Am I a coward for wanting to leave my country?

I don't know man, I love America. This country has given a wonderful opportunity to all of my ancestors before me resulting in a very comfortable life for myself. However, if Trump isn't elected and things don't change, I see it not only in my best interests but in my future children's best interest to leave and settle somewhere else. I can't imagine that things will change drastically within my lifetime, but I wouldn't be able to die happy knowing my children and grandchildren would be inheriting an America more akin to Brazil or South Africa. Should I leave? If so, where to?
The most promising places to me seem to be Russia or some other eastern-European country.

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Just move to montana or someplace white and watch the niggers burn down their cities in /comfiness/

Dude don't fucking leave. This is the best time in our lifetimes to be here.

please fucking leave, it doesn't matter where.

Seriously, you could just buy a deluxe RV and park it out in the middle of Nevada somewhere and nobody would even care if they noticed you were there.

Yes, go live in Russia, you Putin-fellating cuck.

Why do you think it's better in Russia or an eastern European country? Because it isn't.

If Clinton gets in charge, Russia and Eastern Europe will become a literal war zone. So you'd have to be fucking bonkers to go there unless you're held at gunpoint.

Yeah, get your ass innawoods.

Why is that? /explain/ plz.

You're in a country where you can actually stand and fight with a chance of winning. Move to the northwest, live and fight for your race. Europe is dead.

I came to Chile.

It's nice if you like rural, come to Los Rios or Los Lagos, find a descendent of german colonists, have Aryan children.

There are a lot of spics here, they're not as bad as mexicans, less brown and less lazy, pretty complacent, sometimes useless, but they don't chimp out. There is a minority of caucasians who are culturally Chilean, and some pure-blood blond Germans (in above referenced areas) who still speak Kraut.

I thought about Russia / eastern Europe, but then I remembered that history is full of war, and if there's another one in my grandchildren's lifetime, and they live in that region, they will get fucked. Most of the fallout is going to stay in the northern hemisphere.

> pic related is Eastern Europe.

This. She will start a war with Russia.

Some small insignificant island is a good bet if she gets to power. Within a year she will decide to take attention away from another one of her scandals and starts the nuclear war with Russia. The whole Europe is not the place to be with her in charge.

Because we're at a crossroads where we are cornered into needing to remain the world's sole superpower in order to maintain not just the rest of the world per post-USSR American Primacy but to save our own asses. This is do or die, and being here is being in both a front row seat and in the peanut gallery for whatever great happening this turns in to.

5-10 years ago I would have said go ahead and leave. But we've hit the inflection point where here is going to be a good bet.

Thank you for the reminder user!

The problem with islands is that

A) there's nothing to do in terms of work/education
B) if there is something to do, like singapore, then there's no food, and if there's a world war the supplies will get cut off and everyone will starve
C) it's hard to escape in a pinch

If shit hits the fan, you want mountains. I like living relatively near mountains and knowing I can go innawoods, but you can't -live- innawoods. You have to live near the woods where you can study and work.

I'll be there in a few years. Just got to lock down this degree.

See you in the homeland comrade!

Russia is moving against the trend, you people will be liberal homofaggots like the sweeds withing a decade or two. Russia is actually growing more christian, nationalist and spiritual.

The only reason to pick your side of the boreder is because you're a whiter nation. But that will fix itself once every europeean naotion falls appart due to allahu snackbar, and russia is still a safe country.

Yes you will have immigrants. You will start taking them verry soon when the EU quotas are actually in place.

trudat if you really want to be happening-proof you need to hook up with a community that knows how to be self-sufficient. It's not just something you can bug out and do.

Better off having options and being in a place where you're going to bump into other like-minded people to put together ad-hoc systems to reuse existing infrastructure to ride out the waves.

Russia is a complete shithole unless you're rich, but then you're probably not even living in Russia. They need God to tell them it's okay.

And no, we will not have immigrants. we already do have them now

go to the europe, go to the homeland. they need traditionalists to unfuck themselves.

OP , i wish i could trade places with you.
move to Alaska.

and if you earn a decent salary, you could live a pretty nice life here. especially in cape town.

wine farms , mountains , beaches.

Your just gonna have to live in a complex with high walls and maybe a security company if your so inclined. ( they are kinda a rip off )

SA probably is going to hold up decently during the happening considering you've been in an almost unbroken happening since you all got there. I wouldn't even be that surprised if you get a bit of a growth industry from people who notice this and use it as a hideout.

Come home white man.


Not getting involved in war is good, though. I would not plant my kids' lives anywhere in NATO or the China/Russia sphere of influence.

You want to be in the southern hemisphere when the nukes start going off, or you will have to bunker down for three months because of fallout. I hope you have caves.

You're in one of the best spots in the world if we all start lobbing missiles and secret technology weapons everywhere. Definitely the kind of place to go if you're planning on things really happening hard.

I wish I could move to the USA and fight for the American Dream, not a globalist puppet government

Another user here, I would likely move to alaska if things went to shit as well. I've been there before, liked it. Plus I heard the govt pays people to live there in some areas.

I am emigrating. I was in the military for 7 years so i figure i paid my debt.

I don't know if I would count on getting the alaska bennies if things went to shit. But you could definitely hide out there and nobody would know or care.

Honestly as a duel citizen I doubt I'll ever go back to live


Seattle and the north west has the most cucked white people in the country. They're Sweden tier.

