SWEDEN YE—wait, what?

What in the actual fuck?

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rfsu.se/Bildbank/Dokument/Metod-Handledning/Lättare svenska/lektionsunderlag2015web.pdf

Fuck Trump, Sweden, and white people



My god...intergalactic cuckoldry

>Sweden now have to find ALIENS to fuck their wives


I don't believe you.

Can we officially add sweden to the 'insult on sight' list along with canada?

I for one welcome our sexy alien overlords. Sweden is just being proactive.


There is no way this is real.

>This CANT be real.


atleast its not more niggers and it might improve their gene pool also can i get some sauce ?



DUDE.... i mean... dude come on.
WTF is this shit? is sweden so far away from reality?

Holly shit.

>no penis 0/11

We aren't going to make it, are we? People I mean.

It isn't enough to invade the west with mudslimes? What the fuck is wrong with Swedes?

Universally Cucked. Jesus.


>No longer satisfied with their women taking in miles of soggy sand dick, the Swedes eagerly look to the stars to fill their ever widening crusty cunts with fresh, new, and exotic invader seed.

>Sweden fucks with their hormones a lot
>wants to fuck aliens

Wouldn't be surprised if this was real


sweden, you really need to fucking stop
you're not helping



It's bullshit. But I believe it.


>you'll never get to check if theres a fuckable orifice on a she-toss

why even live

I can see two right there.

nice shop

When is Dolph Lundgren going to channel his Aryan supremacy and go singlehandedly crusade that fucking place? How much worse can it get? Are they secretly trying to teach the world a lesson?

>aliens having sex with hot earthlings

this is satire

but why?
this does not make sense, none at all

It's real though.

...Their next video: Most people in Sweden (natives) have two or three kids. I have 9.

This is treated as a good thing, Sweden is done.

>yfw your wife asks you if she can cuck you with an AYY

We didnt even discovered alien life and sweden is already embracing the aliens overlords
That is actuay impressive

What a time to be alive. Journalism is also talking about how a racist cartoon frog is the greatest threat to America right now as well.

>it's real

>yfw women flock from blacks to aliens and blacks get cucked
>yfw porn site ALIENED.COM becomes a thing

>It's an abstract form of cuckhold



"We desperately wish science found intelligent life out there so we could be cucked even harder" t. Sven

I don't believe you, this is some new level of cuckoldry.

Their entire channel is like a Cred Forums parody.

>Sweden's cuckoldry just reached interplanetary levels

Why the hell did Cultural Marxism hit Sweden so fucking hard? I cannot fathom as to why.



When the time where humanity has to face alien invaders comes, Sweden will need to be deal with first. I'd suggest Finland and other Nordic countries just annex Sweden, take whatever usable parts left, and make the rest into internment camp.

Explain this, Sweden. Get in here now and explain or we'll throw you degenerate buttfucking niggers into space to get culturally enriched by 8-cocked xor-thorps.

fuckin' kek

Is Sweden worth saving? Is it even possible at this point? Should we invade, or just firebomb it? All of the 'refugees' are centered in the major cities, I imagine, so if we just firebomb every major city within a couple minutes of each other, there will be virtually none left, and we can just help those in small towns and the countryside (if that exists, I'm sure it does) rebuild their long-dead country.

I could think of plenty of aliens they could send to out space instead.

I'm sensing a theme in these educational videos..

Literally the fucking jews, started in the 70's. I'm on my phone otherwise I'd post the story. They're getting Jew'd hard.

Oh fucking come on. This can't be real. It just can't be.


The sheaths in the metal would hurt user.

What the fuck?

Some men just want to watch the universe burn...

>who's aim
Not real

I'm just ready to kill niggers, muslims, kikes and liberals now. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS HAPPENING


>Bad boy, Sparky! Bad! If you don't put that down I will give you a treat!

Sweden yes



Don't you talk shit about my trump you bitch

Suffer not the Ayyyy to lmao

I'll translate the titles
Do you want to? The basketball guys
Do you want to? The birthday
Do you want to? The gorilla
Do you want to? The casting
Presentation: Weaponized rape in Kongo
Sex on the map
Sex education in sign language
Hockey player talks feminism and LGBTQ
Abort in fiction
Sexual violence and feminist resistance"kampf"
Homophobia and fascism in Hungary
Sex on the map in Arabic

>endorsing sex with not even an animal from the same planet
This has to be a tabloid article


literally how you sound right now

He wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer.

