How are Russian women?

As a curious American I typically hear very mixed results on this. They're often very attractive, but with the personality is where I hear very contradicting stories. Are they redpilled, traditional and loyal Cred Forums types? Or is that a front because they're superficial roasties that will drain your wallet and move on? Any Russians on here that can set this straight for me?

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They'll do anything to escape the kind of poverty found in some of their towns. If they're marrying an American, it's because size matters. Wallet size.


they are just women you autistic fat virgin faggot

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every person is different but if you're wondering about a mail order bride she's almost certainly going to get a gold digging hoe who if you're lucky maybe she won't cuck you before she divorces you.

well that escalated quickly.
are russian schools actually like that? currently?

and no i'm not talking about that. That's pretty obviously a trap set by the gold diggers. I'm just talking like if you were in Russia, going about your business and you were striking it up with the average Russian girl, what would you most likely be getting

Being a rusky high schooler looks comfy as fuck desu

no idea, why are you going to try to go to other countries to try and find a bride?

>Are they redpilled, traditional and loyal
Nope, but since you are foreign they could Act like this for you.

Not saying I'd be interested in going anywhere solely on that basis. But I'd love to see Moscow regardless. Not one of those cucks falling for the
>le cute american foreigner
>travel the world to get laid meme XD

Just saying though if I was already in Russia, what would I be talking to? Redpilled Cred Forums women? Gold diggers? Or the types that fall for American culture and fall for the SJW meme? That's all I'm wondering

What are they normally?

>Are they redpilled, traditional and loyal Cred Forums types

I knew at least one Russian girl who was into coal-burning. She was into a dude who was straight up from southern Africa and not a basketball american. To her credit, however, he was a light-skinned google. Even while she was actively pursuing this gentlemen, she went on and fucked some random dude other than him when the opportunity presented itself at a party.

For what this anecdote's worth, she was also book smart, but otherwise relatively vapid. Dry personality that showed signs of life (depth) when not sober. Attractive, yes, and nice to be around despite what I've said.

That's nothing

Slav women have a lot of mental problems from my experience (not relationships, observation)--bipolar, depressed, etc.
Russians in general are less cheery than Americans. They don't force happiness, ever.
Also bear in mind almost all Russian women look like potatoes once they hit 50. That is all.

t. burgerized ethnic Russian

Most Russians women are:
>average in looks 5-6 tops
>age like milk
>get fat as fuck incredibly fast
>individual ambition is absent - I deserve everything
>queen complex
>are talentless, no personality whatsoever
>materialistic to the point of worshipping stupid shiny shit
>range from passive aggressive manipulative cunts to ferocious banshees
I will rather shoot myself than ever date or marry a Russian skank

The same as other woman, searching for the better partner for life.

my god this image set is amazing 20/10

Yeah that makes sense. All the excessive cheeriness over here I'm kind of tired of anyways desu. It comes across fake.

better then the west desu

There's a lot of hype out here about Russian women. Kind of tired of this absolute worship of women in general. They don't do that much these days. Only place that isn't toxic about it the Queen complex is the Muslim world. And that's obviously problematic. Is there any hope anywhere? RIP

No need to get philosophical Ivan

>well that escalated quickly
LOL! Like what did you expect?

It's ok mexifriend, at least your women are better.

lol true. I guess I had higher expectations for Cred Forums rather than say..../r9k/

Get outside of russia please and see how its mich worse in the west at least.
Хyжe тoлькo хoхoлички.

t. delusional omega genetic garbage that can't find a decent woman
I mated mostly with somewhat traditional Alpine girls of Bavaria, Switzerland and Austria. Nothing else suits me

Russian woman = slob piece of shit with queen complex 9999 of 10000 times

They are just american women that aren't obese. Find a girl that is 20 lbs over weight and make her do your bidding. But you're probably fat yourself so just give up.

>Russian woman = slob piece of shit with queen complex 9999 of 10000 times
Just like almost every women i dont know about Asian women though.

Well I guess there's another country they aren't worth any time whatsoever RIP
exactly, I was curious about Russia since they're currently the most redpilled country in the world If their women are shit then I guess just about all are

Women are the same everywhere.
Don't listen to these autistic and virgin fucks.
If getting women is a problem for them theyare stupid af and not worthy of the glory of Kek

So basically they're American women....

looks fun

>range from passive aggressive manipulative cunts

Like yours I suppose but care about politics less

>to ferocious banshees

so basically women

>redpilled country

>t. delusional omega genetic garbage that can't find a decent woman
that's exactly how (you) sound by the way

I guess not quite on par with Texas where that's a recreational activity

Sorry but I have noticed that Russian women are extremely political.

They are redpilled and traditional. Consequently they will only date Russians.

Sauce: Alaskan who's tried Russians

Why is muslim problematical? They have practical skills like cooking but also know how to improvise an ED. What more do you need?

