5 of a soul. Read the bible.

>said 0% white

the soul is an evolved trait. blacks have less

You build your soul to a high level through consistent proper living so that when you meet God you are ready.
You could have a soul but you wanted to mess around.

Jesus loves even the most nappy headed dindus. Can't get into heaven though I think.

Niggers are counted as 3/5ths of a soul.

Good bantz

No, blacks do not have souls.

Neither does anyone else. Souls, and religion in general is pure bullshit

This is not a crosskike board.
Ask your local state-approved theologian.

But Im not a typical nigger look at muh books mates
>moving btw

Cred Forums is a christian board

Oki fedora

This occurred before

this post needs more appreciation.

It's really not, nor has it ever been, but as usual you crosscommies invade where you're not wanted and try to assume control and ruin anything organic and nice. You all need to be eradicated.


The soul incarnates wherever it can, and fills its vessel to its evolved consciousness capacity... a little bit in snails, a little more in whales and also some in subhuman nignogs.

You dont understand history

You don't understand your own retarded ideology.