Protoss reproduce telepathically. That's how evolved they are.


I started laughing at first but then I realized it's entirely possible that this is real. I-It's not, right?

I was talking about the eyes...

Desperately trying to keep that Top Cuck title.


Even if it means getting cucked by Ayylmaos.

>Tfw you watch your wife get GRAYYEDD


Get with the times kids, gettin low with ayyl mao

he is right, you know
Sweden got subverted hard

>You will never have hot raw procreation sex with an alien species that's capable of carrying healthy offspring
Why does mankind want to explore the universe again if not for that specific reason?

I'm afraid finland was nuked long ago for space cash.

>Nigger post
>ID is Zoo

Can we all please just buy a fuckload of land in Argentina and make another white colony?

Sweden should be sending plans for proper cuckshed construction instead.



Surely you've seen the video of the old Jewish bitch saying "Europe will not be the monolithic societies they once were, and us Jews will be leading the role in that push."
Surprise surprise, she lives in Sweden. They are literally waging a war on white people, and they spent decades getting Sweden ready for the cultural upheaval.

I don't even know what to say anymore.

sweden is fucking surreal


sweden wtf u doin


Hey, we're just preparing for the future. I'm willing to take my chances that ayy women are more loyal and less petty than human bitches. A man can dream right?

I have no words


Literally qqing in a zoo
As the animal you are

nuke it its dead and over


Swedes are fucking weird man

>implying her father won't use a ray gun to turn you into dust if you lay a single primitive fingernail on her

Well..fuck I don't know what to say.
Not that I find it a surprise that it's Sweden doing stuff like this, but I honestly kinda like the first contact of earth being
>"Welcome to earth, here's some contraception. Now cut the bullshit and let's fuck!"
Because that message is about as human as you can get on this oversexed rape planet.
Well that or "We'll fucking kill you and take your resources"
This is like straight out of the Humanity Fuck Yeah threads.


have fun in shit new world
I'll keep growing my tomatoes in my 99,99% white country
>INB4 slavs aren't white
Whiter than the rest of europe anyway

As a neighbor to the proud land of the Islamic Republic Sweden this is exactly the kind of thing you can expect from the swedes. This is what over 100 years of non-conflict does to a nation.

And Sweden is supposed to be our ''main ally'' in war. Sweet

Jesus Christ Sweden were the muslims not cucking you enough? Did you really have to ask aliens to help?

Sweden is hopeless, the cuckoldry levels in that place is off charts, they need a exterminatus

>swedish women so desperate for foreign cock they want ayys

All this shit is coming from southern Sweden. Imagine Helsinki but multiply its size by 20 and you have southern Sweden. North is okay though.

I want xeno WOMEN not xeno girls. Sexy, independent xeno women. It's painful to know that it will probably never happen in my lifetime.

They will bend over and let the enemy fuck them

Well, Swedes let human invaders fuck them so it's only natural they tell alien invaders to be polite and wrap up when fucking them in the arse.

When your levels of cuckhold are so high, you want aliens to cuck you.

>Homophobia and fascism in Hungary

Of course the country that wants to enforce border control is filled with fascism and homophobia according with Sweden

>Sex on the map in Arabic
>Presentation: Weaponized rape in Kongo

Got make those videos for our new demographics.

RFSU is some kind of crazy ultra-leftist pedo organization, isn't it? I believe I've seen it mentioned on Cred Forums before.

This Is everyone in Sweden that's actually born in Sweden right now.

> m.youtube.com/watch?v=B7NkssHJZLs&feature=youtu.be

They really need to get a life and remove the kekab.

Oh right this is what it was about

rfsu.se/Bildbank/Dokument/Metod-Handledning/Lättare svenska/lektionsunderlag2015web.pdf

I'm guessing this is fake but with Cuckstav Meetmywifesson you never know

Top kek. Just imagine, in 2116, earth will be roamed by Dra'ku'nyak refugees, and the future-jews will make us welcome then.