Women are different depending on the degree of male domination of their native country

>They're submissive loyal partners in highly male dominated societies
>They're backstabber materialistic skanks on societies with MUH EQUAL RIGHTS

Both of these things are how their female instinct plays along with the culture

That's all there is to it

Where did you notice that? There main interests are to get married and live on husband's salary.


What about Polish women?

I hope to god that you guys did that because you didn't want to waste money on fighting the slimes while under sanctions.

At least every Russian I have met has strong opinions on political stuff.


Migrants maybe? They are always fuck in the head and hyperactive

You are right .

Being christian they'd have my head before letting me go anywhere near their sisters or daughters. Also would want to meet them in a country I wouldn't mind living in. The middle east is a shithole
you know any male dominated societies that don't purge christians?

Society is quite conservative and don't like pranks like Charlie

Hmm migrants, exchange students and St Petersburg natives. But honestly that's like 10 people in total.

Do you claim that if I were to ask a random Russian woman who shot the Boeing down, she wouldn't have a opinion? Sorry but that's hard to believe.

those are photos from shitholes, usually it's at least clean
my school was the best, actually #2 Moscow school

They are the best.

The anecdote I mentioned earlier was a migrant. Aside from a stereotypically Russian sense of degraded self-worth, she wasn't fucked in the head. In fact, she was the most level headed of her trio of best friends who were both regular Americans. She was also certainly not hyperactive. She acted somewhat conservatively (not in the political sense mind you) and was reserved. Almost shy, but in the way that attractive girls are shy.

oh nice. That the Italian flag you have now? did you move?

Aren't there a ton of muzzies in south russia?

But not allahu akbars, just ramadan prayers?

>male dominated societies that don't purge christians
Some wouldn't even know what Boeng are you talking about, others will tell you the story news tell them recently. In this questions they aren't much different from males.

These aren't the Russians we're looking for

>you know any male dominated societies that don't purge christians?

China would be your best bet, good luck with that

Boris, I understand the message you are trying to convey here, but lighten up will you?

It seems Putin is trying to stamp out SJW shit. Banning gay propaganda etc. How do you feel ppl are reacting out there? Do they support it, or do you have a bunch of SJW's bitching about it?

>others will tell you the story news tell them recently
But these are educated and English speaking Russians. So they must know what's the deal with Russian media... Therefore it's a political statement.

Chinks are veryh aggressive towards Christians...

Wow, very nice. A lot nicer than our military women thats for sure. Most of the dumb bitches we have are ugly as fuck and all of them are waste of money good for nothing besides being literal cum dumpsters and some clerical jobs.

she's cute. Doesn't answer anything tho. Any context to this pic?

What kind of question is that? They're women, OP. Ever dealt with those?

We have our own SJW, russian style with MUH MULTINATIONALITY and home of 666 peoples. But that's another question, they loose support now.
Nobody cares about gays, like any other stuff they don't care. Some will say "evil gays tries to destroy our traditional values", others will complin about birth rates but the last ones that hunted gays through dating applications went to jail.

She's so cute when she starts to cry, I just want to hug and comfort her.
I can't believe people think women in combat is a good idea.

>but the last ones that hunted gays through dating applications went to jail.

This isn't true, I know a Russian guy in the military that does hunt down gays in places like Якyтcк.

You are God damn right!.There are no former terrorists that have government positions whatsoever! Not a single terrorist act on Russian soil.

That pic is cheeki breeki

Is about as tolerant as you'll get

psychopathic gold diggers.

Date and marry Russian trash all you like, I have a better way to spend my time, mood and resources.

You sould report on him to police, m8. Do a good deed.

It's weak people like you who allowed the shit you can't believe to happen.

Me? I laughed hysterically at that shit. Don't have any pity for crocodile tears.

I grew up in a liberal state in the US. I try not to out here

Self-development and anime, you may not tell us

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wtf? sorce?

Police do not care that far east and do not want to get on a Russians bad side.

Honestly your attitude is the reason why laws like pic-related exist, and your daughter will probably turn out a spoiled brat.

you dont like the truth?

Anyone have experience with belarusian girls? I have brown skin and I would love to experience my love with a post soviet feminine qt that is also illiterate in English. I posted in an another thread but i got no responses.

She is some kind of journalist btw. Not a soldier or somehow connected to military

Don't think by me making this thread that they'd get a dollar from me. But I was at least curious what you guys had to say

And they tell that sosach is dead.
It lives inside all of us.

Brewery, skiing, travel, kinky orgies and shooting, but your proposal should be tried one day

No, report to our police, there are online services that will accept your alligation.

Canada just gets worse everytime i hear about it.

"Person may leave sosach, but sosach will never leave a person." (C)

that's because it is fake.

I am almost sure you're trying to get me killed....

