I live in WA

I live in WA.

Is there any point in voting for Trump in blue states? I feel like it's pointless.

I'll still do it, but fuck.

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Even if Trump isn't going to win in your state you should still vote on the rest of the ballot.

Yes do, it's a minor effort and there is a major movement of nigger blackpilling and white-workers going Trumpian.

Clinton is going to do worse than Walter Mondale. Go out and vote in the only election your state ever has a chance of turning red.

Do it to trigger liberal cucks at the very least. I live in Portland, I'm the only one I know voting Trump but still doing it cuz it's one less vote against the she-beast.

Im in Portland too, voting for Trump. You are not alone. We are here. But Portland is the type of place where voicing support out loud (or say a bumper sticker) will get you severely harassed by the tolerant leftwing facists. You could be fired, your car vandalized, your person attacked.

They will be first to the gallows on The Day of the Croak.

Any time politics comes up and I voice my support for Trump I immediately enter the hot seat. All angry voices converge on me, even with my friends. Western WA is so fucking liberal..

Funny you post this thread, OP. I was shocked that he is only 6 points behind here. I wouldn't be surprised if he makes a trip there before election day.


Head to head could even be tighter.

>feel like it's pointless

Yes, give it a shot.

Assuming the entire election isn't rigged, every vote for Trump is one less Crooked Clinton gets. If many more people like you do the same thing, there's even that astronomically small chance your state could end up actually being red.

Thanks for the encouragement, bros. Needed a lil optimism

That kind of mentality is what makes millions of red voters in blue states shy away from the ballot. Honestly, elections are pure trust, even if you think you will lose, if you vote and everyone follows your same mentality, it'll create a big effect.

There's no point in voting for Trump in any state, he won't be winning.

Holy fuck I want to run her over with a steam roller

also check them please

Every vote for Trump sends a message

Stand up and be counted

He definitely won't win this state, but this^ is good advice. Hey, you can smoke pot legally in Wa now because voters voted.

Demoralization shill

Just tell them your most important issues happen to be the same for Trump and Bernie. Shit like the TPP , being anti-establishment, etc. is common ground among those two candidates. And since Bernie is gone, you're voting for Trump. If they start saying hes racist, just tell them sure, but the economy is a bigger issue for you. Without a functioning economy, racism is going to be less of an issue than putting food on the table. A nice emotional appeal for them.

I'm voting for him and I live in a state that voted for fucking McGovern.

Clinton is only up +6 in WA, it might be possible

I live in WA too, in the Tacoma area there are TONS of Trump signs. I've only seen one small ass Hilary sign
we might have a chance

Is Washington a nice place to live?
I love the greenery and the rain, mountains and coast.

I'm so tired of the commiefornia desert full to the brim with mestizos

Thinking of moving to Bellingham. Any anons care to report on what it's like?

tfw Commifornia

Fellow Wa rez, voting for the Trump train.

Lived in Bellingham for years and I miss it. College town so everything that comes with that good and bad, but overall it's 9/10

Thanks for the pointers, I'll try em out

Of COURSE it matters to still vote for Trump in a blue state, mofo!

If the libs can't get the googles out in force and if a bunch of "moderates" just fail to show or change their votes last-minute, things can change.

Just wait, lads - this could be Reagan vs. Mondale all over again, but only if every fucking one of us who plans to vote Trump shows up on Nov. 8th.

Trump is only down by 6 in WA according to a poll today.

Same, brother.
Let's leave this god forsaken land before it's too late.
Thanks dude. I was mostly interested in it since they have a lot of lakes/streams and natural parks. Plus there's less diversity than in Seattle.

Hawaii here. Same feels

Do it, a landslide is imminent.

what about cali? my friend lives in california, but says it doesn't matter if she votes for trump because of all the liberals

>staying home on election day

is something retards do

I'm in a swing state and I'm voting for Hillary. I convinced my sister, mom, grandma, and aunt all to do the same.

Trump is a feux-nationalist making his shit in Mexico and China. He wants to expand Israel. He doesn't pay his taxes while LARPing about taxing others. His flat tax rate will actually benefit the elites all over again. He doesn't care about due process. He said the wall will be a "virtual wall". He said he'd be ok with offering a path to amnesty. He said we need "skilled workers" from abroad - aka H1B. He's not a nationalist at all as Cred Forums paints him out to be. He's just more of the same shit. I'm voting Hillary in hopes she'll destroy this country with SCOTUS and we can help save Europe as a result.

You're a dangerous kind of stupid my friend.

>because of all the liberals
It's pretty crazy. You know guaranteed all of the Mexicans will vote Hillary.
Everywhere I go out in public, the very few instances where I see whites, they are in some way signalling against Trump.

You'd think living among diversity would make them reconsider, but I think every person who understands has already fled the area.

Vote lads, remember Brexit and the odds we were up against, the banks, business's, media (state and private), the politicians including Obama 24/7 state-sponsored propaganda and the common-man still pulled it off, resulting in one political-party with a whole new cabinet and another nearly imploding on in itself and don't give in.

St Nigel is with you America

Internal polls have Trump flipping Oregon. If liberal cucks get overconfident and have low turnout it could happen.

I live in Ohio, is it a blue or red state this year? does anyone know?

you still voting trump? not sure what to tell her, it does seem like her vote won't matter

Yeah. I even voted for him in the primaries after Cruz dropped out.

No reason not to m8. It's an hour out of my day.

as if your mom, sister, aunt and grandma were ever voting trump to begin with.

