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Notice how her didn't cite any sources when he was talking about circular flow.

The guy with the doctorate is the source

I love Adam Ruins Everything, the show does the work of researching that none of us bother to do.

Jungle monkeys have learned to shit post. The future is now.

The whole circular flow thing is double-edged.

On one hand, with Mexicans leaving south after completing seasonal work, they don't assimilate into the culture and change it.

On the other hand, if they choose to live here permanently, they bolster the local economy (but also send money south to their families).

rly makes u think xd

kek, made me laugh

Well shit, now im with Hilldog, thanks adam ya faggot

Well if they come over on planes then at least we know who they are.

>heh 40% just fly over!
K, what about the other 60%?

>Uhh, well... uhhh
>You see, the thing about THAT is..

>its too expensive to build a wall
>its too hard to deport illegals


Except I don't, cause that shit is fucking nasty.

Arguments like
>"Building a wall will cause more migrants to flow in"
are just meant to be confusing bullshit that make you question your original premise.

The other 60% would take advantage of the crumbling infrastructure a 2,000mi long wall would be.

Or they would just go over the river, like they currently do.

Or they could just tunnel under it, too. Cartels already do this anyway.

>It will cost the US $25 billion
You mean it will cost Mexico $25 billion

Dude has a gay looking haircut, so I'm not gonna watch.

Why would I care about a woman's opinion?

nobody cares about your opinions leaf

Deport them all.

nobody cares about your opinions either, bong

I wasn't talking to you spic.




The shows popularity has gotten tot he point where they can say anything and people will just believe them.

if they can't be stopped and cant be deported...
they'll have to be killed.
who goes to the US illegally risking death penalty?
ultimate solution.

>the number of illegal border crossings is at an all time law.
did you count every single immigrant?

>building a wall will make illegals stay
they are not really in a good bargaining position, i don't think this fact matters

With all the debt Obongo racked up over the last 8 years we could have paid for 400 walls.

>the wall will go through houses and mountains
flawless logic, it's not like they can choose where to build the wall to go around mountains. And I highly doubt there are any houses sitting directly on the border

This is a bad video and I feel bad for watching it

The real problem has always been the criminal immigrants from shitholes like Guatemala and hte fact that Murrica spends billions every year keeping them imprisoned and supporting their anchor babies.

>implying Bush didn't start the War on Terror

nice meme!

>go over the river
Not with 90% of the border patrol guarding the one remaining weak spot.

>tunnel under it
They aren't mole people, tunnels cost money and Pablo the dishwasher isn't worth 2 bags of coke.

Any more brain-busters?

Adam Ruins everything has some true and ok episodes but this segment was literally Grasping for straws

They do but, borders are government land. They could just get rid of those buildings. Not our fault idiots built it there.

I can't remember everything, but I watched the video a few days ago, and a few things stuck out to me.

Trump has already mentioned the wall will not span the entire border because in some areas mountains make areas impassible anyways. In this video they implied that Trump plans on building a wall over the mountains, which he doesn't.

Trump has already stated that airport security and checking for illegal immigrants will need to be increased as it is true that many come through air travel. Also those who overstay their visas will be found, and kicked out as law and order must be maintained.

Trump does not plan on relying solely on the wall, and has mentioned this many times. The wall is only the first step. The main goal is to have a fully funded and equipped border patrol than can actually perform it's job, unlike now. The wall is to slow them down, and keep some people out. And increased border patrol with enough manpower, equipment and funding is the main weapon.

>hungary builds wall
>stops illegal immigration by 99.7%
>israel builds wall
>stops illegal immigration by 99.6%

But it won't work here.

All these shows turn to shit when they get political

Remember John Oliver in Season 1. The guy was outlining FIFA corruption and Corporations trying to declare themselves religious to deny sales. That was actual good content instead of shit like telling 3 different countries how to vote and why they are racists for going against his commands.

Ugh, so full of shit.

1) You can control visas separately but it's pointless to do so IF THERE IS NO WALL.

2) Yes, Mexico's economy is decent these days but THE IMMIGRANTS ARE NOT MEXICAN. They are primarily coming from Central and South America now (especially El Salvador) and they have no intention of going back. El Salvadoreans were never "circulating".

3) He's complaining about spending 1 year's worth of NASA's budget for something that's going to last for decades?

4) And it's like 5% of the defense budget.

I couldn't stand going through the rest. I've seen some of this other guy's vids and they were cool but this one seems to be intentionally dodging facts in favor of basically just eating out Hillary.

>Not with 90% of the border patrol guarding the one remaining weak spot.

The Rio Grande is 1800 miles long. It is literally the border of Texas to Mexico.

How do you think we're going to guard 1800 mi of river if it's the "weak spot"?

>They aren't mole people, tunnels cost money and Pablo the dishwasher isn't worth 2 bags of coke.