Shooting? How are gun laws out there?
Canada's been dead m8

Since all these traits are probably common to all women around the world, the question is to what extent Russian women have these attributes.

Say, if on a scale from 1-100 of fulfilling these attributes:

American women 100 (can't beat that)
South American 80
British 70
Italian 65
Scandinavian 60
German 45
French 30

where do Russian women truly fall? Obviously that's a difficult one, as one needs benchmarking experience with women from other countries. And typically, the ones who have experience with both US and Russian females are often US guys who then only get the bottom Russian gold-diggers later in life, then thinking that all Russian women are gold-diggers. So difficult to compare.

I'm dating one who is a solid 8/10, awesome body, very red pilled, amazing in bed, and says her number one goal in life it to make me happy and follow my lead. What more can you ask for in a women?

Not USA tier but can own a saiga 12 shotgun with very little hassle.

Connections in Russia will get you more.

There is a site for this, but I'm afraid it's only in russian

Only the retarded feminists think its a good idea. But, as far I know, women arent exactly clamoring to go 03 in the Marines. Not a single woman has gone through SOI since they opened infantry for them. Tells you everything right there. They dont want to sign up for selective service either, dont know the situation in the army.
I know but, that doesnt change the fact that thats exactly what women do with guns. They just cry and sometimes they cant even carry the damn thing.

Do you happen to have a lot of money?

Russian women will endure anything in Russia, because there's a surplus of women. You can kick them, rape them, kill them.
But things change when they emigrate.
So visit Russia.

Russian women can be the most loyal, loving, traditional red-pilled girl ever. But you have to earn it (by their crazy Slavic standards) or they'll discard and use you. Also a good chunk of them were literal whores at some point so be careful.

Above all, you have to be strong and take charge. This is even more important than having money. A Slav woman will rather be with a poor strong man than a weak rich man; worse, she'll often be willing to marry the weak rich man, take his money, and leave for a poor strong man. But that poor strong man will have her loyalty.

Physically, fat, badly-aging Slav women were a Soviet thing. The newer crop age much better than their parents did at the same age.

You'll save yourself more trouble hitting her just once than you would believe possible. But you can't look like you regret it - strike her, and look at her like she deserved it.

Last thing - if a Russian woman marries you in an Orthodox ceremony, you'll never be able to get rid of her. This is the single most effective way to be sure you have a loyal Russian girl and not a superficial whore out to fleece you.


the ones that you find on dating sites looking for foreign men are just looking for easy beta cuck pray

if you want a real russian girl you have to go to a small town

online "russians" are gold diggers like cali girls

They'd make you convert to Islam, not that the women would really care, in fact she'd probably want to get out of Islam if she has half a brain, but the family she comes from would never allow their Muslim daughter to marry, let alone date, a non Muslim, ESPECIALLY if he's. Jew or Christian.

>autistic australians


Luckily I mostly live in Switzerland where guns are omnipresent, but you can have rifles and shotguns in Russia.

No im not rich. I work at a restaurant as a cook and another as a waiter lmao. I'm 24 she's 26, I think I just got lucky. She lives in Italy rn, speaks Italian Russian and English fluently.

god blessed texas, and now its sons must cure the world of muslims

Souless gold diggers.
Need proper beating for que a time in order to achive polite woman stage that will take care of you like a personal maid.

Personally i would not recomment.
I have to give a good smack like twice a mouth to keep that maid stage.
Also most of the problem goes away if you keep her from her mom.
Its like pernamently 50% less need beating.

Just because your own women look like gorillas doesn't mean you have to poach ours. Fuck off chimp

Very good my friend. If you're rich you cannot be certain if she is a goldigger but if she stays when you're poor shes a keeper.

So she's banging Italians, is what you're saying?

Personal anecdotes:

Russian women are the same as our women, so not "traditional", and loyalty varies just like it does here in North America. The only difference is in Russia nobody gives a fuck about your feelings so will straight up tell you to fuck off or whatever else is on their mind with no filter.

I lived in Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk and Samara for about a 2 years while working remotely and dated a few locals.The biggest difference is a lot of the men are drunks, and when I mean drunks I mean going on a 2 week bender and just disappearing from work. Often my coworkers would vanish to get plasted for a week or two then just reappear as if nothing had happened. This was considered in normal in those 3 cities. If you aren't a tragic drunk goof then you are already top dating material without being rich.