>I'm voting Hillary in hopes she'll destroy this country with SCOTUS and we can help save Europe as a result.

lol, I remember cucks and even stormfags using that same logic with Obama in 2008. How did that turn out?

Ohio is leaning Trump right now, but every vote matters immensely in swing states. Use paper ballots if you can to minimize fraud.

Yes, there is absolutely a point.

Illinois might even go red, they elected a Republican governor last election cycle.

it's teetering. get your ass to the booth and MAGA

will do bois

I'm from WA and voting Trump.
And I don't think it's pointless either. When enough of us are courting the idea of voting for the red team then it forces the state government to Yale our views more seriously and consider them. The state government knows their liberal party barely gets out for Senate and Governor elections to vote so they take seeing a close split rather seriously.

Also, Bernie was the big winner here but he's out now and the vast majority of his supporters hate Hillary vote rigging the Democrat party against him from the very beginning. I doubt many of them will be voting at this point do that helps even the odds a lot.

Another thing,, most rich folks or land, home and business owners around King County like Trumps tax and business policies but are not fond of the democrat tax ideas.

I can't imagine how effeminate you looked convincing your 80 year old grandmother to vote for Hillary.

Godspeed. Also, nice ID, rat.

Just stay home, man.

The voters in the battleground states will have us covered.

Recently turned red. Right about when I read that in the paper, all my neighbors went out and bought Trump signs.


True, true.

I wonder when the next Republican Gov. will happen here

It's working out great. Shit gets worse every month. Now imagine 8 more years of this. I imagine by that time you'll be 25% black yourself, my Mexican friend.

You know who's more dangerous? The idiot voting for some Jew-worshipping Jew Yorker from Jew York City who gave all his children to be converts to the Jews and he wants to establish Jewrusalem.

How man shekels did you get for this post, shlomo?


not as many as Rabbi Trump gave you

And people think dems want to import minorities out of the "kindness of their hearts"

In Eastern WA. We know it is going Hillary. Fucking hate her. Absolutely no signs for her here. Doesn't matter because King County decides this thing. Fuck them.

I am going to feel the Johnson because at least my vote helps outside parties and ideas get into the mainstream.

Fuck King County.


Or should I say...

The other word that sounds like Kek that you all like to say?

I live in King County and what user said was true. King County basically controls the state no matter if every county votes red.

Same here OP. If nothing else, I'm just another +1 to the popular vote. Washington going red would be amazing. Eastern Washington has put up with the wests liberal Bullshit for too long.

I'd seriously dance a happy dance if Seattle got doused in napalm. I hate working in that city so fucking much.

This is why I openly support trump to people my age.

Yes, I know the feels senpai. I'm from Oregon but even with the electoral college vote, the number of votes still sends a strong message

>His flat tax rate will actually benefit the elites all over again.
Remind me how the rich getting richer affects you negatively, especially when you'd be saving more in the process

It is usually wet, the wind has a high strength whenever it shows, the forest shrinks as more of you people move in here. Although if you are a based American, welcome.

Another Portland Trump supporter here. That must be all of us, right?

>Although if you are a based American, welcome.
You'll get +1 Trump voter.

Never pick mushrooms yourself and we have a deal.

user I am pure


>Blue state
You should get outside of seattle some time.

Not being a bitch, for one.

I grew up in eastern WA.

WA is still a blue state



The peninsula is red as well.

WA would be red if just a few more percent of people voted red.

In new jersey. The state is always blue but I'll vote Trump anyway

Shows sane people in your state that they aren't alone. Shows libtards in your state that the people they think are literally Hitler are all around them, making them feel less safe and less powerful. It also effects the national popular vote, which has some influence on the public's view of the outcome.

>Clinton +4
>sampled before 9/11 collapse

I wish you and your family well user

Trump voters should vote Johnson in safe blue States. Clinton voters should vote Stein in safe red States.
That is unless you're a massive kuck who actually thinks Trump or Clinton is best.

/206/ here


10 OCT - Voter registration deadline
19 OCT - Ballots mailed for general election
19 OCT - Renton Accessible Voting Center opens
20 OCT - Ballot drop boxes open
26 OCT - Ballot return statistics go live at 8 p.m

Fill out that ballot nigga

I'm with you brother

Oregonfag here.

Our states are fucked

>voting for bad candidates just to be a defeatist poser

Also in Portland. No fucking chance I would put a Trump sticker on my car or sign in my yard. All those tolerant liberals would vandalize my shit in a heartbeat

Portland Trump supporter here as well

So lonely...
Captcha: Central Suburbia

>voting for a bad candidate because you're afraid of the other bad candidate even when it doesn't even matter

I don't want to be shopping for replacement auto glass
But soon I will guzzle the tears of the party of inclusion

Oregon is still competitive, you guys almost went for Bush in 2000 and you're 80% White. The race there was within 3 points earlier in the year, it's very possible it's back that low after this shitshow of a month for Clinton.
Your states Dems are mostly Bernouts, their turnout rates are going to be shit. You really can do it. And even if you don't, put up enough of a fight to show Oregon can come around for President Trump's second term.

I live in the People's Communist Shithole of California and I'm still voting for him, even if it's symbolic. No excuses, get out and make a stand while there is even a mockery of a system that let's you, because we are on the precipice of completely losing our country forever.

If you don't like the candidates, don't vote. You projected your own argument erroneously onto me.


The dude weed lmao vote is surprisingly important to have on your side.