>You never know.

You think this is weird? Well take a gander at pic related.
It's a gay Muslim Imam conducting a wedding ceremony for two lesbian Muslims.
One of them is pregnant and other one is a deformed midget.

Sweden is so bad that even Muslims are going fucking insane over there.
There are no limits with what they can come up with.

You wouldn't believe what a low opinion Swedish women have for their men. Feminism here in America is bad but damn it doesn't even compare close to the blind hatred towards Swedish men.

That's what they've been doing already, no?

Swedes look for aliens to cuck them since immigrants fucking their wives is now the norm instead of a fetish.


what the fuck man
i have a little bit of newfound appreciation for my shithole

Ever see something that makes you want to find the degenerate who comes up with this garbage, grab it by the neck and just bash its face into the the nearest wall until it stops twitching?

>prepping the ayy lmaos


This is some FI! shit





Please Russia bomb this fuckers to the ground


>intergalactic cuckoldry
Sweden, what are you doing?

>Not even aliens will be a big enough external threat to unite us all
>There will be humans demanding that aliens are given special rights and that they should be welcomed to our planet.

FUCK me. I've always thought. "Well if Aliens posed a legit threat that'd be cause for us to kick our ass in gear and become as great as I know humanity can be."

But NOPE. SWEDEN has made me realise we'd even be cucked in that regard.




Hey, us up in the northern parts are chill. If ruski decides to invade you again, i'll help you out as my ancestors did during the winter war.


>Sweden makes contact with Ayy lmaos
>first thing they do is let themselves get cucked
I don't know what to think of that meme of a disgraceful piece of shit country.

When you couldn't think it could get any worse on a mind-fuckingly surreal level for Sweden, they somehow keep it fresh.




The UK had nothing to do with this. Fuck off.

We uncucked ourselves somewhat with Brexit. You can say the same if you elect Trump.


What the fuck is wrong with you fags?


Maybe Sweden secretly hates this planet and tries to drive it to the ground fastest way possible on purpose.
They're all secretly extremely nationalistic people, but see the only way out of this hell, by crashing it with no survivors and then rebuilding it from the scratch.

But on a serious note, it's interesting to see what a total lack of nationalism can do.
It practically completely removes all self preservation instincts from people and they start flat out genociding themselves via inviting enemies from all over the cosmos.

What page is this from? Does the Swedish government actually fund this?

I hope you get invaded by Putin

>”Om NASA skickar upp en kondom i rymden kommer ännu fler att prata om den här livsviktiga uppfinningen. Vi hoppas att det i förlängningen leder till att preventivmedel handlar högre upp på den politiska dagordningen.” skriver RFSU i ett pressmeddelande.
Literally for awareness, I guess americans are just to retarded to understand

What's the point of the condom if you can't conceive with an alien?

I just want to tap some hot ayy lmao pussy, desu senpai.



What if the aliens don't have dicks to fuck the Swedish women? Or if they're asexual? Will Sven kill himself?

Tell Aliens condoms are for preventing HIV

Aliens then know were to weak or unwilling to eradicate a disease why sacrificing a tiny percentage of the population

They invade and wipe us out

it's a nonprofit for sex education and to promote safe sex. they came to my school to talk about safe sex

>somebody thought this was funny

please, put all this swede cuckoldy thing aside, this is an affront to humor first and foremost. You have to see who the real victim is here, right?

I have no fucking clue right now. I'm guessing this is supposed to be a cheeky way of promoting condom use, but it is just wrong on so many goddamn levels that even I cannot fathom this degree faggotry.

Sweden is truly a meme made into a country.

>White people


I refused to believe it was real
>1 google search later..
Words can't describe this feel i'm feeling

I doubt they'd be asexual. However, they wouldn't be too drastically different, reproductively at least. There are some evolved traits in humans that are absolutely ideal for higher intelligence.

For example, women giving birth to insanely weak and defenseless babies. This trait was adapted because the brain started getting so large that the child had to continue developing long after it had been born, as opposed to other animals where the babies are good to go within a hour to a month. This is a developed trait of mammals, too. The fat stored in teats helps get the baby the nutrients it needs. Thus, it is very likely that ayy lmaos developed teats of some kind.