Dating is weird there, as you will be conditioned from the West not to make aggressive moves as that would land you in jail. In Russia if you don't you will never get a date. You have to dance the dance here playing the friendly cool guy vibe while building up to panty removal in North America while in Russia you will get ice cold bitch shield from every woman unless you make intentions known then they are suddenly totally different around you. But that's how Russia is, no bullshit is tolerated.

tl;dr they're the same as women here minus the passive aggressive bullshit and games.

while waiting for a green card from

Haha I guess that's possible but I doubt it. This chick is as loyal as they come, all she talks about is moving to America with me, she sends me texts all the time that it actually is the only thing that can get annoying lol but she insanely loyal I can promise you that. I met her at an international music conference and we hit it off, banged a half dozen times a day, there were other Italians there but they were sluts for sure. This one seems like the real deal, at least I'm hoping. The only thing I worry about is she might be a little too obsessed with me that if things go sour she may kill me lmao

No she can come to the US anytime through the Armenian embassy and stay as long as she wants but I might move to Italy desu I'd like it over there more and it'd be better for my actual career

What a sweet, delusional boy.

So I'm gonna be the one to point this out?

She seems more delusional than me I'm way less into it than her but I'm happy now so what more can I ask for.

Also fuck off faggot


Alrighty, story time.

I just came back from a 2 week holiday in the U.S, I went to Vegas and LA (5 in Vegas, rest in LA). This Russian girl that I know was going to Vegas, SF, and LA with her friend after spending 3 months along the U.S East Coast, so I took the opportunity to finally meet her after 5 years, we met ages back. She spent 3 days in Vegas, SF and the rest with me in LA.

She's pretty red pilled on things in this world. So we meet at the hotel in Vegas, everything was going well, but then the next day, we were silent, and I had no idea why, I was confused as fuck, and things didn't seem to be going as planned, so over the next 2-3 days, I'm trying to figure out why the fuck was she so silent. The last day comes, and the conversation pops about our silence, and so I got mad with her for 2 hours, and she loved it. We pretty much picked each other's brains. She said to me she didn't understand why I was happy, smiling a lot of the time when I spoke, and didn't understand Aussies in general.

After the talk, we headed back to the hotel, and we were at the lights, and to my surprise, there were Aussies standing right in front of me, I started speaking to them for about 2 minutes (fucking Vegas traffic lights) and we were all laughing, smiling and within the first 15 seconds and she says to me afterwards "I now understand how Australians are, and why you act differently compared to other people"

After that, the two went to the airport for SF. She messages me telling me how she thought about the talk we had, how guilty she feels, and how she was so sorry, and was sad. She told her mum about me, and her mum defended me. Based Russian mum.

We met again in LA, turns out she was the best girl ever. 10/10 would date. So, we both return home, a few days later, she was watching the videos that we both recorded and messages me saying how much she misses me.

Bretty gud trip overall 5/5

Huge gold diggers, if you are not rich they still expect you to pay for everything.

They have no big desire to work and take care of themselves. A lot of mood swings.

Pretty much what happen to me. My Russian chick texts me literally all the time. They can be really understanding if they act out emotionally and you explain to them how they fucked up. They're really traditional and I love that about them most American whores aren't at all.

All Russian women will think you only want to be friends if you're just talking to them. They will then clam up into ice bitch shield status because they assume this is going nowhere. I had the same problem until I realized you're supposed to be super aggressive and just grab her and make out, which is what I also do in Canada but not until I get signals from the girl she wants that or else it's rape police time.

Also speaking of hating phony happiness/courtsey are Sikhs. They absolutely hate courtesy. "Thanks!" translates to Fuck your mother , asshole as they think you are patronizing them.

Finally if anybody here wants to experience a country that is entirely made up of whores go to Iceland. Yes, Iceland. There is no such thing as a loyal woman in Iceland. If you are a foreigner, with your own private place, you will pick up girls regardless of her being married or not they simply don't give a fuck and Iceland men are all cucks. I once boned a girl there everynight with her boyfriend phoning every couple of hours to check in. What a pussy, but to his credit there's no women there so he had no choice but to be a cuck.

Same shit diffrent flag you dumbass.

The wonders of religion.
Keeping families together.

she's holding a hotdog

Even when they shouldn't be XD

Does this mean like straight up ask one out on a date first thing? Or do you have to remotely know them first?

Cold and calculating soulless automatons, Cylons with boobs. They would eat you alive.

russian women aren't traditional, they are way sluttier than almost everywhere else I've been. I go back and forth. They only act traditional and lady like the way they dress and have body posture. A lot of them will suck your dick and swallow if they think you've got money and that it'll increase their chances of you dating them.

Lived there for 2 years. Russian men are pigs. Drunks and losers. Russian women are a lot more appreciative than Western women but they are fucking easy. Just have a decent job and dress respectably and don't be a drunk abusive Russian man and women will be all over you.

So all women are pretty much the same

Semi-Slav in Bay Area here. Lot's of Russians in SJ.

In the US a lot of them seem to get all caught up in Western culture and even degeneracy.

Although a lot of them are good. Mostly the ones whose families practice Orthodox Christianity and are church-goers.

Similar in Russia I would think.

I've a friend who got married with a russian woman.