>implying coyotes aren't already taking people through drug tunnels

I want to live in your world.

remainder that palestians are world champions in building underground tunnels and they haven't managed to come up yet.

i mean yes they did infiltrate several times but there is literally a tunnel detection device that can easily spot tunnels

Trump Tower saved the life of my cancer ridden mother.
I would work for free and to the death.
>I bet I could outwork you millennials

>number of illegal crossing decreased after reagans immigration reform
>decreased after bush's secure fence act
>saying the wall and more deportations will increase the amount of illegals crossing and staying
>saying over 300,000 illegal border crossings is low

nigger CA has allocated 10b for a fucking highspeed rail that hasn't even started yet back in 08, 15-25b is fucking nothing

Because Hungary and Israel are FUCKING TINY compared to the USA.

Do you really have no fucking clue just how fucking huge the US is? Texas alone is bigger than most European countries. Hell, Alaska is so fuckhueg that only about 10% of it is populated.

This is why I cringe whenever I see people talking about an intercontinental high-speed rail system. It might work in Britbongistan or Cuckland, but not in Burgerstan.

>The wall would cost $25 billion and can't be maintained

Wow, that's as dumb as this idiot for wanting to build his "Interstate Highway". What a fucking moron. We could never afford nor maintain such a thing!

dat pic and filename

But user, our interstate highway system is falling apart.

Yeah but it's a big intimidating number so it must be bad

Not like Obamacare is predicted to cost 1.2 trillion over the next 9 years and that number will inevitably skyrocket because of government budgeting

>"but they'll just tunnel under it, it's so fucking easy!"

I love how every liberal is suddenly a mining expert.

Not nearly as dumb as those rich guys who built railroads from coast to coast nearly 100 years before him!

Please go back to Mongolia, aquafresh.

Well, each state is owner, financier, and maintainer for their portion of the Interstate. So if your Interstate is falling apart, you might want to talk to your local government.

He could have been lying

Yes because digging a hole under a steel fence is the same as digging under a massive concrete wall that actually has sensors for tunnels

>Rio Grande
The wall is going to run parallel to the river, CTR scum.

The ONE weak spot is the spot where the river breaks North and the border resumes. TX/NM border.
>pic related

So the Cartels are going to...funnel tens of thousands of random Juans through their SECRET tunnels... Not a good plan m8.

Remember his "videogames are le sexist!!" episode?

That's when I quit watching.

the wall is symbolic, they just need to stop low skilled illegal immigration.

>"Why Locks Aren't Infallible"

>"Why Struggling Won't Stop a Rape"

>"Why Breathing is Pointless Because You'll Die Eventually Anyway"

Complete bullshit. Cutting through villages and homes? Where the walk would be built, there are not villages and homes. Complete fairy tales. The example of the house in the US and the bathroom in Mexico is hilariously not true.

This, just look at the NV CA border, instantaneously shit once CA starts.

Biggest GDP in the Union, most debt. Gov. = shit

[citation needed]

Honesty the media are desperate for the (you)s which has killed any bit of Honesty in the media sadly. South park, Colbert, and all these actors really are just plain ass puppets



This is a joke, right?You weren't voting for Trump because of the wall, were you?

anyone else /obamacare/ here?

feels gud only having to pay a couple of bucks when i go to the doc.



looks like Harambe holding a small child

with equally small resources by scale so why can they do it?

It mostly has to do with:
> Ey Juan lets go norte for jobs!
> Well Pablo I heard they built a wall
>So lets fly over/swim through/climb over it
> Pedro that means we have to bring all the equipment over the desert to get through. Why dont we just try and unfuck our own country where all of our family lives and not run like cowards?

A big part of the wall is just the demonstration that we can do massive things when we want to. What's the last mega project the US took on? The moon landing? Making something massive is useful in its own right.

The wall won't solve illegal immigration itself though. We also need stronger e-verify protections and the like. We need to come down harder on people who employ illegals, we need to have a deportation force, and we need a system for seasonal workers to get documented on a temporary basis.

I think we can all agree the best system is one where Mexicans come up north, do some work, then go back home. We get cheap labor which means keeping food prices low. They get relatively high paying jobs which they want. Best of all, our country isn't ruined by hosting millions of shit skinned families.

Personally, I don't care about a wall. I DO care that we have a candidate who isn't sucking globalist cock though. I want someone who doesn't think bringing in ten million uneducated foreigners with different values and low IQs is a good idea. Trump's got a pretty naive plan, but it's in the right direction. I'd prefer that over someone who just wants more immigrants.

You don't have to guard its entire length, dipshit.

>public works programs are bad only when they go against my ideology
>you cannot track down visa overstays.
>you cannot deport people who choose to stay here after getting in illegally
>better just to let them keep making money here and then taking it back to mexico. Who cares if they have nothing to offer our economy?