Swedssy keks

fuck off dan

>The fat stored in teats helps get the baby the nutrients it needs.

>Ayylmaos have huge brains which take decades to develop.
>They need tons of nutrients during this time.
>All aliens have developed massive tits because of this.

Unless they're some sort of short lived bug people with a hivemind, that's likely how most of them will be.

Most of the spacefaring races will be able to give titjobs.

>ID is zoo
I'm dying.

I told you

All this fucking globalism is because hey know a bigger problem is on its way in the form of ayylmaos

>Swedes are such cucks they are promoting Extra-Terrestrial rape and sex with literal aliens.

Degeneracy beyond the realm of man.

Xeno diseases, user. Sex with ayys would be dangerous, acid cum and razor vaginas aside.

>tfw no Ayy gf

If we could even catch them.

They're never going to live this down. This era will stain their honor for at least a hundred years.

Let's just say that making vegan-friendly condoms is something of a priority to them.

Shouldn't Pepe wrap the scale onto his dick to?

I dont care if this is or not degenerate, as a xenophile the idea of having sex with exotic alien creatures sounds like a goal in life, just imagine how amazing and different will feel all those space pussies in bed, I need an alien MILF in my life and impregnate her eggs


europe sounded so cool as a kid
what the fuck happened

Well keep dreaming buddy because the chances of an alien having similar anatomy to a human is astronomically low

>Spaniard wants to colonize foreign pussy
Who would've thought?

Protoss have zero orifices.

The northern parts are the most cucked based on election results you know.

Meant to reply to this:

>the chances of an alien having similar anatomy to a human is astronomically low
Not really. There are some pretty rigid rules on the development of intelligence. High intelligence means large brains, in proportion to body size. Big head means it'll take a lot of development to get to its apex.

They will definitely have a vagina, but whether that's closer to a beastial vagina or a human vagina is up in the air. I seriously hope it's closer to human pussy than bird pussy.

Muslims and leftists

Maybe is part of our blood... maybe we are made to become the alien racemixers and betray the human kind....

feels horny but bad at the same time...

We're going to go James T. Kirk on their alien asses.

I can't blame you for blighting us with Mexicans, desu.

It's not our fault that fate made dick so much stronger than man.

What we need are Aliens that can recognize the weakness we have due to having dealt with it in their own past. Then against our objections, develop and distribute a bioweapon that kills all non-whites.

Then they can come back in 50-100 years when all of us can appreciate the favour they did for us and we can be intergalactic bros.




Who do you think aliens would find the most attractive, demographically?

White men? Asian women? Black women? Who's going to get sex tourist'd?

RFSU, not even once.

Sweden AYYYY

You think they'd wipe only the shitskins out? I think they'd probably side with the Asians, since they'd probably land in Tokyo thanks to it being the most populous city in the world, with a higher population than all of Canada.

No... you won't

>spain wants to impregnate and latinize all the aliens
>sweden wants them to fuck their women for the purpose of pleasure and not procreation
you can't make this shit up

Probably giant squid or those bird tarantulas

Intergalactic cuckolding. I'm done.

Europe was a mistake

I figure they'd examine our history, current events and such before they even make contact. Or at least hold reservations about whoever they first meet until the know the full picture.

Once they know all of that, it'd be pretty clear to them that whites are the best race that could accomplish so much more without the rest of the subhumans bringing us down.

I guess the Japs are alright but what can ya do?

You're so fucking disgusting, user.

Why do you even have that image saved to your computer? Are you that much of a degenrate that anything that remotely resembles a female makes you horny? Do you jerk off to pieces if driftwood if they're curvy enough? How do you think your parents would feel knowing that their son is advocating for sex with aliens with semi-human features? How much more disappointment do you think they would feel?

Get a fucking grip.

Literally pedophiles and the most degenerate motherfuckers out there.

They don't know our language(s). They have no idea how much we know. They can't possibly learn of our history.

Most likely they'll make contact with Tokyo or Beijing first, thinking them to be the "capital of Earth". There's a small chance that they'll choose some American cities, but the most likely choices would be
>New Delhi
>New York City
>Mexico City

>Do you jerk off to pieces if driftwood if they're curvy enough?