>They are incredibly emotional
>Has a strong obedience for family values

That being said, the same girl abandoned my friend for "missed my babushka" and vanished entirely. So in conclusion they are unreliable as fuck, as long as you are white with good wallet and dick.

>inb4 cuckposting
they despise niggers and even their sight is repulsive for them.

This one pretty accurate.

Just Kike my shit up senpai

Holy fuck Russia is based

Ok, so you told us about women in general. This is nothing we don't know. But what, if anything, sets Russian women apart?

Sexy submissive and complacent
Suddenly they hit 35-40 and turn into that bearded guy from epic meal time

Bonus: men are mean and violent in their culture. They want an alcoholic hitman type of guy, and someone who will punish his children physically. Blame the war

Also, homosexuality is haram there, and so these women see any type of male vanity as a huge turn off

Just shut the fuck up you insufferable cunt. Let the man ask his questions without a damned arsefuck like you spewing shit everywhere.If you don't like the thread then piss off.

looks like New Jersey tbqh

Leaf expat in Poland here. Dating a Russian girl, pic related. I'm not a rich guy, and we enjoy being poor together. We cook together very simple food, but it's Always good and tasty. She's redpilled af, she's afraid of Germany because all the googles and slimes. Slav girls definitely want to get married relatively early, but I can't say I'm in any rush

Polish people are the true potatoes
Just look at that face

he is Canadian, Hans

>I'm not a rich guy,
You are already reached than most of russian males.

I'm talking about the women, retard
Her face looks like a potatoe
Personally I don't like that jelly bean look

>Most Russians women are:
>average in looks 5-6 tops
posts 8/10 qt

Polish tits are best tits

yes, you are the one
-- the only one
-- the "one and done, son"

> muh ez russian women

sure thing burgerboi

> spent DAYS with russian chick
> didn't bang

holy kek, the spaghetti trail you left in your wake must have been something

I lived there for 2 years.

They act very feminine and dress very well, that's a cultural thing but do not mistake this for traditional values. A lot of them have had a lot of partners, and are far looser than Western girls. Though they do want to get married at a much younger age.

She makes the same salary i do, more or less though.
Maybe it's just that one picture, or I'm not seeing it

Is this supposed to make me like Russia?

>She makes the same salary
In Poland?

Well I make about 3200zl/month, and she makes maybe 2200. Apart from the regular flowers or sweets, i don't buy her anything big

>tfw you will never have qt attorney general waifu

So you both working in Poland?

Yep. She just moved to Germany for a semester, so she's making a lot more than me just sitting at uni. Dem euros

she's cute. better looking than most german girls. don't know what he's on about.

also, don't post pictures of yourself or your mrs here. some people on this board will fuck with your life given the chance

Some people are really anal about posting pics. But I could imagine someone reporting me to the Polish government or my workplace for frequenting a right-wing board, how hard the officials would laugh at that. In all honesty, what could happen?

fucking hell that isn't much. I earn twice that in a week

Pure kino

And that's was my point. You already richer than most of russian males.

That's nothing. They can harass your family members and try to figure out ways to humiliate you or lose your job. Just take my advice man, there are literal psychotics on this board that get a kick out of creating misery

Yeah. CAD and AUD are about the same, so that's like 1k a month. Keep in mind the cost of living here is really cheap. I live at the standard of like 40k a year. Most family heads earn like 3000/month

>She makes the same salary i do, more or less though.

Wait is this slav bucks though?

holy shit dude that's sad if so.

Better safe than sorry I guess. Good call, aus

>Slav bucks
Lold. Yeah, there's like 4zl on the USD. It's not much back home, but here its pretty good

> Rynek

I WANT TO GO BACK. One of the comfiest European town squares i've visited.

Also I envy you being able to live there. I have no skills that would land me a job in Poland. I could multi table online poker but I prefer live if I'm going to be putting in a lot of hours.

Lets say I could safely earn 3500-4000PLN playing online poker a month ( legal there? ), could I live a comfy life?

> mfw live poker is illegal in Poland

Like I said personal preference

If you get some help from parents occasionally it could be cool.

My entire family is from russia, so it's pretty tight when I can drop by with a few thousand and throw it around. Work trucking here six months, stay there six months, that works for me.

Is that Krakow?
Does somebody still play the trumpet or something on the hour from that building in the background?

Fucked those gypsies up.

>are russian women desperate
>or are men sex hungry pigs
It's both. Saved myself 5 minutes.

Also I'm Russian and I dislike Polish look overall

Better than average us/germany grill with male jaw, but not as kawai as asian grill. Still decent chice if you like whites. Only try to search girl from russian province, not from moscow or spb.

Yes and yes

Yeah and germans are all arabs now and german women belong to the BBC

The only women who care about politics are whores or dikes. In fact, the more redpilled a woman is the more likely she's a whore. Just find yourself a docile broad who doesn't care about politics or your cucking yourself.