"All of the experts we asked said they could only provide a gut assessment on this question.

"I have no information" on the form of transportation used by overstayers at the time of their entry, Pew’s Passel said, "but I suspect that most of them do arrive by plane."

But Rosenblum noted that overstays represent about 16 percent of unauthorized Mexican immigrants, about 27 percent of unauthorized Central Americans, and about 91 percent of all other unauthorized immigrants. Using his group’s estimates of the unauthorized population, that translates into about a third of all overstays coming from Mexico and Central America, and about two-thirds coming from the rest of the world.

"Many, but not all, of the Mexican and Central American overstayers likely arrived legally by land," Rosenblum said. "Almost all of the other overstayers likely arrived by air."



how about planting the coke on those people and then using them to go over the border... you know... like they already did for fucking years with planes...

I'll just repeat what I said yesterday:

Liberals believe that if there are people break into your house or care, it just means that there's no point in locking them or securing them.

Their whole "argument" is actually NOT AN ARGUMENT.


massive faglord no one cares about.

Remember that video in which some cunts were protesting Trump's wall and then they asked about the Palestine one and they literally went "OK IF THEY DO IT DOE".

Nice job libtards.

>it would cost the entire budget of NASA
I swear I heard him say this. They are getting rid of NASA so if that's true, happy news!

he's a fag that drops tiny little harmless redpills but always spins a massive leftist bias into them so they're actually just bluepills again

yet they didn't explain how circular flow would get those poor migrants out... it also doesn't explain how a wall doesn't negate them lol.
It's kind of out of place.
>not realizing the ones that fly are sent back immediately
>half truths and misleading "facts"
no thanks, bro, I have a brain.

>Adam acts like a total faggot and expects that everyone is going to gloss over his fallacies

The guy looks like a colossal faggot and I will disregard anything he says.

>not realizing the ones that fly are sent back immediately
You can't even board a plane without a proper visa

I use to like his videos until he started covering things I actually had some knowledge about and then you see his videos are just cherry picking examples to fit his arguement. The videos are well made and entertaining to watch just don't take them seriously and everything is fine.

Also I want a wall because cartels and all their criminal friends, not because mexicans.

adam admits that all they have to do is cut nasa's budget for a year to pay for it early in the vid. he also ignores the reality that most of a boarder wall exist thus not impossible to complete

he acts like changes in elevation make such things impossible to build over long distances. i guess hes never heard of the great wall of china

Chelsea Clinton worked at the fucking company that owns college humor

Literally the only good show bar maybe Jake and Amir that ever came out of College Humor. This episode was shit though. Adam can suck me off

>we are paying nasa 20 billion a year to do literally nothing

Build that wall RIGHT NOW.

>that pic

not watching that shit


>implying bush should have built the wall.

>TLDR: Walls too expensive, you can't export them all and they can just fly over in to an airport the legal way where they can be ID.

That like saying rat poisons too expensive and you can't get rid of all rats so why bother.

The correct response

>wall is too expensive

Your numbers are inflated and they're still relatively small. less than 1% of the budget....
We should cut entitlement programs to save real money.

>The wall won't work
>muh circular flow

Increase deportations

>that won't work
>no explanation

It won't work if we don't increase border security at the same time, nitwit. And yes, that means rounding up people that overstay their visas and deporting them.

It's this faggot's job to "ruin everything" so I'd take everything he says with a big ole heap of salt.

but they're bringing drugs over the border!
and taking jobs!

Instead of that annoying hipster listen to Mexico's former secretary of foreign affairs, 35:05

The wall is getting built, it will severely curtail immigration and the US government can easily find some way to extract revenue from Mexico to pay for it

>a wall will never work
>a wall will only keep people in the US.

Really makes you think.

The wall will be really easy to cross as long as you're getting the fuck out. It's like when you have to enter any sort of secured area.... You have to jump through hoops to get in, but when you're ready to leave you just walk the fuck out.

What are you talking about? He had some old man come on and tell you that. Clearly it's irrefutable.

I've met two guys who used to work illegally in the US. One mexican, one argie. They can get 6-month tourist visas (the visas last 10 years but allow 6-month stays) so they would just fly in (or drive in from mexico), all legal, then work for 6 months, then leave legally. One was never caught, the other one was held up at the airport after his 6th or 7th re-entry and was questioned as to why he was "visiting" the US so much. He chickened out after that and stopped doing it.

They were both doing skilled trades, security and surveillance system instalations and the other one fancy tile work. 100% of their clients were americans. They made tons of money, never payed any taxes, and they always went 10 or 20% cheaper than a regular tax-paying american Joe.

Most of it's the shit he makes videos about are things that I've been telling people for years.

...But when I say it I'm a cynic; when this guy says it he's "Wow so smart, OMG!!"