Kill yourselves Sweden, holy fuck. Can we just make you guys the new Canada now?


>New Delhi
Fuck they'll blow up the planet thinking we're a bunch of animals that shit everywhere.

>Alien slips and pratfalls on a pile of shit while walking down the street
>Earth gets vaporized

From race traitors to species traitors. Yes.

Arabs invented condoms by using the lower intestine of a goat

Few hundred years later the Brits refined the idea by taking it out of the goat first

>Not content with merely importing dick from the poorest areas of Africa and the middle east, Sweden now sets it's sights further

Better safe than sorry


I'm guessing this is just some shitty "h-hehe condoms are cool kids, use them"-thing

I'm surprised Swedish women don't have cave vaginas from the miles of dick they take.

Ahh i remember that video, I was forced to watch it in school, i caouldn't stop laughing the teacher told me to fuck off

>Aliens finally come to Earth
>Their bitches have DOLPHIN PUSSIES

Yeah eat shit!

>Arabs invented condoms by using the lower intestine of a goat
>Few hundred years later the Brits refined the idea by taking it out of the goat first

Mad bantz holy shit.

Though lambskin condoms were used in antiquity. Part of the Midas myth is that he had little spiders and scorpions in his jizz that would kill any woman he blew his load into.

For what purpose?

need more for my swede folder

They've been on my shitlist for years

Master race.

>holly shit

fuck you argentina

>He doesnt know about dolphin pussy

Literally the ultimate vagina, there is no escape

They can literally crush your dick

I remember watching a commercial on protected gay sex during the AIDs crisis from Sweden. They showed it on CNN because it apparently was controversial everywhere BUT Sweden.
It showed a guy in the missionary position on a table naked from the waist down and another guy with his pants down walk up between his legs and then pixelated hips thrusting while the guy on the table was gasping and being bumped with every hip thrust.
I always wondered if the Swedish commercial was pixelated for censoring or if CNN had to do it to show it on American TV.

7/11 tablecloth?

fucking ruthless

>tfw the Vulcans had the right idea

I hear it's so intense you'll cum within seconds

I don't believe this is real, however if it is....Sweden is the most pathetic nation behind fucking Somalia (what's the difference) I swear to God.

Can we just fucking nuke Sweden apready? I mean Jesus christ.

>b-but northern sweden is based! we wuz vikings n shiet!

yea too bad there's like 12 northern swedes

Satire. Right?

wtf i dont know what to think about sweden now

RFSU is an organization full of degenerates. I am not in the least bit surprised. They were the one that put out the pamphlets about sex for migrants.

I second this morion.

> A. Fucking. Swede.

what the fuck


Sweden is so eager to get cucked they have to go off world to find more bulls to fuck their women.

Motion, not morion.

>reads post and checks pic
>no way it is real, even for sweden
>CTRL+F "real"
>anons agree with me
>googles the title and finds it's actually real


sounds good user

>designed target audience is high iq whites who already aren't having children
>the announcer even has a shitty swedish accent


please just stop

maybe you all should record yourselves lighting yourself on fire in front of your parliament buildings

just do something


>Weaponized Rape in Congo

pics very related


>when you give women choice, you educate them, you give them power in the household, and you start to fight back against patriarchal society, then fertility rates go down


implying et's want your shitty swedish muslim made rubbers.

>it's about awareness

Who the fuck in Sweden cares about space other then actual Sweds? It's designed for you, and not the non-natives.

Put on the fucking condom, Oscar.

Why does Sweden want everyone besides themselves to fuck their women? Can I fuck swedish women too? I'm 3 minorities rolled into one, that should get me at least like, 6 swedish fuck dolls right?


>there are people right now that dont fuck ayywaifus right now

>whose aim is to bring awareness about swedes being retarded children with childish retard ideas

>the most important invention of all time

No one actually believes this, right?
Maybe it's important for those that support the white-european genocide.

>Inviting space alliuns
>Not even having tankfus to protect us, if things go south

Just wait you snowniggers you will ruin everything

They weren't already?

kek, driftwood


>Aliens will eventually mercy kill all of mankind because they believed the Swedish propaganda

Underrated post

Our Finnish cousins know more about the topic than the Swedes.


fuck off space niggers,were full.