That's the one, m8
People or places? Because neither of us are polish

there are russian girls here.

i consider them grade A.

in terms of destructive behavior and degeneracy they after far better than their european counterpart.
sorry ladies but this is how it is

this was satisfying to watch

The one Russian girl I've properly known was probably one of the most abrasive girls I've ever spoken to.

Not with me personally, she very much liked me, but with other women, Americans, gays, Jews, blacks. She was pretty much hateful of anyone that wasn't white, heterosexual and male.

I remember her telling me about how she keyed this girl's car because she cut in front of her in a queue.

Now, I'm not saying any of these traits are negative (I felt bad for the Americans she hated, though), it made her very interesting to speak to, and she WAS attractive, it was just surreal to talk to a young, pretty white girl about how much she hated gays and niggers.

This is just one girl of course, but that's my personal experience.


not waifu material but qt

I live in a different city but more or less close to Krakow. Came from Regina

I assume il be seen as a degenerate. Will the women care where the money comes from or only that it does? ( as in most countries )

Also what's the best place to settle down in Poland. I loved Niepolomice for it's proximity to Krakow/the old town and the rural feel of the town.

Would police bother coming out to the rural parts of niepolomice if I decided to grow a couple pot plants for myself? ( probably in a small greenhouse or something ).

Lol! I live in Russia 34years.
Russia wimen is very different. Absolutley disguesting, kladbishe-grob-pidor, medium attrective, and very cute and beautifull.

My gf is a qt Russian living in the West since she was a child, never had a boyfriend when we met (17yo back then) and now we're still together. She's literally Cred Forums-tier and we often make jokes about dindus.

I don't know about Russian women from Russia though.

Don't listen to that autist, your girl is pretty, I don't know what standards he's got.

And and addition, i want to tell you: all women in the fucked world fucked goldminers. If you want different woman, you must search in university environment

Girls don't care. But the police are pretty strict about that. Just find some friends who sell it

>he actually wanted me to add in the stories of me getting laid

Bet you also wanted to jerk off to it.

I don't know why the fuck Cred Forums thinks it's a good idea to have """"redpilled""" pol tier women. You want a woman with motherly instincts who is caring and thoughtful. Look after her and she will look after you and be a great mother.

he said he's russian living in Germany, which would explain it. A beautiful girl in Russia is better looking than that. i lived there for awhile. Doesn't matter if you're into blondes, brunettes or mixed looking girls there are some real stunners there

I'm thinking of moving to Tiraspol, Transnistria 4 a laff and to learn Russian since it's a visa black hole and I can basically stay as long as I want. How much minge can I expect to consume

PS: I already speak basic retard-tier Anglusskij

Sorry ausbro I completely forgot to mention, caring and cherishing her close relatives is a big part of her personality, and we've been discussing children, she wants them and so do I. For now we're both in the middle of university, but after that, will definitely marry her.

Batshit insane. It's the one unifying trait that I've noticed in all the Russian women that I've known.

Bad idea, bro.
Its not black hole, but ass hole.

Your gf is daughter of oligarch, she is not russian.

your handsomeness matters less to Russian girls, but obviously matters somewhat. But you can be average looking dude with a banging hot mrs over there which is much harder to do in places like Australia or USA.

They care about money a lot more so have an income/career. You also need to dress smart and have good hygiene.

If you're handsome and wealthy you'll get girls hanging off your cock and swallowing every drop

It's much easier to pick up girls and be forward with them. Some girls are sluts and others aren't.

Lots of girls are good marriage material though and just want to marry young and cook and have kids etc, which you'll find outside of the major cities. You have to have a career though you can't just expect these kinds of girls to feel secure living this lifestyle with you and you not having a half decent income.

Most Russian men are absolute trash. Treat women like shit and are drunk a lot of the time. Russian women in general are a lot more appreciative

I had Russian neighbours for couple of years before I moved elsewhere this year. They were cool guys more or less. Except for their mother which was landwhale class professional alcoholic, always screaming swearing and thumping like fucking rhino. When I was saying goodbye to her poor husband he invited me in and I saw photograph from their wedding, god she used to be really beautiful. Russian girls can be as entitled as western girls.

She isn't though ... comes a from a middle-class family, and speaks Russian perfectly.

>comes a from a middle-class family
It's high-class in Russia.

why does it matter if shes from high class or not. i never met any in russia

Well, maybe you're right on that, but still, both her parents are ethnic Russians, they speak Russian at home, etc. Honestly I'm not sure if her family had a lot of money when they left the ex-USSR, as my gf told me her babushka had the typical slavette mentality people described in this thread. In any case I don't care at all, her parents are great, and talking with them is really nice.

How would you describe rich Russian girls living in Russia, ruskibro ? See if I can relate to my gf.

