Canada has banned the following breeds: American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier...

Canada has banned the following breeds: American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, any mix of these or any dog that has morphological characteristics of these breeds such as "large heads".

they confused Staffoshire Bullterriers with American Staffys and Pit Bulls for gods sake

my mum owns 2 purebred english staffys (Staffoshire Bullterrier) and this is all bullshit

worst thing that they can do is accidentally run into shit without looking in the night when the owner comes home from work

pic sort of related. not my staffy. but its a purebred staffy

Who cares? Ban all dogs. Stupid little shitfactories.

Muzzo detected.

it sucks when people make sweeping judgements based on appearance.

Quebec did

Why do you care faggot you live on prison island

I hope you get bitten faggot

Either way doesn't this law just call for pounds to euthanize the ones they have, not for pet owners to have to turn in their dogs

and Ontario apparently, what a faggot country

>banning cute dog breeds

Now that nigger dogs are banned, maybe we can start banning nigger humans

>You're allowed too fuck dogs
>Mysteriously ban big dogs that bite back

i love dogs. I like pitbulls too, i mean look at that face. Pitbulls are cute fucking dogs.

BUt i think, in the future, im not going to have any pets. It's escapism. I don't want to have to care for one. too much time wasted on an animal that lives 10-20 years. They're good for your children though, if they raise it right but I don't think I'll ever own pets in the future.

Worse than that, they confused good genetics with bad upbringing.

Death to the fucking leaf. Long live the Staffordshire Terrier and all of its descendants.

Yeah no shit

What did you think would happen when you advocate for the banning of a species as vague as "pit bull"

You think nogs are just going to give up on dogfighting?

No they are just going to move onto another big aggressive breed like a german sheppard, selectively breed and inbreed only the most aggressive males and females, take poor care of them, and whoa before you know it German sheppard bite stats are going through the roof

before you know it we'll be reduced to poodles which are vicious as fuck but not big enough to do life threatening damage.

I can't stand these "Think of muh children, ban assault dog" fucks

That's sad m8 banning a breed is stupid....
But it's Canada after all at least in my state is no such thing as bad breed :^)

>leafs are scared of a little staffy


>my mum owns 2 purebred english staffys
You are white trash

Too many shitleafs in here. From now on, you may only post ITT if there are at least two breeds of doggos named after your province.

Whites are a bad breed in Germany

lol. is he a good pupper?

They ban these dogs because they are harem.

No pitbulls and their close relatives are the niggers of dogs. That good owner bullshit only holds up to a point. You can treat them perfectly but if it manages to get set off, you'll be lucky to get out of the situation alive. I'd honestly euthanize everyone of these false cute chimpdogs myself if I had to.

If you think that it's no the breed and it's the owners, you have to say with a straight face that races are equal on a genetic level. Fuck all of you dumb nogs in this thread even if 1 in 100 of these dogs attack, they attack for no reason and even turn on their caring owners. FUCK PITBULLS

Good for you, you degenrate zoophile fuck

>Canada bans aggressive dog breeds but not aggressive niggers
Isn't that racist though? Aren't all dogs the same like all humans, according to liberals?

Canadas for passive aggressive cunts anyway

staffies are shit tier, they are actually mentally retarded, get a sheepdog m8, they are actually mentally capable

It's HARAM you fucking kafir kill yourself

Fuck pit bulls, the people who own them are extremely ignorant in the 'dindu nuffin he a good dog' sort of way.

You cannot deny statistics, and all of you fucking people who leave them outside to harry passersby should be shot alongside your animals.

t. deliveryman

Pit bulls are legit no fucking joke.

DO NOT listen to people (usually women) who tell you they aren't any more dangerous than any other breed.

Even if they seem like they have a calm temperament they can snap at a moment's notice and attack even their owner.

t. someone who had a friend attacked completely off guard by a pit bull.

He was, had a tendency to hurt himself though.

I see so many girls share those fucking pics on faceberg and instagoy where it's a picture of a pit bull puppy and it's like "why would you ban me? i'm a harmless puppy :)" and I just want to show them pics of all the fucking children and other dogs mauled to death by those fucking useless beasts.

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is that your new dog? he looks a little tubby.

Oh look, case in point.

inb4 women

t. pussy


thats not a pitbull you retard. its a English staffy. you americans and canadians always call pitbulls staffys all the time

German Shepherd is the biggest killer here with 23 kills since the 80s I believe you Americans are just too stupid for dogs

banning dogs cause they're dangerous is like trying to ban guns.

awwwww cute little shithead

Why don't you get a fucking tiger for a pet to prove you're not a pussy.

Your dog is fat and it's 100% your fault.

Idiot you feed him way too much

Had her at the same time as the other, got fat after pups, died of cancer a few months ago.

Go blow somebody up sand nigger.

Bitch had two litters, she got fat.

>Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Why are staffies always getting lumped with pit bulls?

They are similar breeds but American Pit Bulls were bred to be larger and fight to the death in pits. Staffordshire Bull Terriers were bred to be small and with a good temperament. They are very different breeds.

Pit bull was once the All-American Dog before niggers got word of them.

Damn shame a breed of dog has become so hated. Bad dogs have bad owners.

>t. Ahmed.
I'd rather have a county with dogs than a country full of sandniggers. If you don't like it, go to Canada.

Achmed how's life in the us of a?

Rate my dog, dont know if hes a pit or what got him from a pound he has huge ears, like 5-6 inches long that stand straight up if hes alert

because americans always call staffys "pit bulls" and pit bulls "staffys"

if Democratic Liberals was retarded on guns this Conservative equivilant

Even good owners have had their pit bulls go crazier than a Vietnam vet having a flashback.

The problem is with the breed first and foremost.

10. he's gorgeous

>btw checked dubs

Nice quints, cool dog.

100% sure thats a pit. hahaha he looks like a little guilty fuck. what does he do on a day to day basis

the reason why you think his ears are long is because nigs like to clip pit's ears. when they arent clipped they got huge fucking ears LOL

Like I said, your fault.


Good. Those breeds are the nigs of dogs

boston terriers are the best dogs

they dont give good fucc thats why theyre banned

yeah he isnt low down and fat though like nigger pit bulls are.

Kek rates your hound to be a 10/10, user.

Doge quints

It's just Montréal and they can go fuck themselves, the genocidal little shits.

It's the frogs.

pit bull terriers are kind of different than blue nose type pitbulls

I have a staffy and in my neighbourhood there are old women with toy breed dogs who are more vicious. And my pupper is cuter than them too.

There's no such thing as a Faggothound, so get the fuck out.

Why does Canada even need dogs? Its a form of slavery plus pet dogs offend more than a billion people globally. Get in current year.

t. tumblr

Banned in Canada
What ever shall I do