>Homophobia and fascism in Hungary

But we are aliens, everybody knows that.

This makes me think that a new idiocracy would have him compared with Achmed.

>most important invention of all time
>most important invention
>a fucking cockbag

honestly it's the downfall of the west


Something about a condom turning into baby's pacifier really makes me want to add Sweden to the list of people to be targeted by the Right Wing Death Squads.

Is (((Sweden))) some sort of mental illness?

I'm obligated to call all of you fucking faggots because of your flag.

Fucking faggots

Things like this make me think that european genocide is actually a good thing

So why not post the link, faggot.

Post link or gtfo. This is not real.

there are two in this thread. Ctrl + F "archive"

Its already been posted twice

I want to fuck freaky alien babes.
Hopefully they don't want the condoms though.
I doubt there would be transmissable diseases anyway.


Yes it is, They should be gassed for existing.

Sweden have gone mad from the destruction of their country.



Thanks for the material but your soldiers saw one "battle" with 13 dead. 130 were wounded but that was because of frostbites, because of soft feminine hands



Proof that Sutherland is a Jew?

Don't forget the wedding is sponsored by 7-11

Not kidding.


this has to be fake. I refuse to believe it

decent bantz rusbro

It isn't, It is done by the Kike degenerate organization of "RFSU"
World war 3 could not come sooner.

Do Russians deliberately type this way to play up to their own stereotype?

Cause if they do, it's cute :3

Wait a sec, is that his cawk? What the fuck is going on lmao

It is in your nature to destroy yourselves.

I don't habeeb it

I give us another 200 years. Enough to live our lives in peace, I guess.

You've been posting for days and no one's bite, I'll tell you why.. liberals are the violent ones. Always have been. We believe in values and community. You don't get that with wanton violence... liberals on the other hand are responsible for the worst loss of human life since ghengis Khan.

I don't even get it man, it's constant, who the hell in your nation comes up with this shit? I mean we have fucked up shit but we have some off days, You guys are turnt 24/7 with weird ass shit.

Come to Minnesota my dude, come home white man.

Allowing immigration from 3rd world is literally the worst thing anyone can do in regards to climate change. Allowing people from low consumption countries to come high consumption countries is only going to make climate change worse.


The point is replacement in the guise of stopping "Climate Change".

It is kikes who have pushed this for close to 50 years.
Which has lead to massive brainwashing.
>Come to Minnesota my dude, come home white man.
How? I don't have either US citizenship or permanent residenceship it is out of question.

jezus christ Sweden... its time to stop this insanity.

we should put up a satellite in space broadcasting "fuck off we're full" rather than that gay piece of shit spamming space with classical music and screaming grandmas

At least some alien would fuck her

>that video

Sweden was one of if not the best proof of the wonder that is an ethnicly pure State, jews focused extra hard to destroy it.

Also people evolving in cold climates have higher levels of empathy (that goes for all eiropeans, but scandinavians especially)

In Sweden 'wow that guy is so blue eyed' means gullible, our ancestors knew about the empathy ""issue"" but todays (((forces))) are keeping such info a secret, and so whites are not aware that they have a self destruct button inside them. And so won't try and control it.

Thats my 2 cents anyways.

>The point is replacement in the guise of stopping "Climate Change".

Yet, it only makes climate change worse. What west needs to do is to reduce consumption, what 3rd world needs to do is to reduce population growth.


>What west needs to do is to reduce consumption

>what 3rd world needs to do is to reduce population growth



Kikes did it


That is why nature of development aid must change, it must be tied to reasonable population growth control measures and family policy.

>implying the current outcome was unintended
No, it doesn't need a change at all.

what if the west Stopped helping them breed?

as in food, and modern Medicine

>what if the west Stopped producing the replacements?

Not happening.

It's not genes, it's that the west got so rich this century it slowly became decadent, this is why Jewish altruistic propaganda works in the West while the east, which is poorer does the opposite, if Syria became rich and we left it alone to develop for 100 years the people would just abandon all morals and give everything away too


I can't...

אבי שבשמיים תציל אותנו