I dunno, I've been to Odessa and Kishinëv and quite liked them (fuck that border doe). Would be nice to be able to travel between them at my leisure, and to live a cosy life with practically 0 expenses

Shit nigger, if I were wealthy why the fuck would I leave Britain?

>slavic women
>pitch-black hair
Dat kolovrat tho.

aside from thet being an Cred Forums tier thread i gotta say it's all about upbringing
good parents=good girl (intelligent, nice, with personality)
good people are easier to find in the countryside which is not so polluted by chasing money, also slavlands have godlike peasant women

Yea, I'm not the one who made this OC, gf is blonde and has almost the same hair length though. Please resbond to question ruskibro

I know a Russian girl and she literally believes the aircraft was shot down by Ukraine, also around the time of Crimea and all she became a political propaganda machine

> she literally believes the aircraft was shot down by Ukraine

What is wrong?, Ahmed?

Sorry, I'm not really familiar with any rich russian girls.
My gf was really conservative anti-lgbt and anti-femenist. Didn't really care about other political stuff. Also she was a haughty bitch when not around me.

We all know it's true Ivan

>How are Russian women?
Picrelated. They will love your foreign pass though.

that nigga is rolling in way too much pussy.
it should be illegal.

Come to Russia and you will roll in them too. They spot foreigners from 10 miles and desperately try to marry them.

This, the grass is never that greenier on the other side. Though to be fair everyone is only really familiar with their own women or women they live near.

I'm sure if an Ivan like you fucked around the globe you'd likely start to see at least some differences between women.

But it's never substantial enough to give a shit, since women are women in the end.

Israeli women are best, honestly. Most are redpilled as fuck, kill terrorists for a living and wear military uniforms throughout their twenties. As a Jew I can confirm we look ugly as shit once we hit 50 but if you've got a wallet full of shekels that's not a problem.

What if said foreigner was American? Would l still get slav pussy?

>shitskin "women" with the highest level of body hair among females of any race better than Slavic QTs
Kill yourself

Honestly though what's wrong with the Queen complex? Women SHOULD be treated like queens. Good women at least.

Pale skin is my weakness.
I'd dick her down good.

100% correct. Please help me find a Arab waifu

Where the Chechen bunda at?

>Russian women

Wow, same as ours.


How are South Korean girls?


>Consequently they will only date Russians
You poor naive soul.


If you are white american you will get 95% of them. If you could brake the girl's tv set for a week you will get 100%.

Oh shit l'm gonna pay your country a visit!

buddy, just try and focus on getting laid first and then worry about the politics of women in a country you'll never visit because you're too fat to get on airplane

Every Russian girl I've spoken to was loyal to you slavniggers. I always tried to pull the "lol I'll be your big American husband" meme but they all told me they wanted Russian husbands.
That's not to say a few Slavic QTs haven't been BURGERED by me, but when it comes to long-term stuff Russian girls are tough to crack.

Russian women are just like American women: a large group made up of disparate and diverse individuals. Some of them are very trad, some are very lib, some are wonderful, some are crazy bitches. I escaped the clutches of a Russian chick who turned out to be a drunk, a cheat, a liar, and a slut. That's no more nor any less Russian than it is American.

Find a woman, not a national stereotype.

There is something oddly attractive yet at the same time terrifyingly repulsive about Russia. Such a comfy shithole.

>captcha related: apartment blocks

nice thumbnail faggot

They are as entitled, egocentric and materialistic as any other women, but they are mostly oblivious about muh social equality and feminism discourse.
Being openly racist is also not uncommon.

this post is 100% cringe

Oh you´re that head chef guy from wendy´s who make 100k a year, very nice.

>Being openly racist is also not uncommon
Can confirm. Knew a Russian girl who I would exchange holocaust and nigger jokes with. One time she actually said to me "I do not like the black people, I would not fuck them"

Sounds nice.

Ditch that curve legged pig as soon as you can. Find a good looking woman. This one will start to look like shit really soon.

>Every Russian girl I've spoken to was loyal to you slavniggers
Lolno. There is 3 possibilities why you saying this:
1) You are extremely naive
2) You've met with rich (by russian standarts) girls
3) You didn't tried
>"lol I'll be your big American husband"meme

Honestly this whole "racism" thing is ONLY in western world
In other parts of the world people just dont give a fuck about niggers and are more logical

that is THE best description of russia ever. exactly how i feel.

Two nukes weren't enough

prime for a raping

Sound just like Australian women

Kek not really true, Russian divorce rates are crazy high, somewhere around 50%

Like in any other 3rd world shithole(250$ - average monthly salary). Add to that low liifespan of males and HIV epidemic.

>250$ - average monthly salary
Wait wut?

Hate to break it to you, but the reason why she wants to marry so soon is because she's about to hit the wall. What does her mother look like? If she's fat, then GTFO now!

Even if her mother isn't half-bad, you can definitely do better. Marriage is a mechanism for women to chain men to them.