Move to a really white city somewhere up north and hold out there for a few years.
Eventually there will be a tipping point and white people will be fed up with the shitskin invasion.

Don't leave, fight. Honestly, where the hell would you go?

If Hillcunt wins, nobody will fault you for leaving. By that point, we can't go back, so it's either gain enough wealth to be secure away from the bullshit and live far from others, or, leave this place if that roastie were elected.

go read up on government. the president not only has limited power, but they're constrained by the realities of history and the office. majority of the candidate's talk is just that, talk. the supreme court picks are more significant than who holds the presidency the next 4 years.

What kind of jobs do they have in Chile? I only know how to write stuff, though I'm considering starting a business.

Here's an honest question, OP:

why would you leave? This is literally the best country, at the best time in human history. Crime is at an all time low. It's the most comfy, peaceful time in Americas history.
You can buy a house in the country and live mostly undisturbed. Fill it with women, family, or dogs if you want.

Do you really want to live in a Slavic hellhole, with drunk, angry, depressed people?

I want to know aswell

>Europe is dead

No, sweden and germany are

you have to go back

See you friend!

How so?




Couldn't have said it better myself

Everyone on this board needs to go take their stand in Texas. Commie fucks are trying to make it purple

Russians suck some black dick every day as well but if you go there you will be worshipped by russians as if you were a hollywood star

You seem to underestimate one of the greatest aspects of the United States, OP.

It's fucking huge. Like, really huge.

Not many people realize how much our country's size contributes to how it operates. Everything from urban development to the way our culture developed can be attributed to the idea that we have fuck you amounts of land and we can do whatever the hell we want with it. Most of it is inhabitable land too, unlike other large countries like Russia or Canada.

My point OP is that if shit hits the fan you can always take a short drive and move somewhere else. Nothing short of a cataclysmic event that renders the entire northwestern hemisphere uninhabitable will make leaving the country the only sensible option. This guarantees there will always be some cozy town nestled deep within a rural county completely sheltered from danger. As long as the government isn't actively hunting you down you can spend the rest of your days innawoods and not give a shit.


just wait until the safe space millennials of today are running congress in 15-20 years

I would totally understand if people left america once Hillary starts changing the constitution.


I think it's more about the change in attitude of the people that matters. Imagine how different shit could have gone down if trayvon wasn't Obamas son

Literally yes dont get cucked lying down

This is so true. Most people here have absolutely no idea even if they fly from city to city all the time.

The only true way to understand is to get yourself into a big roaring V8 of some form or other and just try to drive across. You will 100% see things you never expected and didn't know existed. And you will begin to get your head straight and understand where you are in the world.

That will never happen.

It will happen. I thought I'd never see my own generation creep up through the politics.

Hell, I never imagined I might ever have a role in infiltrating the local democrat party stronghold. Life is every bit as crazy as it seems.

Safe spaces will only take you so far. These are the type of people who hear someone call them a pussy and have it stick with them for weeks. For every 3 safe space faggots there's 1 man.

For sure the surrounding generations are going to sweep the field, but these guys are going to be shoved into it first for a while just like Hillary.

How pathetic...
Either Hillary or Trump, I'll enjoy watching USA falling apart.

>US is sustained by individuals rather than their own population, more precisely foreign geniuses. Their whole population is 3rd world tier.

I'm a USMC combat vet who's pretty much given up at this point. I'm leaving for the FFL on January 8th. I've watched buddies sacrifice themselves for the ideals of the constitution only to return to the states after my enlistment to see those ideals being ignored by our establishment and vilified by the ungrateful masses. At least the FFL is honest about not giving a shit about you or your sacrifices.

If Trump wins I might come back afterwards but if Hillary wins I doubt I will ever return.

And just like hillary no matter how much you shove shit down the throats of american's there's only so much they'll take.

Hip hip. Just reply this to anyone who gives you shit. Between the political climate being polar tundra and the climate about to be fucked the same way, im with you but im not leaving the landmass/americas.

That's correct.

I've been waiting so long for this. I don't know why anybody wouldn't want to be right at ground zero except to protect family or something.



Those are two different things. That's like comparing an apple to a bomb.

Your ancestors left their homeland and came to america for the same reasons you're leaving now and created a great country...leaving doesn't make anyone a coward. It's why you leave.

I'm not sure if I understand what you mean by that. As Hunter H. Thomson once said:
>when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro

>if it gets fucked up
we might end up full of uneducated mobs, that elect clowns

>vota no tiririca, que pior nao fica?

i'd be glad to have you uneducated right wing morons leave. Glad you guys will die out. Enjoy seeing gay people marrying and everything while you get triggered.

>joining that cuck army to fight alongside more niggers and brown people

you're walking into the exact same shit that's going on here. I watched an FFL documentary and one of the captains was complaining in the documentary about how "individualistic" the FFL had become regarding its most basic traditions like Christmas.

I get what you're saying about leaving though. If I were you, I'd find a small irrelevant island somewhere in or around Europe. That's what I'm thinking about doing.

I'm sorry but I always laugh when Americans talk about moving to eastern europe.
They're shitholes. The minimum wage in Romania is £1.76/hr.
Seriously, do not move to Eastern Europe.
When the EU collapses they'll return to being commie shitholes because it's in their slavic genes.
You think Poles are based, but they're not. None of them are. They come over here and cry about muh raycism.