They are nice fuckmeat, but not good mates. It is acceptable to just pump them and dump them.


Don't even think about it.

>went to foreign a university with erasmus
>met a russian 9/10
>started to date
>when she had to go back we decided it will be a long distance relatinship
>she told me her parents are very conservative and they want for her a russian bf
>next week she told me that her parents kicked her out because of me
>I started to do double work shifts during uni to send her money
>this went for 5 months
>I paid her every single month even a ticket here to me
>when I wanted to go to moscow she always said a big NO
>when I told her she should stay at my family for a month (she was unemployed) because I can't do work anymore because of my studies she dumped me
>blocked me on fb, on her phone etc.
>when I met with her friend she told me she had a boyfriend in moscow all the time while "she was with me"

From that point fuck russia and fuck all the russians

This says it all tbqh lads.

That pasta always gets me

Fuck off that is not pasta

SA girls are much more submissive, but you must show the guns

Part of me wants to make fun of you for being cucked like that but more than anything I just feel bad for you and hate the cunt who took advantage of your kindness like that.

I'm sorry that happened to you and hope you've at least learned from the experience. Go find yourself a qt Slovak girl and avoid third world gold diggers.



What sort of woman does a tasteful nude photoshoot but doesn't bother to shave her armpits for it?

>American women - 100

Have you lost your fucking mind

dating literal bipolar russian QT from Чeлябинcк. her parents are visiting right now, upstairs shitposting because I cant speak russian yet. ama

i dont get it. so youre shocked that porn actors look normal and live normally most of the time?

That's like an average day in romania.

>Not calling it Chishinau

>fucking fired


Apparently it took 26 years for Ghost to end up premiering in Russian theaters and after seeing it they decided to make clay appendages in class.

wtf I want to live in Romania now

that's really just Cred Forums. I've posted my face to this site a thousand times and nobody cared enough to ruin my life.
Granted I generally post my face in threads where other people are posting their faces.

She's fucking ugly, she looks like Debbie Downer for fuck's sake

and I thought schools here were reaching peak degeneracy

Gopniks are born in it. Molded by it.

that ((((special)))) weapons and tactics team tho

>first concern is DUDE WEED LMAO

this desu

I feel sorry for the western education system

>I feel sorry for the western education system

The education system that allows our economies to vastly outperform yours?

Concern noted :^)

russian/french girls are the cutest/nicest females I've ever met. They are way less materialists than most girls nowaday.

Delilah G

Soft model from russia who apparently likes to do club gangbangs and bukkakes in her spare time.

>I always tried to pull the "lol I'll be your big American husband" meme but they all told me they wanted Russian husbands.
no, they just didn't want beta husbands who tried to pull tail using their nationality.

you tell me hans

It's ok user. Women were a mistake.
Have some milkies.

Can confirm. Russian Jew ex. Worst combo ever

I guess now we're back to trusting the Lügenpresse again and taking their words at face value?

My, how times change :^)

people fucking grow weed in the commie blocks using Grow light
a lot of people just plant weed in the middle of nowhere, since poland has a lot of "middle of nowhere". Couple of times I found weed by accident in the middle of nowhere.
you an grow weed but polacks will eventually get butthurt you're making money from weed and THEY WILL, THEY WILL snatch you to the cops and you're fucked.

But you're the lost cause, fucking living in Canada and actually considering moving to the shithole that is poland.

also don't post that fucking whore siwiec, she's dumber than most blondes in usa.
it's a dumb legend, when the tatars invade dpoland the guy tried to warn the city by playing the trumpet but the dumb tatars killed him (some legends add even dumber shit, that the arrow literally went to the trumpet into his throat) and since poland needs to make money from tourism they use these dumb legends.
I don't know why the fuck would you come to poland. I seriously do not think canada is worse than poland. This "poland paradise" meme needs to stop.

Just like Russian. Show her that you have loadsofmoney(that is that you have average american's wage) and she will be all over you.

have you tried hitting them?

I had an experience in High School concerning a polish girl, dunno if people wanna hear it. I can't exactly recite it as passionately as I did when I was going through it, it was awfully beta and cringe

that's a guy

what if I show them my Pepe collection?

forgot pic

but thats because russia is an unstable dunghole with terrorists already.

if you are from western europe, especially italy and spain, or just from usa, you don't need to do anything

like, literally. all you have to do, is to stand next to the polish bitch you want to fuck and look at her. she will fuck you. no efforts. it's that easy.

Army has opened combat MOSes to women, and at the same time are rolling out the OPAT. Which is a test like the ASVAB but physical. Pretty much designed to keep women out of combat arms while still appearing politically correct. It has a deadlift part that most women fail and most men pass.

The OPAT will roll out to Marines later, I think, then the other branches. It's a clusterfuck for recruiters.

>quints of 5